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Basic Trope: Two characters who seem radically different, mostly hero and villain, turn out to have more in common than they would like to believe

  • Straight: Amazing Girl was just forced to kill General Psychopathic and Master Destruction tells her that the ease with which she took human life is something he shares with her.
    • Alternately, Amazing Girl unites with Master Destruction to fight crime once she realizes that, despite their differing methods, she and Master Destruction are both courageous, idealistic warriors who genuinely want world peace.
  • Exaggerated: Master Destruction gives Amazing Girl quite the Hannibal Lecture about how similar they are that it makes her not only do a complete Face Heel Turn, but she kills him, wears his costume and takes his place, thinking she really is him.
  • Justified: Master Destruction is trying to turn Amazing Girl to the Dark Side and his first step is to convince her they are similar.
    • What Amazing Girl did really was in Master Destruction's style.
  • Inverted: Amazing Girl and Spectacular Girl, two very similar people, turns out to have more differences that it may seem.
  • Subverted: It looks like Master Destruction is going to tell that Amazing Girl and he have something in common, but instead reveals that she crossed the line even he wouldn't dare and he calls her on it....
    • Alternatively, the heroine points out that she and the villain are, in fact, quite different than the sparse few similarities they share. Or she just tells him to shut up.
  • Double Subverted: ...just before doing exactly the same thing and saying “Now there's no difference between us, we're one and the same”.
  • Parodied: Amazing Girl steps on a cockroach, and Master Destruction tells her that this proves she doesn't care about life either, so she can't condemn him for his murders.
    • Alternatively, Master Destruction points out something incredibly obvious and not indicative of evil that he and Amazing Girl share in common, such as the fact that they are both human, both breathe oxygen, and both enjoy the same kind of sandwich. Somehow, this still throws Amazing Girl off her game.
    • Or:

Master Destruction: "I'll tell you why we aren't so different Amazing Girl: We both have no taste for clothes."

Amazing Girl: "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" (cue Heroic BSOD)

  • Deconstructed: Amazing Girl loses it and tries to cut out anything in herself she sees as being like Master Destruction, because of her lingering and not entirely unjustified belief that anything and everything Master Destruction does is evil. This prevents her from doing her duty as a heroine, since "fighting is what Master Destruction does". People die as villains, including Master Destruction himself, do the evil things that make them villains.
  • Reconstructed: Amazing Girl, though she works to be more unambiguously heroic and less like Master Destruction, never has a Heroic BSOD and never stops fighting against evil
  • Zig Zagged: Amazing Girl is a bit touchy on this particular topic, and it is treated differently Depending on the Writer or her state of mind.
  • Averted: Amazing Girl and Master Destruction never realizes that they're similar, because they are essentially completely opposite, except for species and race, if even that.
  • Enforced: “Amazing Girl killed General Psychopathic, which is something Master Destruction would do. Why not make him recognize this to add more drama?”
  • Lampshaded: “Oh great, here comes “you and me are the same” speech. How original.”
  • Invoked: Master Destruction sets up the traitorous General Psychopathic to be killed by Amazing Girl so he can tell her about how similar they are now.
  • Defied: “I always realized that we're similar, don't bother reminding me about it.”
  • Discussed: “Don't worry Amazing Girl, villains always tell heroes we're just like them to make themselves feel better.”
  • Conversed: “Ah, the classic “You and I are not so different” speech, just as I expected from this comic's villain.”
  • Played For Drama: Amazing Girl has a bit of a rough time accepting that she dipped to Master Destruction's level, and has to deal with it on her own terms.

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