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"Because it's obvious you and Agent Booth were attracted to each other. I mean a blind man could see that. I just couldn't understand why you two just didn't rip each other's clothes off. I mean just get all butt-naked and - Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God. Uh. I'm - I'm sorry. It just popped out, okay?"

Clark Edison, Bones

A character in a story actively ships two other characters in the story, trying to make them realize their true feelings while they're both still claiming that She Is Not My Girlfriend.

Could be someone in love with one of the character of the pairing but who wants their beloved to be happy, or could be a very good friend, or just someone who likes playing matchmaker. If everyone in the cast is shipping the same pairing, it becomes a case of Everyone Can See It.

Contrasting with The Matchmaker, the Shipper on Deck is usually a secondary character and the characters shipped are the protagonists of the story, and likely to be the Official Couple. Also contrast with Relationship Sabotage, where someone is trying to undermine a relationship that already exists (although the two can be part of the same plot quite easily, if the idea is to get someone out of one relationship and into another). Beware a Creator's Pet if this is the writer trying to reinforce a disliked pairing.

Examples of Shipper on Deck include:

Anime and Manga

  • In Dragonball Z, one could say Goku was a bit of a Bulma/Vegeta shipper. Interesting, considering that Vegeta was still a big ass towards Goku at that point. Admittedly, their future son had just given him life-saving medicine so he could fight more strong guys. And of course Goku being Goku, he went along with it pretty quickly.
  • Hiyori from Lucky Star ships Minami/Yutaka, as shown whenever a heartwarming moment between the two gives Hiyori "ideas".
    • Konata isn't as obsessed with it, but it's pretty clear she does too.
  • Tybalt, of all people, ships Romeo X Juliet like nobody's business. Rather ironic when you consider his role in the original work.... Cordelia and Antonio are Rome/Juli shippers too.
    • Well, the story's rearranged enough that It Makes Sense in Context—Juliet "stealing" Romeo from his family constitutes awesome revenge to this Tybalt.
    • On the other hand, Juliet herself is a Benvolio/Cordelia fangirl. She gets to see them get married, but doesn't live enough to meet their first child, of whom she would've surely been the godmother if she had survived.
    • Even Ciello, Romeo's flying horse, seems to ship Romeo/Juliet, considering all the times he's suddenly swooped down and landed in an apparently random, out of the way place so that they'll meet up, and that time he got them to ride him together.
  • In Sailor Moon, Usagi ships Rei and Yuuichirou for an episode. She also ships Haruka/Michiru (though they don't need it) and is generally the "everyone deserves love" girl of the series.
    • She also ships Naru and Umino, mostly to help Naru out of her depression after Nephrite dies, and later for real once she sees the pairing more or less works. In an exception, she did not ship Naru with Nephrite himself, since she knew that he was working for the Dark Kingdom and thought he wasn't good for Naru; she was still sad when, in the end, he came to love her... and died.
    • Also, as soon as Rei understood that Mamoru and Usagi were destined to be together, she stepped aside immediately and urged Usagi to act on her feelings. This is given a small nod in Stars, where she also speaks to Usagi abut Seiya's feelings.
  • Tomoyo Daidouji in Cardcaptor Sakura, with Sakura Kinomoto and Syaoran Li. In The Movie, she even enlists Meiling Li as well.
  • Maylene from Black Butler gets nosebleeds every time Sebastian makes a... comment where the meaning is ambiguous to Ciel, despite having a crush on him herself.
    • She's probably just a Yaoi Fangirl though, and in another instance, when she thought that Sebastian was the one Ciel liked the most, she got noticeably jealous and coined Ciel as a possible "love rival".
  • Tokyo Babylon: Hokuto ships Seishirou/Subaru.
  • Yashiro in Skip Beat! does his best to get Ren together with Kyouko and even goes to far as to attempt forcing Ren to admit that he loves Kyouko and telling Kyouko bluntly that Ren loves her -- Ren gets annoyed with this behavior, while Kyouko completely ignores it.
    • On another ship, Shoko in recent chapters serves as the opposing Shipper On Deck, as a Sho/Kyouko fangirl. She, at first, doesn't believe that they are not dating. Later, she tries to make Sho admit that he has feelings toward Kyouko, going so far as to—in the Valentine's arc -- take him to visit Kyouko at work on Valentine's Day to "win her back". He proceeds to steal her First Kiss in front of Ren (and Yashiro) but turns the situation into a declaration of war on Ren rather than a proclamation of love for Kyouko
  • Persona 4: The Animation has Yosuke trying to be this for Yu/Chie.
  • Ino and Kakashi from Naruto shipped Asuma/Kurenai before anyone else was wise to their relationship. In one scene, Ino knows the flowers Asuma wants are for Kurenai before he even tells her.
    • Naruto ships Shikamaru/Temari. He gave Shikamaru a big "good for you" grin and believed Shikamaru and Temari were on a date when they were seen walking together.
    • Let's not forget the Highschool AU omakes where Sakura, Shikamaru, Ino, Kiba and Chouji are revealed as Naruto/Hinata fans and follow them when they go on a date. Yeah, Alternate Universe, I know. Still cute.
      • Neji also appears to ship Naruto and Hinata in canon, suggesting that Hinata should see Naruto off.
    • Sai told Sakura how Naruto feels about her, however he also subverts it by saying that Naruto's feelings for Sakura (and Sasuke) are causing Naruto nothing but pain. Subverted later, though: Sai is also the one who tells Naruto that Sakura is among those who want to kill Sasuke... because she loves Sasuke so much that she wants to spare him from more suffering, even if that means Naruto will hate her. This means he looked like a NaruSaku fan, but it was far from the truth.
      • Konohamaru and Gamakich both imply they think Sakura is Naruto's girlfriend at two different points in part 1, even both using the same extended pinkie hand gesture that, in Japan, is used to signal "girlfriend".
    • In the flashbacks, Nagato (young Pein) was a Konan/Yahiko fanboy.
  • In Macross Frontier, Nanase ships Alto and Ranka. Michel and Klan tend to ship Alto and Sheryl, however both are inconsistent; they mostly want Alto-hime to quit stringing them along and pick one.
  • In the original Macross series, the Bridge Bunnies ship Hikaru/Misa. The most vocal ones are Claudia and Vanessa, who confronts Hikaru about Misa's feelings for him at some point.
    • Max Jenius/Sterling also shipped Hikaru/Misa. He and Hayato Kakizaki/Ben Dixon got the "privilege" to see them kiss to distract the Zentraedi holding them hostage, after all.
    • Most of this is brought over into the Macekred adaptation, Robotech: Claudia and Vanessa often try to get Rick to realize his feelings for Lisa, as in the original, and Max still has front row to Rick and Lisa's kiss.
  • In Southern Cross, a.k.a. Robotech Second Generation, Dana/Jeanne supported her best friend Bowie's love for Musicaa despite the Dating Catwoman aspect.
    • Justified Trope in the Robotech continuity: Dana's the result of a similar relationship (a human Veritech ace and the female Zentraedi who micronized herself and snuck aboard to kill him for beating her in battle but fell in love with him), so she can understand Bowie's plea better than anyone else.
  • Mahou Sensei Negima! has so many examples it's probably tidier to sort by the shipped pairs:
  • Briefly in Blood+, where Mao tries to set up Kai and Saya, who aren't romantically attracted to each other (which averts another trope).
    • Kai is, but holds back because he knows Saya cares for him but really does think of him as a brother, nothing more and nothing less.
    • And this is despite Mao having a crush on Kai too.
  • Joe, Jinpei and Ryu to Ken and Jun on Science Ninja Team Gatchaman. At the end, Joe even tells Ken and Jun to quit the team and build a life together as he's dying.
  • Chika Oguie from Genshiken ships Madarame/Sasahara. In a twist, it helps cement her own pairing with Sasahara at the end of the series.
  • Adale in The Good Witch of the West, who gleefully writes what amounts to in-universe Yaoi fanfics that unsubtly pair off both of the female lead's male suitors with each other. It is implied that the reason she fantasizes about this is so she can claim the heroine for herself, although nothing comes of it.
  • Kagome Higurashi from Inuyasha ships Sango and Miroku; when Romantic False Lead Kuranosuke Takeda proposes marriage to Sango, Kagome gets more worked up about it than either of them, and gets mad at Miroku for not protesting until he patiently explains that it's Sango's decision and if it would make her happy then it's not his place to interfere.
    • Rin supports Sesshomaru and Kagura, becoming very excited when she thinks Kagura might like Sesshomaru, tries to convince Jaken that she's right, and says they should trust her more after she comes to this conclusion—seemingly trying to get them closer together. (ep. 167)
    • Not to mention Miroku, Sango and Shippo ship Inu-Yasha and Kagome pretty hard, and get angry at him whenever he seems to show feelings for his sorta dead ex... who also happens to be Kagome's previous incarnation.
  • Devil Princess of Jurai, Seto Kamiki is the official matchmaker of the Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Oh-Ki timeline. Marrying off her numerous friends and relatives (usually to more than one person) seems to be her main passion, which take almost all her free time—that is, when she isn't manipulating her son-in-law, or chasing pirates back and forth.
  • In The Prince of Tennis Momo, Inui and Eiji are Ryoma/Sakuno shippers. In the anime, so is Ryoma's father Nanjiroh.
    • In last manga chapter/OAV: Inui comments on how naive Tezuka is as he hears the other tell Fuji to not speak about how he *can* smile, and this makes Inui look like a Tezuka/Fuji fanboy.
  • Suzu Sakuma in the Marmalade Boy manga, who, when Meiko says she is in love with someone that she can't be with, jumps a mile to the conclusion that this someone is obviously her best friend's boyfriend and Suzu's tutor, Yuu. She concludes that Meiko and Yuu would be the most beautiful couple ever and plots accordingly to break up Yuu and Miki. Made absolutely hilarious by the fact that a) Meiko is actually pining for her ex-teacher and b) her own cousin Satoshi is Yuu's best friend and absolutely nuts for Meiko. Love Dodecahedron? Oh yeah.
    • Note that in the original draft of the story, Meiko was supposed to end up with Yuu after Namura's death and, apparently, Miki getting hitched back with Ginta....
    • Miki starts shipping Meiko/Namura, then also becomes a Ginta/Arimi fan. Her boyfriend Yuu doesn't ship Meiko/Namura so openly, but the fact that he was their Secret Keeper should say something.
    • Tsutomu starts as Arimi's Dogged Nice Guy, but when she makes clear that she loves Ginta, he gives up and becomes their biggest fanboy.
  • Fairies in Mahoujin Guru Guru love to gossip about love. Put a potential couple in front of them and they'll go out of their way to play Matchmaker.
  • In Hana Yori Dango, Shigeru ships Tsukushi/Tsukasa. Curiously, Tsukasa is her arranged fiancé.
    • Akira and Soujiro sometimes join in, too.
  • Pokémon: Brianna, Soledad, Harley, and Drew's own Roselia are ContestShippers. Even Jessie seemed genuinely interested in the proceedings, talking about love and romance upon seeing them and weirding the hell out of James and Meowth.
    • Poor Ash Ketchum has been shipped with every female companion in the series by some Character of the Day or other. Most recently, Lyra (the HeartGold/SouldSilver female lead) showed herself to be a Pearlshipper (Ash/Dawn).
    • The episode "Wherefore Art Thou Pokémon" has Ash's group (and specially, Misty) fervently shipping the male Nidoran Tony and the female Nidoran Maria. (Note the West Side Story Shout-Out). Their owners Ralph and Emily were quite bitter rivals, so they try to hitch them up too and make them a Battle Couple. And it ultimately works.
    • In that same episode, Tracey, who had quite a hatedom by then, frequently teased Ash and Misty about having feelings for each other and actually seemed to be more of a shipper than anyone else before or after would be on the show (Team Rocket had a laugh about it, but were ultimately more interested in catching Pikachu earlier in the season).
    • In the Japanese version of Pokémon 2000, Jessie tells Misty and Melody that they're too young to worry about relationships, and James adds that "even we don't talk about such things". Meowth responds to Jessie and James by saying, "Whatever you say. You two act love-love all the time!" In the English dub, Meowth's line is changed to "Yous two don't need the opposite sex 'cuz you got each other!". He promptly gets yelled at for his trouble.
    • Dawn, May (and maybe Ash) appear to be LagomorphShippers (Pikachu/Buneary). Bonus points in that that's a perfectly legitimate pairing in the games.
    • Spoofed with Oscar and Andi, a Battle Couple and Captain Ersatzs of Oscar and Andre who just won't stop shipping Ash with May and Jessie with James.
    • In Best Wishes Stephan seems to be a SommelierShipper (Cilan/Burgundy) judging by his interaction with both of them and is obviously trying to get the two do stuff together (AKA the Sommelier battle). Burgundy didn't take this well and Cilan seems oblivious (or is he?).
    • Max, in the Japanese version, is a subtle Advanceshipper, since he mentions that he was happy in seeing his sister and Ash travelling together.
  • You're Under Arrest: Pretty much every single member of the Bokuto police station is a Miyuki/Nakajima shipper. Until the end of Full Throttle, when the big lug finally pops the question.
  • Ashita no Nadja: Nadja Applefield ships Sylvie/Raphael. Sylvie, in return, ships Nadja/Francis, though she's more aware of how Love Hurts...
    • Marianne Hamilton ships Nadja/Keith, since she's got a crush on Nadja's love interest and Keith's younger twin brother Francis and it'd let her have a chance on him.
    • Julietta is a subversion, as when Nadja is caught with her feelings for Keith and Francis, she tells Nadja "choose the guy YOU want and not the one you feel obligued to love back" but doesn't explicitely show preference for either of Nadja's love interests.
  • Everyone in ×××HOLiC seems to ship Doumeki/Watanuki. Even Himawari, the girl Watanuki has a crush on.
    • On one such occasion, Watanuki even says that the entire female camp is against him.
    • Not just all females: even Mokona ships Doumeki/Watanuki. He's shown to constantly try to hint to Watanuki that Doumeki likes him—including chiding Watanuki for berating Doumeki, as Doumeki is trying to spend time with Watanuki because he wants to "make sure Watanuki isn't hurt... in heart, or in body."
      • Though Haruka seems to have reluctantly begun to accept (and ship?!) Yuuko/Watanuki, literally giving Watanuki a heart-to-heart If You Ever Do Anything to Hurt Her... talk. Wonder how Doumeki would feel if he knew that he was betrayed by his old man.
  • Shari of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ships Erio and Caro, even supplying Erio a date itinerary during the rookies' day-off in StrikerS. An itinerary that the two of them looked at confusedly and treated like any other order from above. They're kids after all.
    • In the Vi Vid manga, half of the Numbers come to check out the sparring matches between Vivio and Heidi Ingvalt "because it's romantic." The other half just want to make sure nobody gets permanently hurt.
  • In Slayers NEXT, Amelia reveals herself as a Lina/Gourry fangirl after Lina fakes her death to kill the demon Mazenda and recover her powers (which Mazenda has sealed away), which prompts Gourry to call her insensitive and ask "don't you know how I feel about you?" Amelia perks up at this, claims she saw this coming from a mile ago. and drags a bemused Zelgadis away, insisting that they give a now embarrassed Lina and still clueless Gourry some privacy.
  • Kaleido Star: Sora, Anna, Ken, Marion and Mia are Kalos/Sarah shippers. Their OTP becomes canon soon.
    • Sora also ships Jerry/Kate. Another one that goes canon.
  • The Gundam franchise has plenty of these, believe it or not:
    • Hoy and Min, the grandkids of the man whose boat Domon is staying in, heartily ship Rain Mikamura and Domon Kasshu in G Gundam. Hoy even kicks Chibodee in the shins for trying to ask Rain out for lunch, while yelling the quote atop of this page.
    • By the end of the series, everyone ships Domon/Rain. Chibodee included. Even Allenby, who is in love with Domon too, and says "I Want My Beloved to Be Happy" in one of the most beautiful scenes of the Grand Finale.
    • Gundam Wing: No matter what the Yaoi Fangirls say, practically everyone tries to get Heero and Relena to admit their feelings for each other. Late in the series Duo, Trowa, and Quatre encourage him to rescue her from White Fang (by himself) and discuss the relationship with surprising accuracy. In the manga Battlefield of Pacifists Duo and Dorothy make sure that the two meet for the first time in months and spend a good amount of time together. Hell, even Wing Zero seems to be pushing Heero in Relena's direction a couple of times.
    • Depending on whether one sees Trowa and Quatre as a couple or not, Heero, Duo, and possibly Relena could be seen as Shippers on Deck; if not, they simply recognize that Quatre's going through a Heroic BSOD over apparently killing Trowa and that they need to meet up in order to clear things up.
    • Roybea Roy, Shingo Mouri, Kid Salsamille, Jamil Neate and especially Toniya Marme from After War Gundam X ship Garrod/Tifa.
    • Mileina Vashti in Gundam 00 ships Allelujah/Marie and Setsuna/Marina, desu!. And she actually is right about the first one (both if you include the movie's manga adaptation)!. Setsuna F. Seiei himself ships Saji Crossroad and Louise Halevy back together throughout season 2. He even slashed off Andrei Smirnov's A-Head when the latter attempted to kill Saji.
  • In the Kimagure Orange Road manga, Kyosuke's younger sister Manami ships Kyousuke/Madoka... while her twin Kurumi ships Hikaru/Kyousuke. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Judging by her reaction to the confession scene in Episode 17, little princess Ana Medaiyu in Overman King Gainer seems to ship Gainer/Sara. And, in some fanfiction, so does Cynthia.
  • In Yuusha-Oh GaoGaiGar, every named kid except Ikumi Kaidou and the ship-ees are rooting for the Toy Ship of Amami Mamoru and Hatsuno Hana, who share a Childhood Marriage Promise. At the end of the series, before Mamoru and Galeon return to the Green World, the kids dress Hana in full tiny brides' regalia and stage a wedding, complete with kiss, to the wistful tune of "Someday in the Sea of Stars".
  • Urd of Ah! My Goddess ships Keiichi/Belldandy and frequently tries to meddle in their relationship to advance it, in contrast with her younger sister Skuld who is actively anti-Keiichi/Belldandy.
    • Megumi, Keiichi's younger sister, and Peorth, a wish-granting goddess like Belldandy (except she specializes in one's deepest, darkest desires) also make efforts to bring the two together.
  • Midori no Hibi. In one chapter, Nao gives Ayase one of her father's "love potions". Ayase wonders why Nao did this, but passes it off as nothing. Later, we see Nao holding a notebook of a drawing with the three (four if you include Midori) together, holding hands.
  • In Ranma ½, Ukyō Kuonji tries to set up Akane/Ryōga a few times, since she's in love with Akane's fiancé Ranma. Unfortunately, since Ryōga is a combination of No Social Skills and horribly shy, it's usually a disaster. Shampoo also tries a cruder version of this by brainwashing Akane into falling in love with Ryōga, with equally disastrous results.
    • Ranma himself ships Ryōga and Akari.
      • As does Akane.
    • In at least one episode of the anime, Mousse ships Ranma and Akane. Of course, he makes no secret of the fact that's because it should leave him with Shampoo by default.
    • Akane blatantly ships Kasumi and Dr. Tōfū once she gets over her own Precocious Crush on him, despite Kasumi's obliviousness to Dr. Tōfū's feelings.
    • And, of course the uber-examples, Sōun and Genma, who engaged Ranma and Akane in the first place and ship them at every opportunity thereafter. Kasumi, Nabiki, and Nodoka all have their moments of Ranma/Akane shipping as well.
    • Dr. Tofu seems to ship Ranma/Akane right from the start, as well.
    • When Genma was going to make Ryoga his aire to the Saotome School of Anything Goes Martial Arts he along with Tendo, Kasumi, and Nabiki start to ship Ryoga and Akane.
  • Itsuki Koizumi of Suzumiya Haruhi spends whole speechs in an attempt to clue Kyon in on Haruhi's feelings for him. It doesn't work.
  • Captain Tsubasa: Pretty much the whole Nankatsu JHS Soccer Team (their Team Dad doc included) ships Sanae/Tsubasa.
    • And the kids in the Furano team ship Yoshiko/Matsuyama. The Yamato Nadeshiko Team Mom assistant and the Team Dad captain... perfect!
    • Takeshi is a Hyuga/Maki fanboy in the manga.
  • There is a scene in the manga version of Duelist Kingdom where Mai Kujaku is seen actively setting up Yuugi Mutou and Anzu Mazaki. Later, just before Battle City starts up Mai pointedly teases Anzu when it looks like she's on a date with Yuugi. It's not really, but it's the thought that counts.
    • Can't speak for the manga, but Atemu in the anime is very supportive of Yuugi/Anzu. He's teased and prodded Yuugi about his crush on Anzu on multiple occasions, and he was quite disappointed in episode 53 when he realized that he was the one meant to go on the date with Anzu, not Yuugi.
  • Black Lagoon: Eda ships Rock/Revy. Not even Revy's death threats can disuade her.
  • Magic Knight Rayearth: Meet Caldina, the local Cool Big Sis and Umi/Ascot fangirl.
  • In Fullmetal Alchemist, Ed seems to be slightly supportive of Royai. "And don't worry the Lieutenant." Al is a Edwin shipper. "Brother is so youthful!"
    • Eventually it gets to the point where Al and Winry love to tease each other about their respective love interests, Winry being an Almei shipper.
    • Also, Riza seems to ship Edwin, or at least she likes teasing Edward about it.

Riza: "You love Winry, don't you?"
Ed: *Spit Take*

    • Even Greed gets in on it, shipping another Bodyguard Crush instance between Lan Fan and Ling Yao.
    • And then there's Mei and her Royai shipping, too. She did choose to help save Riza rather than take the Philosopher's Stone...
    • Also in the manga, General Grumman ships Roy with his granddaughter. Supplemental material verifies that this granddaughter is he's a Royai shipper too.
  • Mamotte Shugogetten: Shoko and Nana ship Shaorin/Tasuke, and have an active alliance to try and get them to hook up.
  • If Fanon examples count, Japan from Axis Powers Hetalia is often portrayed in fanworks as a huge Germany/Italy or America/England fanboy and France is also sometimes the one who pushes the latter two to resolve their UST already.
    • The latter gets a nod in the English dub, with France openly asking America and England if they're releasing sexual tensions. Of course, he gets a simultaneous "He Is Not My Boyfriend!" from them.
      • Actually, England says "France actually made a valid point." >.>
    • OTOH, one of the CD dramas has a scene where Russia, France, Japan and Lithuania tell USA and UK "Everyone Can See It!"
      • Even Tony the alien can see it.

Tony: "Love me, bubu. Kiss me bubu!"

    • Once or twice, Canada and Hungary are also seen as America/England and Germany/North Italy shippers, respectively. Then again, Hungary is a Yaoi Fangirl in canon so it wouldn't be OOC for her. The problem comes when Flanderization kicks and yaoi shipping is the ONLY thing she ever seems to do in fanwork.
    • Hungary's ex-husband and current best friend Austria does ship Germany/Italy in canon, according to the "Buono San Valentino" strips where he gives Germany advice when he wants to openly ask Italy out.
    • There's a Pixiv tag that parodies this trope by showing Japan, Hungary, and Taiwan as huge shippers on deck for several couples.
      • Where?
    • In the Hetalia Bloodbath 2011, Liechtenstein seems veeeery pleased when her brother Switzerland meets up with Austria.
  • In Full Metal Panic!, Kaname's best friend Kyoko ships Kaname/Sōsuke like crazy. She does everything she can on Kana's side to get her to like him (including making teasing comments to make Kaname realize her feelings for Sōsuke, which more often than not actually does work). Exactly why she would want to pair her best friend up with the violent sociopath that is constantly bombing and shooting around the school for outlandish reasons remains a mystery.
    • Kalinin is a Kaname/Sōsuke shipper. He's shown to hope that Sōsuke will "open his heart" and become more human if he ends up with her, and apparently started thinking of her as a hopeful daughter-in-law for his adopted son.
    • And then there's Melissa Mao, who, although less vocal about it, is a Tessa/Sōsuke shipper. In the novels, she even talks to Kaname, makes sure that Kaname is aware that Tessa is in love with him, and tells Kaname to be nice to Tessa. Mao proceeds to try to get Kaname to give an answer about whether or not she likes Sōsuke, and when Kaname gives a (rather ambiguous) answer that appears to be in the negative, Mao responds "that's good" and continues to show how she feels sorry for Tessa's passionate, but suppressed and unrequited love for Sōsuke.
  • In Project ARMS, Yugo ships Ryo and Katsumi after realizing how much they love each other. Keith Green does too, though it's very brief since he dies not long after he decides this.
  • Almost all of the cast in Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann ship Simon and Nia, and early on a number of them were Kamina/Yoko shippers, too. Leeron is an outright shipping fanboy.
  • Hilariously played in My-HiME: Mai Tokiha's classmates ship her soft-spoken, sickly little brother Takumi with his manly man roommate, Akira Okuzaki. Their fantasies come true, except that Akira is not quite as manly as "he", or better said, "she" seems...
  • In Keroro Gunsou, Giroro's pet cat seems to know her owner has a serious crush on Natsumi, and seems to alternate between being jealous and resenting her for not reciprocating, or even noticing, Giroro's feelings.
    • Natsumi seems to be this for Fuyuki/Momoka. In one episode, Momoka called Fuyuki, causing Natsumi to have a mischievous look, nudge Fuyuki, and encourage him to go get her. However, Fuyuki, being Oblivious to Love, didn't get it. Aki seems to be one as well to a lesser extent.
  • Yumi Miyamoto of Detective Conan is very, very determined to get Satou and Takagi together. It's not just seeing her best friend end up with the perfect man for her, though; she takes delight in teasing those two about their relationship's tendency to not * quite* coalesce. After Satou and Takagi finally do get to kiss, and Shiratori has found the real target of his Single-Target Sexuality (Satou was a false positive), Yumi complains that it's suddenly gotten a bit boring, now that she no longer has anything to aim her teasing at. Amusingly, this has led her to work to make sure that the latest potential couple to appear on her radar don't end up together ... futilely.
    • On the other hand, Ran ships Heiji/Kazuha and Makoto/Sonoko. Not to mention her attempts to bring her parents Kogoro and Eri back together...
      • And on the other other hand, Sonoko was very reluctant to ship Ran and Shinichi, since she beleives he's not good enough for her. She's loosened up recently, though.
  • Yukari from Rosario + Vampire ships Moka and Tsukune, primarily because she simultaneous crushes on both of them and she thinks getting a threesome would be easier if the other two are already together.
  • In The Wallflower, Noi becomes a Kyohei/Sunako shipper early on, regularly fangirling about their "moments" together. The rest of the major characters eventually follow suit, trying their damnedest best to get Kyohei to realize his feelings for Sunako as the Belligerent Sexual Tension between the two of them becomes increasingly clear in later volumes.
  • Weird variation in School Rumble. Tenma Tsukamoto knows that Kenji Harima is deeply and desperately in love with a young girl whose name she doesn't know, and actively supports him in his pursue of her. Something else Tenma ignores is... that she is the girl Harima is crushing on.
  • With the Light features this in a one-off scene: after one mother comments on how happy her son was when Hikaru (an autistic child) brushed against his cheek, another mother grinned knowingly as she pulled out a drawing pad and pencil...
  • Lelouch and Shirley in Code Geass are shipped by most of the Student Council, specially Milly.
    • Milly ships everyone/everyone. Just remember Cupid's day. It's likely that sexual activity at the academy really increased during her mandate as president.
    • Supplementary materials reveal Nunally as a Lelouch/C.C. shipper. So was her and Lulu's mother, Empress Marianne: she openly teases C.C. about it, and gets a flat "He Is Not My Boyfriend" reply from her. It Runs in The Family, indeed..
    • Asahina ships Todoh/Chiba, suggesting that Chiba "confess already" early in Episode 5 of R2, and his comments about Chiba having a reason to live on after saving her life in the second battle for Tokyo causes her to blush, indicating she knows what he's implying.
  • Junpei gets shipped by several people in Nyan Koi:
    • His family seems to ship him with the Kirishima twins.
    • Nagi supports Junpei/Mizuno, although her brother has stated that he supports Junpei/Nagi.
    • Nyamsus ships Junpei/Kanako.
    • Akari pushes for Junpei/Kanako, although she doesn't mind Junpei/Mizuno too as long as she gets Kotone out of the Love Dodecahedron.
    • Mizuno, being still oblivious to her own feelings fr Junpei (along with an I Want My Beloved to Be Happy), seems quite supportive on Junpei/Kanako, to the point of believing that the two are already dating.
  • Toradora! has pretty much every character as a Shipper on Deck, Combined rather painfully with I Want My Beloved to Be Happy. At first, Taiga and Ryuuji do this for each other (with Ryuuji/Minori and Taiga/Yuusaku respectively). Meanwhile, every other character not genetically related to Taiga ends up at some point shipping Ryuuji/Taiga.
  • Three notable ones in Kekkaishi. The first is Madoka, the best friend of the female lead, Tokine, who always overtly hints to Tokine that Yoshimori, the male lead and Tokine's childhood friend, would be a pretty good match for Tokine even though he's two years younger and Tokine has a preference for older, taller guys. The other two are Kyoko and Ayano, the two best friends of Yurina, a classmate of Yoshimori. They think Yurina's meetings with Yoshimori on the roof (which were actually discussions about Yurina's supernatural awareness) were attempts by Yuirna to confess to Yoshimori.
  • Magma from Spider Riders seems to be a Hunter/Corona shipper. While the hero Quake/Brade seems to think Hunter/Aqune would be just as good as a pairing.
  • Minerva X from the Shin Mazinger Shougeki! Z-hen manga ships Kouji/Sayaka.
  • Walker from Durarara!! ships Shinra/Celty enough that he's written fanfic about it. Erika, on the other hand, tends to ship in a different direction...

Erika: Ne ne, Shizu-chan must like Iza-Iza a lot, doesn't he? Kind of like Boys Love between two guys?
Walker, Kadota and Celty: No.

    • And surprisingly, Izaya is a Shinra/Celty shipper but this only applies to Shinra's side because he won't hesitate to mock the two whenever Celty is nearby. The Valentine's day comic proves though that he does care for Shinra if he's willing to put up with his spazzing about the holiday and give him actual advice without asking for money or trolling him afterwards.
  • Both Kakeru and Uta, in Onegai My Melody, are Cannot Spit It Out types. Unsurprisingly various characters attempt to ship them—Flat the mouse, in particular, exists for no other purpose. And in Season 2, even Kakeru's romantic rival Jun Hiiragi can't help but plod him along.
  • Recent installments on Darker than Black (namely, the second season and Interquel manga) have contained numerous instances of characters teasing Misaki Kirihara that the real reason she wants to catch BK-201 is that she has a crush on him. To be fair, they're probably right.
  • In Fruits Basket, Mayuko Shiraki is the Shipper on Deck for her best friend Kanna and her crush/cousin Hatori. Years after it all goes horribly wrong, she still feels guilty for taking Kanna's place in Hatori's affections.
    • Momiji ships Kyo/Tohru, despite having a crush on Tohru himself. In the manga, it's his warning to Kyo about the Green-Eyed Monster that makes him face his own feelings for her.
    • Kakeru ships his friend Yuki and his half-sister Machi. When he points out to Komaki that the two have a thing for each other, she also seems rather pleased by the idea. And while Ayame takes a minute to catch on ("why would you go gaga over [Machi]?") he quickly joins in on the shipping as well, trying to get her to dress up in something cute for Yuki.
    • Much like Sailor Moon, nothing pleases Tohru more than learning someone she cares for is in love, and she ships for all she's worth.
  • In Soul Eater, the otherwise strait-laced Azusa Yumi just might possibly be one of these for Marie Mjolnir/Dr. Franken Stein, judging by her rather uncharacteristic willingness to needle Marie about their past relationship.
  • In Seirei no Moribito, pretty much everyone that knows Balsa and Tanda want them to get married already, Chagum in particular.
  • Iwashida from SWOT ships his two new-found friends: Manabizaki and Hasuno. Mostly because the former is so obvious about his crush on the latter, even though he refuses to admit it.
  • Subverted in Fushigi Yuugi. While many of the Suzaku Seishi supported Tamahome/Miaka, Tamahome's martial arts teacher and former Byakko Seishi Tokaki did NOT support their and made it clear. It was a Jerkass Facade, as he and Subaru knew well what happened to their fellow Seishi Tatara and their Miko Suzuno and tried to prevent it from happening again.
  • Leaf in Record of Lodoss War is completely convinced that Spark and Little Neese are in love. Occassionally Reena and Garrak team up with her.
  • Maeda Keiji in the anime of Sengoku Basara is an enthusiastic supporter of Kenshin/Kasuga, despite Kasuga's embarrassed protests.
    • At the opposite end, Yukimura seems to ship Sasuke/Kasuga, again despite her protests.
  • Juugo Kannagi of Kaze no Stigma is very determined to see his daughter Ayano paired with once-family outcast Kazuma, going as far as to set up circumstances such as dates to amusement parks and hot spring resorts to try to bring them together.
  • In the third arc of Spice and Wolf, pretty much everyone except Amati ships Lawrence with Holo. Mark and his apprentice go to lengths to support Lawrence's scheme to win her back, despite only seeing them together once, and Dianna thinks up a secret plan to reaffirm their trust in each other. Batos also helps Lawrence out, but that's arguably just because he's taken a liking to him.
  • In One Piece, several anime-only scenes have two conductors from the Water 7 train station ship Nami and Paulie together after seeing what appeared to be, to them, a breakup.
  • In the classic Shojo manga Aishite Night, Hideki "Hashizo" Katou's first scene is about how he dreams of becoming "someone like Cupid who appears in picture books". (Let's cut him some slack, though, he's a kindergartener). Predictably, once Hashizo meets a Girl Next Door named Yakko who may be a good girlfriend for his older brother and caretaker Go, he ships them rather hard.
  • In Neon Genesis Evangelion, there's a scene in which Misato is trying to encourage Shinji to go visit Rei's place to drop off her new ID. She does so with a smug grin on her face and gets him very uncomfortable indeed.
  • Happy from Fairy Tail likes to ship anyone who has feelings toward others, mostly Loke/Lucy. In fact, he ships just almost anybody, Gray/Lucy, Gray/Juvia, Ren/Sherry and Daphne/Gray. He usually says "He/She llllllllikesss You" whenever this happens.
    • Virgo does this as well towards Gray/Lucy and Natsu/Lucy, said the same thing as Happy.
    • Lucy flipped this back to Happy with him being with Charle.
    • Other Characters also ships with other mages within their guild, but not as much as Happy does.
      • Mirajane told Lucy about Natsu having feelings for her, in which she denied, resulted in many fantasies Lucy had with Natsu. It continued on when Mirajane told Lucy that Gray has feelings for her.
        • This gets real, when Gemini told Lucy about Gray that he's somewhat interested in her as Gemini reviewed Gray's memories in his view towards Lucy.
      • Glidarts ships Natsu with Lisanna.
    • By the end of the Nirvana arc, Natsu ships Jellal/Erza. "You have to stay by her side!!" indeed.
      • If you look close enough, Jellal does the same for Natsu/Erza. "I'll believe in the man Erza believes in. It also helps that Jellal lied to Erza about having a fiance to spare her the drama of maintaining a relationship with him.
    • And now, even Lisanna ships Natsu/Lucy.
  • In Puella Magi Madoka Magica, the usually sweet and quiet Hitomi Shizuki reacts with hilarious excitement when she believes that her friends Madoka and Sayaka's relationship has "progressed", when it hasn't. Fridge Brilliance kicks in when you realize that Hitomi is in love with Kyousuke Kamijou (who Sayaka *is* actually in love with) and that she was probably hoping that Sayaka was a lesbian or a lesbian-leaning bi that would prefer Madoka over Kamijou, thus both girls would be happy with their respective "love interests" and there'd be no need to "fight" over him. Overall, it doesn't end well.
    • Sayaka plays it straighter in the manga, when she imagines Homura and Madoka embracing while calling it "the mystery of the universe"
  • Mushanokouji Yurina from Hana no Yurina Gumi is a Yuri Fan who enjoys shipping her classmates and setting them up.

"The next thing to make is a swim team couple."

Chitose: It's a personal heartfelt dream.

    • Her twin sister Chizuru, on the other hand, ships Ayano with Chitose herself.
  • In episode 7 of Baka and Test Summon The Beasts, all the main characters are shown to ship Yuuji/Shouko.
  • In Mawaru Penguindrum's episode 6, after Shouma Takakura takes the feverish Ringo Oginome home back home, Ringo's mother Eriko doesn't seem very convinced when Shouma says that he and Ringo are Just Friends... To be "fair", she just saw Ringo pretty much humping Shoma in a feverish pitch.
    • As of episode 11, it looks like Himari might ship Shoma/Ringo. She notices that Shoma cooks a special cabbage recipe only when he wants to make up with someone else, and then deduces he's worried for Ringo and says "I hope Ringo-chan likes cabbage!" Though this being Himari, she might be meaning this in more of a friendshippy take. Her "possessor", however... well, we don't know. She's a wild card.
    • Even more so: Yuri, the girlfriend of Ringo's crush Tabuki, also ships it. (Conveniently for her, but still). Yuri does ask Ringo if she loves him in that same episode and isn't convinced when Ringo denies it, claiming that she could see it coming from a mile away or something like that. Then it's subverted shockingly in episode 14 (when she drugs Ringo and tries to rape her because she looks like her sister Momoka aka Yuri's long-lost first love) and played kinda straighter in episode 15 (when, after Shoma fails to help Ringo and is knocked out, Yuri places him next to a sleeping Ringo, and when he recovers she teassingly asks him if he won't take advantage of her).)
  • The Amakusa in A Certain Magical Index are all for one of their own, Itsuwa, snagging The Hero Touma Kamijou. They try to arrange things to help Itsuwa out and tend to get frustrated when her shyer tendencies cause her to be too passive.
  • Oosaki Nana ships Hachi and Nobu and is angry and disappointed when Hachi gets pregrant and chooses Takumi.
  • In Chintsubu, Kamiya's penis ships him with Iwabuchi.
  • In the Blade anime, Wolverine gets the idea that Blade and Makoto should be a couple. They vehemently deny this.
  • In Amakusa 1637, when Eiji and Kichou share a kiss, Natsuki and Eri are seen cooing and fist-pumping in the background.

Comic Books

  • Empowered: Caged Demonwolf has some very strong opinions regarding how the Emp/Ninjette/ThugBoy Love Triangle should be resolved.
  • Nico briefly ships Victor and Lillie, a New York girl from the 1800s. Pretty much all of the earlier Runaways shipped Gert and Chase.
    • Molly seemed to ship Xavin and Karolina first. The other Runaways seemed to join her once they realized that Xavin really wasn't going to kidnap or enslave Karolina.
  • During a period in The Nineties when Lois and Clark had split up, Mr. Mxyzptlk of all people, tried to push them back together. Being an annoying trickster, this was not appreciated and he was firmly told that they'd resolve their problems in their own time.
  • The Elseworlds story "Superman: Red Son" briefly had Josef Stalin of all people ship Superman/Wonder Woman
  • The most recent[when?] Spider-Man stories have had Mary Jane become a Peter/Carlie shipper, despite her own feelings for Peter. Audience reaction to this has been mixed.
    • Usually the shipper on deck in the Spidey cast in Aunt May whom was very vocal about wanting Peter to end up with MJ. MJ's Aunt Anna is this to a lesser extend having helped May set up Peter and MJ's first blind date.
  • In Ultimate Spider-Man, Gwen Stacy supported Peter and Mary Jane, proving MJ's insecurities about Gwen and Peter's relationship to be unfounded.
  • In Scott Pilgrim, Scott's roommate Wallace seems to be fond of Scott/Ramona.
  • Star Sapphire Mirri Riam ships Kyle Rayner and Soranik Natu. This was fine for a while, but It Got Worse when they broke up. She was so dedicated to her OTP that she ravaged a planet to force them to work together and rekindle their romance. When she told Kyle and Soranik her reasons they understandably thought she was insane.
  • Wolverine generally tends to stay out of the romantic lives of his fellow X-Men, but when Peter Rasputin and Kitty Pryde came downstairs for breakfast the morning after they finally did the deed, he could smell it on them. His two-word reaction: "'Bout time."
    • When Scott Summers married Jean Grey, the first page of that issue showed a letter from Wolverine telling them they belonged together and hinting without subtlety that they should formalize it. Logan wasn't visibly at the ceremony, but when Sabertooth thought about crashing in to ruin things, he got knocked down -- and written in the snow were the words, "Don't even think about it!"
  • A few people are this for Katchoo and Francine at various points in Strangers in Paradise; the moment where David and Casey handcuff the two together to hash out their differences is probably the most extreme occasion.

Fan Works

  • In Kyon: Big Damn Hero, Kyon's parents want to ship him with Tsuruya via Arranged Marriage.
  • In Total Drama Battlegrounds, the Original Character Crystal exists for this reason, shipping everyone together and making meta-references to things like Portmanteau Couple Names and Crack Ships.
    • Also, different characters have recently started taking sides in the Eva/Cody/Anita Love Triangle. So far, most interested parties are rooting for Eva, except for Ezekiel.
  • In A Different Lesson, Viper and later Mei Ling are this for Tai Lung and Tigress.
  • The Gaang Jr. fan-project gives us Yi Lin, a walking riff on Avatar fandom's shipping community. She's obsessed with other people's lovelives and hides all her collected "Proof" in a book supposedly about..well, ships. She's a Tyzula fangirl in particular, although she can't get other people to see it (and if they ever do see it, they're not going to tell her since it would just make her harder to live with). Fittingly, she refuses to see that there's something going on between Irah and Hayoda.
  • This is pretty much the entire point of Of Love and Bunnies. All of the original Power Rangers and, eventually, all of the Rangers want Tommy and Kim to get back together.
  • In the Fallout 3 fan fiction Trouble, Johnny Saint the legendary vault dweller can see the chemistry going on between Harkness and Butch, and casually offers Harkness advice on how to deal with Butch's emotions.
  • In the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fanfic The Melting Pot, a good part of the action is set off by Pinkie Pie telling Lyra and Bon-Bon they make a cute couple just before going on a trip. In the final chapter, Pinkie turns out to be subtly setting up several budding romances between background characters from the show.
    • Shipping and Handling's basic plot is that, currently employed as a matchmaker, Derpy Hooves has to play Shipper on Deck for each of her assignments (with her first being Spike asking for an excuse for private time with Rarity).
    • Spike becomes this in parts of It Takes a Village, first prodding Fluttershy and Big Macintosh together. In the epilogue he's finding a new date for Rarity and also working on getting together Pinkie Pie and Caramel.
  • Nepeta's shipping wall and ways are Deconstructed in Be the Sea Dweller Lowblood, where she's oblivious to Eridan's flushed feelings for her and tries to set him up with his moirail Feferi. This eventually leads to her discovering that she doesn't understand Eridan enough to be a true moirail, while Feferi is not pleased with Nep seemingly trying to steal her moirail away, and just how manipulative and controlling this makes her appear to them.
  • In Naruto Veangance Revelaitons, an odd variant of this happens when Ronan's girlfriend Sakura, meets Atni for the first time (While Sakura was dead after being killed by the Council, Ronan met Atni and had sex with her several times).


  • Sasasha supports Luso/Kanin in The Tainted Grimoire.
  • In the Ranma ½ fanfic Desperately Seeking Ranma, magical girl Tamiko ships Akane/Shampoo.
  • In Emergence, in which Team RWBY from RWBY end up in the real world after the events of the first volume, the girls actually watch the first two volumes of RWBY; Weiss ends up being an "Arkos" (Jaune/Pyrrha) shipper.

Films -- Animation

  • The Princess and the Frog has... Heck, basically every character with any significance in the bayou is shipping Naveen and Tiana. Ray shows up and quickly creates a She Is Not My Girlfriend moment, and soon he and Louis team up to create a really romantic dance number for the duo. Then Mama Odie shows up and quickly catches on, eventually being the one who marries the couple.
    • And Lottie willingly passes on her dream to marry a prince when she realizes how much the two love each other. Given how she's rather clueless for most of the movie, this is saying quite a lot.
  • Virtually all of the castle servants ship Belle and the Beast in Beauty and The Beast. In their case, there was a reason—if the Beast didn't fall in love by a deadline, they were condemned to be teapots and clocks and whatnot for the rest of their lives. Belle happened to be the first girl to show up and fortunately she and the Beast fell for each other. It certainly didn't hurt that they all genuinely liked Belle in her own right, either.
  • In Disney's The Little Mermaid, Eric's dog Max loves Ariel and tries to help bring her and Eric together. By comparison, he despises Vanessa (Ursula's disguised form) and growls at her when Eric almost marries her.
    • Not to mention Sebastian, who sings to Eric so he will Kiss The Girl. Although it's partly because he knows about Ariel's Deal with the Devil.
  • Grandmother Fa definitely ships Mulan and General Shang.

Mulan (to Shang): Would you like to stay for dinner?
Grandmother Fa: Would you like to stay forever?

    • The Emperor of China ships Mulan and Shang as well.

Emperor: The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all.
Shang: Sir?
Emperor: You don't meet a girl like that every dynasty.

    • From the sequel, when Shang proposes to Mulan:

Grandmother Fa: I bet he would come before the end of the day.
Father: But I bet he would come before noon.

  • In Tangled, Cool Horse Maximus clearly ships Rapunzel and Flynn, despite of how started his relationship with the latter. He even gives him a little push. Literally.

Films -- Live Action

Mr. Browne: Mrs. Hobday is that most dangerous of species: a matchmaker!

  • In the first Tremors movie, Earl actively promotes a hookup between Val and Rhonda, considering her a much better choice than the useless bimbos the younger man is usually drawn to.
  • Ursula in Spider-Man 3. Despite having a schoolgirl crush on Peter herself, she's nevertheless giddy with happiness for Peter when he recieves a call from Mary Jane requesting his presence.
  • Nick's gay friends in Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist try to ship him and Nora throughout the entire night.
  • Jocelyn tries to get Grigg and Sylvia together in The Jane Austen Book Club but falls for him herself and they get together by the end of the movie.
  • Like in the comic book version, Wallace is in favor of Scott and Ramona being together in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, though he admits here that it's mostly because he wants Scott to move in with her (and thus out of his place).
  • In Chungking Express, the manager of the Midnight Express food stall is active in helping Qiqu and Cop 633 in romance, even making sure the stall is empty of all but Faye to promote 633/Faye.
  • In the first two live-action Transformers movies, Bumblebee is constantly trying to get Sam and Mikaela together and to keep Sam from cheating.
    • In the third movie, he subtly hints that he thinks Sam and Carly ought to get married.
  • In John Tucker Must Die, Carrie, Beth, and Heather both do this in a fake and real way. They do it to get John to notice Kate so they can inevitably break his heart and then do it with John's brother Scott because Kate is shown to like her.
  • Look at Harry's face at the end of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2 when Hermione and Ron reveal their relationship to him. He is smirking like a mad thing. He ships it. And he's shipped it for years.
    • In Half-Blood Prince, it seems that Ginny and Dumbledore also ship Ron/Hermione. Just look at the hospital scene:

Dumbledore: Well, come away, everybody. Mr. Weasley's well-tended.
Ginny: 'Bout time, don't you think?

  • There was a movie from the Fifties or Sixties in which, at the end, the beautiful priestess tells The Hero that if the flame burning on the altar blazes high, it means the gods approve her marrying him. It does, they smile and lock lips ... and the camera cuts to the Comic Relief characters grinning as they pump a bellows to enhance the flame.


  • Jo from Louisa May Alcott's Little Women ships her best friend Laurie (who has a crush on her, but she doesn't reciprocate) with two of her sisters: Meg in Part I, and Beth in Part II. Meg marries Laurie's tutor John Brooke, Beth dies in her youth, and Laurie marries Jo's other sister Amy.
  • In a nod toward shippers in general, there's a moment in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince where Harry and Hermione start joking about the evidence of a relationship between Filch and Madame Pince, the librarian. There's a nod towards this when they're shown standing together later in the book.
    • Hermione appears to be a Harry/Ginny shipper, to the chagrin of many Harmonians.[2] Some interpreted Ron's "find someone better next time" after Ginny dumps Michael to be a hint that he also supports the pairing. Evidence:

He cast Harry an oddly furtive look as he said it.

    • This was on the same page as when Ron also told Harry that he's better off with someone more "cheerful" than Cho.
    • Harry, meanwhile, ships Ron/Hermione, although he would possibly ship it a bit more if they hadn't chosen the middle of a battle to get together...
      • Dumbledore seems to be a bit of a Ron/Hermione shipper as well. He did give Ron the Deluminator, so Ron could find his way back to her.
    • Voldemort's Horcrux, on the other hand, ships Harry/Hermione in Deathly Hallows... if only to emotionally torture Ron. And it fails, anyway. Take That, rabid Harmonians.
    • In the epilogue, Lily Potter and her mother Ginny Weasley-Potter seem to ship Teddy Lupin/Victoire Weasley.
    • Also in Half-Blood Prince, Mrs. Weasley and Ginny disapprove of Bill's relationship with Fleur and instead ship Bill/Tonks. Mrs. Weasley changes her opinion by the end of the book, though. (Ron shipped Bill/Fleur all along, mostly because Fleur mesmerized him.)
  • Aphrodite, Goddess of Love, is a big Percy/Annabeth shipper in Percy Jackson and The Olympians. Though (understandably) she regards mortals as a soap opera (as Lampshaded by her beau, Ares), and so assures Percy that she won't let things be easy for them, with plenty of Wangst, indecision, etc.
    • In the Sequel Series, you can add Jason/Piper to the list - and she even goes on about how she thinks couples are cute. "Paris and Helen were a cute couple..."
  • In I, Jedi Corran Horn pretty much ships his boss, General Wedge Antilles, with his ex-partner on the Corellian Security Force, Iella Wesseri. In the X Wing Series, the two had been drawn together gradually, had separated when Iella's vanished husband was found in an Imperial prison, and Wedge had been there for Iella when her husband turned out to be a Manchurian Agent and she had to kill him. But they'd been drawing apart again by this point, and despite Corran telling both of them that they were good for each other, Wedge fell for Qwi Xux while bodyguarding her. Corran was dismayed by this, though to his credit he did know better than to try and separate them.
  • In Meg Cabot's The Princess Diaries series, Tina Hakim Baba ships Michael/Mia for most of the series, as does Lily in some ways (what with the plots to get them together and all), though the latter is of course influenced by the fact that Michael is her brother.
    • Actually, Meg seems to do this a lot in her novels: Shari seems so to ship Lizzie and Chaz, Magda and Heather's father ship Heather/Cooper, Luke seems to ship Jenny/Scott (though perhaps leaning closer to matchmaking then strictly shipping), Jen ships Will/Ellie, etc.
  • Sparhawk very quietly ships Kring/Mirtai in the Elenium trilogy, something he only confides to his wife. The sequel trilogy, the Tamuli, ends with them planning their wedding.
  • Pretty much the entire cast of the Prydain Chronicles ships Taran/Eilonwy.
  • Letters to Juliet has both girls as shippers for the other's relationship.
  • A rather cruel twist on this occurs in Lonely Werewolf Girl, fire-demon Malveria actively (and succesfully) ships human Perky Goth Moonglow with Ordinary College Student Daniel, because Moonglow volunteered to have any hypothetical love with Daniel go unrequited as part of a Deal with the Devil pact earlier in the book and Malveria looks forward to the entertainment it'll bring.
    • Vex also ships Daniel/Moonglow, to the extent of getting the deal between Moonglow and Malveria annulled.
    • Malveria does this a lot; one of the subplots of Curse Of The Wolf Girl involved her trying to find a boyfriend for Thrix.
  • Subverted in 13 To Life. Jessie ships Pietr with her best friend Sarah, for complicated reasons. However, minutes after succeeding, she shifts into dere-dere mode for Pietr, causing a type 12 triangle. Good job. She even lampshades what a short-sighted idea this was:

"As a writer, I knew if I'd been a character in a novel a good editor would have scrawled TSTL (Too Stupid To Live) on the manuscript pages. Well, maybe not too stupid to live, but definitely too stupid to date."

  • In The Lord of the Rings, Bilbo - being quite the fanatic of Aragorn - supports the pairing of him with Arwen; after the quest is over, Frodo notes that the only parts of the tale that pique his interest are the coronation and wedding of Aragorn, and Bilbo expresses his regret at not being able to attend, saying that he had been waiting long for it. Being The Matchmaker of the pair, Galadriel also counts.
    • During the sequence in the Houses of Healing, Merry seems to be this for Faramir and Eowyn.
  • The Iliad (a rather dark book to say the least) becomes exponentially funnier if you view Agamemnon as this to Menelaus and Helen. The best part? It's more or less accurate. While other versions of the story give him an ulterior motive, in the original he just wants to help his brother get his wife back, and is willing to raise an entire army and raze her lover's city to the ground to do it.
  • In The Belgariad, Garion ships Polgara/Durnik, and possibly Cyradis/Zakath (with restrictions). Ce'Nedra ships Silk/Liselle, to the point of spying on them when Liselle confronts Silk about it. This is one of Polgara's main duties in the prequel, as guardian to the Rivan line (she has to make sure everyone gets together with their destined lover). And the Grolims all ship Polgara/Torak, much to her disgust.
  • Emma. Most of the plot unfolds because of the heroine's enthusiastic, if completely misguided, shipping.
  • The Dresden Files: Both Bob the Skull and Thomas are big HarryxMurphy shippers, even though the two have discussed the reasons they don't want to get into a relationship (Harry doesn't want anything casual, Murphy doesn't want anything serious). Michael Carpenter was also a minor shipper of HarryxSusan by suggesting he marry her before she was infected by the Red Court, though this had more to do with him being a devout Catholic and disapproving of them having sex before marriage.
    • Technically, Bob and Thomas are big HarryxAnybody shippers, causing him to distrust their sincerity about Murphy.
    • Also, in Fool Moon, Harry's Subconscious shipped Harry x Murphy when Harry was still involved with Susan.
  • Wicked Lovely: Rianne in the first book tries very hard to fix Keenan and Aislinn up, and in Fragile Eternity Sorcha, of all people, shows some Irial/Niall tendencies.
  • In Animorphs, Cassie, at a dance, says she hopes Rachel and Tobias will dance with each other. A thousand fans agree. But—uh-oh! The Romantic False Lead, Ax, who everyone ELSE is shipping, causing a thousand fans to groan.
  • In the first book of the second Circle of Magic quartet, Sandry encourages a romance between her great-uncle Duke Vedris and the famous dancer Yazmín Hebet- an unusual example, with the teenaged protagonist shipping two much older secondary characters. Sandry worries about her long-widowed uncle's health and hopes that love will distract him from worrying too much about the string of murders that she is helping investigate.
  • In Connie Willis' Passage, Maisie Nellis takes on this role late in the book. After Joanna dies, Maisie tries a couple of times to pair Richard and Kit.
  • In The Hunger Games, Everyone Can See It when it comes to Peeta and Katniss...everyone being the entire Capitol audience. And while Haymitch encourages Katniss to ratchet up the romance for the sake of effect, it's implied that he ships the two in reality, as well.
  • Space Opera The Dragon Rises by Adrienne Martine-Barnes has an unusual example when Alvellaina tells Gilhame she has enough telepathic awareness to "hear" that Gilhame's entire crew ships them -- and everyone is infuriated by what they perceive as Alvellaina's coldness to him. "Who does she think she is?" they're all thinking. Granted that technically she's been given to him as a slave, Alvellaina is actually holding back because she remembers (so does he) that she and Gilhame are more or less the Reincarnations of Guinevere and King Arthur, and she's afraid Destiny will force her to betray him again.

Live Action TV

  • At one point or another, the rest of the Friends gang has done this for Ross and Rachel.
    • Joey was dating Erin. He asks the girls to break up with her for him. Too bad the gals started talking. Cue Phoebe saying "We want you to marry her!"
  • Wilson was the main cheerleader for House/Cameron (until the ship-sinking episode where he warned her not to hurt him) and House/Cuddy, which hasn't been sunk. Yet.
    • Wilson was present when House torpedoed it.
    • Wilson just wants his beloved to be happy; for the good of House's mental health he needs to build a social network with people who aren't hookers or Wilson, so Wilson usually jumps at any opportunity to encourage his best friend's possible relationships/friendships.
  • Emily Gilmore supported Lorelai/Christopher on Gilmore Girls
    • Both Emily and Richard supported Rory/Logan. They were planning their wedding and attempting to predict the genetics of their kids.
    • Whereas the whole town of Stars Hollow was shipping Lorelai/Luke.
  • Merlin: The Slash Dragon ships Merlin/Arthur.
    • As does Merlin's Hot Mom.
    • In the first few episodes, it was hinted that Gwen shipped Arthur/Morgana and Morgana shipped Merlin/Gwen. All that changed pretty quickly, though.
    • Starting in the second season, Merlin becomes a die-hard Arthur/Gwen shipper. In fact, his shippage saves the day at least once. In a season four episode, Merlin takes on a Die for Our Ship mentality when he snubs a perfectly harmless visiting princess who has designs on marrying Arthur.
      • In a Flash Forward to a scene in which Arthur is King and crowning Guinevere his Queen, Merlin is seen watching them in the audience. The look on his face is Joy personified.
    • Gaius also ships Arthur/Gwen as he tells Gwen in "The Last Dragonlord."
    • Heck, all the Knights of the Round Table (sans Lancelot, obviously) ship Arthur/Gwen, judging from their grins when the two kiss in front of them at the very end of season 3.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Buffy shipped Xander/Anya, as evidenced by the line, paraphrased: "You were my light at the end of the tunnel. Turns out it was an oncoming train."
    • Andrew seemed to be, too, in one episode... or else he wished he were Anya. He secretly recorded an intimate conversation the two had and watched it over and over (mouthing Anya's dialog)
    • And Dawn is a hardcore Willow/Tara shipper, although that's mostly to make the "kid caught up in a divorce" metaphor work.
    • Also seen in Season 1 and 2 with Willow strongly supporting and pushing for Buffy to get with Angel. Probably justified in the fact that she probably wanted to remove any chance, slim as it was, of Buffy/Xander. In turn in Season 2, Buffy pushes Willow towards Oz as well in episodes like Surprise. Xander, on the other hand, outright loathes Buffy/Angel.
    • Judging by his praising of Riley in "Into the Woods", Xander seems to be a Buffy/Riley shipper. It's be justified by the fact that unlike Angel or Spike, Riley never tried to kill him or his friend.
      • In the Season 8 comic-book, Xander outright states he is a Buffy/Riley shipper (I always was Team Riley)
        • Meanwhile, Andrew, in the same season, said, "Now that I've met Angel, I have to say - Spike was so much edgier. You definitely traded up. I'm totally Team Spike."
        • And Buffy is at least supportive of Xander/Dawn.
    • Willow also ships Buffy/Riley for a while ("Do I have to tie you two together?")
    • "Deep down, all you ever wanted was for Buffy to love you."—Apparently First!Mayor is a Buffy/Faith shipper.
      • Remember, on some level, the First IS the person he's impersonating. He has all their memories, thoughts and stuff. And the Mayor knew Faith better than anyone since her Watcher. So, the Mayor was also a Buffy/Faith shipper. Somehow, the almost impossible to hate villain is even harder to hate since he shipped them even though they were on opposite sides at the same time. It just goes to show, despite being evil, he really did care about Faith.
      • Please, Buffy and Faith didn't need anyone to ship them. They did it themselves.
  • In an odd version in Angel, Cordelia starts off shipping Fred/Wesley, but later jumps ship and starts shipping Fred/Gunn.

Cordelia: (to Gunn, about Fred) I admit, I was a bit slow on the uptake. At first I thought her and Wes... but then I see the way you two look at each other... you're meant to be.

    • Lorne ships Angel/Cordelia pretty strongly, as evidenced in "Waiting in the Wings" and "Tomorrow", when he rattles off reasons why they would be good together and urges Angel to make a move.
      • The Groosalugg also (begrudgingly) ships Angel/Cordelia, and breaks off his relationship with Cordelia, urging her to "be with the man she truly loves".
      • Fred also ships. "Kyrumption."
  • In Firefly, River seems to ship Simon/Kaylee, at one point calling him a "boob" after his latest screw-up with her. Given that it's River, it doesn't really make much difference. Until the movie, when she gets better, and so does the relationship. Coincidence?... yeah, probably.
    • It's made quite clear that she does ship it in the novelization of Serenity. She calls him too stupid to live for messing up with Kaylee.
    • Heck, a good part of the crew apparently ships Simon and Kaylee, usually getting annoyed with Simon when he inadvertently blows a potentially good moment between them. And we cannot forget Jaynetown, when Mal conveniently decides to let Kaylee and Simon remain on guard together in a bar—after she hints to him that "things are going really well."
    • The crew in general seems to ship Mal/Inara. In the movie, they eavesdrop on their video conversation, going as far as throwing popcorn at the screen when Mal avoids saying things like he missed her, etc. It's almost Everyone Can See It, because even Jayne is entertained by it. Only Zoe seems hesitant about it, or maybe grudgingly accepting or resigned. It's hard to tell with her.
      • Kaylee even specifically calls Mal out for not getting together with Inara when he had the chance. Though he might get another one.
      • Goes even further in the comic book Those Left Behind. Wash finds Mal about to knock on Inara's shuttle, working up the courage to apologize for earlier bad behaviour, and tries to offer Mal advice and encouragement... Despite Mal threatening to remove one of Wash's arms. Shipping is a dangerous business.
  • Angela acts like this with regard to Bones and Booth, though most of the time she is fairly subtle about it. Sweets, on the other hand, is not. He often becomes frustrated in their sessions over their thick-headedness, and has on more than one occasion yelled at them to just admit their mutual love and get together. He even ends up being the one who prompts Booth (with more exasperated yelling) into admitting his feelings to Bones. Sweets even has written a peer-reviewed paper on the subject.
    • And Gordon spends time discussing it with Sweets.
    • Also Caroline, given her mistletoe scheme in Season 3.
    • That entire show is made up of a supporting cast who wants the two of them to hook up. Bones' dad, Booth's grandpa, random people that are working cases with them... Angela is actually one of the worst shippers on the team, as she seemed fine with Booth hooking up with Cam and wanted Bones to take off on a year-long sabatical with her boyfriend at the time. But everyone else on that show is a die-hard shipper.
      • Hodgins doesn't seem to care much one way or the other.
  • Natalie of Sports Night spends a lot of time cheerleading the potential hookup of Dana and Casey.
  • Shawn of Boy Meets World was a die-hard Cory/Topanga shipper.
  • Go watch the How I Met Your Mother episodes "Do I Know You?", "Mosbius Designs" and "The Leap" and then tell me if you ever saw bigger Barney/Robin shippers than Marshall and Lily. Quite appropriate, considering Barney is the President of the Marshall/Lily Fan Club, meaning that the man who hates marriage flew across the country to get Lily to come back to Marshall.
    • Ted, Barney, and Robin all ship Marshall/Lily quite fanatically. Once, when they mistakenly thought the two were divorcing, the three of them wound up curled up miserably on the kitchen floor stuffing themselves with ice cream.
    • Lily is also revealed to be an Anti-Shipper on deck for many of Ted's girlfriends, as he has a habit of thinking horrible women who aren't looking for a meaningful relationship and who invariably dump him are "the one", and Lily winds up actively sabotaging several of his relationships. Ted does not take this revelation well, especially when it slips out that Robin was one of the girlfriends in question.
    • In one episode where Barney was seducing Ted into designing a building, Lily and Marshall both say (at different times, without hearing each other) that they hope it's just for the building - and then think about it, and say they actually don't. "I like you two together..." Lily and Marshall basically will ship any pairing if they think it will make their friends happy.
  • Fun double example in Skins; Naomi ships Effy/Freddie almost as much as Effy ships Naomi/Emily.
  • Walter does this to Peter and Olivia on Fringe.
    • "Even condoms are not 100% effective; you two should be aware of this." (glare)
    • "Oh, do the two of you want to use the room?"
    • Walter: "Do you think she'll call me dad?" Peter: "Who?" Walter: "Agent Dunham."
      • And now Nina is getting in on the Shipping because Peter being with Olivia means that he is far less likely to destroy the world.
  • From Heroes, Arthur ships Sylar and Elle.
    • Sylar and HRG both ship Gretchen and Claire. Although unintentionally on HRG's part.
  • Doctor Who: Donna ships Doctor/Rose. So does Jack: "You two are so sweet. [...] Continue with what you were... doing." (Though he obviously wouldn't be averse to the idea if they'd be willing to share.)
    • The Eleventh Doctor quite actively ships Amy/Rory. To the point of taking the two on a romantic holiday to 16th century Venice to fix their relationship. And quite possibly... to the point of manifesting an elaborate dream reality to push the two of them together. Not to mention when Rory shows up in "The Pandorica Opens", Eleven urges him to talk to Amy and try and work things out, regardless of the fact that Amy doesn't even remember Rory existed.
      • Judging from the look on his face during Amy and Rory's wedding, the Doctor was just as happy as the fandom--if not more so--at seeing the two get hitched.
      • Granted, though, while part of it is him shipping Amy/Rory, it's also part being anti Amy/himself. Which Amy tried to do.
      • Eleven now wants Amy and Rory to make babies. Seriously. He said it. And they do. River.
    • Amy, for her part, appears to gleefully ship Doctor/River, with comments like, "Oh, she is so your wife" and "Ooh, Doctor, you sonicked her!"
    • And let's not forget the shippage performed by Mels a.k.a. River Song at the beginning of LKH.
    • Those last points get really weird now that we know River is Amy and Rory's baby.
    • Many of the companions also seem to happily acknowledge the presence of The Doctor/TARDIS.
  • Torchwood gives us Martha shipping Jack/Ianto. When she finds out about their relationship, she seems very excited by the prospect.

Martha: So, am I right in thinking that you and he...? (*pulls an unforgettable expression*)
Ianto: We...dabble.
Martha(grinning with delight): Yeah?
Ianto: Yeah.

  • Blair's maid/nanny/sidekick Dorota ships Blair and Chuck on Gossip Girl. Serena sometimes joins the ship, but just as often seems to dislike the idea of the two together. Blair's parents and their respective husbands seem to be Chair shippers also.
    • Gossip Girl herself ships Chuck and Blair.
    • In the first season-and-a-half, Jenny shipped Dan and Serena.
  • The Office: Michael has been a huge Jim and Pam fanboy since the day Jim told him about his feelings for Pam.
    • And most recently, Pam, for Andy and Erin. She also ships Oscar with Matt from the warehouse: "Yes, they're the only two gay guys I know. But they should be together."
  • Parks and Recreation: Ann ships Leslie/Ben. Ann agrees to help Leslie "anti-seduce" Ben when the two are sent on a trip together (they like each other and know it, but cannot date due to a rule about government employees), but does her best to sabotage the plan and tells the camera point-blank, "I want them to get together. Sue me!"
  • The Mentalist: Cho for Rigsby and van Pelt, of the "Tell her how you feel, you idiot!" variety.
  • In That '70s Show, Fez, despite being attracted to Jackie (and winning her in the last season for some reason), tries to get her and Hyde back together when they split up. Also, in the final season, Kitty can't get over the fact that her son Eric and Donna broke up and tries to convince Donna to wait for Eric to come back instead of going out with Randy.
  • In Castle:
    • Lanie, The Coroner and Beckett's best friend, ships Castle/Beckett, and is quite open about it.
    • The other detectives are a little more subtle about it, until the season 2 finale, when one of them openly tells Beckett that Castle's not gonna wait forever. She breaks up with her current boyfriend but a little too late, as Castle has gotten back together with one of his ex-wives.
    • Beckett's dad, Castle's mom and even Capt. Montgomery are shipping Castle/Beckett.
  • Seymour from Burn Notice ships Michael/Fiona—he's been seen geeking out over how awesomely passionate two Badasses like them must be in bed. And he made them matching throwing daggers. Same with Michael's mother (the shipping, not the daggers). Sam... comes around.
  • The Nanny Pretty much every character except for C.C. is a shipper Maxwell and Fran, but especially Niles, who could be downright Anvilicious about it, to the point where, when Maxwell tells him he's going to propose, Niles' expressions of happiness sound more like he was getting proposed to. Plus, he's often tricking C.C. into advancing their relationship.
  • In Smallville Lex is a Clark/Lana shipper
  • In Chuck, Casey seems to take great delight in ribbing Chuck about his affections for Sarah. After being relieved of duty for treason, Casey outright tells Chuck to get Sarah back before too much damage is done. And a couple episodes later, he risks invalidating Chuck's new appointment as a spy and getting charged with murder in order to sidestep the complication that's making Sarah hesitate to continue the relationship.
    • Jeff believes that Hannah, Jill, and Lou are just time-fillers while Chuck pines for Sarah.
    • Hells, even Beckman is ultimately outed as a Chuck/Sarah shipper.
  • A Seinfeld episode had Kramer concluding Jerry and Elaine's angry squabbling was a sign of undeclared love; he kept trying to get the two crazy kids to face their true feelings.
  • One of the strangest examples of Shipper on Deck would have to be Little John on Robin Hood who encourages Robin to hook up with Kate. Not only does he try to get Isabella out of the picture by informing her that Robin quite fancies Kate (which at that stage, is a Blantant Lie and leads to Isabella becoming Ax Crazy), but he tells Robin that Kate is a "treasure" that he shouldn't let slip through his fingers. It's unclear why John would want this hook-up to take place; as the Team Dad, he has disapproved of outlaw relationships in the past, and he already knows that Much is harboring a crush on Kate: therefore, any relationship would inevitably divide the outlaws. Neither does it seem to occur to him that Robin may simply not want another relationship so quickly after Marian's death and his breakup with Isabella. Some fans speculate that he wants Robin to be aligned with a peasant in order to force Robin to concentrate on the poor rather than politics, but this seems rather Out Of Character for him. Then again, there was very little in Season Three that made much sense.
  • Ashes to Ashes: There are more than a few indications that Shaz ships Gene/Alex, and Luigi's blatant in his shipping of Alex/Every Attractive Man in London (Thatcherite Wanker, Evan, Keats, and eventually, Gene). Alex herself is not entirely unaware of the rampant homoeroticism floating around the station, particularly with Gene and Litton.
  • Mrs. Benson in iCarly at first seemed to be a Creddie(Carly/Freddie) shipper in Season 1, even going as far as to demand the reason on why Carly can't love him.

Mrs. Benson: "WHY WON'T YOU LOVE MY SON???!!!"
Freddie: "Mom!"

    • In season 3, she flip-flopped and turned against Carly, blaming Carly for Freddie getting hit by the truck in iSaved Your Life and for Freddie deciding to move out during iMove Out:

Mrs. Benson: "You're the one who got Freddie interested in girls, and ever since then his boy chemistry's been all out of whack."

      • Spencer is an enormous Freddie/Sam shipper.

Carly: "Sam and Freddie kissed!"
Spencer: "No way! GIMME THE DEETZ!!!"

  • Taylor Earhardt (the Yellow Eagle Ranger) from Power Rangers Wild Force is the first one to notice the UST between Princess Shayla and Merrick. And lo, is she pleased when she does...
    • Then Taylor is on the receiving end of this when her teammates realize before her that she and Eric aka the Quantum Ranger have UST in the crossover. Hilarity Ensues.
    • Since we've mentioned Time Force, Trip and Katie (and eventually Lucas, too) desperately want Wes and Jen to get together. Especially after Jen's fiance from the future, Alex, is shown to be Not Quite Dead... and not the guy she thought he was.
    • It's implied that Kira may have been this for Devin and Cassidy when she says, "I thought those two were never gonna get together" in the Power Rangers Dino Thunder finale. (Which is a bit rich, considering her deal with Trent...) Conner's actually the one who gives Devin the final push (but he doesn't know who the target is.)
  • Fran Katzenjammer in Black Books. She blocks Bernard's attempts at romancing women in a couple episodes, but repeatedly encourages his attachment to his shop assistant, Manny.
    • Made all the funnier by actress Tamsin Grieg's public comments on the sexual tension between Bernard and Manny.
  • Just about EVERY minor character in Sherlock ships Sherlock/John. "I'll get a candle for the table. Nice and romantic."
    • Oh, it goes well beyond just minor characters. Take Mycroft:

Mycroft: Might we expect a happy announcement by the end of the week?

    • Or Irene:
    • Or Mrs. Hudson:

Mrs. Hudson: There's a second bedroom upstairs, if you'll be needing two rooms.
John: Well of course we'll be needing two rooms!
Mrs.Hudson: Oh, don't worry dear, we have all sorts about here. Mrs. Turner next door got married ones.

    • Honestly, pretty much everyone in this series seems to take them for a couple.
  • A literal example: early on in season 3 of Farscape, Talyn (a sentient space-ship) continuously tries to antagonise John and contrive more and more situations where Crais and Aeryn are alone together, going even as far as making a fake video of Aeryn and Crais hooking up just to piss John off. And he does weird things to the heat in whatever room those two happen to be in. This is just Talyn being an angsty teen who doesn't want John getting anywhere near his adopted aunt, or really is him trying to get them together.
    • The "turning up the heat" thing makes especially no sense, as both Aeryn and Crais are members of a species which can't regulate their internal heat correctly, so increased heat makes it harder for them to function properly (if it goes on long enough their brains will eventually shut down).
  • On Degrassi the Next Generation, Manny ships Emma/Sean, but she gets a bit undecided about it in season 6. Everybody's anti-Craig/Manny, and of course they all blame Manny. Manny's anti-Emma/Jay. The girls are more likely to believe in destiny (which the other girls, especially Manny, always wreck), though.
  • On Thirty Rock, Jack's mother Colleen in regards to Jack/Liz, at least in her first appearance.
  • The entire school shipped Phil and Keely in Phil of the Future: they vote them cutest couple. Before they were a couple.
    • Phil's mom tends to be a shipper as well.
  • CJ, Josh, Sam, and especially Charlie vigorously ship Toby/Andi in season 4 of The West Wing, going as far as to call themselves "Team Toby" (Toby wants to remarry Andi, Andi doesn't agree, though she infuriatingly seems to relish his advances). The Bartlets also express support for Toby's attempts, and Leo has quietly played matchmaker even before the rest of the staff jumped on the bandwagon. Humor fanfics that ignore the widely-derided post-Sorkin seasons often ratchet both the wooing and matchmaking up to hilarious levels.
  • In Dollhouse, Echo ships Victor and Sierra quite a lot. She even gives them the opportunity to run away together after they've all been imprinted with their original identities, though they decline her offer in order to help her fight Rossum.
  • In The Vicar of Dibley, Geraldine shipped Hugo and Alice, going so far as to invite both of them to her house at the same time in order to initiate their first kiss. After yelling: "OH FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE, JUST KISS YOU MORONS!" the plan goes a little too well.
  • In Lie to Me, Emily Lightman is a big fan of her father Cal getting together with his partner Gillian.

Emily: (to Gillian) He's happier when he's with you.

  • Glee: Judging by how quickly the Warblers went from utter mortification/indignation to total support when they realized who Blaine wanted to sing a duet with at Regionals, it's safe to say that they are Kurt/Blaine shippers. That smug little smile on the usually stoic Wes's face as he raises his hand speaks volumes.
    • Finn, Puck, and all of the New Directions girls seem to ship it too. Finn and Rachel's first concern when they thought Kurt was cheating with Sam was Blaine, Puck seemed genuinely moved by their "Candles" duet, and all of the girls got excited when Kurt revealed that he was going to prom with Blaine. Seriously, they make it as clear as possible what the writers intentions for this couple are.
  • In the Swedish kids' TV series Eva & Adam, the title characters, who are girlfriend and boyfriend, try to get their respective best friends together. It...almost works.
  • Kitaoka and Reiko spend most of Kamen Rider Ryuki dancing around each other (he hits on her, she rejects him and claims to find him despicable, yet somehow is always hitting him up for help). In the end, Reiko's workmates Shimada and Megumi end up campaigning for Reiko to finally agree to date him. She says yes, but he dies before going on the date. It's also subverted when Shinji figures out that Kitaoka is in love with Reiko, and threatens him with physical violence if he doesn't stay away from her because he thinks Reiko is too good for Kitaoka.
  • Pretty much everyone in Frasier ships Niles/Daphne with a rabid (but secret) fangirly enthusiasm, complete with Die for Our Ship, Fan-Preferred Couple, Ship-to-Ship Combat, and Hatedom. Niles suffered from a huge case of Draco in Leather Pants for his near-sociopathic first wife Maris in seasons 1-2 and often had Flame Wars with his friends and family over her. Mel, Donny, and other minor love interests were treated with increasing irritation and some Ron the Death Eater tendencies (with the exception of Mel, who was just as bad as everyone thought), since Niles has always been smitten with Daphne and everyone wished the two of them would just get together already. However, Niles, for the longest time, Cannot Spit It Out and Daphne, for almost as long, is Oblivious to Love, which annoys the other characters to no end for keeping them in suspense for years (Roz cries out "Oh thank God, I thought I'd be the one to spill the beans!" when Daphne finds out that Niles is in love with her).
    • Later on, everyone furiously ships Frasier with his new girlfriend Claire, except for Daphne, who is jealous of Claire's doting rapport with Martin and Martin's lovestruck desire to get Claire as a daughter-in-law, since she sees this as Parental Favoritism, with Claire as competition for Martin's attention.
  • Brothers Vince and Dave Teague on Haven ship Nathan/Audrey, and even attempt to give Nathan advice on the subject - in a clumsy and awkward way.
  • Shirley on the first season of Community actively shipped Britta/Jeff. It was implied this was an outlet for emotions from her own deteriorating marriage.
  • Sue Thomas FB Eye: Lucy, Sue's best friend, supports Anchored Ship/Official Couple Jack/Sue ever since the very first episode. Myles unexpectedly joins in during the series finale:

Myles: Who needs to talk about it? We work in the same room with them. If you all haven't picked up on their obvious chemistry -- well, I suspect a career change might be in order.

  • The X-Files: It would be easier to count the number of characters that don't ship Mulder/Scully. Even Big Bad CSM is supportive of their relationship.
  • Star Trek: The Original Series: A very good case could be made for the notion that McCoy ships Kirk/Spock. Particularly noticeable in "Bread and Circuses" and "Amok Time".
  • The closest we ever get to explicit Sheppard/Teyla pairing (the "Take That!" Kiss doesn't really count) is Ronon's hardcore shipping of the two in "Sunday." Ronon can't be the only one on the Sheyla bandwagon but he is the only person to vocalize it.

Newspaper Comics


Crystal: So dump the chump, get another guy and let him protect you.
Chiffon: And we got one all picked out.
Ronette: A little botanical genius.
Crystal: And she ain't talkin' about George Washington Carver.

  • Much Ado About Nothing runs on this trope. Most of the cast ships Benedick/Beatrice and schemes to get them together. Beatrice also ships Claudio/Hero, and goes into a murderous rage when her ship gets temporarily sunk.
  • In A Midsummer Night's Dream, Lysander and Hermia ship Demetrius/Helena, partly because they like Helena and partly because Demetrius's plan to marry Hermia is getting in the way of their relationship. (It doesn't help that Hermia's father has talked Theseus, Duke of Athens, into supporting his preferred ship of Demetrius/Hermia.) Oberon also ships Demetrius/Helena and attempts to use love potion to make it canon. When a mix-up makes both Lysander and Demetrius love Helena, they instantly begin to ship each other with Hermia. Finally, Oberon fixes everything and his two favorite couples become Ship Mates. Even Theseus gets on board in the end.
  • The subplot in The Taming of the Shrew mostly exists because Lucentio's servant, Tranio, ships Lucentio/Bianca. He eggs his master on in pursuit of the girl, then instigates a Zany Scheme to make it happen, eliminating her other suitors while he's at it.
  • Deconstructed in Cyrano De Bergerac: Christian forces Cyrano to tell the truth to Roxanne because he wants Roxanne to choose him instead of Cyrano.

Video Games

Mareeta: "Go on, Lady Nanna! Just say it!"
Nanna: "B-But..."
Mareeta: "You'll regret it forever if you don't say it now. Or do you just want to stay as his 'cute little sister'?"
Nanna: "But Mareeta..."

Serra: Hey, Sain. So, who do you think Lyn will end up with? Lord Eliwood? Lord Hector, maybe?

  • From Half-Life 2, Eli Vance trying to bring Alyx and Gordon together, to the former's embarrassment. And the latter's stunned silence.
  • Throughout Kingdom Hearts II, Donald Duck and Goofy supportively tease Sora about his feelings for Kairi. When Kairi and Sora reunite in the end and share a tender embrace, the camera cuts to Donald and Goofy looking pleased.
    • Sora can act like this for the canon Disney couples. He gets misty-eyed when Mulan and Shang decide to guard the Emperor together, and seems to approve of Will/Elizabeth (which leads to some of the aforementioned teasing from Donald and Goofy).
    • In a somewhat weirder incident in Days, Xigbar gives Roxas dating advice for impressing Xion. The catch, of course, is that this relationship fast turns into one huge Shapeshifting Squick, and Roxas hasn't a clue. Given that Xigbar knew this, he was probably just being a dick.
    • And let's not forget about Olette. When Kairi stumbles into Twilight Town, befriends the gang, and tells her story about Sora and the others (i.e. the events of the first Kingdom Hearts), Olette is utterly mystified by it, going as far to call it "romantic".
  • Genis from Tales of Symphonia seems to be this for Lloyd and Colette... Of course, it's also seems like he's just in it for the laughs.
  • Norma in Tales of Legendia can't help but give advice to Chloe for attracting Senel's attention. None of it works, mind you. To add to the weirdness, she also helps Shirely with her relationship with Senel. Norma just likes to mess around with relationship for the fun of it, it seems.
  • Subverted in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. After the player wins the Cucco-hunting minigame, Talon raises the suggestion that Link marry his daughter Malon. Whether Link says yes or no, he swiftly laughs it off as a joke, however.
    • Also in the Zeldaverse, it's implied that most of the residents of Ordon Village ship Link/Ilia in Twilight Princess. This seems to be largely due to her status as the mayor's daughter and their hopes that he'll be mayor one day, plus the fact that they're good friends and close in age.
    • Poked at in The Legend of Zelda the Wind Waker, with Mako saying that if Gonzo and Tetra had a kid, he'd be the greatest pirate ever (forget the fact that Tetra's a pre-teen and Gonzo's easily in his 20's at least).
  • Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis had Flay and the Mana of Light towards said mana's contractor's Roxis and Pamela. However, they were doing it only for laughs, trying to humiliate Roxis more, since that's what his own Mana has as a hobby.
    • And some lines the Mana has during the last character event for Roxis suggests that he probably shipped Roxis with Vayne—for the same reason.
  • In Star Ocean: The Last Hope, Welch makes it perfectly clear how much she thinks Edge and Reimi should be together.
    • Given the true nature of that world, and of Welch, it may be an attempt by a fan to run the asylum.
  • Apparently in Samurai Warriors 3, Kaihime and Keiji encourage Kunoichi to confess to Yukimura, while Magoichi also comments that Yukimura is a lucky dog for having Kunoichi by his side, while Kunoichi herself is more of a Yukimura/Inahime shipper in Inahime's musou mode.
  • Excellen Browning and Irmgult Kazahara of Super Robot Wars Original Generation. It helps the former is a Cool Big Sis and actively teases and ships the many potential couples amongst the cast throughout the games. The latter may hold a reputation of being a Casanova, but often ends up giving advice for the guys to chase their Love Interests.
  • Another Day Shiki in The World Ends With You is a Yaoi Fangirl that ships Neku/Joshua.
  • Luminous Arc 2's Ayano hints, nudges and outright tease Roland for a Roland/Althea pairing. One reason is because The Power of Love can help Althea deal with her Beast Fiend origin.
  • In Persona 4, Rise ships Kanji/Naoto. The main character also has the option to approve of this pairing. She also ships Yosuke/Chie, which creates a hilarious he's not my boyfriend moment. It should be noticed that Rise also ships herself with the protagonist, very overtly; it's possible she both tries to weed out competition and thinks the other pairings are cute.
  • Just about everyone shipping Squinoa in Final Fantasy VIII. Especially Selphie. Concert anyone?
    • Mere peanuts compared to the shipping child!Ellone did for Laguna/Raine.
  • Auron seems to ship Tidus and Yuna in Final Fantasy X, repeatedly making comments to Tidus to guard Yuna, stay by her side, don't push her away, etc.
    • Rikku also seems to approve.
  • If you try to express interest in Mira as a male character in Knights of the Old Republic 2, she points out rather bluntly that Visas and the Handmaiden are both infatuated with you and she doesn't want to have to beat them both off if she starts sharing a bunk with you. To the dismay of many fans.
  • In Mass Effect 2, Yeoman Kelly Chambers will immediately suggest Female!Shepard/Garrus or Male!Shepard/Tali the moment said party members join. Notable in that Chambers herself is a romance option for either gender.
    • And one of the DLC squadmates, Kasumi Goto, is in on it too, and will comment on all of your relationships. For example:

Kasumi: Tali is so cute. You're all she ever talks about, in that sweet "rainbows and butterflies" kind of way! She loves you, Shepard. Be good to her.

    • There's an advertisement on the Citadel that ships Shepard with... whichever potential love interest (if any) is in your party when you click on it. ("The next time you're out on the town with [Officer Vakarian/Sere Krios/Mr. Taylor/Miss Zorah/Miss Lawson/ERROR: CITIZEN ID NOT FOUND[3]]...") It'll even mention Justicar Samara, who isn't actually fully romanceable. Alternately, if you're in a relationship with one of the ME1 squadmates and there's nobody romanceable in your current party, it'll mention that love interest instead.
  • Done literally in Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors with most of the others on the ship.
  • Sam and Max themselves are to blame for the Sybil/Lincoln pairing.
  • Coach and Rochelle take this attitude towards Ellis and Zoey in the Left 4 Dead 2 DLC, The Passing. Rochelle and Francis are not nearly so lucky.
  • Two of the funniest moments in Golden Sun: The Lost Age involved this trope.
    • The better-known is in Madra, when Sheba asks Jenna about her "thing" with Isaac, causing Jenna to turn bright magenta and indignantly tell her to shut up. Sheba promptly jumps on Jenna's follow-up inquiry about how Garet is doing.
      • Even funnier in hindsight, since Isaac and Jenna did get together, at least long enough to produce Matthew...
    • The lesser-known happens if you trigger Feizhi's brief cameo at Champa, in which she's searching for Isaac to give him a little thank you gift, a Golden Ring. Kraden openly encourages her to pursue the matter further, much to Feizhi's dismay.
  • In Dissidia 012: Final Fantasy, Cecil ships Firion/Lightning, encouraging the two of them to talk of their love of flowers.
  • Persona 3 Portable has a minor example: Junpei tells the Female Protagonist that he thinks it would be funny if she and Akihiko got together and that he'd totally be her wingman if she decided to go for it.
  • In Super Robot Wars Z2, the whole of ZEXIS takes sides in the Ranka/Alto/Sheryl Love Triangle.
  • In Arc Rise Fantasia, Cecille ships L'Arc and Ryfia. She'll subtly clue in on one's feelings for the other, though usually she does this around Ryfia more than L'Arc.
  • Because of the type of game Lux-Pain is, it is expected that there are A LOT of shippers. Ryo/Hibiki is shipped the most by Suzu, Atsuki (although rather reluctantly due to Suzu literally annoying him to get an answer about the two) and technically the whole school if Mika's dialogue has anything to say to it.
    • Many people who originally tried to hook Akira up with Mika suddenly switch to Akira trying to get along with Atsuki. Akira's father of all people has a more noticeable switch in the last chapter of the game when he mentions that all his son talks about is Atsuki and how if Atsuki plans on leaving, he should come back because he's welcome. Note that this is what he said to Mika earlier in the game and while it still applies he's referring to the fact that Mika is like the daughter he never had.
      • Then there's Nami who despite shipping herself with Atsuki, has dropped a lot of hints concerning why Atsuki constantly chooses Sweet Ring (the restaurant Akira's father owns and where Akira works) to eat out whenever he takes his friends out. Shortly after she says that, Akira shows up and her sprite has this funny smile on her face.
      • A minor character Shunichi in episode 19, stops searching for his friend to talk to Atsuki. While the original conversation was about his friend Kyosuke having a girlfriend (which he assumes is Mika), he suddenly asks about Atsuki's preference. The correct answer is saying that Atsuki isn't interested in dating (girls) and Shunichi suddenly assumes that Atsuki likes Akira (and the player is assuming that Atsuki denies it with how quickly the conversation changes).
  • Solatorobo has Merveille as this to Red and Elh, even going so far as to create a Rescue Romance scenario for them in the Virtual Training Simulation. Chocolat and Béluga also seem to approve of the pairing, but aren't nearly as pushy about it (though Chocolat does manage a Leave the Two Lovebirds Alone moment once).
  • Everyone in the party ships Ronyx/Ilia in Star Ocean: First Departure. And all of them were visibly relieved when Ronyx finally makes a move.
  • In Digital Devil Saga, Heat's line of "She's just pissed because her girlfriend got killed." indicates that he may ship Argilla/Jinana.
  • After the EX battle of Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, Marisa suggests Flandre get married... and offers to introduce her to Reimu for this purpose.

Visual Novels

  • Riko in A Profile is pretty forward about her desire to see her daughter hook up with her step son. Masayuki is slightly unnerved about the matter.
  • Taiga Fujimura from Fate/stay night is this for Sakura/Shirou, which is mostly reading between the lines until the third story path. You know, Heaven's Feel... the depressing one.
  • Higurashi no Naku Koro ni can be a bit confusing when it comes to shipping.
    • Rena Ryuugu is supportive of Mion Sonozaki's affections for Keiichi, despite explicitly also liking Keiichi. She also notes once how Satoko and Rika act like a married couple.
    • Shion Sonozaki, Mion's twin sister, supports both her sister's affections for Keiichi, and Keiichi's affections for Rena.
    • Satoko seems to be just fine with Shion's affections for Satoshi, though it's debatable whether she really notices it.
    • Nurse Takano and Tomitake seem to ship Keiichi and Rena too.
    • Ultimately, though, the series ends with no ships resolved. It makes sense, given that it is The Power of Friendship that finally lets the gang put an end to the endless tragedy.
  • Most characters in Nanatsuiro Drops support Haru/Sumomo.
  • In Umineko no Naku Koro ni, Shannon ships Kanon/Jessica. In return, Jessica ships Shannon/George. Considering that later games heavily imply that Kanon and Shannon are the same person, it makes the earlier shipping scenes very aaaaaaawkward in context.
  • Katawa Shoujo has several cases:
    • If you (as Hisao) pick either Hanako or Lilly's route, the girl who's not chosen will support you trying to gain the other one's affections, each in their own ways. It may be a Matchmaker Crush in the case of Hanako, though it's not openly stated.
    • Also, in Hanako's route, Miki will talk to Hisao at some point and wonder if he and Hanako are a couple or not. The reply you give her will make you either gain or lose points with Hanako, thus pushing you either to the Good, Bad or Neutral Endings.
    • The Nurse will also support Hisao's interest in Emi in her route, due to his Intergenerational Friendship with both of them. Though he'll also remind Hisao about his meds...
    • Akira supports Hisao's relationship with her younger sister Lilly, in Lilly's route.

Akira: You're a good kid, Hisao. When I said I approved of you being with my sister, I wasn't joking or just being nice. It's just unfortunate that doesn't really count for much in this world.

    • The biggest example is Misha, who shows shades of this in several routes:
      • In the case of Hanako, she'll bring Shizune along. They'll ship it both because of cuteness (in Misha's case) and because they do care for Hanako, despite Shizune's difficulties with Lilly (because she's Hanako's Only Friend at first, they can't get to Hanako without seeing Lilly) and their huge workload.
      • She will also voice her Hisao/Shizune shipping if you go through her best friend Shizune's route. Then it's subverted when you find out that this is more of a Matchmaker Crush... because Misha is in love with Shizune.
      • She also grins widely after finding out that Hisao and Lilly are a couple, having refused to believe Hisao's claims that nothing out of the ordinary happened on their trip to Hokkaido.
      • Finally, Misha also shows support of Hisao's relationship with Emi, should the player pursue her route. ("Young love is so unpredictable, isn't it~!"). And even more so: if you choose the wrong option and Hisao gets thrown outta Emi's house as a result, Misha will come to the rescue and openly force him face what he did. Like in Miki's case, getting either the Bad or the Good Ending depends on what you (as Hisao) reply to her. (This may include Shizune too, as it turns ou that Shizune was the one who told her to go help Hisao in the first place.)
    • Lilly also ships Hisao/Emi on her only post-Act 1 appearance in Emi's route.

Lilly: (teasingly) Ah, so it’s just friends is it? How disappointing.

Web Comics

Violetta: Well, the crowd's for it.
Moloch: The crowd is always for that!

  • In Namir Deiter Gabby successfully shipped Tipper and Chiachi together.
    • Falco, on the other hand, was not so lucky—her attempts to ship Tipper and Gabby just pushed the two of them apart for a while, even before outing Gabby.
  • Both Hod and Loki from Brat Halla ship Thor and Sif. Loki mostly does it to cause Thor anguish. For Hod, that seems to be a bonus.
  • Megatokyo: Erika and Largo seem to ship Piro and Kimiko. Yuki's friends ship her with Piro at first, until they encourage her relationship with Kobayashi.
    • Yuki's mother obviously ships Erika/Largo. Not that it needed help anyway.
    • And Yuki herself is probably the biggest Piro/Miho fangirl in the series.
  • Nephilim from Fetch Quest: Saga of the Twelve Artifacts, despite being straitlaced compared to her twin sister, has this as her quirk. Or so Word of God says...
  • Questionable Content:
    • As of this strip, Dora is shipping Angus/Faye. The strip is even called "Dora's OTP?"
    • A later strip has her shipping Marigold/Tai.
    • Both Marten and Hannelore ship Marigold/Francis here.
  • Though relatively passive about it, everyone in Red String ships Reika and Eiji. Multiple characters comment "havn't those two gotten together yet?"
  • Cloud's mother Ye Thuza and his younger sister Yuna from Sandra and Woo try to ship him with Sandra, in the most annoying way possible. He even lampshades their fandom.
  • Pretty much everyone in Bittersweet Candy Bowl tries to get Mike and Lucy together. While Lucy is all for it (though she hates the interference in her life, she does love Mike... probably), Mike has a long-distance girlfriend and rejects Lucy, leading to much angst. Complicated by the fact that several cast members have crushes on Mike or Lucy, but still want them to get together...
    • Yashy is especially egregious in this regard, particularly in the earlier strips. This is complete with viciously insulting any other girl who displays an attraction to Mike... which happens to be most of them.
  • PeeJee ships Davan with his current girlfriend Vanessa in Something*Positive. Having coerced Davan into following up Vanessa's interest in him when he never would have bothered, she likes Vanessa and she's not going to let anyone mess up her Platonic Life Partner's happiness, especially not Davan himself.
  • Sister America and Sister Japan of Scandinavia and The World are both Yaoi Fangirls. Sister America's ship of choice is Denmark/Norway (with Sweden occasionally thrown into the mix) and Sister Japan's ship is Netherlands/Belgium.
  • Nepeta Leijon of Homestuck. She even has a wall cataloging all her ships. They cover every single person she knows, including herself.
  • Sara of Penny and Aggie spent a while convinced the title characters were a rolling storm of lesbian Foe Yay. It turns out she was projecting, and she eventually comes to terms with her own sexuality. Later still, she turns out to have been right all along, and she couldn't be more ecstatic about it.
  • Beau the angel is a smirky kind of shipper in Catena. Not only is he evidently in favor of a match between Bryony and the Grim Reaper, but he's rather smug during those moments that indicate it will eventually happen.
  • Wildy San of Dan and Mab's Furry Adventures ships Abel and Jyrras (see last panel).
  • In what is perhaps the weirdest example of this trope, Spinnerette's bottom left hand ships her and Mecha Maid.
  • Uh, Kat and Jones from Gunnerkrigg Court , anyone? Jones, hands Andrew rose, nudges him to Parley? Kat, with that exuberant expression on her face as Andrew and Parley are about to kiss, then getting Annie out of the way as she is perpetually clueless to current affairs? Later she also pushes Annie herself into talking with Jack.
  • Girls with Slingshots has Jamie, who ships a new couple every arc. Best example here.
  • Syren of The Jupiter Palladium is pretty much made of this trope. There's a wallpaper of the face [dead link].
  • In Dumbing of Age, Joyce ships Billie/Walky.
    • Meanwhile, Billie has been shipping Walky/Dorothy, if only to get the former out of her hair.
  • Raji is one for Yuki and Alex in Mahou Shounen Fight.
  • In Eerie Cuties Layla while inclined to stick with her boyfriend and ditch the Arranged Marriage (she wavers and dithers on both choices even before considering them far enough that they'd collide) tried to set up her so-called "fiancé" and Tiffany, in hope they'd "hit it off and wind up having adorable day-walking abominations", in her own words.
    • Also, Nina pulled this with Layla and Brooke, to their bewilderment. After an incident with Practice Kiss (and blackmail plan by other girls, to which she did what a tornado does to a haystack).
  • Schlock Mercenary had Schlock trying to "help" Tandersil and Andy to hook up. By taking them on a sailboat cruise into a huge hurricane (but he packed life vests). Possibly in part as an attempt to apologize for the incident when Schlock was resisting arrest and threw her through a bulkhead.
  • In Bolter to Kokoro series (sadly on hiatus), the Sister Hospitaller. Sure, she's as much Incorruptible Pure Pureness as any Sororita - but also a medic and closer to earth, and also hilariously hyperactive, so once Sister of Battle tells about what troubles her, SH immediately responds with squeeing and Wingding Eyes, then just goes on and on. Which doesn't make it any easier for SB trying to stop blushing and sweating. And later tries to set them up (naturally, Hilarity Ensues).

Web Original

" 'I totally ship you and her since I saw that play. Team Thalia!' she pumped her fist in the air. Several girls in the audience and some on stage clapped and cheered, while a few yelled out 'Team Calliope!', 'Team Terpsichore!', 'Team Dionysus!'…you get the picture." [1]

  • Eleonora assumes this role in Greek Ninja, trying to persuade Sasha that Daichi is actually her other half. Despite the fact they hate each other.
  • Nella for The Nostalgia Chick and The Nostalgia Critic, although she quickly backs off the opinion that they have a lot of common when the Chick gives her a Death Glare that could melt steel.
  • In the furry role-play Sinai MUCK, one of the first things Natilie asks Chiaroscuro upon meeting him is if he's Envoy's boyfriend.

Western Animation

  • Done in a roundabout way by Mary Jane on The Spectacular Spider-Man. She goes to the school dance with Peter, but later meets and befriends Gwen when she transfers to Midtown High. Upon realizing that Gwen has feelings for Peter, she gives her a pep talk which helps convince Gwen to spontaneously kiss Peter in the season 1 finale. She continues to support the possibility of a pairing between them throughout season 2.
    • Aunt May, however, seems to ship Peter/Mary Jane from the moment she meets the girl, needling her nephew to meet her. She ultimately is the one who arranges that one date they had, by convincing Betty (who's twenty) that she's too old to go with Peter and then arranging Mary Jane to go behind his back.

Peter: Aunt May, you're an evil mastermind!

    • The series also has an inversion with Sally Avril, who just wants her friend Liz to stop fawning over that puny Parker. She even does an Ironic Echo of Mary Jane's "Finally" when Liz and Peter break up.
  • Jun of Avatar: The Last Airbender does this for the famous Zutara pairing, starting first when Zuko asks her to track Aang with Katara's necklace, as she states "Aw, is it your girlfriend?" or something like that. Her second appearance causes an I'm Not Her Boyfriend moment.
    • Also Iroh, in one of the comics, briefly muses that perhaps Katara would be good for Zuko.
    • And whoever wrote the play in "Ember Island Players" was clearly a Zutaran, to the point that the characters were weirded out by it.
    • As well as the infamous Saint Jun, we have the bald, tattoed criminals from "Avatar Day" who are apparently ship Kataang, and Azula who ships Maiko. Azula jumped ship at the end of "Boiling Rock" but she was all for it before Zuko's Heel Face Turn, because Zuko staying with Mai was, in her mind, the best way to keep him where she wants him. It works, but NOT in the way she expected... as Zuko leaves anyway and later Mai has a Heel Face Turn for him. "I love Zuko more than I fear you!", indeed.
    • Let's not forget Sokka:

Sokka: Get in. We're going to save your boyfriend.
Katara: He's not my-
Sokka: Whatever.

      • Even better in the French translation:

Katara: He's not my boyfriend.
Sokka: Not yet.

    • Even the Avatar Extras facts do this, as in the Big Damn Kiss that finishes off the series, a little bubble pops up that says "Kataang wins!"
    • This trope is Played for Laughs by Toph in the four-part series finale, where she seems to express herself as a Harutara shipper.

Toph: I knew it! You did have a secret thing with Haru!
(everyone stares at her)
Katara: Uh, no.

  • What about Keef in the unfinished episode, "Return of Keef" of Invader Zim. That guy is... ...very obsessed over the Zim/Dib pairing...
  • In Kim Possible, Ron being kissed by Kim often makes his naked mole rat Rufus say "awww" in response. By comparison, he acts disgusted if Ron gets kissed by a different girl. And at the end of the movie, when they finally get together, but are still a little shy about it, he pushes them together to start them dancing.
    • Even the villains seem to ship the heroes, in A Very Possible Christmas Drakken apparently ships Kim/Ron, even pushing them together under mistletoe (it was actually parsley) as soon as Kim arrives; Shego ships Josh/Kim in Blush and then Kim/Ron in Graduation.
    • In the Grand Finale, Drakken's symbiotic flower ships Drakken and Shego together.
    • Kim's mom also seemed to secretly ship Kim/Ron for the first three seasons. Became not-so-secret in So the Drama.
  • In The Fairly OddParents, Cosmo and Wanda like seeing Timmy get kissed by Tootie.
    • The live-action film gives an odd inversion to this, in that Cosmo and Wanda spend much of the first half of the film trying to prevent Timmy and Tootie from getting together, since it would mean Timmy would officially be grown up and they'd have to leave him. This eventually begins to change after Poof brings them to realize it's wrong to prevent Timmy from growing up, and by the end of the film, they're happy that Timmy and Tootie are finally together.
  • Ben 10 Alien Force has both Gwen's support for Ben/Julie and Ben's support for Gwen/Kevin. In the tradition of the series, it is as awkward and forced as the actual romance.
  • Stoked sees Emma and Lo constantly wanting Reef and Fin to get together. They even text one another like giddy schoolgirls whenever they see the two of them doing anything vaguely romantic.
  • On Total Drama Island, Cody helps his friend Trent hook up with Gwen, even though he also has a crush on her. In the same vein, Geoff and DJ could both tell that their friend Duncan and Courtney liked each other and playfully teased her about it.
    • Duncan and DJ both gave Owen/Izzy a thumbs up in the 19th episode.
    • Fanon often includes stories where characters play matchmaker for Noah and Cody. Usually includes Izzy, probably because on the show she once teased Noah about this.
    • On Total Drama World Tour, pretty much everyone (Gwen, Bridgette, Izzy, sort-of Heather) seems to ship Cody with Sierra...except Cody, who has a crush on Gwen. Tyler seems to like that pairing, though, since he helped Cody get a picture with her.
    • Noah seems to ship Tyler/Lindsay, since he once offered Tyler advice about it. He also seems to have a talent at sensing attraction between people, since he noticed Alejandro's crush on Heather before anybody else.
    • Sierra seems to have supported Duncan/Gwen before they got together, no doubt in part because it would free up Cody to be with her. However, when they actually got together by making out behind Courtney's back, Sierra turns against them. (Though again, her animosity toward Gwen may be at least partially because Cody did not Abandon Shipping when he found out, continuing to support and hit on Gwen despite her being in a relationship with somebody else.)
  • From Teen Titans, Cyborg shipping Robin and Starfire. It even became a plot point in one episode and Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo. "It's about time."
    • And in Teen Titans Go!, the comics based off of the western animation, Starfire seems to ship Beast Boy/Raven. "Perhaps Raven was teleported into an alternate dimension where she and Beast Boy are madly in love and ask me to be their maid of the bride at their matrimonial ceremony?"
  • There are many examples from Winx Club:
    • Amore, the pixie of love, obviously. She most blatantly ships Stella/Brandon and Princess Amentia and her Unlucky Childhood Friend.
    • In the episode where Helia was introduced, Amore and Chatta quickly come to the conclusion that he and Flora would make a cute couple.
    • In season 3, it seems that Stella wanted Layla and Nabu (who at the time was using the fake name Ophir to hide his identity) to get together.
    • Nabu spends much of season 4 trying to help his best friend Riven save his relationship with Layla's best friend Musa.
  • Phineas and Ferb: On "Summer Belongs to You!", Phineas seems supportive of Ferb/Vanessa and Candace/Jeremy (much to Isabella's frustration, since he's not noticing her affections).
    • In addition, all the Fireside Girls ship Phineas/Isabella, Stacy supports Jeremy/Candace, and Candace, Phineas and Ferb ship their parents.

Ferb: Well, don't just stand there. Kiss her!

"Is it just me, or is there something going on between those two? Will Green Lantern ever admit to his feelings? Will Hawkgirl ever stop sublimating her passions with that big honkin' mace?! Will True Love conquer all? Not on my show!" *BOOM*

    • And then, we have a few people who tried to encourage Batman and Wonder Woman to get together, including Wonder Woman herself. Batman will have none of it.
  • Everyone who finds out Helga's deep dark secret on Hey Arnold! seems to be rooting for her. Her best friend Phoebe and Arnold's Grandpa Phil (who married a former childhood bully himself) will occasionally try to help lead Arnold in the right direction.
    • Don't forget Lila. As much as some fans like to go the Die for Our Ship route because Arnold likes her, in the play episode Lila is willing to drop out of her role as Juliet just so Helga can get the part opposite him. Lila does not like Arnold that way, and is more than happy to have him get together with someone who does.
  • Danny Phantom: Tucker ships his best friends, Danny and Sam, long before either of them starts to realize their feelings for one another.
    • Not to mention Danny's Parents, the kids at his school, even Danny's ghost enemies ship them together at one point or another.
      • Geez even their dreams shipped them together.
  • In Gargoyles, Word of God says Angela ships her father with Elisa, as does Hudson.
  • In Code Lyoko Yumi's little brother Hiroki ships Yumi and Ulrich. He makes several comments throughout the series, including one where Ulrich was fighting a giant crab that had entered the real world, and he shouts, "This is so awesome! I keep telling you, you gotta go out with this guy!" In a public street, in front of Yumi, Ulrich and both of Yumi's parents.
  • Jackie Chan Adventures: Jade ships Jackie/Viper. "She'd be such a cool aunt!"
  • Alfred from Batman the Brave And The Bold is such a Batman/Catwoman shipper that he actually writes Real Person Fic about it.
  • In The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest, Neela, Hadji's mother, ships her own son with Jessie; or so her comments in "The Bangalore Falcon" seem to imply.
  • For about the first three seasons of Daria, Jane shipped her brother Trent with her best friend Daria.
    • In "Write Where It Hurts," Daria's last story has Quinn married to Jaime, one of her three constant suitors, while in another story Jesse is apparently dating Jane. Of course, yet another story had Jane/Kevin in a Graduate Homage Shot-style situation, so these probably shouldn't be taken very seriously.
  • Quite a few examples in Kick Buttowski:
    • Gunther apparently liked seeing Kick kiss Kendall in "Box Office Blitz".
    • In "For the Love of Gunther", Kick tried to help Gunther hooking up with with Jackie - Partly to get rid of her, but also because he wanted to help his friend.
    • At the end of "Dancing With the Enemy", Kick and Kendall are having a very affectionate moment, until someone in the crowd shouts "Kiss her!" This, of course, is their cue to go back to acting as if they hate each other.
  • Miss Martian and Artemis in Young Justice take turns trying to ship the other with another team member (Miss Martian with Aqualad and Artemis with Kid Flash). But it was only to turn the other away from their mutual interest: Superboy.
    • In season two, Megan's "little brother" Beast Boy ships her with Superboy, even though they've broken up at this point.
    • Kent Nelson shipped Artemis and Wally together long before they actually got together for real. His last words to Wally were to find his own spitfire like his own wife Inza, who never let Kent get away with anything.
  • In Xiaolin Showdown, the good version Jack appears to ship Raimundo/Kimiko, even dragging Raimundo over to her and placing his hand on her shoulder in Time after Time. Their reactions imply that this isn't the first time he's done this.
  • In the My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic episode "Hearts and Hooves Day" the Cutie Mark Crusaders attempt to set their teacher Cheerilee up with Applebloom's brother Big Macintosh. Hilarity Ensues when they go as far as to make a Love Potion.
  • On South Park episode Cartman Finds Love, Cartman becomes obsessed with pairing up new girl Nichole and Token, since they're both black. So much so, in fact, that when he learns Nichole has a crush on Kyle (and vice-versa), he tells her that he and Kyle are a gay couple. He even follows Kyle on his date with Nichole, professes his love for him over the megascreen and serenades him with John Michael Montgomrry's "I Swear" just so Nichole and Token can be together.

Real Life

  1. a magical contract where a mage gives a mundane partner power and possibly a powerful artifact in exchange for aid in battle
  2. Harry/Hermione shippers
  3. (Jack, in case you were wondering)