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Well...Bros before hoes after all

  • An early scene in Soul Eater parodies this. It has Black* Star and Soul pair up to fight Death the Kidd. When this doesn't work out, Soul says they should "break up." Black* Star asks if they can still "be friends." It's played even more over the top in the anime, complete with pink background, cherry blossom leaves in the air, complete with Soul and Black* Star running toward each other shouting each other's name and hugging.
    • Earlier Tsubaki was worried that Black* Star would leave her for Soul.
  • Possible Les Yay example can be found with Maka and Crona. That is if we knew what the hell the latter was.
    • Assuming that zhe is a boy, there's also plenty of subtext between hir and Ragnarok.
  • In the manga, one of the later villains (Noah) has a Battle Butler named Gopher who seems to run on Ho Yay, acting very much like a Yandere towards him.
    • And then there's Gopher's... unique methods of torturing Kid.
  • Spirit and Stein are rather worth mentioning. What with Spirit supposedly being a ladies' man, he sure spends a lot of time being subtexty with Stein.
    • Which says nothing of Stein rebuffing two pretty hot women who were basically throwing themselves at his feet.
    • Considering Spirit's partner after Stein was Maka's mother, we can assume that Spirit gets very close to his partners.
    • Since they returned with 'evidence' of Justin's murder of BJ, some have been claiming the canon status of Marie/Stein. This troper saw her schoolgirl crush continuing and him still ignoring her. Sure, they had a lovely moment of humane sympathy, but we can go with the Ho Yay on this page...
    • Not to mention Stein's various "experiments" on Spirit's body...
    • Don't forget Stein and Spirit pressing the ends of their cigarettes together in the finale of the anime.
  • Any single-sex meister/Weapon pairing is open for this to some extent. Such as Jackie's devotion to Kim while still under the influence of Arachne's machine. Amongst other possibilities.
  • Kid and Chrona (assuming Chrona is a boy or girl) is quite a popular pairing among the fans, second only to Battle Couple Soul and Maka.
  • Giriko admits he has some Foe Yay for Maka when he was a girl. Let the Interplay of Sex and Violence begin!
  • Soul Eater Not! has already generated an impressive amount of Les Yay, despite being only three chapters old at time of writing. Tsugumi fangirling Maka and mimicking her hairstyle to reflect this, Tsugumi faceplanting into Meme's boobs when they first meet, Meme and Anya vying for Tsugumi's partnership, Anya acting Tsundere towards Tsugumi, Meme climbing into bed with Tsugumi, Tsugumi and Meme getting all blushy and flustered from seeing Anya in her waitress uniform — with three female leads, there's bound to be quite a bit of this.
    • Soul Eater Not! also accentuate further the relationship between Jaqueline and Kim (although unidirectional).
      • Akane and Clay also have this going on.