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Totally canon, swear to crack.

As any shipper knows, continuity is no barrier for The Power of Love. The logical extreme of this is Intercontinuity Crossover Fan Work.

As a general rule, this is much more light-hearted and less Serious Business than intra-continuity shipping, favoring the Rule of Funny instead of an unironic OTP. These ships are usually labeled as Crack Pairings, but it's not impossible to make some of them seem like they can actually work, depending on various factors.

When you factor in Non-Linear Sequels like the Final Fantasy series that have multiple continuities, series with a multiverse and even official Massive Multiplayer Crossover franchises like Super Smash Bros. and Kingdom Hearts, it all turns into Schrodinger's Ship, as it becomes simultaneously impossible and Canon-friendly.

Theme Pairing holds a lot of Crossover Ships. Common Crossover may relate.

Since there's a infinite number of possible crossover pairings, don't be surprised if you don't see a crossover pairing that already has fanart, fan videos and/or fanfiction for it here.

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Examples of Crossover Ship include:

Canon Examples

Fanon Examples; Inspired by Canon

From works that have had an official crossover.

  • There are fanvids of the Ron Stoppable and American Dragon: Jake Long crossover ship as well as a few pics and fics. Because they both had a crossover with Lilo & Stitch they are in the same universe (as are others).
  • Thanks to Cartoon Network's new crossover MMORPG, Fusion Fall, there is Dexter/Ben, Dexter/Numbuh 5, Dexter/Blossom (though that could have been influenced by the Doujinshi), Eddy/Frankie and Computress/Professor Utonium.
    • All of the above are either canonical or have some... interesting Subtext.
    • On the other hand, an old game, Cartoon Cartoons Summer Resort Part 4, has you playing matchmaker by pairing up some of the Cartoon Cartoons guys with the right girls. Said pairings as are follows: Buttercup/Dexter, Blossom/Edd, Bubbles/Courage, Deedee/Chicken, and Suzy/I.R.Baboon.
    • An even earlier Cartoon Network ad showed that Johnny Bravo and Velma dated, but it didn't work out. However, another ad years later showed them going to dinner, implied heavily to be romantic.
    • Blossom/Aku, it even has a fan-following on Deviantart.
  • There are enough Shonen Jump crossovers to justify any number of Bleach, Naruto & Dragon Ball ships; not that anyone needed an excuse.
  • In House of Mouse, a throwaway panel showed Jafar and Maleficent at the same table—with Mickey whispering that the two were on a date. Disney fanatics instantly took a shine to the two as a couple.
  • Johnny the Homicidal Maniac / Zim. Or Johnny / Dib. These are quite common, actually.
  • Ever since the Marvel vs. Capcom 3 trailer came out, people have started shipping Iron Man with Morrigan. Considering she appears to be seducing him that and trailer and they both have particuarly amorous reputations...
    • This same trailer has Morrigan stabbing Deadpool in the ass with her tentacles and Chris Redfield performing a Diving Save to prevent Morrigan from falling to her death after Iron Man gets a sneak attack in on her. These are used as "evidence" for Chris/Morrigan and (humorously so) Deadpool/Morrigan.
      • Morrigan seems to be switch-hitting between Tony and Chris in the openings. In the Episode 2 trailer, after Iron Man saves Viewtiful Joe but fails to do the same for Amaterasu, Morrigan saves Ammy and then blows a kiss to Iron Man. In the Episode 4 trailer, the last shot is a still showing all of heroes and villains duking it out... except for Morrigan, who is seen lovingly wrapping her arms around a flustered Chris, perhaps as a way of saying thanks for saving her in Episode 1.
    • There's also been a boom in Dante/Morrigan (which had been around at least a few years prior to MvC3); it's probably Dante's most popular ship next to/alongside Dante/Bayonetta.
      • In a Mythology Gag to Dante's meeting with Nevan (yet another Horny Devils) in Devil May Cry 3, the two are seen flirting if they're on point against one another. Dante's also says, "Mmm, baby. I love it when a girl gets violent!" at his win screen should he defeat Morrigan last in battle.
    • In C. Viper's reveal trailer, Iron Man is hitting on C. Viper in the pre-match intro, causing some to ship them as well. Iron Man and Morrigan seem to launch ships left and right.
      • Well, actually, Iron Man hits on every female in this game not named Amaterasu. This includes Tron Bonne and X-23, who are respectively 14 and 16, as well as Hsien-Ko, who is (technically speaking) dead. Fans jokingly suggest that the only reason he doesn't go after Ammy is because he doesn't know that Ammy is a she. Should he win against any of them, he muses, "Told you... a nice candlelight dinner would've been better." Should he win against Morrigan, his quote at the win screen reads as such:

"I think we can sort out our differences over dinner. I'll have the best chefs flown in."

    • The above Iron Man examples are all compounded by this web animation.
    • There's also Hulk and Felicia. It's actually rather cute.
      • Felicia and Super Skrull appeared together on one game-affiliated t-shirt. Cue the fans on Capcom's official forums shipping them together.
      • And thanks to the Episode 4 trailer, Haggar/Felicia.
      • Felicia also has a humorous win quote against Deadpool: "No, I don't care how much catnip you have, I'm not getting into the car with you!" How you interpret this one is up to you.
    • From Hulk's Big Damn Heroes moment in Episode 3, Hulk/X-23.
      • This one technically isn't a crossover ship as the two exist in the same continuity. Though it is pure crack, as aside from the age difference (she's 16, Hulk's pushing 40), the one time these two have met involved Hulk beating the hell out of her friends and throwing her through a building.
    • And another one for Morrigan. She apparently has a fancy for Wolverine (her quote at the win screen reads, "You have a beastly charm I just find so, so intriguing."). She also cameos in his ending as an exotic dancer trying to seduce him. Wolverine relents to her whimsy... but not before he finishes his drink.
    • Chun-Li surprisingly has the hots for Thor.

"Tall, blond, and handsome--you're my type of guy... But do you have to carry that hammer everywhere?"

Fanon Examples; Unique Creations

  1. she has some Les Yay-ish intros with X-23, Tron, and Phoenix, as well as some ambiguous quotes towards Magneto
  2. Yes, contrary to popular belief, fans who like both HP and Twilight do exist.