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Making a title for a sequel by sticking the word "new" in front of it. Of course, after a few years, it will become Hilarious in Hindsight. This is especially egregious with a DVD that has a "Never-Before-Seen" episode on it. In a few months, everybody will have seen it, and that's not counting the fact that the writers certainly watched it after finishing it.

Incidentally, this is why you shouldn't write "new" "recent" or "now" in pages. There are many pages where this was used, and Wiki Magic didn't fix it. It's better to write the time period of something new than to say it's new.

Examples of The New Adventures include:

Anime and Manga

Comic Books

  • Marvel Comics got downright silly with this trope in the 2000s. New Avengers! New X-Men! New Excalibur! New Exiles! When New Warriors got relaunched in the middle of this, the joke was that it was going to be called New New Warriors.
    • New Excalibur was the most ridiculous example, because it came directly after the "Professor X and Magneto in Genosha" Excalibur title, and was about a mutant team based in the UK, led by Captain Britain. It was, in fact, Old Excalibur.
    • And recently New Thunderbolts. Not to mention 1975's "All New, All Different" X Men, which was at least not the official title (and continued 3 of the 6 protagonists from the previous issues, so it was Blatant Lies).
  • Marvel Comics' New Mutants are pretty damn old by now.
  • The New Teen Titans. As this comic became DC Comics' #1 hit for a while, the title lasted long after it could hardly be said to be new. They actually lost the "Teen" before they lost the "New".
  • Paperinik New Adventures
  • The very first comic book put out by what would become DC Comics, ushering in The Golden Age of Comic Books, was called New Fun Comics.



Live Action TV

  • Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman
  • GSN's Whammy!, the 2002 remake of Press Your Luck, was first called Whammy! The All-New Press Your Luck.
  • The New Adventures of Beans Baxter: Interesting in that there weren't any "old" adventures for these to be the "new" adventures of. It's implied that his father (Beans Sr.) had the original adventures.
  • Similar to the Beans Baxter example, The New Adventures of Old Christine doesn't really succeed any "old" adventures.
  • Bob Barker hosted The New Price is Right. In the 1970s.

Video Games

Western Animation