The Pokémon Squad/YMMV

    Everything About Fiction You Never Wanted to Know.

    • Alternate Character Interpretation: June to the extreme, and also, Pikachu to quite a huge extent.
      • Arguably Elmo.
      • Ironically, even the non-original characters aren't safe from it. RM, for example, though was modeled after the real RM, is essentially an Alternate Character Interpretation of himself, with many behaviors interpreted as extremely camp, his close friendship with RM's Friend and RM's Friend's Twin interpreted as a stalker's crush, his high intelligence interpreted as pure genius, his skill as a Pokemon Trainer interpreted as being unbeatable, and his possession anxiety over his hat taken to the logical extreme.
    • Ass Pull: This upcoming exchange between the Recess gang in "Castles and Candy", where they're playing a Dungeons & Dragons-esque RPG, but with Candy Land instead.

    T.J.: You and your friends are walking towards Lord Licorice's castle. What do you do to prevent him from seeing you and putting you in his dungeon?
    Mikey: We use the invisible spray!
    T.J.: Invisible spray? Where the whomp did the invisible spray come from!?
    Spinelli: From our backpacks!
    T.J.: Since when do we have backpacks!?
    Gus: We always had backpacks!
    Vince: Yeah, if you were going to be walking in some place you didn't know for a long time, wouldn't you bring a backpack?
    Gretchen: I have to agree; he does have a point.
    T.J.: Alright fine. We take the invisible spray that came out of nowhere out of our backpacks which appeared out of nowhere and spray it on.

    • Non Sequitur Scene: There's pretty big one every so often usually involving Caramelldansen, What Is Love, Party Night, or Hare Hare Yukai.
      • The ENTIRE pilot episode. None of it made any sense, the characters and their personalities were completely off...
        • Justified, it was a holiday special.
        • Also justified because it was, well, the first episode. The writers had no idea what they were doing and what the other one was thinking.
        • Also in the pilot, let's not forget RM randomly getting every power in Super Smash Brothers Brawl...
    • Cargo Ship: According to Brock, RM and his D Si.
        • In that case, RM is quite unfaithful, since he's cheating on his D Si with his 3DS.
      • Possibly Dora and Mexico. Seriously.
      • The relationship between Buzz Lightyear and Miss Grotke probably counts, since Buzz is a toy.
    • Crossover Ship: RM and May
      • Also Ash has shown affection towards RM's Friend.
      • And Brock and Tohru Honda from Fruits Basket.
    • Die for Our Ship: Dawn and Henry. Also, RM is shipped with Sailor Pikachu by Ash.
    • Dry Docked Ship: Ash and Dawn, Ash and May, and Rudy and Penny. Although Ash has implied that he's cheating on Misty with Dawn...
      • In episode 35, it's CONFIRMED he's cheating on Misty with Dawn. And he's cheating on both of them with RM's Friend, though RM's Friend is too oblivious to notice.
    • Ensemble Darkhorse: Among the creators of the fanfic, Barney's Japanse cousin, Baka.
    • Launcher of a Thousand Ships: Ash.
    • Memetic Mutation: Uses many internet memes.
    • Moe: Sailor Pikachu
      • Possibly also RM's Friend, at least according to Ash. And some might say RM's Other Friend, too. And although RM fits some guidelines of a moe, not many, so not RM.
    • Nightmare Fuel: In one episode, Barney is set on fire AND HE'S STILL SMILING.
      • Also, when Brock is cleaning the gutters using acid in one episode, Fanboy and Chum Chum are in the gutters. The acid dissolves them NOT EVEN LEAVING BONES.
      • In the first episode/Christmas special, RM's Friend says that he only stopped reading his manga and came inside when he realized that the snow had completely covered him and obscured his view of his manga. I shudder to think of how long it would take for him to realize that June broke both of his arms and both of his legs.
    • Ron the Death Eater: JUNE.
    • Tastes Like Diabetes: A scrapped episode idea where due to criticism about the show being too dark, the characters make it more like ChalkZone.
    • The Woobie: Ash, Henry, Doug, and T.J.