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    "Fetish object"? Fascinating.

    Megane (Japanese, literally "wearer of glasses") is a Japanese slang term for guys with glasses, either as individuals (like "Specs" can be in English) or collectively. However, anime fans both Japanese and Western use this word to refer to attractive males whose glasses serve as a fetish object. These characters come in several standard types:

    • Sweet, shy guys with glasses who inspire Moe feelings of protectiveness, who should be listed on this page. (For sweet, shy girls with glasses who inspire Moe feelings of protectiveness, see Meganekko.)
    • Guys whose glasses indicate that they are studious, aloof, or stoic; see Stoic Spectacles.
    • Cruel lovers (mostly men) with glasses who inspire kinky masochistic fetishes, known as Kichiku Megane and covered here under Bespectacled Bastard Boyfriend).

    For glasses explicitly treated as a fetish object, see Sexy Spectacles.

    Spear Counterpart to Meganekko ("glasses girl").[1] Also see the Glasses Tropes, including Four Eyes, Zero Soul.

    Examples of Megane include:

    Anime and Manga

    • Keitaro Urashima from Love Hina is the sweet, shy type, retaining his glasses even as he evolves into a more confident romantic lead through the course of the series. (Sadly, he doesn't seem to inspire any kind of feeling of protectiveness in the girls around him -- at least at first.) Additionally, he also expresses (albeit somewhat humorously) the "studious" aspect of Stoic Spectacles, first with his quest to get into Tokyo University and then with his academic progress after finally making it in.
    • The character from Urusei Yatsura known simply as "Megane" ("Specs" in some English translations) is, despite his lovestruck devotion to Lum, actually more an example of Stoic Spectacles.
    1. While girls who wear glasses can be called "Megane", as seen in Azumanga Daioh, we have had a list specifically for the ladies since before All the Tropes -- and TV Tropes before it -- was created.