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A trilogy of Macintosh arcade games by John Calhoun. Players navigate a paper airplane past an assortment of lethal household objects, using the ubiquitous hot air vents to stay aloft.

Glider (versions 1 through 3) was a simple shareware game for the original black and white Mac. The house was only 15 rooms, ending in a showdown with a cat (the only living being who intentionally tried to harm you in the series).

Glider 4.0 added (optional) color, a level editor, and a multi-story house with many new items. This was a commercial release from Casady & Greene, who later published an expansion pack.

Glider PRO was designed to be "Glider 4.0 times ten. Everything would be up a notch or two." Players could now leave the house and check out the neighborhood, and modders could craft total conversions. No detail was left unimproved, from the TV sets (which played animations) to the clocks (which showed the correct time). Like Glider 4.0 it featured a room editor.

As with the Marathon trilogy, the second game was ported to Windows and largely ignored, so the third and most moddable remained Mac-exclusive. Glider 4.0 was also released as an NES cartridge... in 2008. No, really.

Casady & Greene Inc., the publisher of the Glider games went bankrupt, the rights to the game Glider have since reverted to John Calhoun. Glider PRO and Glider 4.0 are now free. They can be downloaded from HERE. This also has the Windows version of Glider 4.0. An online version of Glider PRO can be found HERE (and yes, it plays on Windows.)

Tropes used in Glider include: