Crusher Joe

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A series of Science Fiction light novels by Haruka Takachiho, with illustrations by Yasuhiko Yoshikazu, initially published in 1977.

Beginning in the year 2160, the stories follow the adventures of members of "Crusher Conference", an organization of people who perform dangerous tasks for a fee.

The series was adapted into a short (1 volume) manga series (illustrated by Fujihiko Hosono) in 1979, an animated film released in 1983, and two OVA short features released in 1989. The manga was published in English by Studio Ironcat in 2000, and the anime was released in English by AnimEigo in 1997[1]. (There was also a heavily-cut dub-only version of the movie released in 1988, titled Crushers, by Jim Terry Productions[2].) The light novels remain untranslated.

Tropes used in Crusher Joe include:
  1. sources are unclear, but maybe the English-subtitled version didn't arrive until 2000
  2. the same Jim Terry who earlier had produced Force Five