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Night Trap is an FMV game created by Digital Pictures. It was created (well, more like filmed) in the mid 80's and was originally intended to be released on Hasbro's VHS tape based game console, the NEMO. However, the NEMO was never released, and the game was eventually ported to the Sega CD and 32X, the 3DO and the PC in the early 90's.

Groups of teenage girls have been disappearing after going to the house of the Martin family for a sleepover held by the family's daughter Sarah. As a member of a special task force known as SCAT (Sega/Special Control Attack Team), you are given control of the house's unusual security system, which consists of cameras and traps placed in most of the rooms in the house, in order to help the field agent Kelly (played by Dana Plato) protect the latest group of girls that have been invited over.

The game is most well known for the undue controversy that it caused when it was released along with its less-than-stellar gameplay and cheesy acting. It has also made several "Worst Games Ever" lists.

Followed by a Spiritual Successor titled Double Switch in 1993.

Tropes used in Night Trap include:
  • Affably Evil: The reason people are going missing is because the Martins run a charity wherein they provide blood for augers (see below). Since augers cannot drain their victims themselves without the help of some goofy looking devices.
  • Annoying Younger Sibling: Danny, Lisa's brother.
  • Attract Mode
  • Benevolent Architecture: Who the hell puts false walls and smoke traps with bottomless pits in their house?
    • Vampires, and people who are serious about their security most likely.
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: Characters frequently speak to you via the cameras.
  • Continue Your Mission, Dammit!: In Part 2 of Taco-Man Plays Night Trap, (see below for link), Taco-Man gets to continue, even though he screwed up (also, you can view the clip).

Megan gets dropped into the trap that was meant for the augers.
Megan: Ahhhhhhhhhh!
Kelly: Control, how could you let that happen?
Taco-Man: Who told me to? It's just Megan. You should be thanking me.
Cut to Simms.
Simms: Megan is dead.
Taco-Man: And?
Simms: And yes, you could have saved her.
Taco-Man: True.
Simms: You were responsible for her life, and you screwed up.
Taco-Man: Was she really alive?
Simms: You're not going on in this house, too bad you're not going to be around to see anymore of it. Breaking contact.
Taco-Man's connection is disabled.
Taco-Man: Fine!
Screen cuts back to the scene and Taco-Man saves Megan.
Megan: Get away!
Megan escapes through the door near her.
Kelly: Way to go, control! I knew you could do it!
Taco-Man: Well, at least she's still gone...


Enter Tony.
Taco-Man: Gay.
Kelly: Tony...
Meanwhile, in Hall 1...
Sheila: What is it, dear?
Victor: I sense something is wrong.
Taco-Man: Ya think?
Victor: I'm not quite sure what...
Back with Kelly and Tony...
Kelly: Tony, I don't understand.
Kelly turns to Taco-Man.
Kelly: This is crazy!
Taco-Man: Is she talking about the plot?
Tony: Don't be foolish, Kelly. They wouldn't stand in my way!
Tony turns to Taco-Man.
Tony: Would you?
Tony is about to kill Kelly.
Kelly: NOW!
Taco-Man triggers the trap and Tony slides down.
Taco-Man: Neeeeeeeh... he don't know me very well, do he?
Kelly: Thanks, control. That was close.
Taco-Man: Well, it's not that I WANT to help you out.

  • Jive Turkey: Collins, the sole black member of SCAT. He pretends to be a Jamaican who's lost his boat as a cover story so he can ask everyone in the house (including SCAT's field agent Kelly) if they're doing all right. When he talks like himself, he sounds relatively normal.
  • Kaizo Trap: It's possible to get a Game Over during the intro.
    • And to get it, simply by doing nothing. This was actually quite common with a lot of Sega CD FMV games back then.
  • Large Ham:
    • The guy playing Lt. Simms is deadly serious and is not above disconnecting your controller if you screw up or don't start the game fast enough.
    • Also, Mr. Martin ("THE WALL TRAP! AAAAAAAAAAAH!").
  • Let's Play: In Taco-Man Plays A Video Game, Taco Man plays this game. The plot is as follows: Taco-Man is hired by Simms to protect Dana (who is taking the role of Kelly) and the girls, just like in the game (although at first, he does not do so, so Simms broke the contact, but do not be fooled by Taco-Man's quote, for it is not the end yet). After the title, when the scene finishes, the game starts, and Taco-Man's quest begins. Along the way though, he breaks the fourth wall by speaking to you about the game. Also, he sometimes goes to many rooms.
  • New Media Are Evil: This game is one of the reasons why the ESRB exists today. The game caused controversy and was pulled from store shelves due to its "violent content" and its gameplay being centered around "capturing and torturing young women." It's a good thing that none of the senators involved in the hearing actually played the game. Otherwise, they would have found out that none of these things happen, and they would have had to rely more on the content in Mortal Kombat to get the ruling that they wanted.
  • Our Vampires Are Different: Vampires can teleport, make their eyes glow, have super strength, are unharmed by bullets, and can shoot lightning from their hands. Other vampires are created by completely draining a mortal of blood. However, if not enough blood is taken, an auger is created. Augers look like limping burglars due to the fact that they cover themselves completely in black clothing because their skin falls off of their bones due to their hunger.
  • Rich Bitch: Lisa, though she's more vain than bitchy.
  • Sunglasses at Night: Tony.
  • Surprise Slide Staircase: The game uses this as a trap.
    • Also, in Taco-Man Plays Night Trap, Taco-Man wants to use it badly:

Taco-Man: Uh, you know, there is a back door and a door in the living room area.
Taco-Man: Be very, very quiet.
Megan and Cindy: Ahhhhhhhhh!
Megan and Cindy run up the stairs.
Taco-Man: Oh, why can't I use the stair trap on the girls?

    • The other time is this:

Taco-Man: Again, too bad I can't use the stair trap...

  • Title Theme Tune: The characters lipsync to it at one point.
  • Token Good Teammate: Tony.
  • Token Minority: SCAT has both a token black guy and a token woman (if you don't count Kelly).
  • Too Dumb to Live: Despite Kelly screaming at the player to use the traps, often in obvious earshot of whoever is chasing her, the bad guys ignore this and blunder into them anyway.
  • Tragic Keepsake: Tony has a locket with a picture of his former girlfriend (who looks just like Ashley, one of the girls at the sleepover) in it. We never find out what happened to her.
  • Trap Door: One of the possible traps you can use on the augers; other traps include catapulting the augers out the window, for example.
  • Unfortunate Names: SCAT again.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: Used in Taco-Man Plays Night Trap:

Kelly runs upstairs, but is stopped by augers.
Kelly: Ahhh!
Taco-Man: Well, what did you expect running UPSTAIRS?

  • A Winner Is You: All you get for winning the game is Kelly congratulating you on your success. However, if you get a perfect game (all bad guys captured, all innocents saved), you get to trap her right afterward.