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Mac Hall was created through a bet between the creator, Ian McConville, and a friend who claimed he "couldn't make a comic like Penny Arcade". After the 15th comic, McConville was joined by Matt Boyd who began to write the comic. It follows the exploits of a group of college students, Ian and Matt, for example, who are typical slackers. The series primarily focused on the events that occurred between classes and after hours, and only rarely references actual class work. The comic takes its name from MacDonald Hall, a dormitory at Bowling Green (Ky.) State University. Later in the series, the cast moves into a house, where they reside until graduation, and the comic's conclusion.

Mac Hall concluded on September 22, 2006, with Ian explaining that creating the comic was no longer fun. He also mentioned that the comic would continue in a new phase in October 2006, and after some delay a new project began. Thus, Three Panel Soul was born.

Tropes used in Mac Hall include:
  1. Deficiency of Goddamn Everything