Nocturnal Illusion

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Nocturnal Illusion is a Visual Novel developed by Apricot and released in 1995 by Excellents Japan. In the United States, it was published by JAST USA in 1997. It was given a renewal in 1998 with cleaner graphics and new music.

While spending his spring break in the mountains, Shinichi faints during a storm after falling down a cliff and is saved by a woman who keeps him warm (with her body heat). He wakes up to find that he's stuck in a mansion that is separate from regular time and space with a gate that only opens when it chooses. The woman who saved him, just known as Mistress, is in charge of the place. During the game the main character can meet and have relationships with the women he meets. At the end, the gate opens and the main character can decide whether or not to take one woman of his choice with him.

The game fell into abandonware and is available for free, with an English translation. Information on where to get the game can be found here.

A trilogy of books based on the visual novel were written by Jack Bushell.

Tropes used in Nocturnal Illusion include: