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White Persian Monkeys, Purple Peacocks, Golden Camels, an elephant, and a magic carpet. Subtle, Aladdin.

A Big Entrance is Exactly What It Says on the Tin. An entrance so over-the-top and so cool, ensuring that every character's eyes are on that entrance, that the entrance itself merits its own entry on the Crowning Moment of Awesome page.

The absolute most important things in the entrance are that the entrance itself has to be loud, it has to be overly dramatic, it has to catch the attention of all characters present and it has to be cool. There are many other tropes that can help achieve this. Such as...

The diametric opposite of the "Stealth Bye" in a Stealth Hi Bye.

While many Dynamic Entries are part of this trope, not all are. A dynamic entry is an entrance plus violence. This trope is an entrance plus drama/awesome (violence optional).

May become an Establishing Character Moment.

Examples of Big Entrance include:

Anime and Manga

  • In Maiden Rose, Hasebe is about to kill Klaus when suddenly his sword is shattered. Following this is a two page spread of an ill Taki standing in the doorway, sporting a Death Glare, katana drawn, wearing a Badass Longcoat as a Coat Cape blowing in the Dramatic Wind against a stream of white light, with some flower petals floating around for good measure. The shocked looks from the others are pretty well warranted at that point.
  • In Hanaukyo Maid Team, Konoe, the head of the security division, is introduced by having her returning to the mansion from a busniness trip together with a whole squadron of fighting helicopters.
  • Invoked by Monkey D. Garp in One Piece. How did he make his entrance? Busting straight through a wall when there was a door. Why? Because it was cooler that way. He then goes on to fix the wall.
  • The first Ai no Kusabi OVA has Riki being a Big Damn Hero with a Big Entrance using Bike Fu against a squad of police to save his old gang from being arrested or shot to death.
  • Team Rocket of Pokémon—oh, they've used every big entrance on the list and several more besides. They like to bring their own spotlights, sound system, costumes and fireworks.


  • Inuyasha: Sesshoumaru is fond of these. If there's a sudden explosion slamming into the earth from the sky involving flashing lighting, shaking ground and an overload of raw power, it's usually Sesshoumaru landing in a manner that ensures everyone pays attention. He even brought a life-or-death battle between Inuyasha's group and Mouryoumaru to a stop when everyone on both sides turned to give his entrance their full attention.
  • An understated one in Cowboy Bebop - when one-off character Doohan first enters frame, you can instantly tell what kind of person he is by the fact that he's on fire and apparently doesn't even care enough to put it out.

Fan Works




Film - Animated

  • In Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas, Eris shows up after Sinbad's execution and Heroic Sacrifice. Said entrance involved the clouds spiraling into a tornado, creating a water sprout, and Eris emerging from the mist in a fifty-foot version of herself. And the spectators were scared shitless.
  • In the Disney Aladdin, Aladdin gets an extended Big Entrance with the "Prince Ali" music number. Elephants, dancers, the Genie's magic, and practically kicking the 200-foot door down (and into Jafar's face for Bonus Points). The whole thing was mainly meant to impress the Sultan and woo Jasmine, but an entrance doesn't get much bigger than having the entire city focused on you during a musical number.
  • Maleficent of Sleeping Beauty gets a really cool one, by blowing the doors open, filling the palace with Dramatic Wind and lightning, and slowly coalescing out of green flame. Seen here. It's subtle, understated, and threatening as all hell.

Film - Live Action

  • In Iron Man 2, Tony lands stylishly at the site of his Stark Expo in his Iron Man suit to the cheers of many admirers after skydiving out of his personal carrier. For added effect, he's surrounded by a group of The Rockettes-esque women in garb meant to resemble his armor who are performing the Can-Can.
  • Loki's first appearance in The Avengers: a portal to the other side of the universe opens up in a crackle of blue lightning, and suddenly Loki is standing there in front of several stunned SHIELD agents. Whom he promptly starts attacking.
  • Batman, whenever he wants/needs the attention, and isn't using his Stealth Hi Bye shtick. Lampshaded by the Riddler in Batman Forever after Batman bursts through the skylight.

The Riddler: (To Two-Face) Your entrance was good. His was better.

  • Dr. Frank N. Furter's first appearance in The Rocky Horror Picture Show during "Sweet Transvestite".
  • The entrance of Harry Lime in The Third Man is considered to be one of the best entrances of all time.
  • Referenced in Independence Day. "You know me." "Yeah, I know, you always like to make a big entrance."
  • This occurs in many Wild West movies when an important character enters the saloon, smashing the swinging doors in the process, the piano suddenly stops playing, everyone turning to look at him etc.


  • Nicodemus from The Dresden Files does this in Death Masks. After hearing a minor character state "There's nothing that anyone can do to hurt me anymore," Nick blows down the wall, steps through with his two Mooks and shadow, and declares "No matter how many times I hear that, it's always a fresh challenge."
    • Harry himself gets in on this in White Night. Afer hearing the White Court convene, one vamp states "Who is going to call us to task [for our crimes]?" Harry takes this as his cue to blast the door, send in a rolling red carpet of flames, and challenge the vamp to a duel right then and there to the death. Quoth Harry, "Damn, there's nothing like a good entrance."
    • Speaking of the White Court, Lara's entrance with her sisters in Turn Coat qualify. They show up in a helicopter, which is no big deal. But they simply jump out without zip-lines, and casually walk up to the assembled White Council forces. In heels. Harry laments that if there were any justice in the world, it would have gone in slow-motion so he could have had a subjective eternity to watch.
    • Arguably, Harry's entrance to the cllimactic battle of Dead Beat, as seen by the Wardens and the Kemmlerites. It's not too much to brag about, it's just, you know... the dinosaur.
    • Harry does this in Storm Front to Marcone, blowing down the door. Marcone has remembered this and now puts flimsy doors at all dramatic entry points. All strategic entrance points have doors of solid steel.
  • Kelson and Dhugal in The Quest for Saint Camber were thought to be dead after a mountain trail washed out beneath them. When they return to Gwynedd's capital Rhemuth, they arrive with their entourage via Transfer Portal (which permits instantaneous travel) in the sacristy of the cathedral on Easter Sunday morning no less.
  • In Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix, Dumbledore makes one of these after professor Trelawney has been sacked, by opening the castle's huge double doors by himself and striding through them. Harry notes how impressive he can make the simple act of walking through a door.

Live Action TV

  • In Supernatural, Castiel's first scene. All the lights start flickering and bursting, the roof starts rattling, and the barn door breaks open, and Castiel casually strolls in amidst the howling wind and sparks.

Gabriel: Lucy. I'm home.

    • Death is an interesting case. On one hand, his entrance is nothing special in of itself, but manages to make a considerable impression with the incredibly appropriate music, the Cool Car, and the inadvertent Touch of Death (no pun intended). Subverted? Zigzagged?
  • In Father Ted, Bishop Brennan makes an unforgettable entrance running towards the camera screaming with his 10ft-wide cloak billowing behind him once he figures out the titular character really did kick him up the arse.
  • The Entrance is an advertisement produced by Heineken based entirely on the concept.
  • In the iCarly episode iStill Psycho, Mrs. Benson and T-Bo arrive to make their Big Damn Heroes moment by driving T-Bo's motorcycle straight through Nora's front door.
  • Power Rangers Samurai: In "The Master Returns", Xandred arrives on Earth in style. Rocks pile together into his shape to create a gate for him. The sky darkens as he proclaims "Day shall become night as I escape from the Netherworld to face my enemies!". Everyone present from the Rangers to even Serrator goes Oh Crap. Xandred follows up on this by sending Serrator running and beating the living crap out of the Rangers while drying out.
    • Some of the classic villains got some decent entrances too. Lord Zedd, Master Vile, and King Mondo come to mind. Mondo notably made his entrance with Quadrafighters attacking Rita and Zedd's palace, sending them running to another galaxy.

Real Life

  • Mere months after being shot in the head, Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords returned to the floor of the US House of Representatives to vote on a debt ceiling measure. She was greeted with a round of applause.

Video Games

  • Balrog from Cave Story. In his first appearance, there's an ominous pounding on a door, then he smashes down the door and the wall around it, shouting (depending on the translation) either "Huzzah!" or "Oh yeah!" (a la the Kool-Aid Man) He even gets his own distinct theme music.
  • In RuneScape, one quest has you rescue a gnome who has been a prisoner for about 200 years. After you rescue the guy, the gnome you've been escorting throughout the quest calls in air support for a quick ride out. Everyone present discusses landing in the Gnome Tree Village, even though the local king has declared that no gnome gliders may be used over the village. The pilot uses this trope as part of his rationale for going to the Gnome Tree Village on a glider anyway.

Captain Belmondo: You need to make a big entrance when you've got the king's long-lost brother in tow!


Web Comics

  • The Adventures of Dr. McNinja: Dr. McNinja makes a pretty good entrance here, mainly as a Shout-Out to Batman.
    • Although, his entrance is rendered rather moot when you take into account that the gang he dropped in on had nothing at all to do with the plot.
    • King Radical. Chris Hastings has claimed that he could do a whole book on the entrances and exits of King Radical.
  • Elan from Order of the Stick at various points. Two points that come to mind are when he burst through the window to rescue Hayley from Nale (which was slightly dampened by Thog following while dressed like a leprechaun), and doing the same when confronting Kubota over his plan to dethrone Hinjo and kill the Kato family. The latter was hilariously lampshaded, as Therkla had left the door open for Elan, so Elan had to go around and find a good window to jump through.
    • Also, Vaarsuvius, when he/she attacked Xykon. V just teleported in, which is normally no biggie. But since the whole area was covered in epic-level magic to prevent teleporting, it was somewhat of a big deal. Between that and the loud boom V made when entering, the elf had everyone's immediate and rapt attention.
  • Girl Genius has a few - after all, there are Mad Scientists around, and the others see Incoming Ham and try to stand out too. Zola, when arriving to Mechanicsburg as a fake Heterodyne heir (she started by landing at a public place in a pink airship). And later much, much grander arrival of The Queen of the Dawn (who also turns out to be Zola) in Paris.

Western Animation

  • Green Lantern Emerald Knights: Mogo's Big Damn Heroes moment. Arisia sums it up: "He may not socialize, but he sure does know how to make an entrance."
  • Darkwing Duck is a master of this. His entrances are always preceded by a cloud of smoke, followed by his signature phrase; complete with ominous echo: "I am the terror that flaps in the night..."
  • General Grievous from Star Wars: Clone Wars. His first appearance (which, incidentally, was his Real Life first appearance in any Star Wars media) involves his droid army ambushing and surrounding a group of Jedi. From off-screen, Grievous tells the droids to stop attacking, and then calls out to the Jedi, urging them to make peace with the Force and promising to personally grant them a warrior's death. One of the Jedi panics and charges out to attack, and Grievous finally shows himself by jumping on the Jedi's back, killing him instantly.
  • The Teen Titans episode "Birthmark" starts off with Dr. Light fighting the Titans. At first he seems to be holding his own, until Raven makes her entrance. She mimics the last time the two of them encountered each other, with scaling up her size a fair bit, Glowing Eyes of Doom, and tentacles made of shadow.

Raven: Remember me?
Dr. Light: (Goes Blue with Shock, turns and raises hands) I'd like to go to jail now, please.



  • In Tosca, Baron Scarpia makes one of grand opera's baddest of bad-ass entrances. He and his secret police crash an enormous chorus number in mid-note, which swerves like a skipped record needle into the bad guy's signature theme.
    • A chorus of happy children, to be precise. Really putting bad in bad-ass.