Gambit Index

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"Ah, so you've stumbled upon this index by accident? Is that what you think? I'm so sorry to inform you, but there are no accidents. In fact, all of this has been a part of my elaborate scheme, and all your pathetic troping has just helped me bring it one-quarter complete. Fools."

  • First, you have The Plan.
  • If all reasonably possible outcomes are desirable, then it's a Xanatos Gambit.
  • If things do go wrong, but the person keeps adjusting things so that Plan-A works anyway, he's playing Xanatos Speed Chess.
  • If someone could ruin the plan by doing something they normally wouldn't do, then it's a Batman Gambit.
  • If it required knowledge of chance events, then it's a Gambit Roulette.
  • If someone ruins the plan by accident, that person is a Spanner in the Works.
  • If someone ruins the plan by having a better plan, the first plan is Out-Gambitted.
  • If someone ruins the good guys' attempt against the Evil Plan by doing something very minor, they are an Unwitting Instigator of Doom.
  • If the plan fails, but for some reason everything still goes as wanted, it's an Unintentional Backup Plan.
  • If someone actually sees all the plans, then that person can sometimes Take a Third Option.
    • If there was no way for the planner to have known that option was even possible, then he Didn't See That Coming.
  • If you think you won, but actually did exactly what the other person wanted, you are an Unwitting Pawn - but simply furthering the plot doesn't qualify you as one.
  • If the person's own death was factored into a favorable outcome, then it's a Thanatos Gambit.
  • When every character seems to have their own gambit, then a Gambit Pileup may ensue.

However, if you want to see how other brilliant minds have gone about this sort of thing, direct your attention below:





Of course, you know it appears that my plans are for you to read all of this information, but I know you know that I know you know this. So, am I trying to talk you out of it, or just gloating about how well thought out my plan is? Excuse me as I indulge in an Evil Laugh ...


"Bet you didn't see that shut up punch coming, did you?"

Since when were you under that impression? I did, actually, and that is why I had cops hiding to catch you assaulting me. Have fun in jail.

"I knew you'd do that. So I set up a fake police call. Across town the police believe there is a pregnant murderous arsonist stealing a diamond while giving birth downtown."

Ah, but you fail to realize I knew you would place just such a call. That is why over the past six months I have been manipulating various female members of your group so that now one of them is pregnant by a rapist, and is currently murdering that rapist by arson while stealing his wife's diamond ring. The police will by now have arrested your friend, making you that much less powerful in the fight against me.

"That still leaves us alone, and you with no backup."

But that was never the plan. A police call with such an obscure message would have gone unnoticed. Also, that whole story with your friend, I Lied. I have been merely taking up time so the poison in your system would catch up, and leave you dead.

"What do you-"*Choke*.

"And, that my friend, is where it all -" *Choke*.

"- ends."