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Ken Akamatsu is in this photo somewhere...

Creator of the A.I. Love You, Love Hina, Mahou Sensei Negima and UQ Holder! manga series. Also served as the writer for Mao-chan, and did the lesser-known series Itsudatte My Santa! and Hito Natsu no Kids Game.

Known primarily for his full espousement of the Moe aesthetic and loads of cute girls following the lead, and enormous size of his casts. While he did do earlier doujin work, try not to be confused with his assistant MAGI - who did several doujins under the circle name of Culittle - which are sometimes confused with Ken Akamatsu.

Has a hot wife who Cosplays, whom some of his lead female characters (prominently, Naru) are apparently inspired by. This has led to frequent jokes regarding the "research breaks" he took on Negima (Akamatsu's wife demands HIATUS).

More recently, he's been working on the J-Comi project, working to make currently out-of-print manga available online at no charge, as well as finding ways to allow mangakas to actually make money off of fan translations, again at no cost to the reader.

Ken Akamatsu provides examples of the following tropes: