Superhero Movie

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    Oh great, another _____ Movie...

    Wait, what?

    It's not actually half bad?

    Not by Seltzer and Friedberg, it's actually from Craig Mazin and David Zucker, the creative team behind Scary Movie 3 and 4. While Superhero Movie still relies on some of their gags, it can still be considered as good a quality movie as the Scary Movie series.

    Being a parody of the Spider-Man films, it uses the basic premise. Kid isn't popular, goes on field trip to science-y place, gets bitten by a bug, gets superpowers. Meanwhile, the kid's crush's boyfriend's uncle's company is working on an untested device that can cure anything and tries it on himself to heal his terminal illness, which is due to kill him in one hour. It explodes, and gives him some nifty powers that allow him to suck the life out of people, starting with the board of directors who were observing his demonstration.

    It's often lumped into the same category as Seltzer and Friedberg movies, often unfairly, although it received negative reviews from critics, the humour was matched to that of Scary Movie.

    Tropes used in Superhero Movie include:

    Dragonfly: I'm not wearing any diamonds.