Werewolf: The Forsaken/YMMV

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  • Complete Monster -- The Bale Hounds, to the point where even the Pure loathe them and might actually team up with the Forsaken to take them out. The idigam qualify, unless you go by the interpretation that they are spirits who honestly can't be said to be anything more than their (incomprehensible) natures, I.E., just weird.
  • Fanon Discontinuity -- Changing Breeds is hated for numerous reasons, such as other sourcebooks serving the same purpose, but better.
  • The Woobie: Three out of the five alternate shapeshifters from War Against The Pure have perfectly valid reasons for wanting to be fully human.
    • The Colony (cat people), besides being forced into becoming The Virus every tenth birthday, are literally forced into a Vigilante Man role in the world, having to kill people who don't meet Morality standards lest their own natures drive them insane. That would be bad, except that their mission doesn't give them a Detect Evil ability, so they have to guess which people are immoral enough to qualify...and if they guess wrong...
    • The Brine Born seem like they'd be the evil guys, being shameless Shout Outs to the Deep Ones...and even their own myths emphasize what a miserable, luckless people they are, with their own progenitor being kicked out by Mother Ocean when he failed to take over the world in her name. They suffer a race-wide case of what is implied to be Stockholm Syndrome for Mother Ocean, mainly because they can't live inland, but they can't live in her because of a species-wide phobia of the deep. Of course, they're were-fish, so they have to go in the water very frequently. And the icing on the cake? They can't even live in isolation from normal humans, since they need to interbreed with Muggles for a sane child. Even the intro emphasizes The Grotesque aspect of them: After an initial buildup that seems worthy of a Lovecraft novel, when a human woman gives birth to her Brine Born child, the entire message flips when the werewolves observing the event reveals they murdered the whole settlement, both human and Brine Born, and plan to dash the baby against a rock.
      • What's more, except for a few specific blood cults, the majority of Brine Born aren't even hostile or dangerous or anything. They are peaceful fishing communities who focus on their spiritual life. There's a good chance the Forsaken massacred that settlement for the crime of being Brine Born on a sunny day...
    • And then, there's the Unclean, the were-roaches. As said in the Big Creepy-Crawlies example, they're victims of The Virus that follows them around through no fault of their own, and add they can't actually live among humans anymore-light hurts their eyes. The book says that elders eventually become estranged from their humanity, but after what they go through, it seems like the ones who survive to that age used the logic of "You know what? Fuck you, I am a monster!"