Kimba the White Lion

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Who believes in doing good and doing right?/Kimba the white lion is the one!

Kimba the White Lion is a 1965 television series based on Osamu Tezuka's manga "Jungle Taitei" (1950-1954). The series follows a white lion named Kimba (Leo in the Japanese version), who due to the death of his father, is forced to become the king of the jungle. With the help of an old baboon who once advised his father and a comically mismatched pair of buddies, he must reclaim his kingdom from a black-maned, scarred lion who has usurped the throne in his absence.

Remind you of anything?

However, for all the comparisons between The Lion King and the show, Kimba's story doesn't just consist of reclaiming the throne, but rather focuses on the aftermath as he tries to reassert his authority across the jungle, and create a new paradise where every animal has rights and prove that even animals can overcome the laws of nature..

Yeah, in some adaptions of the story, this really doesn't end well. However due to the fact that this particular series was a collaboration between NBC and Tezuka Studios, the anime series remains high on the more upbeat side of the scale.

As an additional note, this was in fact the first color anime series to appear in Japan.

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Tropes used in Kimba the White Lion include:

Tommy: You swindler!

Jungle Emperor (2009) TV Special Provides Examples of

Leo: My father was strong right? He was a real Jungle Emperor, right? But I'm different from Father. I'm small, weak, I'm afraid of heights, I'm really just a cowardly lion. But..Father said, I was strong. That's why..That's why, I'm going!