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White is the lightest shade of Gray Tropes, being a combination of all wavelengths of visible light combining into the one lightest color. In the West, it can symbolize life and good. In Asia, white often symbolizes death. It also symbolizes purity and cleanliness, as the color white betrays nearly any stain, and its pure whiteness is also a symbol of pure cleanliness. In human society, the color white is also a symbolic designation for the lightest superficial human skin complexions and their social meaning -- though these complexions more often look pink or light beige than pure white. Sometimes more insidiously, "white" refers not only to lightness of skin, but to being of Caucasoid descent -- other similarly light-skinned peoples of predominantly non-Caucasoid descent are more likely to be excluded from this definition.

This index includes any tropes that literally or symbolically invoke the color white, including Race Tropes. Remember the Rule of Cautious Editing Judgment.