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Characters from Darath


Writer: Super Ganondorf

King Thereme is the villain of Endless Time. He is secretly plotting to invade the other nations and take over the world. However, spying on the nation of Grahk was a mistake. Grahk's king placed a curse on Thereme:

"The heart of Thereme will turn to stone, and he will be doomed to live until the stone is shattered by the sword, even if that takes as long as time itself!"

The curse is vague, and almost no one is quite sure of it's real meaning. Thereme became a heartless immortal, but his plans are still underway.

Tropes exhibited by this character include:


Some pixel art of Narome.

Writer: Lunch Police

Originally a gentle monk from a remote Darathian village, Narome was attacked by a Tondoe; which morphed him into the part-man, part-beast he is today. A devastated Narome abandoned the village and became a ruthless murderer, as he now needs daily life energy from other beings in order to survive. During the events of Endless Time, Narome made his first friends in seven long years. The new set of morals he imposed upon himself are quickly being stripped away...

Tropes exhibited by this character include:
  • Anti-Hero - Narome happens to be a type IV or a type V depending on your interpretation. You may also count him as a villain protagonist.
  • Bare-Fisted Monk - In a medieval world where pretty much everyone has a sword, it's worth mentioning Narome has held his own unarmed. Technically you could argue the punctors are weapons, but they are still part of his body.
  • Berserk Button - Narome has two. Don't put pressure on his punctors, and don't threaten Kea.
    • Though not exactly a Berserk Button, going too long without life energy will have the same effect as the first one.

Characters from Grahk

Cynder Janice

Writer: Dypo

A description of the character goes here.

Characters from Yalara

The Mayor

Writer: Kruiser666

A description of the character goes here.

Characters from Jopo


"I don't mind, as long as everyone else is fine."

Writer: Guardian Dreamer

A very strange dark mage from Jopo, a prodigy who is the best dark mage in the world despite only being age 15 or 16. He suffers from as-of-yet unspecified health problems that have mostly subsided before the RP began. Incredibly loyal to both Jopo and his parents. He is very kind and willing to help others, but his strange way of thinking causes other people to think he's crazy. Originally followed Minoru on his quest, but later got separated from him. He is currently wandering the world in order to gain knowledge, and find new information for Jopo.

His parents are named Isaac and Fiona, both merchants and dark mages.

Tropes exhibited by this character include:
  • Catch Phrase: To a minor extent. In his narration, he tends to say "Or at the very least I think so" at least once per post. He never says it when speaking though.
  • Cloudcuckoolander: Even all of the other characters agree. His posts are written in first-person, and his thoughts are even stranger than what he says.
  • Crowning Moment of Funny: Most of his posts have one.
  • Crowning Moment of Heartwarming: Any of his interactions with his parents.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: He's a dark mage, but he's also very kind. At one point, he even lampshades that Dark is usually treated as evil.
  • Fiery Redhead: Subverted, almost to the point of being inverted. He may have red hair, but he is one of the most calm characters in ET.
  • Good Parents: His parents. He may be the only ET character who has both parents alive, and has a good relationship with both of them.
  • High-Class Glass: Wore one when he was younger, but he doesn't anymore. His father does wear one though.
  • Ill Boy - There aren't any specific details, but he apparently used to have problems with his health. Even now, he can't pick up most weapons. It probably says something that he needs to use both of his hands in order to wield a short sword.
  • Neutral Good: One of the few unambiguously good and kind-hearted characters. In matters relating to Jopo, he's True Neutral due to his loyalty for Jopo.
  • Older Than They Look: While by no means old, he has been mistaken for an 12-year old before. His short height may have something to do with it.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Dark red hair. Not orange, literally dark red. Seeing as his father has the same hair colour, it seems to run in the family.

Characters from Terum

Kea Kassidee

Some pixelart of Kea.

Writer: paradoxinparticles AKA Parrie

Kea Kassidee is a mechanical mage who works on a trade ship. She is semi-famous across Terum for being the best mechanical mage in the entire nation. She was dragged into the plot after visiting Darath and meeting Narome, the Tondoe Menace.

Tropes exhibited by this character include:
  • Action Girl: After her torture, she takes her escape into her own hands. Well, until the others come in a spaceship... But for the most part, she's quite competent on her own for someone who isn't even a fighter.
  • Convenient Coma: Kea Kassidee was in a coma as her author unfortunately had cancer for a long time. Eventually she got better, and so the character got better with her.
  • Damsel in Distress: While she is an Action Girl, she gets kidnapped or threatened quite often.
  • Green Eyes
  • Neutral Good: Kea is an almost perfect example of this alignment.
  • Sympathy for the Devil

Kenneth Roymond

"It was an average day in Terum, which is to say that it was an incredibly meaningless day. It wasn't one I'd remember when I was old and well off. Or at least that's what I thought. I turned out to be very wrong."
Kenneth, in his first in-character post.

Writer: Guardian Dreamer

Originally came from a very poor and abusive family. Kenneth ran away from his home at a very young age, many years before the RP began. Over time, he found that the only way he could survive was to steal from other people. At around the age of 10, he started killing people in order to loot their corpses. He started out very hesitant in killing, but quickly grew to enjoy the bloodshed, usually smiling whenever he did so. Up until he was about 16, he was with a mercenary group until an unspecified event took place that separated all of them. He apparently calmed down a lot since that day, but instead of having fun when killing, he instead became much more bitter and cynical about life.

At the start of the RP, he was known as "The Shadow of Terum" but no one seems to recognize him as that, despite being a famous thief. This may be because he never specifically mentions it, and a lot has happened to him. After going too far in a fight and brutally murdering a guard, Kenneth is forced to escape Terum. When he escaped to Fellum, he had an encounter with Exa Heya. After a short battle, he was forced to help Exa on her quest. He has since gotten away from her, after managing to escape on a ship. However, during this time, Kenneth completely went mad with his blood-thirst, and has lost any traces of sanity he used to have.

His posts are in the first-person format, and started off rather snarky and bitter. Now, they are insane, filled with Kenneth's conflicting thoughts and hatred. It seems as though Kenneth wants to shed as much blood as possible, be it someone else's or his own. His body count is very high, likely in the high 100's.

Tropes exhibited by this character include:
  • Abusive Parents: He has them, and they're arguably the source of all of his problems. He hasn't seem them in a long time, but he plans to kill them for ruining his life.
  • Axe Crazy: When he was younger, he was this, often laughing at the thought of killing more people. It has recently resurfaced in the RP.
  • Blondes Are Evil: Kenneth is one of the most evil characters in the roleplay, usually committing evil acts for little reason. He started off more reserved until completely losing it.
  • Blood Knight: Especially when he was younger, and more recently in the RP. Even his fighting style shows that he's one, requiring him to basically allow himself to be injured several times so he can attack his opponent. Even when Kenneth wins a fight, he usually loses more blood than his opponent.
  • Complete Monster: When you consider how many people he's killed and how he thinks they deserve it... yeah, he easily qualifies. It's debatable when he became one though.
  • Deadpan Snarker: At the beginning of the RP. Now, he's still very snarky, but no longer deadpan.
  • Determinator: If there's one thing you have to admire about him, it's that he just doesn't give up. He has parents that he hates(the feeling is mutual), he has broken several bones throughout the RP, lost a lot of blood, nearly burned to death, and it seems like the world is constantly out to torture him. But he still goes on, even if his sanity hasn't survived.
  • Jerkass: Started off as an extreme example of this before quickly downgrading to a Complete Monster.
  • Jerkass Woobie: The very reason he's so evil was because his parents abused him when he was younger, and basically took away all of his freedom. He also gets injured very often. As evil as he is, it's hard not to feel a bit sorry for him.
  • Knife Nut: His preferred fighting style involves using two daggers.
  • Neutral Evil: What he started off as in the RP. He has actually been on a downward spiral all his life. He started off True Neutral as a child, just trying to live life. After running away and enjoying the thrill of killing, he became Chaotic Neutral or Neutral Evil, later conforming to Neutral Evil. Recent events have made him become Chaotic Evil.
  • No One Could Survive That: All of his injuries should have killed him by now. Even Kenneth acknowledges that he should probably be dead by now.
  • Sir Swearsalot: Especially more recently, now that he has mostly lost his composure. The more major swears are bleeped out though, but if allowed, he would be swearing around the clock.
  • Villainous Valor: An odd case, as he was fighting another villain, but it still counts.

Characters from Fellum

Salfira Artefielle

Writer: stealthfire

A description of the character goes here.

Characters from Alia

Mika Cadenza

Mika as seen on the Endless Time poster

Writer: Shadow Edgeworth

As one of the most heroic characters from ET, Mika is arguably one of the main protaganists. He hails from the mysterious Alpha Quadrant. Only time will tell where or what that is...


Darken Cypher

Writer: Ikethelord3

A description of the character goes here.

Tropes exhibited by this character include:

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