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Chuggaaconroy, after another failure while playing Super Mario Sunshine.

A character is so angry, pissed off, or shocked that he or she is literally unable to form a coherent sentence. Other strong emotions are sufficient to render a person unable to speak proper English (or whatever language is being spoken at the time), but shock, anger, and pure rage are the most common. It usually takes a little while for him or her to recover, at which point he or she explodes into rage normally.

The technical name for this rhetorical device is "aposiopesis".

Usually includes Cluster F-Bomb (or sometimes just a Curse Cut Short). Do not confuse with Engrish. Also compare Sarcasm Failure, Gagging on Your Words and Foreign Language Tirade. Not to be confused with Anglish, a Con Lang of English with the non-Germanic words removed.

Truth in Television, you little... Ooh, you—I mean, what did... I... YOU AAARGH!

Examples of Angrish include:

Anime and Manga

  • In Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Xanxus tends to do this when he reaches the apex of his fury (along with breaking out with his old scars). To quote just one instance:

Xanxus: Shit... shit... piece of shit... you trash!

    • Well, what else would you expect from the Sin of Wrath?
  • Sanji from One Piece was so enraged at his wanted poster, which suffered a bad case of Facial Composite Failure, that he lost the capacity for human speech.
  • In one chapter of Keroro Gunsou, Keroro gets sick, and Tamama tries to visit him with gifts, hoping that by this point he's getting sick of "that dumb broad" (Angol Moa, whom he regards as a rival for the Sergeant's attention) trying to minister to him. Instead, he finds Moa is merely sitting quietly with Keroro at his bedside, upon which Moa politely asks Tamama to be quiet so Keroro can sleep. The flabbergasted Tamama simply babbles "My electrolytic quotient has been reduced to the laxity of damaged hair..."
  • Monta from Eyeshield 21 occasionally grunts incoherently when he gets mad enough, which doesn't help his case when he's mad about people pointing out his resemblance to a monkey.
  • Koizumi of Lovely Complex descends into this occasionally.
  • Shizuo from Durarara!! ranges from "Kill'emkill'emkill'em" to "GRAH!!" to "IIIIIZAAAAYAAAAAAAAAAA!!!"
  • Popotan's Mai in episode 5, where she goes ballistic on a sentient dandelion.

Comic Books

  • In Mafalda, an angry mother is so angry that she starts dropping vowels and entire words, and as such starts yelling only isolated words. The quote below does not mean anything: she's dropped so many vowels that it's been rendered complete nonsense. In parentheses is the intended meaning as translated by Mafalda.

Raquel: ¡Sunescán! ¡Dalúna buso! ("¡Es un escándalo, un abuso!" meaning "It's a scandal, an abuse!" uttered by an angry mother coming back from market).

    • The quote above can be rendered intelligible if read with typical Argentinian intonation.
      • And even more so if you go to the market in Argentina when the prices are rising.
  • Captain Haddock in the Tintin books often unleashes a tirade of disjointed insults and random words at the subject of his anger.
    • In The Castafiore Emerald, when Captain Haddock receives a phone call from Thompson and Thomson congratulating him over his Tabloid Melodrama reported engagement to Castafiore, he lets out a series of inarticulate angry syllables before slamming the receiver down.
  • One Popeye strip had Roughhouse so fed up with Wimpy's constant mooching that he had to be constrained to the hospital. He spends his recuperation growling and muttering Wimpy's catchphrases, such as "I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today." or "I'd like to have you to a duck dinner. You bring the duck."

Popeye: Wimpy's got his goat so bad he's almost crazy!

  • In one The Simpsons comic book, Homer is seen slamming into Skinner's office when Bart's in trouble, saying "Too angry to finish sentence I-!"
  • A darker version occurs in the post-One Year Later Superman story arc, "Up, Up and Away". Big Blue has just destroyed Lex Luthor's latest scheme and, powerless, miles above Metropolis, the two are sent plummeting to the ground. Despite giving an impressive speech moments beforehand, as they fall Luthor can only stare at Supes and growl:

Lex: I hate you. God I hate you.

  • The DM in Knights of the Dinner Table will, when exasperated at the unorthodox behavior of his players, frequently be reduced to shouting "FIRK DING BLAST!"
  • Incredible Hulk would seem to be the living distillation of this trope. Whenever Bruce Banner gets angry enough, he manifests as the incarnation of Angrish. "RRAAAAARRGH! HULK SMASH! AAAARRRGH!"
  • In one issue of The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers, Phineas is pursued by the Overprotective Dad of a girl he slept with, and notes that the man "appears to be too enraged to speak articulately."

Fan Works

  • In Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality, Harry drinks Comed-Tea, which guarantees a Spit Take for whoever drinks it. Testing it out, Harry drinks it, and immediately catches sight of an issue of the Quibbler, which proudly declares "BOY-WHO-LIVED GETS DRACO MALFOY PREGNANT!" Cue Spit Take. Harry and Malfoy are reduced to "Buh-buh-buh-buh..."

Too many competing objections, that was the problem. Every time Harry tried to say "But we're only eleven!" the objection "But men can't get pregnant!" demanded first priority and was then run over by "But there's nothing between us, really!"

  • In the Neon Genesis Evangelion fanfic Nobody Dies, it's possible to tell that Ikari Yui is truly furious when she starts making up words. (Her daughter Kei believes that these are the vilest epithets in the Japanese language. Flurgen!)
  • In Naruto Veangance Revelaitons, Ronan lapses into this after he learns that Sakura might be pregnant with Naruto's child


  • In A Hero, Dalek Sec's fourth attempt at playing Dwarf Fortress to distract himself results in this.
  • Very early in With Strings Attached, Ringo is panting heavily, frightened out of his mind, embracing Paul, and angry at George; he spouts: "You're - I'm - glad - can't - George - asshole - he won't - ".
  • Phoenix in Turnabout Storm, right after falling square into one of Trixie's prosecutor tricks.

Phoenix: B-but-she-stole-I-ah-uh...


  • Rocco's reaction to the Copley Plaza Massacre in The Boondock Saints has this trope written all over it. It has the added component of a Cluster F-Bomb for added entertainment value.
  • Seriously performed in the movie version of The Shining to chilling effect. Ax Crazy Jack Torrance is stalking after his son Danny; when he hears the snowmobile driving away, thus notifying him that Danny escaped him, he is reduced to bellowing like a wounded animal shortly before freezing to death.
  • Samir in Office Space.

" a FUCK!"

  • In The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Andy walks in on a fight between his love interest Trish and her daughter Marla, who delivers the most perfect teenaged girl meltdown—replete with crying, name-calling, door-slamming, and incomprehensible screeching.

Trish: ... I-I didn't hear anything after "liar"! [to Andy] What did she say after "liar"?

Andy: [in awe] She sounds like a tea kettle.
  • Bon Cop, Bad Cop: "Shit de fuck de shit de merde de shit de calice de TABARNAK!"
    • That is sacre, a uniquely French Canadian form of swearing combining common English and French curses with bastardized forms of terms from Catholic liturgy ("calice", "crisse", "tabarnac", etc.). These are strung together with the French practice of stringing random swear words together with "de" (think The Merovingian's demonstration of French profanity), and the result sounds like Angrish. Ironically, to French Canadians, "fucke" and "chit" are rather mild swear words, to the point where during a punk riot in Montreal, French-language newscasters solemnly read off Cluster F-Bomb lyrics from an English-language punk album on the evening news.
  • The father in A Christmas Story was particularly famous for letting loose a stream of incoherent noises when angry (which he often was).
  • Harry in Home Alone mutters a string of nonsense syllables whenever he's infuriated, which often happens whenever he falls for one of Kevin's booby traps. Reportedly, numerous retakes were required as Joe Pesci (being...well, Pesci) kept accidentally slipping in genuine obscenities.
  • In Kids in The Hall: Brain Candy, Dr. Cooper is horrified at the side-effects of his new drug and goes on a sputtering rant that veers into random directions, such as late fees for his rental of Rear Window.
  • A Fish Called Wanda: Otto's been called stupid one too many times, and can't exactly find a coherent insult, so he just rattles off a bunch of trite swears.

Otto: You pompous, stuck-up, snot-nosed, English, giant, twerp, scumbag, fuck-face, dickhead, asshole.
Archie: How very interesting. You're a true vulgarian, aren't you?
Otto: You're the vulgarian, you fuck.

  • Robin Hood: Men in Tights features the Sheriff of Rottingham, who upon getting very upset, minces his intended sentence into something truly unintelligible.

Mervyn: King illegal forest to pig wild kill in it a is!

  • In the old Tracy and Hepburn vehicle Adam's Rib Spencer Tracy's "Adam" tends to invert the pronunciation of words when he is flustered or upset.
  • In Bad Boys 2, the Captain, upon learning the DEA is operating in Miami without consulting him, has a brief fit of apoplectic rage ("...CHRIST! FUCK!") before Marcus gets him to calm down.
  • Last Action Hero. Slater's boss kinda becomes a Running Gag throughout the movie for regressing into this trope. Finally, after Slater blows up more of the city than usual, he becomes so incoherent the only distinguishable words are Turn in Your Badge.
  • In The Room, after Johnny is dumped by Lisa.
    • Interesting to note that this is more-or-less the way he talks all the time.
  • In A Knight's Tale, Wat delivers the following warning to Geoffrey Chaucer, getting more and more angry, redfaced, and incomprehendable as he goes: "Betray us, and I will fong you, until your insides are out, your outsides are in... your entrails... will become your extrails... I... will w... rip... all the p... ung... Pain! Lots of pain!"
  • Clue: Mrs. White's description of her feelings about Yvette.

I hated her so much it - it - the feel - flames...flames...flames on the side of my face - breathing - heaving breaths ...

    • Note that this is a Throw It In moment. Madeline Kahn forgot her line and ad-libbed the whole thing.
  • In What About Bob?, Dr. Leo Marvin rudely removes his newest patient (and biggest fan) from his automobile, but is far too angry to form proper words. He tries to say, "Get out of the car!" but it comes out rather incoherently.
  • In Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, Ron Burgundy is so upset after his dog, Baxter, is punted off a bridge that he calls a fellow newsman, hysterical. Who replies, "I didn't understand one word you said."


  • Gallo getting locked in a pod "for his own safety" in Pandorum unleashes some pretty vicious syllables at Payton that don't seem to correspond to any human language except that used by Yosemite Sam in a frothing rage.
  • In the Loop, following the crisis in the Meditation Room, Malcolm Tucker loses his temper in such a way that he is briefly reduced to partial incoherency. In the middle of one of his legendary threats, no less.

You... you repeat... one word of what you've heard here, I'm gonna fuckin' take your leg off, and I'll... fuckin'... the shin bone! I'm gonna take the shin bone, I'm gonna break it... in two and I'm going to fucking stab you... to fucking death with it... right, so just... go away- go away!

  • Lucia (Lisa Kudrow) in The Opposite of Sex is one of the most articulate characters in the movie, but when her frustration occasionally gets the best of her, her speech devolves into a string of spat-out obscenities and monosyllables: "Fine! Goddammit! God! Fuck! Shit!"
  • From Diner:

Shrevie: ...just keep my records in the category, OK? Just put the Rock n' Roll in with the Rock n' Roll. Put the R&B in with the R&B! I mean, you’re not gonna put Charlie Parker in with the Rock n' Roll, would you? ...Would you?
Beth: I don’t know. Who’s Charlie Parker?

  • Eddie from Deadfall seems to have this trait, although some of it might just be because it's hard to understand Nicolas Cage through a mouth full of scenery. At any rate, one of his lines amounts to "Ararararara asshole!"
  • Inverted in The King's Speech where Albert stutters less when he is angry. It becomes part of his speech therapy.
  • The entire career of deceased french actor Louis De Funes was built on this. Whenever his characters got agitated or angry, which was very often and always played for laughs, he would stutter, blurt out nonsense and swap his entire ability to speak for onomatopoeia and wild gestures.
  • Jason delves into this at times in Mystery Team
  • After the first time the brothers are blown up by the mouse in Mousehunt, they begin spouting this. Shortly thereafter, they get blown up again.

Let's Plays

Proton Jon: For the love of BATMAN.... jump! Bill Cosby! Is angry! Stimpy! I need... SPACKLE!

    • Judging by what he said earlier in the video, he was probably actively trying to avoid swearing.
  • Chuggaaconroy is fairly prone to this, as the current page quote indicates. To say nothing of the strange noises he tends to make when upset.
  • Tatsudoshi, a hilarious LP'er, launches into this during both the Co-op of Super Khold World w/Khold and the Tetris & Dr. Mario playthrough w/Khold where Khold "accidentally" puts him on level 9.
  • Pokecapn and crew, Let's Playing Sonic the Hedgehog 2006, went from angry yelling to howling with incoherent rage after one too many cheap deaths. As the cheap deaths continued, they went dead silent.
    • Almost dead silent.

Kung-Fu Jesus: I come from a land down under. Where women glow and men plunder. Can you hear, can you hear the thunder? You'd better run, you'd better take cover.

NTom64 (to FastestThingAlive): Restart your sentence, kthnx.


  • TotalBiscuit devolves into this whenever he's confronted with a particularly challenging puzzle or obstacle in his WTF Is? videos. Good example here.



"Do you – do you think I want to – do you think I give a – I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU'VE GOT TO SAY!"

  • Glen Cook plays with this in his Garrett P.I. novels, having characters who are furious and/or recovering from a blow to the head speak in Angrish ... or seem to, as in one case it's revealed that the gibberish-speaker is actually cursing fluently in Elvish.
  • Stephen King's Cell involves a Hate Plague "Pulse" afflicting people using their cell phones, sending them into berserk rages while gibbering Angrish.
    • The Dark Tower series gives us, The deranged shrieking of the Crimson King.
  • Belisarius is reduced to this in Destiny's Shield, when Antonina refuses to take along guards on her trip to Egypt.
  • In Malevil, Momo is reduced to this when their wheat harvest comes under attack. What's significant is that Momo is barely capable of speech in the first place.
  • In The Eye of Argon, the evil prince Agaphim is reduced to speaking "muffled sibilant gibberish" when Grignr insults him. The "faintly perceptible ceremonial jibberish [sic]" spoken by a cultist earlier in the story may also count.
  • Zilpha Keatley Snyder has David Stanley do this in The Headless Cupid. He is slightly shy and reticent because he's been teased for stuttering when he's angry. His half-sister finally infuriates him to the point that he doesn't care.

Live Action TV

  • In one Malcolm in the Middle episode, while Lois is relating to Francis some horrific deed Reese has committed (again), Hal can only sputter rage-filled nonsensical phrases in the background.
    • Hal does this quite a few times throughout the series.
  • Oliver from Green Acres often mixes up words when he's angry.
  • Steve occasionally reduces Carl to this state on Family Matters.
  • Grover the Waiter occasionally drives Mr. Johnson to this state.
  • Jon Stewart, on The Daily Show, will regularly lose control of his jaw and gibber something brief, incoherent, and clearly either angry or disbelieving before reasserting self-control.
    • Perhaps the best example was when the media were hammering New Jersey. After a point, he simply named the segment "Hey C'mon That's Not...Why Would You...Whoa!"
  • "Yeah, well, you're the sad, because...TWAT! You're such a little...FUCK! SHIT!"
  • The Russo dad on Wizards of Waverly Place, so much that it's become almost a catchphrase. Lampshaded in one episode where Justin claims that they can always tell their dad is angry when he begins speaking this way. The final word in the sentence is always "ALEX!"
    • Speaking of Rebel Russo, she tries to provoke this in Justin. During the Stevie Saga, she replaces his jazz band with rock, just to see him explode. Its even better because Justin knows she's doing it, which him even angrier.
  • On Will and Grace, Jack when he's in angry "howler monkey" mode is a particularly shrill version of this.
    • One time, when he was particularly angry, he stopped making noise at all and went into dog whistle territory.
  • Something hiding from me you are?
    • That was a sarcastic question Titus asked Erin when she used Angrish to cover up something she did.
    • Also in the final scene of the Season 1 finale, Titus's hospital-ridden dad goes into this again when Titus reveals he tricked him into shaving his nether region by a nurse. Titus starts to mock his father's sputtering rage ...until he realizes his dad is actually starting to have a heart attack.
  • Jamie from The Thick of It, the ultimate Violent Glaswegian lapses into Angrish regularly.
    • Surely the best example is Glenn's meltdown?
      • I figure the "what do you know about Hitler" thing is frustration that he's been replaced with Olly types who lack real education and experience, but who knows.
  • On The West Wing, a show known for its witty, even verbose dialog, Toby Ziegler was arguing with a woman who continually interrupted the conversation with descriptions of shocking and offensive artwork. As she began to cite an artist who "specializes in placing genitalia in anatomically incorrect..." Toby cut her off with a rare outburst of Angrish.
  • While you couldn't understand him half the time anyway, Don Vito from Viva La Bam frequently fell into this.
  • One episode of Friends features Monica and Rachel sharing their feelings. Monica starts off weepy, and then her voice gets ever more shrill until Rachel finally admits she has no idea what Monica is actually saying.
    • Monica also does a genuinely angry one of these to Ross when he annoys her by always hanging around her apartment (because he's dating Rachel), and he tells her she's "gone ultrasonic again."
  • Spencer on iCarly gets one of these when he comes home to find Carly sucking face with the resident Bad Boy Griffin.
  • Adam on MythBusters gets a rather amusing one when an ancient bow and arrow machine gun malfunctions yet again.

Adam: Aaagh! Fraghm fragin wackum boogin farshur beck! Fudge! Babies! Baby hippos.

  • In Mel Brooks' regrettably short-lived series When Things Were Rotten, a sendup of the Robin Hood myth, the Sheriff of Nottingham (Henry Polic II) in moments of extreme frustration would give way to this. Those around him would have to remind him, "Sheriff -- you're not talking."
    • Which would make the Men in Tights example above a Mythology Gag!
  • In Greg the Bunny, Greg taunts Jimmy's new girlfriend to the point where she can't speak straight. When he mocks her to "put a coherent sentence together, sweetheart" she responds by flushing him down the toilet.
  • Similar to Monica in Friends, when Eliot in Scrubs gets upset, her language shifts into a high pitched whine that only Carla can understand.
  • In the series finale of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, Lucy is so overwhelmed with emotions when her boyfriend Tom's brother is successfully rescued from a hostage situation in the Middle East that she can only speak in a blubbery, incoherent mumble, only decipherable by Cal.
  • Turned into a Running Gag on Whose Line Is It Anyway as Colin was assigned the role of a man who just caught his wife cheating on him more and more often.
  • On Dirty Jobs, Mike Rowe occasionally slips into incoherence when faced with a particularly appalling task, such as the time he had to wrestle the huge, unwieldy stomach of a dead cow into a trash bin full of decomposing tissue and maggots.


  • Joe Strummer works himself up to this in The Clash's "The Right Profile."

He said go out and get me my old movie stills
Go out and get me another roll of pills
There I go again shaking, but I ain't got the chills
Arrrghhhgorra buh bhuh do ARRRRGGGGHHHHNNNN!!!!

  • John Cale is fond of the trope. Take "Leaving It Up To You", which is a smooth (if slightly menacing) midtempo rock song up until the end of the second verse, and then it all starts to get... weird.

And it's sordid how life goes on when I could take you apart
And if you give me half a chance, I'd do it NOW!
I know we can all feel safe - like Sharon Tate!
Or we could give it all, we cou-gi-give-gi-giveitAAAAAAAALL!

  • Jim Morrison in "The End":

Father, I want to kill you... Mother, I want to AHHHRAARAAAGH!"

    • He says he wants to fuck her in the uncensored version.
  • Several of John Lennon's songs engage with Angrish and primal howling; particularly the tracks on Plastic Ono Band, released after he'd tried Primal Scream therapy, enter into this, particularly "Mother" ("Mama don't gooooOOOOOOOOOOWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!!!!!"). "Cold Turkey" also degenerates into feverish sounding screams, reflective of someone with a nasty heroin addiction experiencing particularly bad withdrawal pangs—not coincidentally, Lennon was going through a nasty heroin addiction...
  • Pretty Lush by Glassjaw ends the bridge with Daryl Palumbo yelling "You fnn...nng...nngah!"
  • Many heavy metal songs. Especially with a type 3 Metal Scream.
  • With Wayne Static of Static-X, it's a toss-up between this, or The Unintelligible. Check out "Tera-fied", "Otsego Amigo" or "Cannibal".
  • In the Danielson song "Pottymouth", rather than using actual profanities, the pottymouth's cursing is rendered as indeterminate muttering.

Newspaper Comics

  • Calvin and Hobbes's dad, after dropping a heavy Christmas present on his foot: "Slippin' rippin' dang fang rotten zarg barg-a-ding-dong!"
  • One fellow in Bloom County brought in his letter to the editor on some topic or other, and gave an Angrish explanation of what it said, with frequent moments when he was so outraged he could only exclaim, "Ooooh!" According to Milo, the letter itself was exactly as incoherent.

Fellow: Anyway, it's all there in my letter.
Milo: Verbatim.


  • Karl Pilkington sometimes drove Ricky Gervais (who's very inarticulate when excited anyway) to Angrish on the old radio shows. A sample as quoted by a diligent YouTube commenter:

I'm leavin'... I'm never... I'm never doing this show again... you talking... I... I've never heard anything... such bol--... you are... play a record.

  • On Air America, Montel Williams reacts with a combination of this and high articulation to the people in Hollywood who are defending Roman Polanski for raping a thirteen-year-old girl.
  • Mayor LaTrivia of Fibber McGee and Molly was frequently reduced to this after suffering an interminable Chain of Corrections with the title characters.

Stand Up Comedy

"Did you ever make your mother so mad that she forgot your name? 'Come here, Roy -- I mean Ralph -- Roquefort -- Rutabaga -- what is your name, boy? And don't lie to me, 'cuz you live in this house and I'll find out who you are!'"

"I used to think my father was an idiot [[[Beat]]], because the man could never complete a sentence. Now I understand. Had it been a grown person, you'd have cursed: 'What the (foul filth foul foul filth filth filth foul foul), and you're (filth and foul)!' But when you talk to your child, you don't want to do that, so you censor yourself, and you sound like an idiot. 'What the -- Get your -- I'll bust -- Get outta my face!'"

  • Lewis Black often ends up bursting into Angrish in his stand-up routines.
    • According to his friends, he does this in Real Life, as well.
  • Kevin Hart at one point said that you knew his mother was getting really angry because her sentences would stop making sense.


  • A character in Judith Thompson's Lion In The Streets says to another character, if memory serves, "shut up, you fat!"
  • King Lear's less than articulate threat 'I shall do such things......I know not what they are but they will be the terrors of the earth'.
  • Susan Silsby in The Cat and the Canary
  • Frustrated, facing jail time for massive fraud, and having just lost a tug of war for some very important documents, Leo Bloom stares at Max Biallistock, gibbers a bit, and shouts: "FAT!"

Video Games

  • Warcraft III and World of Warcraft has this as the result of Blood Lust spell. Hear it for yourself.
  • Murray in Sly 2. The combination of spice and hypno-boxes slowly made this happen, until he mindlessly roared and charged at Sly.
  • Team Fortress 2: In the "Meet The Spy" video, this is the BLU Scout's reaction to seeing pictures of the RED Spy with his mother. Or rather, this is the RED Spy's (actual) reaction to seeing that the BLU Spy got hold of pictures of him with his "petit chou-fleur". Or both.
    • Also, Heavy's dying voice clip. AAANNGGHHH YAAAA DAH!
  • Kirby Super Star Ultra. Revenge of Meta Knight. Heavy Lobster. Paint Ability. When you hit Heavy Lobster with it, his entire body gets covered in paint and his eyes stop working. He flails around erratically and the crew of the Halberd break into angrish trying to comprehend how easily Kirby pwned Heavy Lobster.
      • Though, it was averted in the original. I believe in the original they were either speechless or just said words.
  • Mitsunari from Sengoku Basara is usually pretty good at coming up with gruesome and imaginative death threats, however when enraged his inspiration fails him and he starts yelling "I'll Kill You!" over and over again.
  • Isaac has some beautiful moments in Dead Space 2, thanks to being Suddenly Voiced. Especially when he stomps Necromorphs, unleashing a torrent of incoherent swearing.

Isaac: Shit! Fucking! Die! Mother FUCKER!

  • In Neverwinter Nights 2, one of the male voices (Hardened Battler) devolves into Angrish when clicked on in battle.

Hardened Battler: Pox-covered harlot-chasing... Rrrrgh!

  • The Anger Sphere from Portal.
  • In the Thief games, if you are being chased by a guard and you climb or jump to somewhere they can't follow, their immediate response is pure, incoherent Angrish in frustration at you escaping.
  • In Mass Effect 1, when Saren hears Shepard made it to the beacon on Eden Prime, he freaks out, stomping around the control room and sputtering incoherently.

Saren: Argh! Grr! Rahr!

  • In Watch Dogs 2, whenever you outwit Lenni, the leader of the black-hat hacker gang Prime-8, she degenerates into this and starts throwing such bon mots as "fucking hamster", "slew-filled donut hole" and "purple dragon cock snot".

Web Animation

  • Strong Bad devolved into a pretty hilarious example of this when his new computer (the Comp?crashed on him as soon as he turned it on. Luckily for him, it was all just a joke. According to the wiki, it was a little bit like:

What the-eugecheut-rROOOAagegit-REEHgegitich..."

  • Yusuke has difficulty even thinking coherently after Kotomaru shows off his secret power in Girlchan in Paradise.

Web Comics

Daughter: Did your generation really use this to troll people? So lame. You know, you guys sucked at pranks.
Father: Did we? I once raised a kid with conditioning so her speech centers shut down when she was upset.

  • Bob and George, where Future Alternate Mega Man (it's a long story) fights Bob during the events of Mega Man 5. Mega Man, using Gyro Man's powers, finds a way to penetrate Bob's supposedly indestructible flame barrier. Bob is very angry about this, but says nothing; Mega Man calls him on it, suggesting he's "inarticulate with rage."
  • PS238 has a character implanted with a chip which replaces any profanities he voices with random other words. If he tries to launch into a Cluster F-Bomb, he instead starts singing showtunes.
  • Eight Bit Theater makes this a Running Gag, primarily with Black Mage although others have fallen victim to it. It's usually caused by something Fighter says or does.

Black Mage: Ffffffffffffffff
Fighter: I think he sprung a leak.

    • Also one strip later,

Black Mage: Arghble!

    • And after Black Belt climbs across a rope he was holding himself.

Black Mage:
Black Belt: I held the rope up and walked across just like you guys.
Black Mage: That doesn't. I mean, you can't.

    • Red Mage has one, too:

Fighter: Don't you understand? With gravity slain, we can now fly! * flies*
Thief: Huh.
Red Mage: But he. You can't. Love, hate, clouds. *falls over*

Jesus... Fuck! I... people... can't... fuck!
Wife... ass... video... fuck... Bad! Bad!

  • All of trolls in Homestuck have a particular pattern in the way they type in chat logs, and Vriska in particular uses the number 8 in place of "B" and homophones of 8. However, she tends to go a bit overboard with their use when she's flustered.

AG: Or you know, if you're so h8gh 8nd might8 an8 th8nk you're so gr8at, m8y88 you c8uld oh I d8n't kn8w........

  • In Penny and Aggie, Aggie publicly accuses Penny of blowing off a date with Duane "because he's Black." When Penny asks her to repeat that, Aggie, realizing the enormity of what she's just said, falters for a moment ("Because he's... Because... you're not...") but then comes back at her with "BECAUSE HE'S BLACK! BECAUSE YOU'D NEVER BE SEEN WITH A BLACK MAN! YOU'RE TOO GOOD FOR HIM TOO GOOD FOR ANYONE WITH YOUR BLONDE LITTLE BLONDE YOU'RE WORSE THAN HITLER!"
  • In Order of the Stick, when Haley's looted dragon treasure got blown up, she actually became aphasic, and spent a whole arc speaking gibberish. In fairness, it did turn out that the treasure thing wasn't the root cause.
  • In El Goonish Shive, Justin gets so angry with Elliot in this strip that he is unable to properly respond to Elliot's last comment. He is, however, in control of his emotions enough to tell Elliot he can't continue the conversation, make one last statement and say bye.
  • While Coach Z of Homestar Runner speaks somewhat incoherently by default, getting frustrated while trying to correct his speech only makes it worse.
  • Kimiko of Dresden Codak fame offers us this example:

Department of Inquisition: Thank you for your interest in the world of science. Please exit through the gift shop.

  • In General Protection Fault, Ki's mother, a Chinese woman married to a Japanese man and living in America, calls up Ki to tell her about her father being hit by a car and begins talking in a mixture of English, Chinese and Japanese. Her dialogue is represented by "*@#&!"
  • This strip from Ctrl Alt Del is liable to qualify for this trope as well, when Ethan dissolves into incoherence at the notion of using his obnoxious colleague Rob's 3D models in his video game project.

Web Original

  • Linkara provides the below quote in his review of Neutro one when it is revealed that the two scientists that assembled Neutro are testing his capabilities by, among other things, demolishing entire cities. He is understandably appalled.

Linkara: He's... They're... They're... They're testing Neutro by blowing up cities!?

"After a filler episode where they get baked into a giant pizza... Excuse me for a moment." * walks away from the mic, lets out a loud scream of torment, then walks back* "The story then continues in "The Phantom Phenomenon."

Nostalgia Critic: What!? What? Buh? Pumpkin!? What!? Pumpkin?! What?

    • Also seen in his mute review (he'd yelled at it so much while watching that he lost his voice) of The Good Son, where he holds up a sign that reads "INAUDIBLE RAGE". Let's not forget the part where he started yelling in sound clips of random violence.
    • Let's not forget his reaction to the third Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, where he seemingly goes mad.
      • Later, when co-reviewing Superman IV with Linkara, and making a harsh criticism of the latter's special effects, Linkara merely has to say the three words "Bat Credit Card" to get revenge, by sending him off on a murderous gun-toting rampage.
    • Lampshaded in the AVGN and NC review of Ninja Turtles: Coming Out Of Their Shells in which the Nerd points out that he's too angry to make a coherent description as to how ugly Splinter looks in the special.
      • None of these have anything on the Critic's reaction to the end of The Neverending Story 3. While laughing bemusedly, he gets up, goes to his car, drives to Home Depot, returns to his car with a crowbar, drives back, takes the DVD to his basement...and then proceeds to go absolutely apeshit on it for several minutes.
      • Near the end of his review of The Room, he descends into incoherent gibberish when Lisa upon seeing Johnny's corpse after he shot himself in the head asks the incredibly stupid question " Is he dead?"
      • And even THAT is eclipsed by his reaction to the plot twist of The Secret of NIMH 2. He actually loses the ability to speak and is at a complete and utter loss on how to react at the sheer idiocy of Timmy's brother being in charge of NIMH, having turned the scientists into dogs, and becoming pants crappingly insane. He goes through so many bewildered expressions, Flat Whats, and just general speechlessness that you can practically see his brain shut down. Hell, at the end of the review he USES THE FREAKING DEATH STAR TO BLOW THE MOVIE TO HELL!!!
      • In his review of The Magic Voyage, the Critic begins by insanely squeaking out "it never stops", "it just keeps going", and some random gibberish before blowing fire out of his mouth. The scene cuts to a shot of the words "One Moment Please..." accompanied by a picture of the Critic gorging himself on meds.
    • Also on the site is Angry Joe freaking out during a D&D Game (with some contextual animation).

Angry Joe: What?! Did you--?! You just--! You killed--! What the fuck did you do that for?!

"Is that even English?!"

    • It happens to The Nostalgia Chick in her "Dreamworks vs. Disney: Dualing" review. She descends into crying gibberish when faced with Shark Tale.
      • Suffice to say, it's a pretty safe bet to assume every single Channel Awesome producer has dissolved into inexpressible rage at some point in their careers.
  • In his review of Eiken, The Necro Critic gets so fed up with the "awkward groping" running gag, that near the end of the video, he completely loses it and starts yelling insane gibberish before repeatedly screaming the word "PAIN" and having to be sedated off-screen.
  • The eragon-sporkings lapsed into this after a particularly bad piece of Moral Dissonance from Eragon—specifically, after he left two people to be eaten by the Raz'ac so that he'd know whether they were in the area, then after they were eaten assuaged his guilt by saying that they couldn't defend everyone. Then regained speech long enough for a rant including "MY HATRED FOR YOU SEETHES LIKE THE ROTTEN UNDERBELLY OF A BLOATED ZOMBIE CORPSE" before lapsing back into Angrish.
  • here.
  • Mark Reads Twilight uses the head-smacked-on-the-keyboard kind of Angrish, especially in Twilight's later chapters.

Book: "Bella." Edward's voice was very soft. Alice and Emmett looked out their windows. "If you let anything happen to yourself--anything at all--I'm holding you personally responsible. Do you understand that?"

A hypothetical Andy Wachowski, having just been informed by Joel Silver that Warner has greenlighted The Matrix 7: "KILL YOU. BULLETS IN YOU AND KILL. SO MUCH ANGRY. JUST."

  • In The Agony Booth forums, one poster during a discussion of Southland Tales alternated between sensible statements and "Who the which now?"
  • Strong Bad frequently lapses into angrish for one reason or another. Compy Catalog is one of the funnier examples: Strong Bad's verbal meltdown as his brand-new computer suddenly suffers a BSOD (and not the heroic kind) is priceless.
  • mpn1990's review of Action 52. "Don't tell me this game just fucking crashed on me! OH MY GOD! (unintelligible bloodcurdling screams) DAMN YOU ACTION 52! GOD DAMN YOU TO FUCKING HELL! I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!"
  • Arkada from the Desu Des Brigade speaks in this at the end of his Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex review after he praises Mary Elizabeth McGlynn by saying that any anime she is involved is is gold. His captor the fanboy informs him that she also worked on Naruto and that, by extension, Arkada just praised it. Cue meltdown.
  • Red vs Blue: Sarge occasionally lapses into this.

Sarge: Gary, you mean to tell me you could have turned off the bomb this whole time, and you didn't say so?! And don't say it's because I didn't--
Gary: You didn't ask.
Sarge: Brg frkin' drdlrs!

  • In another Rooster Teeth/Achievement Hunter show, Rage Quit, Micheal Jones alternates between this and Cluster F-Bomb constantly as he plays difficult/frustrating video games.
    • In the one where he plays The Impossible Game Level Pack: "These spikes will turn your ass into... *hits a spike* SWISS FUCKING CHEESE GODDAMNIT!!!
    • In the one for Balloon Guard: *after losing the ballon* GAVIN DICKIE BITCH FREE!!! (Gavin Free is a coworker at Rooster Teeth and one of the co-presenters of The Slow Mo Guys; he had recently defeated Micheal and most of the Achievement Hunter crew in a few multiplayer matchups)
    • In the Dark Souls video, he eventually goes off on some semi-coherent tangent about sunshine and sprinkles.
  • MSF High Forum: The Librarian also got the border of this, but it was instead represented by Shatner speech.
    • There was also one incident where a player was talking with Mitch, and his internet connection failed. It didn't return until several minutes later, at which time he proceeded to let loose with several pages worth of this. His furious typing actually damaged the keyboard. Mitch found it to be epic.
      • And then it cut out again a moment later.
  • From the Freelance Astronauts, this is more or less pipes!'s purpose.
  • Ghost has a big problem with this (comes with having a Deep South accent, fondness for drinking on the job and a Hair-Trigger Temper combined), although he tends to hide it under storms of cans.
  • Spoony lapses into this during his review of Ultima IX, specifically when he discovers that the Avatar doesn't know what the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom is- even though previous games in the series had the Avatar deal with the Codex.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRGH! The Avatar has to ask what the fucking Codex- No! NO! No, it's- it's... do I even have explain in how many- I can't, I can't explain how i... it's the thesis of the whole... I can't. This is what I'm dealing with. THIS IS LIKE THE POPE ASKING WHAT THE FUCKING BIBLE IS!

Western Animation

Shego: Dr D!
Drakken: WHAT!?
Shego: (deadpan) You've stopped using words.

  • In the Tiny Toon Adventures episode Wacko World Of Sports, Buster and Babs are sent flying into a trash container by an angered group of people. Upon digging himself out, Buster starts swearing in Angrish until Babs empties a bucket of water onto him.
  • This has happened to SpongeBob from SpongeBob SquarePants a few times.


    • Likewise, it's happened to Squidward as well.
      • "No, Squidward, we've already played Babble Like An Idiot!"
    • Also, Mrs. Puff says SpongeBob has a very 'colorful vocabulary' after said sponge spouts spiraling smashy random words about Mr. Krabs and his monetary greed, something unintelligible, and Mrs. Puff looks shocked after flipping through a pocket dictionary to find out what he says.
      • To be fair, in another episode the local cursing technique is a small 13 variety of naval sounds. Makes you wonder why the heck that ancient dolphin warrior (later episode, differing season,) wasn't being treated as cursing his head off after the volcanic explosion, considering the substandard annoyance of the cursing (Lampshade Hanging) episode is a dolphin sound. The cursing episode ends with Mr. Krab's MOTHER saying a jalopy sound after hitting a similar rock to the earlier curse-initiating rock. Luckily it was just another of the local Mr. Jenkins.
  • Cartman's speech goes south of this when he doesn't get his way.
    • Also, the angry townspeople's chant of "Rabble rabble rabble!" whenever anything goes wrong in the town.
      • DOOKER DOO!
      • Cock-a-doodle-doo
  • Looney Tunes: Inflicted upon Daffy Duck by Bugs in Duck Amuck.
    • Yosemite Sam. "Raggar fraggar friggin frazzer" is one of his catchphrases. He turns it up to 11 in From Hare To Heir.
    • Especially noteworthy because "frigging" is a genuine expletive.
    • Either played straight or subverted with the Tasmanian Devil, a creature who seems in a perpetual state of piss-off. He spit-growls, rages, and roars constantly, though has proven to be able to speak coherently when very angry. "What for you bury me in the cold, cold ground?"
  • Dr. Robotnik does this a number of times on Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, usually expressing frustration that Scratch and Grounder screwed up again or that Sonic has foiled his latest evil scheme. In fact, he was one of the former images for this trope.
    • DOY! SHOU!
      • And sometimes he gets so angry he becomes reduced to jumping up and down and growling like a demented gorilla.
  • Hilarious example on The Simpsons, "$pringfield, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Legalized Gambling", when Homer confronts Marge about her gambling addiction.

Homer: [grabbing Marge] Jergiddaberdareddaarra!
Marge: Homer, what is it? Slow down!
Homer: [slowly] Jer gidda berda redda arra.
Marge: Think before you say each word.
Homer: You broke a promise to your child!

    • Also from the Simpsons, in a flashback when Edna Krabappel breaks up with Moe.
    • After a Raiders of the Lost Ark shoutout where Bart steals a penny jar from Homer, he escapes onto the school bus while Homer, still in his underwear, screams and gibbers hysterically as it drives away.
    • And don't forget Ned Flanders. His psychologist even explains that a treatment he received as a child to make him behave better (spanking) worked too well and so, whenever he felt anger, he could only express it by spouting a chain of incoherent made-up words.
      • "Well I'll be darn-diddly-arned."
      • His anger finally overcomes this mental block and inverts the trope, his burning rage turning him into an eloquent Deadpan Snarker who delivers a city-wide "The Reason You Suck" Speech:

Flanders: Calm down, Neddly diddily diddily diddily, doodily. They did their best shodaiddily iddily iddily diddily diddily. Gotta be nice, hostidididildilidilly... aw, hell-diddly-ding-dong crap! Can't you morons do anything right?!

    • When Moe does this, he refers it as "choking on his own rage".
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender: After Mai and Ty Lee's Heel Face Turn in the third season, Azula is too stunned to form a coherent sentence, as seen in her initial reaction:

Azula: You both fools!

    • Also, Sokka, when Aang and Toph wake him up from some well-earned rest. He gets up in his sleeping bag, hops over to Aang, babbles unintelligibly at him, hops over to Toph and babbles at her, then hops off, jibbering something that sounds like, "I'm talking and using words!"
  • Zorak in the Space Ghost Coast to Coast episode "Flipmode". A gas leak has cauased the cast to act crazy(er), and Zorak eventually takes refuge in vent. While trying to get him out, Space Ghost gets trapped in the pipe as well. Zorak starts to freak out, screaming at him to get out, and starts to shout gibberish.
  • In one episode of Futurama, Bender has his eccentric personality forcefully removed and downloaded to a diskette, Fry can only manically exclaim "But, Bender! Need brain!... For smartmaking!" to the bureaucrat who did it.

"What did you do now? STOP DOING THINGS!"

    • Also:

"Professor! Lava! Hot!"

  • The Peanuts Easter special has Peppermint Patty speak Angrish after she tells Marcie to get the eggs ready to be decorated and she fries them. Peppermint Patty falls back on the good old fashioned "AAAUGH!" when Marcie cooks eggs in the waffle iron, attempts to toast or bake them and finally make egg soup.
  • Played straight and mocked often on Animaniacs. In one example the Warner Brothers (and sister Dot) were driving a wacky producer up the walls with their antics, prompting this response to a bit of Offscreen Teleportation:

Producer: Hoyle! How'd you... with the going... you were there, but now you're here, for me to see... How'd ya do?
Yakko: What'd he say?
Wakko: *mocking* Hoyle! How'd you... with the going... you were there, but now you're here, for me to see... How'd ya do?
Yakko: Thanks.

    • In one sketch where Dot had trouble pronouncing her Overly Long Name, she eventually flipped out and began stomping around in circles, venting an incoherent rant dotted with Sound Effect Bleeps.
  • In the Fast Forward episode "Timing Is Everything", Donatello gets the shocked version when he and Splinter go back in time to the accident that produced him:

Donatello: Was that... did we just... were those... us?! Did I just see... my own creation? Aaah!
Splinter: Deep breaths, my son, deep breaths.

  • It's revealed as a gag in Chowder that Schnitzel's normal speech of "radda radda radda" is just a long stream of angrish due to always being tense and frustrated.
  • In one episode of The Powerpuff Girls where the girls learn not to use profanity, they end up fighting a giant lizard monster that has a toilet for a head and speaks entirely in this.
  • Yellow Submarine - Old Fred flees the invasion of his home land and finds himself in Liverpool, at the home of The Beatles. He passionately tells his plight in a stream of incomprehensible babble, ending in "Blue Meanieeees!!!", telling it to each band member in turn, exactly the same way, so by the third telling, Ringo and John join in on "Blue Meanieeees!!!"

George: (to John and Ringo) Ah, you're nuts, the pair o' ya!

  • Muttley's "sanafrazzin rassafrassin" is one of his verbal tics, mainly when he's either on the receiving end of a Dastardly Dope Slap or Dastardly weasels out of giving him a medal.
  • Lemongrab from Adventure Time is like this most of the time.
  • In the Adventures of Super Mario Bros 3 episode "Never Koop a Koopa", King Koopa finally has the heroes in the position to have Princess Toadstool sign away her kingdom to him. the Princess manages to delay the transfer by asking him to order a press conference, and when he leaves his son Cheatsy (Larry) tries to get her to sign the kingdom to him. In the resulting confusion, the good guys escape, leaving a furious Koopa to chase Cheatsy around his throne bellowing.
  • My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic: Rarity lapses into this in "Sisterhooves Social" when Sweetie Belle's attempts to help her go awry.
  • In the Transformers Prime episode "Metal Attraction", Breakdown, who's just been buried in the ground by Airachnid, lets out a long string of angrish to which she merely replies:

Airachnid: Sorry, can't understand you.

  • Fred Flintstone would spit out nonsense when he was angry.

Real Life

  • This trope is the inspiration for "wharrgarbl," used as a shorthand in some circles to denote nonsensical political ranting.
  • Gary Coleman: You idiots! You boneheaded.....IDIOTS!
  • In his first autobiography Moab is my Washpot, Stephen Fry recounts a time when he was so angry at seeing some youths throw stones at ducks in a park that he threw some stones back at them while yelling "'You shit-spike-wank-turdy-bastardheads! How do you fucking like it, you tossing tossers!", and similar "meaningless obscenities".
  • Rachel Maddow combined this trope with her generally Adorkable nature in her reaction to Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal's response to President Barack Obama's first State Of the Union address:

"Um. Ehh...ummm. Uh buh buh... [...] I know I'm paid to talk for a living. I am incapable of doing what I'm paid to do right now. I'm absolutely stunned."

  • Author Eleanor Farjeon says she often heard this exchange between her two little brothers:

Joe: Oh, you --- Oh, you little --
Bertie: (insolently) Little what?
Joe: You little -- you little Bertie!!!

  1. "Hey! Hey! Cut it out!"
  2. What he actually said was "Doggone, stubborn little..."