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Rossiu is The Dragon to the Double K version of the Anti-Spiral.

The recent appearance of Rossiu (or at least a character with an enormous forehead) has him as an antagonist; the Anti-Spiral is the Big Bad of TTGL in general, so it will probably come over.

The Anti-Spiral is the mayor

Let's hope that Nia doesn't let him get too touchy-feely with her.

The Anti-Spiral isn't important to the plot at all, and will just appear in the background at some point.

No real evidence for this, I just think it'd be funny to see him in a Burger Fool uniform.

Simon will take a level in badass just like in the anime.

At some point, Kamina and Kittan will be captured by thugs, only for Simon to barge in and proceed to beat the everloving shit out of their captors. While wearing a dress.

  • I hate to say it, but I think his badass level will be accompanied by a strong sense of duty and morality quite in the opposite of our lead duo.
  • Confirmed as of page 95.

Simon will become addicted to those drugs Rossiu is shipping into the city.

Why? Because those drugs are injected intravenously, through those drills we saw. And the name of the drug? Spiral Power.

The entire series takes place in the labyrinth of Alternate Universes created by the Anti-Spiral at the end of the show.

And is thus TOTALLY CANON.

  • I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!!!
    • ME TOO!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Alternatively this the universe Kamina and Kittan would have been trapped in.
    • Specifically Kittan. After all, Rossiu is the Big Bad.

The Gurrenrod will be replaced... by the DAI-GURRENROD

It will come equipped with a radio with speakers the size of a picnic basket, will seat 8 normal-sized people (or one Kamina-sized awesomeness), consume gas like it's goin' out of style and - best of all - will have an entire CLOSET of Simon-sized female outfits. And more. It will be the coolest veichle in the history of media. NO FRIGGIN' EXCEPTIONS.

Kamina gets fired by Genome, Simon takes Drill Bit drugs to cope.

Eventually, Genome is going to fire Kamina(For what ever reason; personal spite, or maybe Kamina did something really bad, like, something that someone has to take the fall for, and while Kamina leaves willingly, leaving the city. Simon can't handle it; so he then he gets contacted by the cartel moving the Core Drills, and Simon uses them into order to do police work. However! The drugs start making him more depressed when he's off of them, which spirals him into despair... And then he figures out that Nia is working for the Anti_Spirals (Who is, lets just say, an underground mafia organization with dirt on Genome). When everything looks dark and bleak, Kamina comes back. He knows that if he interferes with the police, he's going to get into some serious shits, which may end up hurting Simon or anyone else he cares for, so he does one thing; punches Simon, and tells him to get his act together. Kamina then gives him a speech about being the best cop, and Simon goes cold turkey on his Core Drill drugs, and becomes and mamly police officer worthy of Kamina's praise (Which then starts season two of the Captain's comic; Spiral S, which finishes up his story with Simon as the main character).

Rossiu is also running for mayor

And he plans to plant drugs on the police station cheif, Genome, in order to slander Nia's name. Rossiu also tries to get rid of Kamina and Kittan, being that they are too destructive. However, Rossiu is actually a pawn of the Anti-Spirals; a criminal organization bent on taking over the town and hording all the Core Drill Drugs. And while Kamina and Kittan try to fight they way out of the mess, they lack any way to convince Rossiu of kicking them out... Until Simon comes in with evidence to use against Rossiu. The evidence is so powerful Rossiu withdraws his order to fire Kamina and Kittan, and lets Nia win the position of Mayor. And when the Anti-Spirals find out, they used plan b: Brain-wash Nia into their control, wrecking havoc in the city after Nia fires and jails Genome, Manima, and Kittan from the police HQ, blaming all of police work. Kamina and Kittan go after the Anti-Spirals along with Genome after they bust out of prison spectacularly, while Simon has a "I Know You're in There Somewhere" Fight with Nia.


Hear me out on this theory, its gonna get a bit strange.

Essentially, the Drills? Not a drug, or at least, some of them aren't, some of them are genuine Core Drills that the Big bad is trying to hide. simon will eventually find one and, around the same time, a familiar looking Simon sized machine with a face for a body. simon will then turn Lagann into his equivalent ride to Kamina's Gurrenrode and Kittan's King Kittan GSX. How you ask? By being able to turn the feet into a trio of wheels and use the jet, thats how. And if this does happen, eventually it will combine with the Gurrenrode to form the Gurrenrode-Laggen... or perhaps a three way combination, to form something like a King Gurren Lagann cruiser/mech

Predictions for future character roles

Let's just brainstorm how the other characters from Gurren Lagann could fit in to the Double K universe, shall we?

  • Guame will be a shady mob boss who Kamina and Kittan will have to go to at some point to get information on the drills (and Cytomander will be his lover)
  • Attenborough will be assigned as Simon's new partner, and will screw up every case by being just as trigger-happy as he is in canon.
  • Bruce Ironstaunch will appear as a hitman contracted by the Big Bad to kill Kamina, only to have a Heel Face Turn and team up with him and Kittan, resulting in EVEN MORE MANLINESS.
  • The Anti-Spirals will be a group trying to squash and utterly annihilate the Drill Bits, down to the LAST STRAND OF D N A! By any means necessary.
  • Rossiu might be the mayor going for his reelection.

Kittan is faking the whole "I lied about my perfect record" thing

He's actually trying to haze Kamina as well.

Rossiu will turn out to be a Red Herring, or at least not the real bad guy.

Rossiu wasn't really a bad guy in the main series after all. He just did what he thought was the right thing, even if he was seriously Wrong Genre Savvy about it.

Yoko has a Paper-Thin Disguise - Distracted by the Sexy

She dresses like a nun in her day job so she can disguise herself by putting on a bikini top, hot pants, and that cute skull hairpiece. Six-foot-long rifle not optional.