Wife and Wife

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    "I love you. My precious wife..."


    Wife and Wife (Fu~fu) is the tale of Sumi and Kina, a young lesbian couple who have just recently moved in with each other. The Manga follows the pair as they make their heartwarming first steps since taking their relationship to the next level... from what to they should call each other, to buying their first bed, and everything in between. Billed as "the loving story of a leisurely life together", the series lives up to this promise by remaining surprisingly angst and drama free.

    Wife and Wife is a Seinen Slice of Life manga written and illustrated by Hisanari Minamoto. The series began its run in 2009, and is published in the magazine Yuri Hime S. The manga shows strong influence by Miyabi Fujieda[1], with whom Minamoto collaborated on a K-On! yuri doujin earlier.

    Tropes used in Wife and Wife include:


    Kina: Usually I wait until the last two or three pages to do this but let's jump right in!
    Sumi: Calm down, Suu-chan.
    Caption: No breakin' the fourth wall!


    Kina: It's even worse if yer understandin'!

    • Pun-Based Title: The phrase 夫婦, pronounced fūfu, means "married couple" (the first kanji by itself means "husband" and the second one by itself means "wife"); the title for this manga is this pronunciation written phonetically in hiragana: ふ~ふ[2]. It just so happens that if you were to take the kanji meaning "wife" and repeat it twice, the result (婦婦) could be pronounced the same except for the absence of the long vowel (fufu or ふふ); hence, "Wife and Wife".
      • Written a different way, fufu is also the sound of playful, teasing laughter, such as between bantering lovers.
    • Really Gets Around: Kana, who would bed pretty much any cute girl in the vicinity on the grounds of "loving them all equally".
    • Schoolgirl Lesbians: In the bonus chapter showing how they got together.
    • Sibling Rivalry: Between Kina and Kana.
    • Shipper on Deck: Kana ships Sumi/Kina, though she's not so open about it--at first.
    • Sleep Cute
    • Slice of Life
    • Straight Man: Sumi, despite being neither straight nor a man.
    • Super-Deformed: Spends about half the time like this.
    • Sweet Dreams Fuel: Made of it.
    • Tiny Tyrannical Girl: Komugi towards Hayase.
    • Title Drop: In an exchange between Sumi and Kina at the beginning of the series.

    Kina: "I got it, Suu-chan. I'm gonna be yer wife after all. An' yer gonna be my wife... So that's it! We're Wife an' Wife!"

    • Unusual Euphemism: After being turned down for the first time, Kana mentions that "Normally, we'd be gettin' our Wildrose on right 'bout now"(a reference to the adult magazine of the family).
    • Yuri Genre
    1. In Chapter9, we discover that Komugi shops at AQ, from the manga of the same name that Minamoto worked on with Fujieda
    2. the use of ~ here is a colloquialism for ー, which indicates a long vowel