Oh No You Didn't

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    Mai: Hey buddy, watch where you're walking! Didn't you see the red light!

    Duke: Yea. But I figured it was just because I was surrounded by hoes. Oh no I didn't!

    Oh no you didn't, oh no you didn't,
    Oh no you didn't, oh no you didn't...
    Didn't you, oh no.

    You didn't pay me what you owe me, so now it's over for you!
    —Theme of Mercenaries 2: World in Flames

    A Stock Phrase used to express incredulity. It happens when somebody says or does something completely outrageous, rude or over the line especially if it wasn't called for. Sometimes a person can say it himself (as in the above quote) to emphasize how much his diss must have stung.

    Often pronounced "Oh no you di-unt!" especially by Sassy Black Women.

    Examples of Oh No You Didn't include:


    • A few years back, there was a commercial for Kool-Aid featuring a young black girl opening her own lemonade stand, and reacts this way when she sees a neighborhood rival open a conveniently more successful stand across the street. She used the di'n't pronunciation initially, but because of the Unfortunate Implications associated with this, her voice saying the full pronunciation was (poorly) dubbed in.
    • Inverted with the latest Domino's Pizza slogan, after the company revised threw out their old pizza recipe: "Oh yes we did."
    • Used in a commercial for Vault energy drink. A well-muscled Latin Lover presents a pearl to a guy's girlfriend, and the announcer firmly announces, "Oh no he dih-unt!"
    • This ad with its wonderfully cheerful and catchy song featuring the above quote for the below-mentioned game.

    Live Action TV

    • Kristin Holt Adams did this a couple of times on Cheat!, with the "di'in't" pronunciation.
    • Used, of all places, the Christmas episode of series two of Chuck, by a sassy black woman Buy More employee.
    • Used by Jon Stewart a couple of times in The Daily Show, usually in response to a bitchy comment from a minor politician on the News.
    • Alan Kalter has a recurring sketch during The Late Show With David Letterman, "Alan Kalter's Oh No You Didn't!" Rule of Three always applies: After two "Oh no you di'in't"s, there always come a smarmy "Oh yes you did!" (usually in response to some celebrity sexcapade).
    • My Name Is Earl pilot episode:

    Randy: Oh no, you didn't. You didn't just go Old School!

    • On Glee, during Regionals when the judges discuss the songs, specifically "Loser like me."

    Tammy Jean Albertson: Those songs were terrible. I'm sorry, but I'm a politician and when I lost my last election, and there will be a recount, I didn't go around singing about being a loser. I twittered that Obama is a terrorist.
    Sister Mary Constance: Oh no you deee'n't!

    • Not quite the full-on "Oh No You Didn't", but invoked in genuine, giddy incredulity by Adam Savage toward the end of their Greased Lightening episode, when Jamie brings in a firefighter helicopter to put out the kitchen fire they'd set.

    (Helicopters, and "Ride of the Valkyries", are heard.)
    Adam: "...NO. You didn't."
    Jamie: "Yup."




    Brian Madison: You remember that spelling bee you won in the first grade?
    Billy Madison: Oh no, you didn't.


    Cady: You know what, it's not my fault you're like in love with me or something!
    Janis: What?!
    Damian: Oh no, she did not!


    Bones Jake, go on and bounce homie, we'll handle it from here.
    Alonzo What? Oh no you didn't. Wait a minute, no you didn't. Hey, hey, Jake! Hey! Jake! Jake! Jake! Come back here! Jake! You disloyal fool-ass-bitch-made-punk. Jake!


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