The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy/Awesome

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Mandy: Grim, you're gonna tell me how to stop her, and you're gonna do it now.
Grim: And why should I do that?
Mandy: * angrily grabbing Grim by the neck of his cloak* You're gonna tell it! Or so help me, (amplified with rage) I will pull your stupid cloak through your eyes and use it as reins to ride your bony butt back to the darkest pits of the Underworld from when you came!!

  • Also, Mandy's treatment of Skarr...

Mandy: * sitting on Skarr's own armchair, clapping sarcastically* Bravo, Mr. Skarr, bravo. I've been watching you.
General Skarr: * tries to blast Mandy with the scythe*
Mandy: Oh, really, now. Put that thing down before you poke your other eye out.
General Skarr: ....
Mandy: Since you're new here, I'll be nice and explain the rules. * takes a nut from the bowl* I am the one who gets annoyed by Billy, I am the one who bosses Grim around and, most importantly, I am the one who plays with the scythe * crashes the nut in a nutcracker meaningfully* . So you see, when you steal from Grim, you steal from me. And you don't want steal from me. Do you?
General Skarr: No! I... Wait...! This is mine! I earned it! You can't just... What are you?!
Mandy: * sinisterly* I'm just a pretty little girl.

  • And the, in "Big Boogie Adventure." Grim gets his when the trio are trying to take Horror's Hand, which shows anyone it encounters it's worst fear. Billy and Irwin try to take it, only to be encountered and crippled by their worst fears (a spider clown mailman and grizzly bear comedy show patron). Mandy chides that they're not strong enough, but runs into her worst fear (growing up to be kind, cheerful, and married to Irwin) and is too petrified to do anything. While the three get pulverized by grizzly bears and mailmen in the background, Grim calmly walks up to the hand and turns it off. He lives his worst fears every day (being forced into friendship by Billy and Mandy), so the Hand had no effect on him.

"I told you, you should have let me go first!"

  • Jeff the Spider epically Calling the Old Man Out after Billy calls Velma his girlfriend instead of his fiancée in Wrath of the Spider Queen. Okay, granted he was possessed by the Alien Cow God of Aggression , but still.

Jeff: Get away from me! I hate you dad! I hate you! I only wanted to be a good son and you never came to any of my birthday parties and you never let me see Mom, and you took all my college money to spend on jawbreakers and you kept cutting my brake cables and I've had it!

  • Also points for Grim and Billy cursing Mandy with an ugly spell unless she acts nice to them. For perhaps one single point in the show they actually had her under their thumb. Granted she eventually sacrificed beauty to beat the living hell out of them, but even then they insist it was Worth It.
  • Grim acts truly scary for the first time in his life.
  • Mandy stands up to her own nerve without it.
  • Mandy gets another one. Grim has a dream that manifests a ghostly duck. The duck, (who cannot be seen by anybody but its victim), follows random people around making farting noises just to annoy them, until they snap and end up either as social pariahs, or in jail. Finally, it gets to Mandy, who not only stoically and sarcastically rebuffs every one of the duck's attempts, but then feeds it a MAGNIFICENT Hannibal Lecture:

Mandy: "You think you've won? That you've humiliated me? Driven me insane? When every single day of my life is dealing with: (we see a montage of Billy doing random stupidities). "Compared to that, you are nothing more than a pimple on the butt of the tiniest amoeba in the universe, and you have no power over me." The duck's Villainous BSOD is so great that it erases itself from existence.