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Entire Site

  • Archive Panic: Averted by the archive's arrangement by issue, and by Peter Paltridge's conscious decision to keep each individual story as self-contained as possible so anyone can jump in anywhere. Electric Wonderland is the exception, being more continuity-heavy.
    • The banners don't have their own archive, though.
  • Growing the Beard: Mulberry and Electric Wonderland show greater attempts for depth than the older comics do. Art Evolution is also apparent in several of the flagship series.

Miscellaneous Comics

  • Anvilicious: "Vess MacMeal Starring in: The More You Know!" It seems possible this happened on purpose, since the comic acts as a throwback to cautionary stories written during the Cold War.
  • Sequel Displacement: Even though Paltridge calls "Raiders of the Lost Arc" his favorite Platypus Comix story, he has an open hatred towards the half written in 1998. As a result, the website only features the half from 2001, set post-9/11.
  • Surprisingly Improved Sequel: The first three weeks of the 2008 Character Strike featured stories that relied heavily on either old or crude material, before the Head Executive enlisted Spider-Man to substitute for the usual characters. That enlisting brought forth the emotionally engaging "True Believers".


  • Harsher in Hindsight: Paltridge's review of Kids WB's final day includes a lament about the likelihood that World of Quest would end after 13 episodes, then never air on US televisions again "until it appears on Toon Disney at 3 in the morning in the year 2014." Not only did the second season of World Of Quest air only in Europe, but Paltridge just happened to write that review mere months before Disney announced they had decided to replace Toon Disney with Disney XD.
    • On the bright side, his Exact Words don't give a completely correct prediction of the future of World Of Quest; he feared it would disappear from the face of the Earth.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • In 2004, Paltridge found a cartoon on Telefutura starring a homely schoolgirl named "Betty." After watching an episode, he published a review online, titled "The most obscure cartoon I can possibly review." Two years later, the character of Betty La Fea was formally introduced to America with the successful sitcom, Ugly Betty, prompting Paltridge to retitle the article (now called "Ugly Betty: The Cartoon Series") and rewrite the opening and concluding paragraphs.
    • Year unknown, but Paltridge notes in the last paragraph of Can Batman survive without Scooby-Doo? that during the '90s, Spider-Man's comics didn't sell as well, but Batman had Batman the Animated Series to maintain his popularity. However, he also notes that when he wrote the article, Spidey regained fame through Sam Raimi's movies, while Batman and Robin killed Bats' reputation. Come The Dark Knight Saga and Spider-Man 3, the fates appear to have swapped again.
  • Older Than They Think: As noted in a later installment of "Worst Comix Ever!" Paltridge reviewed Tandy Wiz Kids #2, "Fit to Win!" years before it appeared on Atop the Fourth Wall.
  • The Woobie: Reading about Peter Paltridge's real life can get depressing sometimes, especially in the article about middle school bullies.