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A White Mage is a character archetype and often a gameplay archetype which focuses on healing and/or buffing magic. They may also have access to magic that causes some status effects. Modern incarnations will often be given some offensive ability, often magic of the Holy Hand Grenade variety.

Frequently, White Mages will be extremely effective against undead, either through holy magic, magic specifically designed to hurt undead, or Revive Kills Zombie.

Many games with a Character Class System or Job System, especially Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games, will have a White Mage class that fulfils the Healer role.

A White Mage is almost always The Medic, although they have the addition of buffs. Female White Mages in Eastern RPGs are frequently the White Magician Girl, although they must also fit the personality requirements for that trope.

White Mages are frequently paired with a Black Mage as a Foil. They also frequently overlap with Squishy Wizard, though they tend to be more resilient than their chromatic counterparts.

Subtrope of Support Party Member. If a character has both healing and offensive magic in relatively equal measure, they are a Red Mage, instead. If a White Mage can sling healing spells while fighting on the front lines, you've got yourself what's known as a Paladin, or Combat Medic. Contrast Black Mage. Not to be confused with White Magic, which is only sometimes the source of a White Mage's power.

Examples of White Mage include:

Eastern RPG

Massive Multiplayer Online Games

  • Grand Fantasia has the Acolyte -> Priest -> Cleric -> Prophet class progression, which is a pure White Mage archetype.

Strategy RPGs

  • Final Fantasy Tactics, Tactics Advance, and A2 all have a White Mage job class.
  • Tactics Ogre has the Cleric, Priest, and High Priest as pure White Mage classes. The Witch class is also a purely supportive spell-caster.
  • The Fire Emblem series has Clerics, which use healing magic through staves. They usually promote to classes that either add holy magic or fall more under Red Mage.
  • Nippon Ichi's Strategy RPGs have the Healer class, most frequently seen in the Disgaea series. Without abusing skill learning systems such as reincarnation, fusing, or the apprentice system, he or she will only naturally learn healing and support magic.

Tabletop Games

  • Clerics from Dungeons and Dragons, in theory, which may be the Trope Codifier, if not the Trope Maker. Although in practice, D&D Clerics tend to suck at their intended purpose in more than a few editions (damage out-grows healing ability quite quickly), but awesome through use of things that otherwise fall in Useless Useful Spell. It should be noted that unlike most White Mages, D&D Clerics could wear full-plate armor and use large shields with no penalty to their magic usage. Up until the third edition, they were also forbidden from using bladed weapons, unless their religion specifically allows this. They also had stat-buffing spells that helped their lack of a Warrior's battle prowess.

Web Comics