Chivalrous Pervert

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    "He would seduce a duchess, but he would never spoil a virgin."

    Raymond Chandler, on Philip Marlowe

    Oh come on, you know this guy. He's the Plucky Comic Relief who can't stop ogling the ladies. But unlike some who ogle the ladies, he actually cares about them as people. Woe betide anyone who wrongs women, for he's watching you like a hawk—when he's not watching them, that is. Always a good guy, and just to reaffirm that he's a good guy, they'll occasionally give him a rival in the form of an actually dangerous pervert.

    Master Characters describes a similar type under the name Dionysus: a male character who embraces life and brings that love for life to all the women he meets, shaking up their worlds. His influence helps them to move past mourning an old relationship or break free of a current negative relationship. Yet (so says the book) he prefers the company of women in part because he is not at home in the world of men. (This is not always the case.)

    Such a serious Chivalrous Pervert is very likely to also be a male Ethical Slut with a benevolent For Happiness morality. However, it could also be that some part of him might also believe that Sex Is Evil and make him feel guilty about his "immoral" hornyness and overcompensate for it by being extra nice. Or his hypersexuality could be an outlet for more complex personal issues, often making him The Woobie.

    Compare Handsome Lech, whose morals are a bit more loose but not as much as the villainous perv; Covert Pervert, who is also sympathetic but in no way vocal about his/her... tastes; and Loveable Sex Maniac, who fulfills the latter half of this page's title but most certainly not the former. A Chivalrous Pervert who prefers to spy on those of his preferred gender may be The Peeping Tom. Also compare his Distaff Counterpart, the Good Bad Girl. May end up setting a girl to Pervert Revenge Mode or even an Unprovoked Pervert Payback

    Examples of Chivalrous Pervert include:

    Anime and Manga

    • General Cross of D.Gray-Man. He flirts with lots of girls, but does care for those he scores with. He was very unhappy to learn what happened to Anita, to start. Allen says he lives off lovers in different places. He also has keepsakes from some of his lovers-pictures and accessories, as stated in Jump SQ. So seems he does form bonds with them if they allow him to stick around a bit, and give him things which he hangs on to. Nothing seems to hint that he mistreats women in any way, contrary to The Casanova. The only case for him being a "womanizer" is that he flirts, and sleeps with different women-but the Chivalrous Pervert does this as well. He also likes, and is cordial to Klaud Nyne, saying that she's always a nice woman, despite her cold behavior toward him.
      • Lavi. As soon as he sees a pretty girl, his mind goes to mush and he doesn't hesitate to get their attention on him. But he cares a lot for one of his closest friends Lenalee and he protected her on several occasions.
    • Kurozuma Wataru from A Certain Scientific Railgun is a super-rare type of guy who can make a sincere comment about a girl's figure (and he does so to two people who are likely to fly off the handle at that) and give no offense. As Misaka and Kuroko said, he commented on their breasts in a strangely unperverted manner.[1]
    • This is Yuushi Oshitari's basic characterization in the Prince of Tennis Dating Sims. He's very sweet and chivalrous to the lead girls of the games, but isn't above draping himself over them without going too far, and Word of God says that his ideal female is a girl with long, shapely legs. We don't see that so much in the anime or the manga, except when he tries to comfort Kotoha after Atobe sees through her Bitch in Sheep's Clothing act and refuses the bento she brings him.
    • Prince Wilfred from Private Prince loves to tease Miyako over her big breasts and often hugs and steals touches from her, but he has also rescued her several times from other people and comes to genuinely care for her. And they end up getting married.
    • Hentai Kamen himself.
    • Masaomi Kida and Chikage Rokujo from Durarara!!.
    • Felten from Hana to Akuma plays this trope very, very straight, despite having been engaged from birth.
    • Hachibe Maeda of Ai Kora is a strange case. While admittedly an individual who values women for the aesthetic appeal of their various body parts, he is willing to go to extreme lengths to protect the owners of those parts.
    • Jenos from Black Cat.
    • Shunsui Kyoraku from Bleach loves flirting with his lieutenant, Hot Librarian Nanao, and was known for chasing girls when he was in the shinigami academy. He promptly rescues Nanao when she collapses after Yamamoto sends out his enormous reiatsu and it overwhelms her. He's also a very Badass captain who first tries to convince his rivals to give up on their purposes and only accepts to fight so he won't disgrace his opponents.
    • The character Ral from the manga Blue Dragon (note: has nothing to do with the game) is this. Finding out the difference between men and women is a big part of his Character Development. (The fact that women have boobs and that he loves said boobies helps a lot.)
    • Ryo Saeba from City Hunter (manga, anime series and Jackie Chan live action movie) is the embodiment of this trope.
    • Youhei Sunohara from Clannad.
    • The eponymous Lupin III, in the anime. The manga incarnation goes way further in matters of perversion, to the point that he's a Casanova Wannabe.
    • The deceased Prince Clovis la Britannia from Code Geass. You'd never guess it if not for the 6th Picture Drama, though: it has his half-sisters, Cornelia and Euphemia, checking on some stuff he left... and Cornelia frets over the sweet and naive Euphemia being willing to wear one very revealing swimsuit that Clovis designed in his free time.
    • Shoei Jinnai of Desire Climax evolves into one of these throughout the Story Arc, albeit most certainly starting off as a bit of an I Have You Now, My Pretty with Mio Omori.
    • Shigure from Fruits Basket. He is berated by many of the other Sohmas for it, but it becomes an almost endearing Running Gag nonetheless.
      • Quite more arguable in the manga, though. He uses sex as a tool to have revenge against Akito, his cousin and ex-lover, for running in the arms of their cousin Kureno... by sleeping with Akito's mother Ren. And let's not forget the deal with Rin, either, though to his credit he doesn't take her offer.
    • Hideki from Chobits. Make no mistake, he is a underwear-ogling porn addict, but would never take advantage of Chi in that way. And heaven help you if you do.
    • Emishi Haruki from GetBackers. He considers harming a woman to be just about the most terrible sin imaginable, and opponents admitting to it is nearly a Berserk Button; meanwhile, he happily flirts with every woman he meets. The closest he's come to 'pervert' was abruptly burying his face in a female friend's breasts, while desperately trying to cheer himself up after Amon's Heroic Sacrifice.
    • Kintaro Oe, main character of Golden Boy.
    • Teppa Aizen in Grenadier. Additionally, a Badass and a lady-killer.
    • Meisuke "Nube" Nueno from Hell Teacher Nube is a Covert Pervert for his busty workmate Ritsuko and more or less often ogles pretty women, but never ever tried to ogle his students no matter how well-endowed some of them are (* cough* Miki * cough* Ai), and lectured highschool-aged Izuna harshly when he believed she was into Enjo Kosai (Iwhich is the Japanese equivalent of teen prostitution, to say it simply). And when a very pretty 15-years-old girl with ice powers claims to be in love with him, he repeatedly refuses her affections by saying that she's too young for him - which is technically true, as he's 26 already. She has to die and then be revived before he comes to love her back
    • Miroku from Inuyasha. Somewhat subverted by the fact that he eventually becomes a one-woman man without losing this quality in the slightest. Much to his fiancée Sango's exasperation.
      • More or less confirmed in a rather early arc where a young woman named Koharu, whose life he saved years ago, was very enamoured with him. Miroku actually turned her affections down, believing it was a case of Loving a Shadow.
    • By the same author, there's Ataru from Urusei Yatsura. While he's definitely lecherous, there have been moments in the series when he's been genuinely heroic, such as when he tries to save Lum from drowning.
    • Sanji from One Piece. He gained one of those "actually bad" rivals recently in the form of Absalom, a Quirky Miniboss Squad member who can turn invisible and who licked both the female protagonists and attacked Nami when she was bathing. That ended very badly for Absalom.
      • Absalom also had the bad sense (or luck) to actually have the power of invisibility, and his use of it for perverted purposes simultaneously offended Sanji's chivalric honor AND coincidentally destroyed Sanji's own perverted childhood dreams. It's no wonder Absalom was just asking for it.
      • Later it's revealed that Sanji's whole family is like this, and not just the males. His brothers acting the same way he does (as in, like a fool) towards a pretty girl, and his sister flirting openly with Luffy, using a Kiss of Life to cure Luffy of a deadly poison simply For the Lulz. Possibly also count as the "actually bad" type, as they're a bunch of brutal Professional Killers you'd never want to meet, but they've never been known to act the way Ansalom does.
    • Kairi from Peach Girl, but he gets more Chivalrous, and less Perverted over the course of the story.
    • PG-rated version: Brock from Pokémon.
      • He actually hurts friends sometimes when going after woman, or gets hurt himself. One time he actually stood on Ash for a full minute before Ash stood up knocking him over. Another time he was ogling a lady on the beach (a lady who was at best not alive anymore, or at the absolute craziness was never a female or even human to begin with) only to get trampled by the people behind him.
    • Warrant Officer Oreldo in Pumpkin Scissors embraces the trope completely. He loves the ladies, and unlike many similar characters, he enjoys quite a bit of success with them. He's also always willing to get the crap beaten out of him for the sake of some cute girl he's just met, and frequently sets himself up as the bad guy in order to make sure things are made right for the girl of the moment—such as when, angered by how a poor girl's drug-addicted father was wasting her money and opportunities, he made a show of offering to buy her from him and then pretended to assault her in order to finally goad her father into taking action on her behalf.
    • Sha Gojyo from Saiyuki.
    • Kyon from the Suzumiya Haruhi franchise may count, even though he rarely has actually needed to avenge the dishonor of a beautiful lady—but push the right buttons and he'll defend.
    • No doubt, Loki/Leo from Fairy Tail is a player, but he's always there for Lucy when she needs him (unless he's out with his girlfriend).
    • Tatewaki Kuno from Ranma ½ has some traits of this. He is well-versed in poetry and believes two people in a relationship should exchange diaries before they get physical. On the other hand he grabs his objects of affection without warning, sometimes on the chest, and is unable to realize they are in fact disgusted by his attention.
      • Happosai likes to think of himself as this, but he's not really chivalrous.
    • Great Pervert Onizuka, when he's not being an inspiration to everyone around him. Always thinking of sex, looks up girl's skirts, has sex toys and porn galore, sizes up every attractive woman and became a teacher specifically for the schoolgirls. Yet when given the opportunity to act on these impulses with the young girls he's responsible for, his conscience doesn't allow it. (To wit, when Urumi semi-seriously offered herself to him he knocked himself unconscious rather than kiss her.)
    • Pochi from He Is My Master, particularly when compared to Yoshitaka.
    • Who agrees that the titular character of Naruto belongs here? (See discussion)
      • The same series features Kakashi (more subtle, but he's definitely a perv) and Jiraiya (who leans more towards pervert than chivalrous, but is still a decent guy).
        • To the contrary "Jiraiya the Gallant" (as his mythological inspiration was also known) was the epitome of this trope. "Gallant" means "(of a man or his behavior) giving special attention and respect to women; chivalrous." He was always protective and respectful of any women under his supervision, as shown in all his dealings with Konan.
      • Kakashi's a tricky case. Certainly, he loves reading Jiraiya's dirty novels all the time (in public and without making any secret of what he's reading), but he never even remotely does anything else even remotely sexual in the entire series. The closest is the "Thousand Years of Pain" jutsu, but in Japan that's more of an embarrassingly childish prank rather than sexual assault.
    • Arima's best friend Hideaki Asaba from Kare Kano might also apply; he loves being surrounded by his "kittens."
      • In the manga's epilogue, he becomes an artist famous for portraits of women. Part of his success is that he always paints them (except for Yukino...) as ten times prettier than they actually are. When they point this out to him, he just shrugs and says that's how he sees them.
    • Vash the Stampede from Trigun is an obvious example, though the sincerity of his perversion is up for debate as many of his apparent emotions act as covers for his overwhelming inner pain. This aspect of his personality is also mostly absent in the manga as he never really demonstrates significant attraction to any characters.
      • The movie Trigun: Badlands Rumble continues this trope with Vash and cranks the comedy element Up to Eleven when it comes to Amelia. Anyone who's seen the anime series in full knows that being the way he is towards women is about the best he can do to enjoy a woman's company without letting them find out just who he truly is. He acts like a pervert, but he would never actually take advantage of a woman.
    • Carrot Glace from Sorcerer Hunters. He's the main character and obsessively trying to get every woman he sees to date him is the main thing he does. (With the exception of the two female party members, Chocolat and Tira, who he runs away from because they have a transformation sequence that turns them into dominatrixes who beat him up more than the bad guys they fight.)
    • Chouun from Koihime Musou is a female example, in that she never gives in to outright harassment - so far.
    • This is one of the reasons that Shizuru Viola from Mai-Otome carries the Code Name of "Bewitching Smile". This being Shizuru, she only charms the ladies... even if by accident.
      • Chie Hallard also behaves like this a little bit, especially early on. Chances are good that she probably picked it up (as well as the "flirts with other girls" thing) from Shizuru.
    • In School Rumble, the Yamato Nadeshiko Yakumo is often treated with the utmost chivalry by the men around her, but her mind reading power tends to see much more lewd ideas in their heads. Haruki Hanai, who's most forward with her, is the most chivalrous of all the men, though he actually subverts the idea by being perfectly honest with what he says and thinks.
    • Roybea Roy from Gundam X. One episode has him buying swimsuits for the crew girls after checking their measurements by mere sight, another has him visiting each one of his old girlfriends to see how are they holding up (including a Ill Girl whom he buys medicines for and the tombstone of the woman who actually gave him his Gundam). He also is very upset when one of his lovers, Femme Fatale Yurina, is shot to death, and very gracefully accepts Sala Tyrrell's apologies and definitive rejection of his affections.
    • Mobile Fighter G Gundam: Chibodee Crocket is a bit of a flirt and loves teasing Rain, but when needed he's extremely protective of her and the Four-Girl Ensemble that forms his crew.
    • Dr. Shamal from Katekyo Hitman Reborn once claimed that he "treats every cutie equally"... that, and he was also dating over 2,000 women at a time.
    • Yasunobu Hattori of Suzuka fits this trope. While he is a pervert and generally thinking lewd thoughts, his advice to protagonist Yamato Akitsuki would have saved everyone in the show a lot of trouble.
    • Umineko no Naku Koro ni‍'‍s Battler Ushiromiya serially gropes every girl he sees, particularly odd because many of those girls are his cousins. However, when Shannon actually appears to be about to let him grope her, Battler freaks out and scolds her not to do that.
      • Actually, the Umineko fighting game takes Battler's love of groping Up to Eleven by making it one of his attacks. Seriously, it has to be seen to be believed.
      • Rudolf, his father, is also somewhat on this territory, although he also has an unfortunate tendency to cheat on his wife.
      • Ange's bodyguard, Jugo Amakusa, also qualifies. He got fired by her aunt and guardian Eva for disobeying instructions not to talk to Ange while he was on duty. Never mind talk to her, he hit on her!
    • Deconstructed in Weiss Kreuz with Kudou Yoji. He's both shamelessly flirtatious toward and protective of women - at one point proclaiming that "woman's enemy is my enemy" - but he's also an assassin and male Honey Trap, and any woman he makes any kind of emotional connection with is inevitably either a target he is using for information, a target who's trying to use him for information, or just plain doomed to become a statistic. By sequel series Weiss Kreuz Gluhen, the emotional toll on Yoji has become so bad that he's developed habits like talking to his dead girlfriend on the phone and unconsciously throttling his partners during sex, and he nearly pulls a Face Heel Turn in his desperation to forget about all of it. He only recovers after a complete case of Victory-Guided Amnesia allows him to leave it all behind and marry the Hospital Hottie who takes care of him.
    • Yusuke Urameshi in Yu Yu Hakusho. In spades. Somewhat different in that he only acts this way towards one girl: his best and oldest friend Keiko Yukimura, who has, apparently, been putting up with it since they were in kindergarten.
    • Saito in The Familiar of Zero (more on the chivalrous side in the Light Novel and more on the perverted side in the anime). He's attracted to pretty much his entire Unwanted Harem, including his master Louise, his maid Siesta, the flirty Kirche, the quiet Tabitha, the naive Tiffania and even Princess Henrietta. Despite his perverted side, he never takes advantage of them even when given an opportunity. Not even when Louise becomes a lovey-dovey Clingy Jealous Girl under effect of a Love Potion.
    • Yuuto Kigai from X 1999. He sleeps with his Femme Fatale boss and is very aware of the local Emotionless Girl's crush on him, but doesn't take advantage of the latter's feelings for him. Might be because he seems to partially see her as a Replacement Goldfish for his sister...
    • Full Metal Panic!: Kurz Weber. Best summed up in his fight at the end of the first season, in which he rejects a We Can Rule Together speech by suggesting a counterstrategy: "I'll kill you, ask Tessa for a picture of her in her swimsuit as a reward, and sell copies to everyone on the ship for $20 apiece." Shortly afterward, when Melissa Mao turns up in nothing but her underwear to save him and then passes out, his only reaction is to sit dolefully next to her and lament that he doesn't have a camera. He also tends to use his reputation as a pervert to distract others and avoid conversations he doesn't care for.
    • Yugi from Yu-Gi-Oh!. In the manga he has lots of fantasies involving pretty girls, and specially about Anzu, but he doesn't act on them and is otherwise a really sweet Nice Guy.
    • Dr. Akari from Karneval knows that he's a handsome bastard that women want (yet whom the nurses hilariously deny), but seemingly hasn't exercised the "pervert" portion as far as the viewer is concerned.
    • In Tona Gura, Yuuji will not touch or dream of touching underaged Lonely Rich Kid Nina, her Gag Boobs aside. Despite Marie's early explanation of her role in 'punishing' brother Yuuji and it being for her safety as well, there are places he will never go. Unless the target is Kazuki.
    • Sugisaki in Student Council's Discretion. Very strong on the pervert end of the scale as his declared goal is to turn the student council into his harem and compares them to a dating sim, where after finishing Chizuru's route he would get the Best Harem End. That way (insert noble pose) everyone can be happy!
    • Ryoji Kaji from Neon Genesis Evangelion fulfills this trope very faithfully. He hits on women left and right and comes off as an aloof playboy, but is secretly very caring, driven and responsible. He is the closest to a Big Brother Mentor that Shinji has, refuses to take the much younger Asuka's affections, and clearly cares very deeply about his old girlfriend Misato - it's a shame she doesn't come to terms with her own feelings for him until it's too late.
    • Alberio Imma of Mahou Sensei Negima generally acts like this. Flashbacks reveal that Negi's father was like this as well, although he limited it to a single person and only when they had the luxury of privacy.
      • Jack Rakan certainly likes "collecting" panties, much to the consternation and mortification of Fate Averruncus' minions; and his comments to Nagi about the latter's aforementioned beau leaves little doubt that his mind has already hurled itself through the proverbial gutter. He never quite crosses beyond those boundaries, however, and developed his infamous technique to defeat female opponents by stealing their panties and flipping their skirts until they concede to gain the upper hand without directly hurting them.
      • Also, after defeating Homura (the only girl who kept attacking him after that), when her leader Fate stepped in to fight - Jack immediately asked her to step aside not because she had lost, but because he didn't want her to get caught in the crossfire.
      • That, and Rakan didn't try anything perverted on Chisame when they got caught in a Shower of Awkward situation. He just laughed it off.
      • We also have the Badass Driver Johnny Raidein, who often comments on how pretty and grown Yuna Akashi looks despite her extreme youth but never goes beyond that. And he even pulls an Heroic Sacrifice later.
    • Greece from Axis Powers Hetalia, especially when compared to resident Lovable Sex Maniac France. He's known as #1 in the frequency of sex among nations and has even less problems with nudity than France does, but his overall personality is very different from France's. This becomes most obvious when he's shown with Japan: he's made one or two sexual advances towards him (which may or may not include actual sex), but most signs of his genuine affection for him are less centered on sex and actually pretty sweet (seriously, trying to speak Japanese? Taking all of Japan's snacks after the other nations ignore them? Being worried about his hair looking unkempt to Japan?).
    • Sakanami from Koe de Oshigoto! considers sexual harassment to be the ultimate compliment to a girl, but himself will never touch a woman unless she wants him to.
    • Usui Takumi in Kaichou wa Maid-sama delights in teasing Misaki, enough so that she habitually calls him a "perverted space alien." Aside from stealing a couple of kisses, however, he scrupulously refrains from actually taking advantage of her in any way. Most notable during the incident in which Misaki is hypnotized to behave as though drunk, and begins trying to take off her clothes - Usui rolls her up in a blanket so that she can't do anything she'd really regret later.
    • Tomoki of Sora no Otoshimono leans very heavily on the pervert side of the scale, but damn does he hate it when people don't treat the Angeloids, his Unwanted Harem, with respect as people and not just the slaves they are programmed to be.
    • Parco Folgore from Zatch Bell is a shining example of this. Being a handsome Italian popstar, he is a hit with the ladies. He basks in their attention and it is made straight-out obvious that he is a huge womanizer in his first appearance (he even has a hit song solely about breasts. In the original Japanese version, that is). However, he would never lay a hand on a woman who showed no interest and is very concerned about their will-being (for example, he took Suzume to the hospital after she hit her head against a pole and fell on her bottom., and in that same episode he performed for and handed out gifts to a group of sick children). He always puts has friends (and especially his mamodo/partner, Kanchome) first and would never abandon them, even if he is a bit of a coward.
    • Shoujo Kakumei Utena has two highly deconstructive examples:
      • Touga Kiryuu. He seduces any girl he wants - sometimes three or four at a time - but comes more than once comes to the aid of Utena, his sister Nanami and his friend Saionji. Yet not only does he pull a really cruel prank on Nanami by making her believe they're Not Blood Siblings, despite knowing she's crazy for him, but he causes Utena to go into an Heroic BSOD by defeating her in a duel, and then causes Saionji to be kicked out of Ohtori Academy.
      • Akio Ohtori. During his seduction sequences, he appears to be a perfect gentleman but turns out to be the Enemy Without of a selfless prince deity whose Barrier Maiden sister Anthy has to suffer for his inability to cope with being divine. Akio's seduction of Utena (including taking her virginity) is presented by him as the gentlemanly thing to do - kissing her feet, making her feel like a lady, being the most polite guy ever. But it turns out it's all a ruse to warp her into a very feminine and kind, yet also very passive bride for him to use in his cosmic plans, instead of her becoming an equally kind-hearted prince who could conquer him, and like he did to poor Anthy many years ago via making her his lover and a sorta Honey Trap as the Rose Bride. The real kicker? Deep down, Akio is still the good guy prince who consoled Utena when she was a child, showed her true nobility, and made her promise that she'd save Anthy. ... So anyway, after a while of all that, Akio has sex with Touga.
    • Michel (Michael? Mikhail?) Blanc of Macross Frontier is a textbook example. He eyes up and down all the pretty girls with his devilish charms, but he makes a clear effort to remember the names of those he only met for five seconds months ago, and will headlock suspected two-timing Jerk Asses who are setting up girls for a heartbreak. Gives decent relationship advice, too. And ultimately sacrifices his life for Klan, the girl he loves.
    • Ginei Morioka from Rosario + Vampire is incredibly perverted, and after his introduction, he's very blatant about it. However, he's very protective of his friends, and at one point he shields them from a massive fireball when he's perfectly capable of dodging. Yet even in tense situations, he's quite lecherous. At one point, he grabs Kurumu's breast as his "reward" for rescuing them.
    • Toshiki from Video Girl Len is an unrepentant, irresponsible, flirty Casanova who dates and dumps girls and constantly tries to peek on Len Momono to see her naked. He's also a loyal friend who hugs Hiromu and cries with him when he's heartbroken, takes beatings from delinquents to save Hiromu and Ayumi, and when Len offers to have sex with him to see if her mission would be easier, he does 'not take her offer. Yeah, the guy may be a major pervert, but when his friends truly need him he's very much there for them, so it's no wonder that with all of his high libido he still was pure-hearted enough to see the Neo Gokuraku store.
    • Magic Users Club: While Takeo may burst into perverted fantasies at the drop of a hat, he's very protective of his fellow club members, especially Sae, and tries his best to perform his duties as president without acting on his desires.
    • Inukami!: Keita, and those four Citizens of Darkness guys who he often share a jail cell with. They're peeping toms and panty thieves but that's as far as they go. They're the 'good' perverts that contrast the evil perversion of the Big Bad, who likes undressing people and putting them in embarrasing cosplay.
    • Urd from Ah! My Goddess is a female example. While she is indeed lecherous (as one can tell by how she dresses), she is far from a horrible person and honestly wants what’s best for Keiichi and her sister Belldandy. Skuld does disagree with her decisions though, since Skuld is a hero antagonist to Keiichi.

    Comic Books

    • Beast Boy/Changeling of Teen Titans, far more so than his animated counterpart. He hits on anything in a skirt, although this is part of the fact that he acts goofy as a way to deal with his own problems. In one instance, the Titans are swimming and Dick and Starfire are skinny dipping in the hot tub. Something Gar says causes Starfire to stand up, and even though Dick manages to cover her with a towel, Gar freaks out and starts apologizing profusely.
    • Hercules natch. He hooks up with the Girl of the Week every other issue, partly because he wants to get laid and partly because he finds them interesting people.
      • Taken to its logical extreme in Fall of an Avenger. after his death it was revealed that Hercules had long term relationships with different women all over the world. He would even support them with his investments until he could see them again. All of them were saddened when they learned that he was dead.
      • What with him being an Ancient Greek hero (see Achilles and Patroclus; and for Herc himself, look up Iolaus on The Other Wiki), it's strongly hinted that it's not just women.

    Fan Works


    • Lester Burnham from American Beauty. He spends the movie obsessing over a Fille Fatale girl who is the same age as his daughter, but when he actually gets a chance with her he stops once he finds out she's actually a virgin, and her sexual prowesses were a lie.
    • Austin Powers, despite some implied deviant sexual behavior, is still for the most part courteous toward the ladies he's trying to woo. Considering who he's a parody of, this is to be expected.
    • Monty in Waiting actively pursues the hostess. He backs out at the last minute because she's roughly a week shy of being eighteen. However, he instructs her to tell everyone that he totally nailed her. You know, for his image.
    • Van in Van Wilder. He flirts mercilessly with love-interest Gwen but he never actually makes a pass at her since he knows she has a boyfriend, even though the guy is a complete Jerkass. He does the same thing with Kaitlin in Freshman Year
    • James Lennox in Men with Brooms, the kind of classy guy who brings a "Rent-A-Girlfriend" to the funeral of a beloved friend, refuses to take advantage of Amy when she makes a drunken rebound attempt at him. He even goes on to berate Chris for unintentionally causing Amy to fall Off the Wagon.
    • Back to The Future: George McFly.[context?]


    • The literary James Bond is one of these in spades. Movie Bond, however, is more of a cad.
    • Nicholas van Rijn of Poul Anderson's Technic History. If you are an attractive woman, expect to have him make constant references to your looks as well as many passes. But should danger appear, you couldn't have anyone better at your side.
    • In the same mould, Heslet Quillan from James H. Schmitz's Federation of the Hub takes instant advantage of the situation when the naked Action Girl falls into his arms—but never hesitates when a lady needs his help.
    • Conan the Barbarian. Perhaps most notably in "The Slithering Shadow" where Conan is actually embarrassed at the way The Vamp glomped onto him, because his slave girl Natala is watching, even though "He was no more monogamous in his nature than the average soldier of fortune"
    • Count Giacomo Casanunda, Discworld's finest swords-dwarf and second greatest lover ("I try harder"). A charming romantic scoundrel like his real-world namesake, he never mistreats a lady he has taken an interest in, even during his try at being a highwayman, and he's decidedly a lover rather than a fighter. He was even willing to stand up against The Fair Folk to defend Nanny Ogg (who didn't really need defending, but that's besides the point).
      • On the issue of how much a fighter he is, it should be noted that his business card reads in full as "World's Second Greatest Lover. Finest Swordsman. Outrageous Liar. Soldier of Fortune. Stepladders Repaired."
    • Quite a few Deadpan Snarker detectives. Most notably Raymond Chandler's Philip Marlowe and Dashiell Hammett's Sam Spade. Both of whom have been played by Humphrey Bogart.
    • Possibly, Travis McGee, in John Macdonald's novels. Bitter, but utterly a believer in the healing power of good sex, occasionally waxing highly poetic about it. He admits he sleeps with women to make them feel better; he's quieter about the healing effect it has on him as well, being not inclined to discuss his dark past.
    • Dr. Tachyon of Wild Cards. Consider: Roulette tries to kill him; he heals her and sends her off to rebuild her life.
    • In Sandy Mitchell's Ciaphas Cain novels, Cain alludes his numerous amorous adventures (at least, prior to meeting Amberley Vail), but never to getting into trouble as a consequence, and the one occasion where he meets up again with an old flame she is perfectly happy to see him.
    • John Ringo's Ghost gives us a chivalrous rapist as the protagonist. Say it with me... OH JOHN RINGO NO.
    • Lucien de Barenton, Count de Chretien, in Vonda McIntyre's The Moon and the Sun. A sharp-witted, cosmopolitan seventeenth-century aristocrat with a colorful love life, who respects all of his girlfriends as people and eventually settles down with the heroine.
    • Fitz Kreiner from the Doctor Who Expanded Universe novels. He at one point has three girlfriends at the same time, but other than that is nothing but sweet and lovely to all of them. He once justified deflowering a naive ingenue with the fact that his mum always told him that if someone is sad, you should try to cheer them up. He starts off as more of a Fairly Attractive Lech, though. One novel features this scene, which gives one the impression he's an intentional example of this trope:

    Without hesitation Fitz stepped forward and cracked Robin on the jaw with a straight punch which probably hurt him more than its victim.
    Robin staggered backwards, looking shocked.
    Fitz rubbed his aching knuckles. ‘If there’s one thing I can't stand it’s bullies. Especially people who bully women.’

    • Judge Dee's faithful lieutenant Ma Joong is always ready to take his pleasure, but when he rescues a mistreated prostitute - who turns out to be from his own village - he is the soul of chivalry. Eventually he buys her out so she can marry the young man she's in love with.
    • A favourite of Christopher Pike's in his novels: the Final Friends series (Bubba); Monster (Kevin); Witch (Randy); The Eternal Enemy (Ed).
    • Carlos Ramirez of The Dresden Files is the resident Casanova, but is unfailingly polite to all women. He's also a virgin, to the amusement of everyone present.
      • On that topic, the title character, Harry Dresden, fits this. He has a self proclaimed chivalrous streak that gets him into trouble often enough, but it doesn't extend to looking away...
    • A Thread of Grace: Renzo Leoni has elements of this. His ability to play this role allows him to get close to the Nazis who are in charge of his area of Italy.
    • Captain Bel Thorne of the Vorkosiverse. "It" was a Betan hermaphrodite, but tended to act more male than female, most of the time, although the balance generally depended on the known preferences of who it was trying to seduce. However when asked to smuggle an attractive young refugee away from a hostile force it refused most of the money, just keeping one token note to make it a legal contract.
      • Lord Ivan Vorpatril in the same setting is one of Barrayar's most enthuasistic young rakes, but his immediate reaction to his friend Byerly's statement that Ivan would be the ideal partner to come help him save the life of a beautiful woman is to be insulted that he'd be thought any less reluctant to help save an ugly one.
    • Eon in the Belisarius Series is rather like this. As a teenager he played around with the palace staff as well as his two concubines whom he was quite fond of. This was before he married. Interestingly when asked by the title character to play a role as a spectacularly abusive pervert for his cover in a covert op he is rather repulsed. Before Eon's coronation the elders of his kingdom question all the palace staff on his treatment of them on the assumption that this would indicate how he might treat his people.
    • In A Whiff of Death (a.k.a. The Death Dealers), the minor character Dr. Foster seems to be constantly flirting with any female, but has never been seen or heard doing anything inappropriate; he's simply very gregarious.

    Live-Action TV

    • Boston Legal: Alan Shore and Denny Crane. "If you ever need anything, an ear, a shoulder [pause], an erection, I'm here."
    • One could argue the case that Gene Hunt has taken a turn for this direction in Ashes to Ashes.
    • G'Kar from Babylon 5 after some Character Development. The ending of the series implies that his patience paid off.
      • If that means peeping on Sheridan and Delenn's wedding night, I thought it not all that chivalrous and simply perverted, and politically stupid besides. Was Earthdome short of courtesans for a diplomat to indulge himself with?
        • The peeping "incident" was actually one full season before the end of the series and it happened on a White Star, not in EarthDome. His last appearance in the series in broadcast order implies he got to get jiggy with Lyta Alexander, who five years earlier had replied to his proposition with something along the lines of: not even if you were the last male in the Universe, and the salvation of the Universe dependent on it. Of course, in between she'd done some Boldly Coming with Kosh, at least in heavy subtext.
    • Skins: One of Cook's better moments comes when he acts a bit like this when Naomi suddenly changes her mind about having sex with him and he immediately accepts it.

    Naomi: You're not even going to try and convince me? Most guys would.
    Cook: Most guys aren't me, babe.

    • 'Dolly' from Bonekickers.
    • Xander from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, though rarely with success.
      • It should be noted that the one time he had any success with Buffy, his Love Interest in the early seasons, he turned her down because he realized that she was under the influence of magic.
    • Joey from Friends, at least when it comes to the members of his group of friends. He hits on them on numerous occasions and tries several ploys to either see them naked or see them kiss each other, but when everyone believes Phoebe's been in a porno movie, Joey is the only member of the gang who refuses to watch it. He also freaks out quite a bit when Rachel calls his bluff and actually offers to sleep with him.
      • Joey is so good to his female friends, that upon hearing Phoebe was pregnant, he goes out to beat up the supposed father... then comes back and proposes to Phoebe so she won't be alone. Later when he finds Rachel is the one who is actually pregnant he promptly proposes to her too.
      • In one episode, when a drunken Rachel responds favorably to his "How you doin'?" line, he tells Ross not to let her drink any more.
      • Joey is actually an interesting case where the character exists on both ends of the spectrum simultaneously. He views the single women of New York as sexual conquests and not much else (he's never abusive, he's just... very, very shallow). But to his female friends, he is kind, fiercely loyal and incredibly respectful (possibly even more than Chandler and Ross, as per the above examples).
    • Jack Harkness, from Doctor Who and Torchwood. Forget ladies, he's after the population of every galaxy. He is introduced in Doctor Who ogling an endangered Rose Tyler's behind through a pair of binoculars. True to the "chivalrous" part, he immediately goes to rescue her. And slaps the other soldier coming to ask him what he was doing on the bum, commenting that his was nice too. In a notable subversion of the trope, he's extremely committed when he's actually dating someone who's monogamous. He also refuses to do anyone with anyone else who's in a monogamous relationship—although all his friends keep randomly kissing him.
      • Also of Doctor Who, Vislor Turlough also applies to a good degree. Unfortunately, he's shut down more than your average animated flirt.
    • Admiral Albert "Al" Calavicci from Quantum Leap. Lost his virginity at an age where most boys were still putting lizards in girl's lunchboxes. "I have been absolutely in love with every woman I have ever slept with — at that moment in time." He's easily Distracted by the Sexy and takes advantage of being a Virtual Ghost to peep to his heart's content. But he never stopped loving his first wife who remarried when it looked like he was killed in Vietnam, and the only thing he won't do for a woman he's involved with is keep it in his pants. And the surest way to press his button is to harm or belittle a woman. Don Juan needs to go knight this guy RFN.
    • Napoleon Solo in The Man from U.N.C.L.E.. Depending on the episode and writer, Solo tends to bounce between Casanova, The Charmer, Chivalrous Pervert and Handsome Lech. A lot.
    • Happy Days: The Fonz. His Cool factor kept him from being as perverted as many on this list, but as one episode showed, going even one day without l'amour (kiddied down to "kissing", but watch the episode again as an adult and you get a broader meaning) was a severe trial to him. It also meant he rarely had to actually pursue a woman, unless the plot called for it.
    • Jay from the The Inbetweeners is perpetually lying, in revoltingly graphic detail, about all the girls he has apparently had sex with even though he's obviously a virgin, and generally talks as though he thinks of women solely as sex objects. In the most recent episode, though, he actually gets into a relationship, and has utter respect for his girlfriend's sexual boundaries and is a pretty good boyfriend until he gets some bad advice from his father, who seems to believe that Stalking Is Love.
    • Dennis from Just Shoot Me has moments of this towards Maya. A good example is the episode "Miss Pretty", where he is secretly the magazine's new advice columnist. When Maya asks for an interview, Dennis gets a friend of his (a scuzzbag who specializes in bogus lawsuits) to pose as the columnist. But when Maya starts dating him, Dennis becomes concerned, and eventually confesses to being Miss Pretty rather than have her go out with someone more depraved than he is.
    • Francis Bryan in The Tudors showed signs of this during his first episode. He bluntly asked a woman to be his mistress and offered her an expensive necklace. He then told her that if she refused, he would bother her no more.
      • A more, um, explicit yet subtle (yeah, that doesn't sound oxymoronic, at all) example is his conversation with Mary where he, on Henry's order to try to find out how sexually knowledgeable she is, mentions cunnilingus. Back then, female sexual pleasure wasn't really considered a big deal; basically, women were either supposed to have sex to either procreate or because a man, either their husband/lover or a paying customer, wanted it. So, the implication that he's performed it, shows that his womanising isn't all about satisfying his own sexual pleasure.
    • Castle : Title character Richard Castle fits this to a T. He loves the ladies and will quite happily drop Double Entendres like nobody's business, but in one episode he befriends a call girl who is helping them solve a case. She comes to his house crying, with a black eye, and even when she tries to kiss him he refuses and insists on getting her medical attention.
    • Tony, the Canteen Manager from the sitcom Dinnerladies.
    • The anti-heroic Prince Justin Greystone from Wizards and Warriors. He occasionally tears himself away from his wine and women to reluctantly do something noble.
    • Buck Wilmington from The Magnificent Seven TV series. Hits on/sleeps with every woman he meets but treats them all with respect. He attributes this to the fact he was raised in a brothel but his mother taught him to treat every woman like a lady.
    • Tristan, from All Creatures Great and Small, seemingly has a different nurse on his arm every week, but he also seems to treat them all beautifully.
    • Tony DiNozzo from NCIS. He started out as a regular Casanova, hitting on every skirt he could find, and even after six seasons of character development is still interested, but he would never even think of hurting a woman.
      • And his father is one as well.
    • Hank Moody of Californication could qualify. While he sleeps with almost every woman he meets (including ones who hate him), he is usually the first to assault (read: knock out) anyone who either inappropriately insults a woman or mistreats them somehow.
    • James T. Kirk from Star Trek: The Original Series.
      • In fact, for one episode, Spock and McCoy were clued in that something wasn't right with their captain (Kirk's jilted ex-lover was inhabiting his body), despite having no physical proof, because the fake captain had struck a woman (who the real Kirk was inhabiting).
    • Jack Tripper from Three's Company. He's had numerous Girls Of The Week and never passes an opportunity to get a kiss from either or both of his two female roommates, but he never actually goes any farther than that with his roommates and goes steady with his latest girlfriend in the series finale.
    • Captain Benjamin Franklin "Hawkeye" Pierce from M*A*S*H. He sleeps around, but has a defined moral; he appreciates the company of women for their own sake; he is contrasted with actual perverts in the form of 50s-style chauvinists and out-and-out rapists, whom he opposes; he doesn't get along with the 50s masculine persona. Hawkeye falls in with almost every aspect listed in this entry.
    • Sam Axe from Burn Notice. He's certainly a Casanova and (for the first two seasons, at least) had a collection of sugar mamas, so we know he's appreciative of the ladies. But should you actually want to harm one? Run. Just run.
    • Dean Winchester from Supernatural. He flirts with most of the women he meets, but when we see him with Cassie, we find out that he really loved her, but she didn't believe him when he told her what he did for a living, breaking his heart as she left. And he isn't exactly thrilled when he discovers that Ho Yay buddy Castiel plans to hand a girl named Anna (whom Dean had slept with) over to the angels.
    • Jim Longworth from The Glades is constantly flirting with the married Callie but doesn't pressure her into cheating on her convict husband. When he prevented an imminent assault on her by a rapist breaking into her house, he didn't tell her so she wouldn't feel she owed him.
    • Don Draper of Mad Men is a Casanova par excellence, to the point where it costs him his marriage (combined with his pathological addiction to lying). However, he has serious problems with other men being crude and creepy around women (whatever he might be, he is never crude or creepy), particularly in the office; as he says to Peggy, "I have rules" about this sort of thing. When he breaks these rules and drunkenly seduces his secretary Allison in Season 4, it's used as an indication of how far he has fallen.
    • Damien Scott of Strike Back is a regular Casanova but is usually honest with the women he sleeps with or at least as honest as being a secret government operative allows him to. When he is held captive together with a female hostage he quickly seduces her. However, once they are rescued he declines to have sex with her because he realizes that it would be taking advantage of her vulnerable emotional state.
    • Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother is this towards Robin and Lily, but definitely not to any of his one-night stands, to whom he is simply a sociopathic, misogynistic Jerkass.


    • Mr. DNA from Devo's "Smart Patrol/Mr. DNA" is an "Altruistic Pervert." While not explained further in the song, the connotations seem to indicate a chivalrous pervert.
    • A trend in 21st century rnb/rap songs is that a rapper will be rapping about a woman he saw in a club who he thinks is perfect and who he'll always treat right. This is popular enough to be the subject of most mainstream rnb these days.
    • The band ZZ Top, apparently. Double Entendre filled Lyrics and Fan Service-y videos and album covers, but in several of their music videos they provide a Deus Ex Machina to smite those who act like jerks towards a woman. Taken Up to Eleven in the video for "Legs", where they basically just give the girl a confidance-boost so that she can go back and humiliate them.

    Professional Wrestling

    • WWE commentator Jerry "The King" Lawler is this in spades. He spends much of the Diva matches talking about the female wrestlers' " puppies" and other assets, but when one of them gets hurt, he's always the first one up to help, sometimes getting himself badly beaten when he tries to rescue a Diva in distress from a monster heel.

    Video Games

    • Winfield from Agarest: Generations of War is this, across all the Generations. It becomes more apparent in the Second Generation, when his character is given more limelight - notably, hitting on Sharona, with Ellis giving the aside that he could use some slapping around.
    • Jimmy Hopkins from Bully, while he can be a Jerkass and a player, he is always kind when it comes to a truly distraught woman. Maybe his motives are questionable, but still, he's a good person deep down.
    • In Star FOX, Panther Caroso may be The Casanova, but he still cares about who he woos, making him this.
    • The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind has Crassius Curio, a quest-giver and high-ranking member of House Hlaalu. Insists on calling the PC things like "dumpling" or "pumpkin pie," no matter the gender, and his first order is to see you naked. However, it's largely implied nothing really happens...
      • Curio also wrote a light pornographic play called, "The Lusty Argonian Maid", where the main characters are an Author Avatar named Crantius Colto and a female Argonian named Lifts-Her-Tail. Argonians are lizard people. Curio's tastes apparently cross species boundaries as well.
    • Ready? Here comes the list of Final Fantasy poster boys for this trope:
      • Desh in Final Fantasy III. Gave us the famous quote: "Hey, we have a ship! Now we can pick up girls from all over the world!". Makes an apparent Heroic Sacrifice soon after.
      • Edge in Final Fantasy IV. A prince who will fight like a wildcat to protect his people, but never misses an opportunity to get close to pretty ladies.
      • Edgar from Final Fantasy VI. A king who tells little girls he'll marry them when they grow up... and spends his days working as a Gadgeteer Genius to protect every last one of his subjects. He hits on Terra when Locke first brings her to Castle Figaro, but is also willing to put himself (not to mention his own kingdom) in great risk in order to protect her from The Empire.

    Kefka: A girl of no importance recently escaped us, and we heard that she found refuge here...
    Edgar: That's a tough one... You see, there're more girls here than grains of sand out there. I can't keep track of them all!

      • Irvine in Final Fantasy VIII. It's mostly an act, at times even bordering on Have I Mentioned I Am Heterosexual Today?. Although he genuinely enjoys being a dashing cowboy type, his real concern is protecting his friends.
        • Shortly after meeting him for the first time, when the time comes to split the party into two groups, Irvine naturally forms his group with all the female party members. You can change it to how you want though.
      • Zidane in Final Fantasy IX is practically the poster boy for the series alongside Edgar. He actually has "Protect Girls" as a support skill which lets him intercept attacks on women, and is constantly flirting with females throughout the game. He also subverts Can't Act Perverted Toward a Love Interest, as he shameless makes passes at Garnet the entire game, though he backs off slightly when he realizes he's actually in love with her.
      • If we're putting all the Final Fantasy examples together, add political mastermind Al-Cid Margrace (NOT Cid) in Final Fantasy XII and, more obviously, Final Fantasy Tactics A2.
        • Similar to Zidane, Al-Cid in A2 has most of his combat abilities become stronger the more female units there are in your party on the battlefield. He also has one or two abilities which only work on females! To drive the point even further, when you fight him and his party of ladies before he joins your party, the law forbides you from harming females!
        • Balthier gets this characterization in the Final Fantasy XII manga, romancing Ashe before he even knows her name. The original game gave him shades of this, but it was rather subtle about it compared to the manga's interpretation.
    • In the .hack GU games: "I, Kuhn, cannot allow this atrocity to go any further!"
      • He says this when a girl is wandering a dungeon alone - he wants to protect her. And then, he finds out her true age...
      • Although he's a nice guy in general, and has a strong (albeit sometimes hidden) sense of justice, he is particularly nice to women. This backfires on him when he hits on a Cross Player in the sequel OVA.
        • Saburou is generally fairly obvious as to "her" real gender, which just made it even more of an Epic Fail for Kuhn.
      • Surprisingly, one of the characters he doesn't appear to be attracted to is Atoli. Of course, he's more of a Shipper on Deck with her and Haseo, which might be why...
      • Ironically, Kuhn is Tomonari Kasumi, Mai Minase's boyfriend from Liminality. The audience gets the pleasure of seeing "the only serious girlfriend he ever had."
    • Larry Butz in Ace Attorney, who falls in love quickly and is very passionate about the ladies. Unfortunately most of them seem to end up using him, leaving him, being murdered, or being Franziska von Karma.
    • Perhaps the best example that no one's ever heard of: Sain the Paladin from Fire Emblem (the seventh one overall, the first one to be released in the United States), who somehow manages to be both Genre Blind and Genre Savvy simultaneously. He knows how knights in that particular genre of game pick up women, so he inserts a lot of stereotypically "knightly" phrases into his speech. Which would probably work, if anyone else in the game talked like that. He does a lot of stuff—like trying a "heroic" pose with a lance in the middle of a fight, but in the process forgetting the Tactical Rock-Paper-Scissors and taking an axe to the face for his trouble—that show how he's trying to be honorable and heroic but is really just perverted and hilarious. Sadly, he shows up less and less as the game gets Darker and Edgier, and notably has no plot-mandated lines after the Disc One Final Boss. Darn shame. So many good opportunities missed.
      • Despite this, he never had any support talks with his lord, stating a more professional relationship between him and Lyn. Also, he is one of the few guys who can distract a girl from her troubles in their supports (Priscilla's conflicted feelings for Raven, Fiora's Survivor Guilt after losing her squad, Serra demanding vassalage as a part of her Stepford Smiler facade, Isadora's angst over her relationship with Harken).
        • Sain has no support talk with Lyn because she's already taken: His best friend Kent has a huge Bodyguard Crush on her. So, he step apart for his friend, and openly tells him so in their supports. Heck, Sain's dying quote is: "Lady Lyndis, I was... so happy...!"
      • See also Saul, who alternates between preaching and flirting with every women he sees. He even straight out tells Ellen, another priest, that he's loose and may do "undesirable things" to her, but she thinks he's better than that. His other female supports tend to see through his religious charade easily though. And when he gets serious, well, he does get serious: if you promote him and make him face the Sinister Minister Oro, Saul is clearly PO'd to see a fellow clergy member playing the Complete Monster role, and tells him "You disgrace the Gods, and you will pay for that!".
      • To a lesser extent, Forde from the eighth Fire Emblem fitted this bill, but nowhere near the epic awesomeness that is Sain.
      • Or Bastian, from POR/RD. Add Shakespearian dialogue to the mix as well.
        • And Gatrie?
      • Also Alec from the fourth. Though if he gets married, he sort of quit flirting for the sake of the wife. Doesn't stop him about complimenting women in general, though (as described with his last dialogue with Briggid, if paired).

    Briggid: What's Chalpy like?
    Alec: It's a country full of beautiful girls.
    Briggid: Alec! You better not try to double-time with me!
    Alec: Okay, okay, I know...

      • Memetic Molester Heather from Radiant Dawn is portrayed as this in pretty much every piece of dialogue she has... well, to women, anyway. She even admits in a line that didn't make it to the English version that she joined your army to see all the pretty girls.
    • Johnny from Guilty Gear is the head of a crew of air pirates. He's a master of iaido and a very stylish man, with Cool Shades and Badass Longcoat (as well as an enormous hat and an epic voice). And he flirts with every female character that crosses his path. Those pirates, by the way? All girls. Young girls (and all of them are orphans, like Johnny himself, who gave them a home as he took them into his crew), with the exception of the cook. And then XX Dropped a Bridget On Him.
    • Jansen Friedh from Lost Odyssey fits this trope to perfection. He joins your party with a woman on each arm and shortly afterwards falls hard for a Stripperiffic amnesia-ridden immortal queen, acting overprotective at every turn. Hilarity Ensues.
      • Ironic in that, by comparison, Jansen is the one that needs protecting, as said queen is arguably the best magic user in the game.
        • Jansen is a powerful mage in his own right: the real irony comes from the fact that, even before she gets her memory back, Ming is arguably more chivalrous and self-sacrificing than him.
    • Zelos from Tales of Symphonia. It actually benefits him to talk to every female character he sees, as they'll give your party items if Zelos is in the lead.
    • The player character of the Dating Sim True Love shamelessly comments on seeing girls' panties and the size of their breasts, and would clearly love to get laid by any beautiful girl he meets. However, he won't force a girl to do anything she doesn't want to do, and is disgusted by the misogynistic statements made by the school resident Casanova. Heck, there's even an event in the game where he rescues one of the girls from a Near-Rape Experience, which makes him gain love points from both the girl he saves and his hot female teacher (whom you can't hook up with if you don't help the damsel).
    • The Mega Man Legends incarnation of the Blue Bomber is a champion of justice who has a nasty habit of peeping at his adoptive sister in the bath.
    • Gilder of Skies of Arcadia seems to be one of these. He certainly doesn't go after Fina or Aika, and has a sense of humour about it - even if Vyse chooses to tell him that his motto comparing women and sunsets ("beautiful, but there will be another one tomorrow") is messed up when they first meet.
    • Bang Shishigami from BlazBlue.
    • Hyo Amano from Last Blade.
    • Leon from Luminous Arc.
    • Keenan Caine from Bliss Stage First and Final Act is this in spades:

    "Yukiko is my anchor, my friend and my one true love. She comes first. The moment she tells me she's uncomfortable with my... activities with Mulan is the moment they cease."

    • Ragnar from Wild ARMs XF.
    • Gannayev in Neverwinter Nights 2 Mask of the Betrayer starts out as a jaded Casanova but a female player can turn him into a Chivalrous Pervert instead, with a little care.
    • Zevran Arainai plays around with this in Dragon Age: Origins. While he is a Professional Killer who wears a Casanova facade, when genuinely pursuing a relationship with someone, he switches into this mode. He makes a point of only having sex on an amateur basis, though. Sleeping with the target only makes things complicated.
    • Haken Browning from Endless Frontier. He has no qualms about giving people breast-themed nicknames and identifying women based on their rears, but he acts like a perfect gentleman to any woman who hasn't gotten on his bad side. Notably, the only time he brings up sex outright, he's politely offering it as payment for the use of a mermaid's ship. He never even makes any advances on his Love Interest, and agrees to turn off the lights when she finally makes the first move. "I wouldn't want to embarrass a fine lady like yourself."
    • Spada Belforma from Tales of Innocence, at least when it comes to Ange.
    • Kyle from Suikoden V.
      • Note that he actually is a Knight.
    • Ezio in Assassin's Creed II was heading towards The Casanova route before the plot intervened. He still uses his charm to imply that he would be delighted to work closer with his female co-conspirators, but treats them with respect and can keep his mind on the job when necessary.
    • Advocat of Grim Grimoire flirts with students and makes blatant innuendos towards almost everyone, however he takes his role as teacher and protector very seriously and is highly honourable, especially compared to other demons.
    • Junpei Iori in Persona 3.
    • Roy Campbell is shown to be this in Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops. Namely, Roy has attempted to give advice to his fellow soldiers that proves to be completely inappropriate for the soldiers' current situation despite the similar wording (For example, if a soldier attempts to call Campbell asking for advice in regards to distance between themselves and the enemy that is far enough away to not trigger an alert, and he ended up giving advice about personal space in regards to dating a girl.), as well as teased Snake about getting a girl like Elisa into joining his side as he thinks that she's about five years too young to be sexually mature. However, he has shown himself to have quite a bit of a restraint in regards to dating girls: For instance, he passed an opportunity to date a girl he had an attraction to for his brother's sake (they were both attracted to the same girl) and joined the Green Berets.
      • This carries over to Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, where he's in a relationship with the much-younger Rose. This is all a ruse to keep the Patriots from finding out that Rose's unborn child is Raiden's, thus trying to prevent them from using Rose and the baby as leverage against him.
    • Duke Nukem has made it his life's mission to rescue Distressed Damsels from hideous, alien behemoths. But that doesn't mean he won't ogle them once he's saved them.
    • Raven from Tales of Vesperia is this, flirting incessantly with the female party members (not that Judith does much to discourage him), while having a chivalrous side that becomes especially noticeable halfway through the game. It also helps that he's actually a knight captain. Hell, even as Schwann he'll compliment Judith's beauty if she's in the party during the boss fight with him.
    • Ernie Eaglebeak of The Spellcasting Series. While he Really Gets Around as a rule, he does rescue a drugged Gretchen from a fraternity party. She attempts to jump his bones back at his place, but she passes out and Ernie leaves her be out of chivalry.
    • Wrex from Mass Effect. He certainly loves the ladies, but he treats them with considerably more respect than the average Krogan. If both are alive by the end of the third game, it's implied that he settles down with Eve

    Visual Novels

    Web Comics

    • Lawrence Spectrum from Monsterful. A playful ghost who even though he tends to nosebleeds a lot from many situations he is a very respectful young fellow, he's just very lucky that he's very cute. He especially respects older woman and tends to be a funny innocent pervert with her two best friends Sapphire and Lily, specially with Lily who he teases a lot.
    • Sam from Sluggy Freelance. He is a particularly goofy example, highly incompetent and easily distracted even after becoming a vampire Sampire, but he does mean well and has managed to help save Zoe on at least two occasions.
      • Sam thinks he is a Casanova, and ends up being a Chivalrous Pervert in spite of himself.
    • Tedd from El Goonish Shive. I mean seriously, Grace has used the X-Ray on his glasses more than he!
    • Rainer from MSF High is either this or the Handsome Lech. Amongst other things, he's used his 360 vision to look up girl's panties, attempted to have one of his friends turned into a cute girl. (By the Friendly Neighborhood HIVE MIND!), and one telepath mentioned his mind 'was like a sewer'. Still, he's a really nice guy who has helped couples get together, at risk, (or LOSS) of his own life!
    • Jake Packard in I.s.o. is this trope to a T. Even the Guys Want Him and there's almost no one he won't hump, but he's actually genuinely sweet and honorable and won't go an inch further than he's been permitted to.
    • Joe Rosenthal from It's Walky!. Started out as a Loveable Sex Maniac ("every 50th girl gets a coupon for half-off any entree at Fazoli's", note that this adds up to some 40+ coupons), but over the years he became quite chivalrous.
    • This page of Twokinds sums up Eric's motivation for preventing genocide quite nicely.
    • Bittersweet Candy Bowl, When the well-being of Daisy or Lucy is in danger, Paulo tends to forget his perversion in favor of helping them or, at least, trying to. He also reacted this way when Sue got hurt in Confrontation.
    • Minmax the Unstoppable Fighter of Goblins humiliates his adventuring partner by calling out the charisma stats of every woman he walks past on the street, but upon finding out that his idol Dellyn Goblinslayer is raping and torturing a captured yuan-ti girl, Minmax flings Dellyn through a window and beats him almost to death. When the yuan-ti comes along with Minmax and Forgath, Minmax goes out of his way to loophole his own principles which say he should just kill her for XP, and respects the fact that she understandably Hates Being Touched. Earlier on, he tells off Drowbabe for not remotely resembling a real woman: "It's like you're created by some lonely, horny teenaged guy who's never kissed a girl and has no idea how women react realistically in any situation!"

    Web Original

    • Paul Smith from Survival of the Fittest is one of these, although arguably he's slightly more pervert than chivalrous. Nevertheless, he still does care about the ladies' feelings... somewhat. It's also notable that he doesn't actually consider himself be a pervert.
    • Linkara. Apparently, being feminist gives him an "appreciation for the female body".
      • Shown even further in Linking with Linkara.

    Marz Gurl: I think, what it comes down to is, it has to be just you and me. Lesbianism.
    Linkara: Can I watch?
    The Nostalgia Chick: No, you're a feminist, and that's exploitation.
    Linkara: (breaks down crying) I KNOW!

    • More subtly, The Nostalgia Critic. He will fall in love with any Action Girl, he's a subby masochist, he has a Berserk Button of women not having the power they should, but he'll make it clear if he's having the hots for someone in whatever he's reviewing. (Female and male.)
    • Ayla Goodkind, codename Phase, of the Whateley Universe. He looks so much like a girl (because of his mutation) that he can shower in the girls' bathroom... and look at everyone else in there. On the other hand, he's really considerate of his girlfriend and his female friends, even if he's only about fifteen. And the girls in the bathroom haven't asked him to leave (yet).
    • /tg/, apparently.

    Western Animation

    • Family Guy: Quagmire, who frequently engages in Ephebophile-like behavior, including Meg. Despite his lust for – and later, near sexual relationship with – Meg, he has shown on many occasions that he cares for Meg, comforting her and giving her advice in her time of need.
      • This only applies to Meg; to almost everyone else he's somewhere between Lovable Sex Maniac and Blatant Rapist.
    • Beast Boy from the animated Teen Titans. In the Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo movie, he gets his own legion of Japanese fangirls, and enjoys it very much.
    • Female version: Magical Girl Warrior Castaspella from She-Ra: Princess of Power. Adora catches her ogling her twin brother openly at least twice.
    • Jiminy Cricket from Pinocchio openly hits on the attractive women featured in Gepetto's music boxes & cuckoo clocks, whips out a pair of specks when the can-can dancers appear in a show he was previously uninterested in, and more or less only became Pinocchio's conscience/guardian because the Blue Fairy batted her eyes at him. In his defense, he's very polite and respectful to women he meets face-to-face, even if they're inanimate; and once he's charged with taking care of Pinocchio, he takes his job very seriously.
    • The Flash in Justice League and Justice League Unlimited. Hits on Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl constantly, is thrilled at the prospect of visiting Themyscira and is not above using his cred as a superhero to chat up the ladies. He's also, well, The Flash, a genuine hero and as gentlemanly as Superman, when it comes down to it.
      • When he developed a crush on Fire, he becomes shy and nervous around her.
    • Oddly enough, Bart has become this in a few future episodes of The Simpsons. He's slept with and dated quite a few women (some not human) but makes breakfast for them and keeps tasteful photos of them in a scrapbook. Sheri actually poses as her sister in order to make out with him, implying he was once dating Teri. The main plot of one of the episodes shows that he was married once but Happily Divorced, with him and his ex trying to reconcile.
    • Prince Naveen from the Disney movie The Princess and the Frog. After he and Tiana are turned into frogs, chased out of a banquet, nearly swallowed by alligators, and stuck in a damp hole for the night, he suggests they "get comfortable".
    • Speedy Gonzales is a friend of my sister Carmella!
      • Speedy Gonzales is a friend of everybody's sister Carmella!
      • Some cartoons do show that Speedy can be quite the romantic type; in one, there's a scene where he's serenading a female mouse while rowing a gondola and then later with a guitar on a balcony. Unfortunately, in both scenes, Sylvester shows up to ruin the mood.
    • Sokka and Iroh from Avatar: The Last Airbender.
    • Phil, Hercules's mentor.
    • Rex from Generator Rex has shades of this. He's a Chick Magnet well aware of his charm and in no way modest about it.

    Dr. Holiday: I'm talking about the 90% negative spike in your bioenergy.
    Rex: My bios spike everytime I see you, Doctor Holiday.
    Bobo: Smooth. Like sandpaper.

    • Plastic Man in Batman: The Brave and the Bold is portrayed as this. He hits on every attractive superheroine he meets. He seems to be doing it for fun more than anything, as can be seen in "Night of the Batmen!" where, after Catwoman expresses her interest in him, he replies "Tempting. But I'm really more of a dog person". The best part? He's married and has a child.
    • In one episode of Metalocalypse, Murderface tries to sound chivalrous and defend women's honor, but his bandmates see it for what it is; a transparent ruse to get women to sleep with him. It doesn't work for him at all.
    • In the Kim Possible episode "The Cupid Effect", Wade isn’t nice to Monique as he should be. He uses a device that will force Monique to fall in love with him. But he regrets it when Senor Senior Junior decides to use it to make girls (Kim Possible included, eventually) all around the world fall in love with him. So he does have standards. Ultimately, he does the right thing in the end.

    Real Life

    • Anthony Ainley (intermittently the Master for a really startling span of time) was apparently quite a bit like this in person; at least once he made a blatant pass at a fan, was politely turned down, and then went on to have a perfectly civilized conversation with her immediately afterward.
    • Charles II of England. He is famous for his mistresses and his bastards but he stood by his much wronged queen Catherine when she came under political attack, sat with her faithfully when she was ill and apparently never even considered divorcing her for failing to give him an heir. He would also take no for an answer - which isn't usual with Kings. And some of his last words on his deathbed were 'Let not poor Nelly starve', meaning Nell Gwyn, his mistress.
    • The Backrubber.
    • Apparently, Nathan Fillion. Nobody can make take off your shirt jokes to Felicia Day but him.
    • Of all people, Casanova. His reputation of having sex with anything that couldn't outrun him was justified, but he avoided overly simple or overly complex conquests, and actually valued intelligence in a woman. His primary target were women who were married for reasons other than love, and was simply showing them affection that their more brutish husbands didn't.
    • Gender-bending scene-crunkcore singer Jeffree Star is slightly sex-crazed if the subject matter of all his songs is any indication, but when he caught former tourmate Dahvie Vanity of Blood On The Dance Floor banging underage girls, he clearly demonstrated where he drew the line.
    • Many Otaku. Save thousands of naked pictures of an anime girl to their hard drive? Hell yes! But woe betide any guy in the anime who makes her cry, or there will be hell to pay.
    • Abdul Aziz Ibn Saud lived this trope. He was as spectacular a wife-collector as any "sheik of araby" but he generally treated them very well by the standards of his culture and of his status in life.
    • Bryan Ferry - and how! One memorable story involves him taking an album cover model (Jerry Hall) home, supposedly to help her remove body paint that wouldn't come off. Also, with the advent of Tumblr, he's Mr. Fanservice.
    • Hugh Hefner, if this tweet in response to someone asking how he "has so many bitches" is any indication.
    1. (He was reminiscing about when Konori-senpai's breasts were like that)