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For a relatively new community, League of Legends seems to be quite a Fountain of Memes. Granted, few of them have spread outside the community, but they tend to spread rapidly within it.

Memes originating in the game

  • Everything about Mundo.
    • Mundo goes where he pleases.
    • Mundo must say Mundo's name a lot, else he forget. Has happened.
    • Mundo's manner of speech is, in a similar vein as the Heavy, very popular with the fan base.
  • Have you seen my bear Tibbers?
    • A very common phrase said by Annie. And by common, I mean every two or three times you tell her to go somewhere. This, combined her very, very cutsie voice lead to many players finding her almost intolerable to play.
  • Oh God it's Yi!!!
    • RIOT community coordinator and web content specialist Phreak was livestreaming a game. He was in the process of boasting about how much more skilled he was than the Tristana he was about to gank when a Master Yi blitzed him from out of nowhere. Phreak smoothly segued from bragging to yelping out this line in the same breath.
      • It really became epic when it happened again just a few minutes later.
  • ok (This came from Rammus' extreme concision in speaking. "Ok." is one out of his four one-word lines.
    • When he was considered overpowered, you might have also heard "Op".
  • DEEEEMMMAACIA!, line brought to you by Garen. Really, Garen and his Spin2Win is the most memetic thing in the game.
    • Yup.
    • and again.
    • In a bit of Beam Me Up, Scotty, he screams that when he uses Courage, the defensive selfbuff, not the spinning thingy everyone attributes it to.
      • The association comes from the fact that the two skills are often activated at the same time, since his spin requires him to stay in melee range of the enemy for three seconds to achieve maximum effectiveness.
    • Became a bit of Ascended Meme, as Lux screams "DEMACIA!" as well.
      • As does Jarvan IV.
      • And now we have Darius, the Hand of Noxus who is a stylistically similar counterpart to Garen. His joke? He looks around for a sec to see if anyone is watching before he tries to spin around in a circle with his huge axe, screaming NOXUUUUUUS! Unfortunately, he gets really dizzy and trips.
        • "How does he do it?!"
        • the "Patch notes" for April Fool's Day 2011 included Galio shouting "DEMACIA!" while he channels Idol of Durand.
          • Seriously, the whole April Fool's Day Patch Notes in General. eg. The Armored Bear thing below? One of the joke notes was Tibbers getting armor.
  • From Phreak's Champion Spotlight: Whenever he gets First Blood but ends up dying, he will say, "It was worth it." Eventually, the Summoner Showcase did a parody of it, complete with a grayed out wash (to signify a death).

Nikasaur: WORTH IT!!
Phreak: LOL Noob!

    • And other phrases known from Phreak's spotlights...
      • I play X as a jungler. Got better in the Lulu spotlight; near the end, Phreak said that even though she's a support, he plays her as a jungler as a joke.
        • Hilarious in hindsight when people starting considering seriously playing Lulu as a jungler
      • Trinity Force.[1]
      • Tons of damage. Pretty much an Ascended Meme in the Corki spotlight where Phreak tries to keep an allied Sona alive "by doing the only thing I know how to: Dealing tons of damage.".
        • Tons of damage also showed up in the 69th Summoner Showcase, said by the man himself.
  • From LoL Philippines:
  • "Muahahaha! Hahaha! Muhuhuhahahaha!" - Singed
    • Singed's /laugh is probably the most memetic of any champ. People playing Singed often have it bound to a key and spam it constantly as they run circles around people spreading poison gas. It's also an Ascended Meme because that's exactly what Phreak tells everyone to do during the Champion Spotlight.

Memes originating on the forums

  • When Riot releases a champion, people will inevitably be disappointed because it's not:
    • Lee Sin, the blind monk (Done)
    • Plant King (Done, sort of)
    • Nasus's brother (Done)
    • Female tank (Done)
    • Armored bear (Done)
    • Kog'Maw's "daddy"
  • Riot seems to have a few tropers....
  • Lady Gragas. It's gaining momentum.
  • Delayed "Bro" on the forums.
  • Teemo needs more skins! (because Teemo had the most variable skins for the longest time)
    • It turns out Annie and Ryze are now tied in potential skins with Teemo, leading people to justify the meme.
      • With Teemo's cuteness, large amount of skins which other players of other champions wished their champion had such a pick, and being rather aggravating to play again (playing against him consists of running onto mushroom traps, getting blinded and afflicted with poison), Teemo is memetically considered to be an excellent tank because all that gives him a "global taunt" to draw the enemy to team away from his allies. Or into a trap.
  • When is the new map/champion/feature/etc coming out? Soon™.
  • Olaf is commonly referred to as Brolaf, likely just because it's such an easy pun. Brolaf skin came out.
    • When the skin was released, some of the Riot employees temporarily changed their names slightly to add "Bro" to it.
  • "Trundling" has become another term for Trolling since the champion's release.
    • Any attempts to discuss Trundle earnestly or considering him a competent champion will result in the thread being downvoted to hell. Those downvoters are Trundle players and are basically doing the first rule of Fight Club with Trundle in place of it.
  • "/singed" and "/Mad Chemist" are fairly common responses to petitions on the forums (a joke on possibly misspelling /signed).
  • "Purple Caster Minion is OP." That's a basic Mook that spawns. The thread for an announcement for changes to make matches end faster, mostly by improving the minions, had a field day with that.
  • Patch preview comic. Riot is making videos where their employees discuss the upcoming patch. Some of the frames are kind of funny. Long story short...
  • Jarvan IV
  • Some people created a meme involving Gangplank. but I ate some oranges and it was k ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)
  • Flipping tables because of the Leona delay. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
  • Morde es # 1 in Brasil. Shield es always win. Never die Huehuehuehue!
    • Originating here. Version 2.0 here. (The joke being that brasilians on NA are abundant, generally bad and speaking in mangled English)
  • The current popularity of the Atmogs-Triforce (Warmog's Armor, Atma's Impaler, Trinity Force) on tanky DPS characters has become a meme. Particularly on /v/, building Atmogs or Trinity Force or running Flash on all of your champions will cause people to shout METAGAME. Originates from this comic. By extension, the "angry Nasus" meme, involving a picture of a dog's head with Nasus's characteristic headdress badly drawn around it, accompanied by vigorous ranting about the Flash summoner spell.
    • Similarly, putting together those items with Mercury Treads (which pretty much every melee champion in the game, and thus as well tanky DPS champions) and Frozen Mallet (an alternative to Warmog's Armor) for the picture METAGOLEM.
  • "Morello did X, so he nerfed Irelia." If you're wondering, there's been alot of talk about the apparent nerfing of Irelia, so people have been jokingly stated some reasons they nerfed her (IE: "Mordekaiser was overpowered, so we fixed this by nerfing Irelia.")
    • Rumors that Irelia was going to be in the Riven patch was met with disbelief that it was going to happen yet again while others felt there were much clearly problems instead, created the meme: "X Y-ed. Better nerf Irelia." (she is still definitely going to be changed at some point later, as Morello lists the problems with her kit here: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=14539155 )
  • Xin. Shhh.
    • Originated from a PDF file linked on the forums showing a transcript from a match where a Xin Zhao player was doing terribly and everytime he ranted the Sona trying to support him would say "Xin. Shh." This had the effect of angering the Xin Zhao player to further rage, but the Sona persisted in their responses...
  • I'm Jarvan. I'm helping. Put simply, an image of an allied Jarvan IV using his ult, thinking it's helping his team, but in actuality, is trapping them inside while an Anivia uses her AOE spell to slowly kill them while they can't escape.
  • Xerath is aiming his Q at me as I'm editing this page.
    • Edit: dodged it.
      • An explanation: Xerath's Q has a unique form of Calling Your Attacks by having said spell carpet the ground before the delayed cast goes off. It takes quite a fair bit of fast clicking and good reaction to dodge said spell, but the above is the general reaction when the spell was first showcased to the players.
  • The forum war between Riot staff members Morello (lead champion designer) and Iron Stylus (senior concept artist) regarding a remark Morello made about Leona, a League of Legends character. Has merged with the armored bear dispute, with Rioters and forumgoers everywhere taking sides, complete with its own Risk map.
  • Hello Troper, thanks for reaching out to us! Have you taken a look around General Discussion lately? There are TONS of threads about this particular subject. As a courtesy to the rest of our community we try not to split conversations up into multiple threads, so I won't be able to give in-depth answers to these questions here. Take a look in General Discussion and contribute your voice to the existing threads! -The Beard
    • The Pulsefire Ezreal skin was first introduced to the player-base late in 2011; April 2012, and it still hasn't been released. Ezreal being a popular older champ with few skins, and none that the community considers good, his fanbase was elated at the news for a while, but have since gotten tired of waiting. The good news is, it's been upgraded since its conception from a regular skin to a Legendary one, with new voice work, animations and effects, but it's taking so long that a lot of people have stopped caring. Still, the thread in question is near 350 pages long, and getting longer every day, almost like it's become a tradition to pull it up to the front page of the GD forum occasionally.
  • EVE 2012.
    • Similar to the Pulsefire Ezreal issue, Evelynn (the game's resident Joke Character due to Riot deliberately overnerfing her) has been waiting for her remake with the stealth update for an incredibly long time now. Her supporters have taken to posting "EVE 2012" in threads in the manner of a political plug, ostensibly in the hope that Riot will actually manage to get the rework out before the end of the year (Eve has been broken since mid 2011).
    • To a lesser extent, Fiora has often attracted the normal form of the existing meme "DAT ASS!" due to... well... you know...
  • Pendragowned.
    • A depressingly common occurence on the forums is someone coming in ranting about how they were unfairly banned from the game and they demand a Riot staffer tell them what they did that was so wrong. Quite often, Pendragon himself (Riot's Director of Community Relations) personally sticks his head into the forum to tell them (and everyone reading the thread) EXACTLY what they did that was so wrong. These are commonly regarded as a Crowning Moment of Awesome on the forums and have attracted the above meme as a response.

Memes originating in the fan works

  1. That is, Phreak building the item is a meme. Mainly because he builds it on practically anyone.
  2. The champion, before being reworking, used to have very effective burst damage and was simple to play even for the otherwise fairly stupid AI. While it was the only trait the champion which other mages shared with other advantages over Ryze making him be considered overshadowed, as the meme says, Ryze bot could still easily kill you while you're complacent about how you expect the AI to be utterly incompetent.