Pokémon Dawn and Dusk

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Fanmade Pokémon ideas made by Shonen King 69. It was made to be reminiscent of the original Pokémon Red and Blue games, using the old simple style of Gen I as well as featuring many Fakemon that could be considered Expys of many Gen I evolution families. The plot begins with the player as an ordinary 13 year old boy/girl being called to Professor Moore's lab to receive one of three starter pokemon: Pottops, Cimpder, Shovell. Like the many games preceding it, the rival will pick the one with a type advantage against the player's.

Like most Pokemon games, the Professor assigns to you the task of catch all the Pokemon in the Virida Region to fill up the Pokedex. Along the way, the player challenges the eight gyms of the region, collects their badges, and challenges the Elite Four to become the Champion. There is also the threat of the Unity Brotherhood, who uses Pokemon to attempt to unite the world in peace... using force...

As you can tell, the plot is heavily taken from the main series. It remains to be seen what changes will be made to the formula.

The "games" are still under development.

Character sheet coming soon...

Tropes used in Pokémon Dawn and Dusk include:
  • Author Avatar/Bonus Boss: Players will be able to battle Shonen and his group, the SKJ 13. They are not so much Bonus Bosses seeing as you need to defeat them in order to get the Legendary Mascot Pokemon of your version to appear.
  • Darker and Edgier: With Fakemon that include: A headless roach, a Monster Clown that can literally scare you to death For the Evulz, and a legendary that represents extinction, this seems to be the case.
  • Expy: Many of the Fakemon are this to Gen I Families.
  • Meaningful Name: The Unity Brotherhood. The organization was originally formed by the UNION of a Yakuza group, a Cult, and several local gangs.
  • One Game for the Price of Two
  • Shout-Out: Like many of the real games, there are shout outs to the MOTHER series.