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The Twin Snakes

  • Doing It for the Art: David Hayter gave up half of his paycheck so that the entire cast of the original game could be reunited to reprise their roles in The Twin Snakes.
  • Playing Against Type: Rob Paulsen plays Gray Fox. Knowing Paulsen's usual roles as comedic characters, his playing as Gray Fox, as well as doing it roughly in-character due to Gray Fox being a very serious character can come off as a shock.
  • Serendipity Writes the Plot: David Hayter has mentioned in an interview that the reason why the dialogue had to be re-recorded for The Twin Snakes was because all the original dialogue was recorded in an apartment that had been converted into a recording studio. With the GameCube's much improved sound card, the player would have heard the traffic outside.
    • Some of the voice clips still needed to be re-recorded, since they made reference to specific controls and button functions of the PS1 controller. It wouldn't have made much sense to hear Ocelot say the "press the circle button repeatedly" in a GameCube game.