The Adventures of Dr. McNinja/Awesome

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(After Mitzi McNinja has just blown up a pirate ship)
Dr. McNinja: Hey, nice one, Mom, my sword was still on board.
Sean "Dark Smoke Puncher" McNinja: And probably mad pirate loot, too!
(Dr. McNinja's sword falls back into his hand, while his kid brother Dark Smoke Puncher gets walloped by a falling pirate treasure chest)
Mitzi McNinja: What is your mother's expertise?
Dr. McNinja: Pickled beets.
Mitzi: And?!
Dr. McNinja: Precisely aimed demolitions.

Gordito: That's awesome! Seriously? There's, like, a zombie defense system?
Dr. McNinja: (while pulling out a pair of shotguns) Yeah. It's us.

Gordito: Oh noooo! We left Yoshi behind! Are dinosaurs immune to zombies?
Dr. McNinja: Uhmm... YES.
(Cue shot of Yoshi scaring several zombies shitless)

Gordito: You left me on the ship. I took out every single member of the crew individually until I was the only one left.

I had a really hard time writing this page until I just decided to draw some dinosaurs with jet packs and guns.