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Examples of Hot Moms in Literature include:

  • Harry Potter:
    • His mum, Lily, was apparently this.
    • Blaise Zabini's mother is described as "famously beautiful" in Half-Blood Prince, more accurately fitting this trope.
    • And in the epilogue, we have Ginny and Hermione.
    • Narcissa Malfoy, the mother of Draco Malfoy.
  • Mary from Christopher Moore's Lamb the Gospel According To Biff. From the context, you can figure out exactly which Mary is meant...
  • Aeneas from The Aeneid had the mother of all Hot Moms in the form of Venus...
  • ...but don't let Achilles' mother, Thetis, in The Iliad hear you say that.
  • Arguably, Jane Roland.
  • Twilight:
    • Esme is the adopted mother of the Forks Coven: Edward, Alice, Rosealie, Jasper, and Emmett. The reader is frequently reminded about how Esme is both (literally) ungodly beautiful and more motherly than anyone below the age of 40 should be.
    • The fact that having sex with her probably will result in a painful, messy death does turn some people off. Then again, there's her husband Carlisle...
  • Grover's mom in the book When Grover Moved to Sesame Street. Seriously.

"And by the way, I don't mean to be crude about this, but check out her can. Not in a disrespectful way, but take a look. In all of the Perm Years stories -- and they number in the many -- there wasn't a single picture that suggested that Grover's Mom had anything in the way of a back porch. Most of the time Perm Mom was sitting down, often in a rocking chair. But in this book, there's three different pictures that show off her butt, on three consecutive pages. Forget the long dresses and granny glasses. The girl is putting it out there. This is not your father's Grover's Mom."

  • Mara in Dark Lord of Derkholm by Diana Wynne Jones. She even gets to play at being the 'glamourous enchantress'.
  • Nanny Ogg of Discworld could have been this in her younger years (she is, of course, a mother and hotness could be implied by her male "friends" occasionaly mentioned). See also the Mona Ogg picture.
  • Sally Jackson in Percy Jackson and The Olympians. The Goddesses also count, especially Aphrodite.
  • Cersei Lannister in A Song of Ice and Fire is still hot enough after three kids to have guardsmen telling randy jokes about her...and for it to be a not-inconsiderable weapon in the game of thrones. Catelyn Stark might count too: A five-way civil war was probably started because a guy was jealous of her husband.
  • Sandy Calhoune, in Chris Crutcher's Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes. Eric, the protagonist, is her son; his buddies all have crushes on her to some degree. (Steve Ellerby openly flirts with her at one point.)
  • Funny Boy: As a young child, Arjie views his mother as the epitome of female beauty.
  • The 39 Clues: Isabel Kabra. But don't let that fool you.
  • Danielle from The Princess Series, but then she is Cinderella. Also Talia, even if the kids aren't with her, and the way she got them is squicktastic.
  • Disgaea novels:
    • Jennifer becomes this when she and Captain Gordon, Defender of Earth! have a daughter by name of Jane. We get to see more of Laharl’s mother as well; her name is Gwen and is indeed hot.
    • Disgaea 2 also features Mom, and though it's All There in the Manual, Rozalin's mom was pretty hot, too.
  • Richard Gordon's Doctor in the House.... series follows the lives of a group of London medical students through university, graduation and first medical jobs. Set in the 1950's when Britain was still in the grip of rationing and post-war privation, Gordon subverts this trope by having the resident Casanova among the doctors being sent, as a student, to gain imdwifery experience working in the slums of London's East End. He comes back, shaken and in need of a stiff drink, from having to deal with mothers who are anything but "hot" or "yummy", and voices his appalled deduction that at some point maybe nine months ago, 'some man was able to sustain a sexual interest in that female for long enough to be able to... "oh God, just give me the whole bloody bottle..". (For the TV adaptation, it may interest readers to know that Graham Chapman, John Cleese and other Pythons collaborated in writing the scripts)
    • The hero of the books, Dr Simon Sparrow, is forced to resign from his first job in a GP practice when the elderly principal doctor's very much younger wife takes a shine to him. What she really wants from him are strong tranqs of the Nembutal sort, to detract from the sheer tedium of an elderly husband and child. This hot mom therefore attempts to seduce the young locum doctor with a key to the controlled drugs locker...
  • About midway through Christopher Stasheff's A Wizard in Rhyme series, it comes out that title character Matthew Mantrell's forty-something Cuban-born mom can still weaponize her Spicy Latina-ness either to (chastely) enhance friendly soldiers' morale or to lure an enemy commander into a trap. Matt's friend Saul is a trifle scandalized; "she moved with a languid grace that would have made Saul feel like baying at the moon, if he hadn't had a wife of his own."

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