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  • Testament's 1st ending in Guilty Gear XX where Dizzy DIES. He murders Johnny who did his best to protect Dizzy right in front of May. It's implied that he'll massacre the whole Jellyfish crew next and proceed to human genocide.
  • Zato's treatment of Millia. Their relationship is screwed for many reasons especially that they were in a sexual relationship in the past. Not only did they broke up, but Zato turned into a Psycho Ex-Boyfriend He-Man Woman Hater that swears to hunt Millia down to the grave. Millia's only solution to be at peace is to kill Zato. It Got Worse because even when he's dead, Zato's dead body controlled by a beast still haunts his ex lover. Millia's solution? Kill it too. Considering that Millia was an orphan and was only coerced to kill people, it's horrible that she'll be guilty for what she has done for the rest of her life. Because of Zato, she fears forming relationships and has no known friends. One can be disturbed at the thought of Eddie finding a new host because Zato-1's body is already decomposing. Just imagine what Venom and Millia feel seeing the reanimated corpse of the man they loved.
  • The alternate future. Ky Kiske, the prodigy and the next-in-line commander of the Holy Knights, died. Everybody got so demoralized that it is described as "the day where hope crumbled", maybe except for Sol, who is inspired to take his place. But to pretty much everybody else, it's hell.


    • To boot, all of this was caused by I-No's really, naughty prank of befriending a teenage Ky, driving him into saving her in a hopeless situation and watching him suffer a nasty death and laughing at it. And where is she in this timeline? Still walking around and trolling people, including an Ax Crazy Mad Doctor Dr. Balhead and killing him later on. It was a very good thing that That Man decided that this kind of timeline won't do and told I-No to stop screwing around and fix timeline...
    • Even the existence current timeline qualifies as Fridge Horror as you realize that every happiness and hope mankind regains is thanks to I-No's time trolling. What if she goes back and time and changes stuff again?
  • The Crusades prior to the event of Guilty Gear. Imagine a 100 year war against the worst Eldritch Abominations you can ever imagine with sizes ranging from cow size to Rhode Island size. They don't have mercy, they don't get tired, they don't fear, and they are specially designed by your fellow humans to kill you with fire, claws, teeth or poison. One of them could also be your loved one just converted into a Human-type Gear. Also before the Crusades, nations were already warring with each other.
  • Some of the stages are outright scary like Nirvana and Hell's Prison. Creepy crosses? Check. Freakishly huge monsters? Check. Atmosphere with bloody tint? Check. Skulls on rocks? Check.
  • I-No's ending in Accent Core where she gets frozen in time for screwing That Man's plans.
  • Though it may look comical on the surface, Zappa is practically spirited away into the world of the supernatural, and most likely will be stuck there forever with a creepy ghost woman who's madly obsessed with him. Luckily, there's no proof that this is canon.
  • In the Lightning the Argent novel, several villagers are violently killed with several parts of their bodies missing. Ky goes and investigates and meets a crippled girl named Marina. Due to circumstances, Marina accidentally drank the "miracle drug" Vitae that Ky brought, and it cured her disability. But when Solaria, a commander Gear, sings, MARINA'S LEGS EXPLODE into anaconda-ish Gears that begin to eat her. Luckily, Ky is able to hack off the Gears(or her legs!) and carries the girl to Faust. However, others who drank the drug, which comprises the whole village, aren't so lucky as they are eaten alive by their body parts that mutated into Gears, just like what happened to the earlier villagers.
  • In Guilty Gear Judgment, a sorcerer named Raymond turned all the inhabitants in the island of Isene into underworld monsters. The monsters violently killed a considerable portion of a kingdom's population, enough for the UN to declare an international emergency. In the story, you will meet a hot chick fused with a monster plant that is screaming in pain, and she'll thank you when you kill her. Also, one stage boss is a rotating pillar with four different, demonic human faces attached to them, and their expressions are not pleasant.
  • Dizzy's second ending in Accent Core. We hear Dizzy crying for help until she slowly get's immobilized by Crow. She is captured and cloned, and the ending picture shows naked Dizzy copies floating in capsules while Crow is watching. The scientist told another guy that he would keep for himself the "beautiful" original. Horror levels up when Crow creepily says that Dizzy is his forever while the poor girl is unable to respond.

Crow: You're mine now... and forever! Hmhmhmhmhm... hahahahaha!

  • Bridget's attacking teddy bear Roger.
  • Justice's crotchspike can also count.
  • Bedman's victory animation in Xrd consists of him speaking with a blank white background, interspersed by TV static and constantly changing camera angles and zoom, before cutting to black when he's done. Pretty unsettling.
    • For that matter, Bedman himself qualifies. A boy constantly asleep while his horrific hospital bed does the fighting for him. And when he does speak, he speaks in a rapid monotone voice that gives the impression of something very wrong with him. Even the other characters are terrified of him.

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  1. This is far more disturbing as we know them as a sweet, sisterly group full of cute girls.