Sugar Bowl/Self Demonstrating

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Travel Log, day 1: I have embarked on this journey to discover the mythical land of Sugar Bowl, beyond the singing mountains and in the country of tweeting baby birds, said to be full of strange people and creatures. I am excited and expect only the best!

Travel Log, day 5: Having entered the outskirts of this land, I've discovered that the wildlife is very... cute. There do not appear to be any predators, and they come up to me quite confidently and seek sweets or to play. Most amazingly, they all seem capable of speech! In the interests of science, I have also determined that they taste like chicken. The trees all appear to be perpetually in season and fruit-laden. The river, which I originally supposed to be contaminated with some white substance, is actually a river of... milk.

Travel Log, day 7: I have run across what appear to be some locals. They are short, pudgy, and high spirited, constantly singing and sharing. Their language seems like gibberish. I have dubbed them Sugbos. On further study, the high levels of sugar here seem to be causing me to develop diabetes.

Travel Log, day 16: Their society is quite fascinating; it is perhaps a Utopia. While they do not seem technologically advanced, living conditions are heavenly and could not be farther from base human nature. In an effort to enlighten the Sugbos, I am teaching them about money, taxation, slavery, and war.

Travel Log, day 42: I don't understand it, it makes no sense! Yesterday, the rebel Badniks had razed the capital city and started a campaign of genocide, but today it's as if none of that happened! Apparently, a small Sugbo child ran into the midst of the gunfire, started singing about sharing, and suddenly everyone was holding hands and, as if by magic, the entire city was restored!

Travel Log, day 167: I think I am going mad. The more I try to destwoy this bwasted, beautiful pwace, the more I fail and the wess I want too. They even keep shawing theiw sweets wif me!! Ow noh, ahm becoming one uv them. I... tink I'm going to stop now...

Travel Log, day (Indeterminate)[1]: Aw, hewwo! Want a cwookie?

  1. (there is a streak of strawberry jam where the date should be)