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    Roseanne Connor [Roseanne Barr]

    Dan Connor [John Goodman]

    Becky Connor [Lecy Goranson, then Sarah Chalke, then Lecy Goranson, then finally Sarah Chalke]

    Darlene Connor [Sarah Gilbert]

    DJ Connor [Sal Barone in the Pilot, then Michael Fishman for the rest of the series.]

    Jackie Harris [Laurie Metcalf]

    • Break the Cutie
    • Really Gets Around
    • Small Name, Big Ego: A common thread among her many jobs was that she always tried to talk them up to make them sound a lot more important than they were. She tried to make it sound like she was the star of a high school play when all she did was raise the curtain. When she was injured in the line of duty as a police officer, she always tried to talk it up as though she took a bullet saving a baby carriage, when in reality she pulled her back after she tackled some fat naked guy and they both fell down the stairs.
    • Why Do You Keep Changing Jobs?: She rotated through factory worker, police officer, truck driver, theater actor, diner owner, before finally settling into stay-at-home mom.