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  • All of the Left 4 Dead Funny Moments.
  • Funny Moments 4
    • Kilplix is grabbed by a Smoker, and Cody accidentally shoots the gas tank Austin was holding, killing the Smoker and incapacitating both of them in a blaze of Con-worthy flames.
    • A closet, Kilplix, Con, and a molotov. Cue the Big No.
    • "You ever notice how a horde never attacks... here..." (rising chorus of snarls) "Okay, I shouldn't have said that."
    • The Tank in the vents. "Hurry, he's inching closer!"
    • The Triple Special Attack on Kilplix.

Kilplix: I'm getting slashed by a hunter- (grabbed by a Smoker) And I'm grabbed- (Freed and immediately covered in Boomer bile) and now I'm PUKED on, AND NOW I'M RUNNING!

  • The entirety of the nonsensical Fallen campaign.
    • After admiring the beautiful scenery of a city in the distance, Jonna and Austin fight off a Horde in a small enclosed tunnel while Jed and Con...discuss.

Jed:(dramatically) Let us...make out.
Con: ...Come here, let me pretend you're that city.
Jed: Get away, you pervert! I will not allow you to lick my homeless streets and dirty pavement!

Con: Your beard tastes so good! Like...after-dinner mints!

Jed: That's where I keep 'em!

    • Jed's Dirty Coward antics finally bite him in the ass when a Smoker finds his hiding spot. His team mates aren't exactly inclined to hurry and save him.

Kilplix: Best. Thing. Ever.

    • The Room of Death. Kiplix is pounced by a Hunter that wasn't noticed under the water and accidentally pushes Jonna into the water, then he's snatched by a Smoker hidden under the water while Jed and Con desperately fight off the Horde from all sides. Then, just as Kilplix gets to them, about twenty Infected fall from the ceiling, incapacitating everyone.
    • A Witch gets stuck in a wall after incapping Jed. Kilplix smacks it in the butt with his auto-shotgun, and she doesn't do anything. Con goes over, and the Witch somehow pushes him away. Since it's Con, it doesn't deter him in the slightest. After about ten seconds of this, Jonna shoots the Witch in the head with an Evil Laugh.
    • Jed's failed suicide. Witch plunked directly next to the safe house door with Jonna and Con inside. Kilplix manages to kill himself successfully, but Bill catches the edge and leaves Jed dangling over a cliff, a hunter jumping up below him in a failed attempt to reach him for over a minute and a half. When he finally falls, Con goes idle and Francis runs out of the safe house. You can guess what happened.

Jonna: Con's spirit infected the AI!

    • The Room of Death 2. Kilplix goes into a room with a sign that reads "Bulkhead Warning" with a lower level. Kilplix then falls down into the lower level and it goes into slow-mo as it reveals that there is a Horde and a Tank down there. Cue slow-motion scream as the Tank kills Kilplix.
  • The entirety of the "Kilplix's Croc Fail" video where Kilplix fails to hit F + Spacebar. It takes 7 minutes for Kilplix to finally make it past the part.
  • Jed tends to be the driving force behind many of these. Especially since the release of the gang's The Sacrifice playthrough, where there is now a Jed Cam.
  • The entirety of the Left 4 Dead 2 funny moments.
  • No mention of the Indiana Jones campaign yet? There is a moment just 9 minutes in after playing with the "DO NOT PULL ROPE" prop near the first safe house. Kilplix goes to the safe house, expecting, well, safety, only to find EVERY SINGLE SPECIAL INFECTED IN THE GAME, short of The Tank and The Witch, stuffed inside. As you would expect, Hilarity Ensues:

Kilplix: Why did all the specials spawn in here?!

Jonna: Because you guys are fartin' around!

(Kiplix is then promptly curb-stomped by said infected (Particularly the Charger), despite being at full health, which leads to another comment from the now incapacitated Kiplix:)

Kilpix: Full Health! And he downed me! I...AGH!

  • This video, where Jed plays the Star Trek theme seconds before a Tank shows up. Kilplix, Cody, and Jonna couldn't hear the music playing because Jed drowned it out. Half a minute later, Kilplix gets pounced by a hunter while talking about the battle and he was saying "Help, help, help" and everyone thought he was mimicking earlier and so didn't save him.