Girl-On-Girl Is Hot

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And if he was in Lesbians with her before...

"Lesbians are porn efficient. It's sex with a greater density of women. Porn wise, lesbians are like a jam sandwich without the sandwich and just the jam."


There is a general assumption that deep inside his heart every straight/bi man is turned on by two or more women interacting sexually. Specifically, lesbians. The idea being that if a woman having sex is arousing, then two women having sex is twice as arousing. Men are not complicated.

From a cynical point of view, however, what men want is not lesbians per se, but bisexual women, (because, dude, Bisexuals) but alas, oftentimes there are No Bisexuals in TV land, and chances are, a male presence would not be so welcome within lesbian sexual activity in real life, due to them being, you know, lesbians. Plotwise, this often means that the girl/girl focus will suddenly disappear when it's time for the guy to get involved; or else take a back seat to him being the focal point of a mutual Love Triangle. Or the other girl will get killed. "Darn, your lesbian lover got killed. Well, you still have me!"

Because Most Writers Are Male and since young men are key demographics for networks and advertisers, lesbian Fan Service aimed at the latter flourishes. See: Cat Fight; Pillow Fight; Lovely Angels; Girls Love; Romantic Two-Girl Friendship; Schoolgirl Lesbians; Sweeps Week Lesbian Kiss; and Skinship Grope. Expect a male character to stereotypically have this belief when All Men Are Perverts. If this goes too far, it can lead to less welcome tropes such as Double Standard Rape (Female on Female).

The trope Girl-On-Girl Is Hot is for character reactions to female/female titillation. For most female/female Fan Service that doesn't involve another character having a voyeuristic reaction, see Les Yay. For those who are interested in the romantic and emotional aspects of lesbian relationships, see Yuri Fan. For the Spear Counterpart, see Guy-On-Guy Is Hot.

No real life examples, please; this is All The Tropes, not Tropes After Dark.

Examples of Girl-On-Girl Is Hot include:


  • For a brief time in the 1990s, this was every beer commercial ever.
    • Recently[when?] made a comeback with this Corona commercial. (Not so much explicit as implied, especially given the previous Corona/beach commercials all involved straight couples.)
  • This gum commercial from Japan where girls (members of AKB48) are passing gum to each other via mouth.

Anime and Manga

  • Sunohara in Clannad was overloading with hormones when he and Tomoya tricked Ryou into thinking that Nagisa is going to confess her love to her, and the entire thing started playing out like something straight out of a Girls Love anime.
  • In an episode of the third season of The Familiar of Zero, Saito has been visibly... interested when the girls accidentally took a Love Potion while he wasn't around.
  • Likewise, Nagasumi from Seto no Hanayome when Sun and Akeno "did it in the bath" in episode 18. They were just testing how long they can endure water before reverting into their mermaid form but it sounded just the right way...
  • Maybe, Kyouya Ohtori from Ouran High School Host Club. He did think that the Accidental Kiss between Haruhi and Miyako was, well, "nice".
  • During the pocky scene between Yomi and Kagura in Ga-Rei Zero, Kazuki was obviously interested, if initially embarrassed, in what was going on in the backseat. The pilot couldn't care less.
  • In the more recent[when?] episodes of Haruhi Suzumiya Taniguchi and Kunikida start drooling upon seeing Tsuruya rub affectionately on Mikuru. They do it again later on when Yuki goes off of Haruhi's "script" and starts wrestling with Mikuru (the latter's Eye Beams had just manifested and the former was trying to suppress them and take the attention away from them). Kyon gets in on it this time. Haruhi notices, and decides to Throw It In, clearly understanding this trope well.
  • Like most Skinship Grope scenes, this comes into play at the end of the Neon Genesis Evangelion episode "Magma Diver". Shinji is quite intrigued by what he hears coming from the women's side of the hot spring.
  • The finale of Majokko Meg-chan has a Cat Fight between Meg and Non that has blatant sexual undertones, and the scene constantly cuts to Dirty Old Man Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain Chou getting off on it.
  • Lady Snowblood: A brothel enjoys tremendous success because of "Toichi Haichi"; basically they have male spectators pay to watch lesbian sex.
  • Naruto: This is Naruto's reaction to Konohamaru's justu appropriately named Sexy: Girl on Girl technique.
  • During one episode of Soul Eater, the city was being destroyed by an escaping Eldritch Abomination who ends up squaring off against Death, and a bunch of men are watching the cat-fight between Blair and Mizune.
  • One of the earlier examples in anime and manga is in Maison Ikkoku when Godai gets a nosebleed when watching a completely drunk off her gourd Akemi kiss Kyoko right on the lips.
  • Early in the Ah! My Goddess manga (the 15th chapter), during a beauty contest at Nekomi Tech, Urd hooked a finger into the top of Sayoko's swimsuit and took a good look inside. "Just checking ... and mine are bigger!" The watching males were going ape, and Otaki, acting as announcer, said, "Now, now, Miss Urd! No trying for bonus point!"
  • In One Piece, Franky was rather pleased when he saw Nami searching Kalifa for a key.

Comic Books

  • Y: The Last Man: Yorick, the last man on Earth, finally meets up with his former girlfriend Beth in Paris after nearly five years walking the Earth. Beth claims she does not care what the world's most eligible bachelor has been up to in the time they have been separated.

Beth: If I got it on with ladies while we were apart, I'm sure you wouldn't want to hear every little...
Yorick: (eagerly) You were with ladies?

  • Also averted: when he walks in on 355 and Dr. Mann together, he just says "This is the weirdest fucking nightmare I've ever had." That line has more impact within the context of the series, since his disturbing and horryfing nightmares make frequent appearances. 355, the experienced, lethal government operative, has explained that she would not be willing to endure even one night of what he goes through.
  • When Supergirl returns to her apartment, her roommate Boomer aka Captain Boomerang Jr., asks how her day was.

Supergirl: I met a girl tonight.
Boomer: (Double Take, then grin) Explain. And do not leave out any details.
Supergirl: (hits him with a pillow) Idiot... Another hero in a costume.

Kid Devil: Can't talk. Committing image to memory.
Ravager: Someone get a video camera... We'll get two billion hits on YouTube.

  • When a guy asks his girlfriend and Supergirl to hug and let him take a picture.
  • In Fables, Rose Red tells her sister that she slept with a girl as a "birthday present" for her boyfriend.
  • This exchange from the XXXenophile story "Heart of Stone", after an aphrodisiac magic hit Sooja, Mowbri, and Otaz (all three of whom are gorgeous):

Feljikk: I see we missed the party.
Otaz: Not your kind of party.
Feljikk, Avery, Hinks: (in unison) Sez you!

  • Occurs in Quantum and Woody when Woody signs a television deal based on their adventures, complete with two lesbian co-stars.
  • In Echo, when Ivy Raven is starting to be seriously disturbed by the changes to her body, particularly that her mind is regressing in addition to her body, she instructs Dillon to not sleep with Julie since that is how the she first began to be changed by the alloy. Dillon is too preoccupied with the implication that they had sex to recognize the importance of other parts of the conversation.
  • Scott Pilgrim makes a lot of reference to lesbians being hot. Scott owned a lame poster of two chicks kissing and thought it was sexy that his girlfriend once dated a lesbian.
    • During Ramona and Envy's fight scene, an onlooker yells, "Make out!"
    • Scott yells "Make out!" when a drunk Ramona and Kim start cuddling.
    • He also is turned on simply by learning Ramona used to be with Roxy, even though Roxy is, at the time, trying to murder him.
  • In The Maze Agency story "The Two Wrong Rhoades", Jen and Ashley (both dressed in Spy Catsuits) end up grappling each other in a darkened room. Upon hitting the lights, Gabe's reaction is:

"With a few gallons of mud, and some beer, my evening would be complete!"

  • In one Mad Magazine, there was an article composed of strips deconstructing various sexual hypocrisies. One had two men and two women are walking home from a movie with a lesbian sex scene that the men enjoyed, claiming that it's because the act of making love is beautiful. When the women ask what they would think of two men doing the same, the men immediately say that they find it disgusting.
  • In #2 of Justice League Dark, Dove has just been Squicked by her ghostly boyfriend possessing a random guy for the purpose of physical relations, when June Moon asks Deadman to possess her to see if the Enchantress is still lurking in her mind. When June "awakens", Dove is gone, but June has a vague memory of her getting very angry and saying something about a male fantasy...
  • Invoked in a comic by Ignacio Noe: a man, upon finding his wife apparently cheating on him with a female friend, is aroused rather than angry. But once the man's had his fun watching/joining them and gone back out, the woman's actual paramour is revealed to be a guy who'd been hiding in the other room, along with the man who'd been sleeping with her friend. It turns out the women had heard the husband at the door and decided to take advantage of this trope by feigning bisexuality.

Fan Works

  • In Kyon: Big Damn Hero, Kyon had a dream involving Adult!Mikuru and Mikuru. He stopped thinking about it before going into any detail.
  • Despite being disgusted by gay men having sex, Ronan of Naruto Veangance Revelaitons enjoys watching lesbians have sex (which triggers much rage in certain dramatic readers).
    • The author believes that only women can be bisexual "because its hot", as expressed in a Twitter post.


  • Lampshaded in Hot Fuzz: After the female police officer takes down the Knife Nut "psycho bitch" (with a "Slippery When Wet" sign, no less), she quips "Nothing like a bit of girl on girl!"
  • The B-movie Racket Girls, about female wrestling, is built on this trope, and riffed mercilessly by Mystery Science Theater 3000.
  • That entire scene in American Pie 2 where the boys break into a house with lesbians. They were willing to kiss and fondle each other, but they were Yaoi Fangirls as well. They wouldn't fondle each other unless the guys did stuff to each other as well. Naturally the women were willing to go all the way, but the boys struggled each step of the way and finally stopped before one touched the other's penis.
  • Parodied in Undercover Brother when a catfight breaks out: the guys stop fighting themselves, pull up lounge chairs and break out the popcorn.
  • 40 Days and 40 Nights: A lesbian pair kiss in front of the celibate hero to try and make him break his celibacy.
  • Wedding Crashers: Jeremy's girlfriend, Gloria, asks if he wants to watch her do it with a Brazilian girl. He proposes.
    • Technically, he was planning on proposing before she asked—he said he had something to ask her, and she asked if he wanted to watch her do it with another girl. Of course, he doesn't exactly reject that idea.
  • Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd. How do you judge the winner in a make-out contest? Why, it's the judge.
  • Requiem for a Dream subverts this into little bloody trope chunks during its climax when it can only sanely be called the film's lowest point instead of its highest. There are girls, and there is sex, but it's so far from hot you need to look up thermodynamics in Encyclopedia Britannica to even remember what heat is. The people who watch it in-story do find it hot though (as do, naturally, some parts of the internet).
  • Black Swan, same director, same trope, same subversion to the point of being nightmare fuel.
  • A very, very obscure short film shows a date with the Inner Monologue of both the guy and the girl. At one point she mentions going to a party with her girlfriends, and for the next thirty seconds all the male can think of is "Lesbian slumber party!"
  • Subverted in Tank Girl, the male witness to Tank Girl and Jet Girl's make-out session becomes disgusted and leaves.
  • In Le Bal des actrices by Maïwenn: Joey Starr asks his partner Maïwenn to kiss another woman, Estelle, who Maïwenn doesn't even like that much at that point. It kind of backfires when the two women start making out passionately and won't stop when Joey tells them to. Then Maiwenn falls head over heels for Estelle -her love unreciprocated and doesn't last long. Mostly played for laughs.
  • Pretty much the entire point to The Sex Monster, until things get out of hand.
  • Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: Scott's reaction to discovering that one of Ramona's "Evil Exes" is a girl, which Ramona described as "just a phase."

Scott Pilgrim: "You had a sexy phase?"

"Dammit girls, I've told you before: If you're going to do that -- do it on stage!"

  • No Strings Attached: Adam is just sitting there when two lesbians see each other, fall in love and proceed to make out on top of him. Adam simply sits back and enjoys the moment.
  • John Tucker Must Die: Beth teaches Kate how to kiss and a boy catches them.

Boy: Holy Jama Llama! Kiss her again! Do it!
Kate: Get out of here, you little perv!

  • Whip It: When Eva Destruction and Rosa Sparks are acting slightly homoerotic in Johnny's hot tub, he gets very interested and starts trying to engage them in conversation, to their crushing uninterest.
  • In Pirates XXX, a group of pirates arrange a lesbian floor show as entertainment at the bucks night for one of their number who is getting married.


Live-Action TV

  • The Man Show loved this trope, and had a couple of skits showing as much.
    • Camcorders for Lesbians, a fake charity dedicated to sending donated camcorders to lesbian couples so they can record themselves.
    • Jimmy once went out on the street to find women who would make out on camera for twenty dollars. He found several.
  • Used in an episode of Ally McBeal. Ling Woo asks Ally out on a date and later they dance together to entice the men who are flirting with them.
  • Friends used this trope quite often:
    • In "The One with George Stephanopoulos", when the guys want to go to a hockey game:

Ross: You know what, I'd better pass on the game. I think I'm just gonna go home and think about my ex-wife and her lesbian lover.
Joey: The hell with hockey, let's all do that!

    • In "The One with the Evil Orthodontist", Rachel's ex-fiance is marrying Rachel's best friend, and now the best friend wants to talk (and Rachel just had sex with the ex-fiance). She and the best friend practiced kissing with each other at camp and Joey asks "Now, Rach, when she taught you to kiss, you were at camp, and... were you wearing any kinda little uniform, or- " Rachel slams the door in his face.
    • In "The One with the Flashback", when Janice asks if anyone of the group ever slept together:

Joey: Well, there was that one time that Monica and Rachel got together.
Monica and Rachel: What?!!
Rachel: Excuse me, there was no time!
Joey: Okay, but let’s say there was. How might that go?

    • In "The One with the Chick and the Duck", Monica slams into Rachel when she practices roller skating, knocks her down and falls on top of her. When Joey sees them, with Rachel moaning (in pain), he says: "Oh, my!"
    • In "The One with the Girl from Poughkeepsie", when Rachel is sad about her single status, Chandler hugs and comforts her... then he asks: "Have you ever been with a woman?" She gets upset and he notes that there's no good time to ask that question.
    • In "The One with Joey's Dirty Day", Chandler goes to a strip club with the girls to get out of his post-breakup depression, but doesn't enjoy himself... until they get home, and the girls start to contemplate which stripper they'd sleep with if they were into women.
    • In "The One With All The Haste" Monica and Rachel offer to kiss each other in front of Joey and Chandler to win their apartment back. It works.
      • "Totally worth it!"
    • In "The One with Joey's Big Break", Rachel is afraid to take her eye drops, and Monica tries to force her, and ends up straddling her and pinning her arms down. Rachel says: "You know, if Joey and Chandler walked in right now, we could make a fortune!"
    • In the "What If" episode, "The One that Could Have Been", Ross is still married to Carol. She suggests a threesome in order to spice up their sex life. Ross later confesses to Joey that he was mostly a passive participant, and he even made a sandwich while watching.
    • "The One with Rachel's Big Kiss", guest starring Winona Ryder as Rachel's friend. First Winona kisses Rachel, then Phoebe does (to see what all the fuss was about). The episode aired during sweeps.
    • In "The One With Rachel's Other Sister", when Rachel got into a Cat Fight with her sister, Amy:

Phoebe: Oh my god! Shouldn't we stop this?
Joey: What? Are you out of your mind? Lets throw some Jell-O on them!

    • In "The One With The Birth Mother", Phoebe and Rachel discuss helping each other try on bras, and Phoebe says "Wait a minute. Are we in Joey's imagination?"
  • Also played for laughs in a daydream sequence in Stargate SG-1 in the episode "Avenger 2.0". Carter and another female scientist get into a Cat Fight over the daydreaming character but, as he moves to break them apart, O'Neill stops him so that he can keep watching the fight.
  • Xena: Warrior Princess BLEEDS this trope. Xena and Gabrielle took baths together, slept right next to eachother, and even kissed a multitude of times over the course of the series.
    • Xena actually locked lips with a few women other than Gabrielle over the course of the show as well. Notably her mentor, Lao Ma. Granted it was to deliver air to a drowning Xena, who was hiding from a chinese warlord who was hunting her.
    • Gabrielle even shared a kiss with a clinically insane, and mentally broken Aphrodite, in 'The God You Know'.
    • Xena Warrior Princess combined this Trope with Fanservice A LOT.
    • Not to mention the occasional groping between Gabrielle, Xena, and others (fins, femmes and gems, the CPR scene), and of course the turnip gag from 'Been There, Done That'.
  • In Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Xander has a dream involving watching Willow and Tara. Kinda justified, in that they really were lesbians, and would have needed only a taste for exhibitionism and wearing way too much makeup for the scene to work. In the same episode, Willow has a dream where Xander and Oz, too pointedly, note how the show uses the phrase "doing spells" for what Willow and Tara do together. After Willow wanders off, the dream remains with the boys long enough for Xander to say, "Sometimes I think about two girls doing a spell together... and then I go do a spell by myself."
    • In the following episode, Willow tells Xander she's keeping a secret and he tells her that everyone knows about her and Tara by now, before adding that if she does want to tell him a secret about her and Tara, he'd be happy to listen.
    • Subverted in the Buffy episode "Storyteller" when Ambiguously Gay Andrew brings a video camera into Buffy's living room to find Willow and Kennedy kissing on the couch. He comments that this is hot - and turns his camera to the window repair work recently done by Xander to which he was referring.
    • Also subverted by Oz when he finds out about Willow and Tara. Instead of thinking it's hot, he's furious and attacks Tara. Then again, she is his ex, and he'd come back to demonstrate his new ability to control his werewolf transformations that probably didn't need abrupt, intense emotion... plus that he and Willow had just talked the entire night, and she had not once let on that she was involved with or had feelings for someone else. He got his hopes back up, was re-enrolling University, etcetera, only to have it all crushed. The fact that it was a woman who did said crushing was most likely very irrelevant at that point.
    • Perhaps the most important subversion of all was choosing to do the show's first on-screen kiss between Tara and Willow in the episode "The Body" (Season 5). The kiss was played as a completely normal and definitely unimportant moment of an episode focusing on Buffy and the Scoobies dealing with the immediate aftermath of Buffy's mother's death. The studio execs didn't even advertise The Kiss as is usually the case in other series (see Friends, where Rachel's girl-on-girl kiss was hyped for weeks before the episode aired). However, this was mainly because of a real life subversion, whereby the network were very unhappy about the kiss, previously forbidden, and even tried to get it cut. When the show moved network for the next season, they had Willow and Tara kiss in the first episode, in an equally unimportant and throwaway moment but feeling a lot more shoehorned-in.
    • And in Tara's final episode, it opens with a very gratuitous scene of her and Willow cuddling in bed and making out. Funnily enough they spend most of the episode in bed.
  • There was that one episode of Scrubs where Elliot and Carla were having a spat and every time they started to argue, Dr. Kelso would stick his head around the corner and meow, eventually complaining to Ted that "Dammit Ted, I wanted a cat fight!" Also, Todd in almost every appearance.
    • In one instance:

Elliot: No, Todd, I won't date you. And I don't want you to think that it's because I just broke up with someone or that I want to preserve our friendship or that I'm a lesbian. It's because I find you so creepy that I think you should have to have a bell around your neck.
Todd: All I heard was "lesbian".

    • Also subverted in one episode in which JD has the same fantasy every time he sees two women he's slept with talking - Rerun from What's Happening! teaching them both to dance. Apparently, this is also his ideal bachelor party.
    • In another episode J.D. imagines what it's like in Turk's head, which involves Carla and sexy female psychiatrist Molly Clock making out. When Molly points out that Carla isn't a lesbian, Carla just sighs and says: "I am in here." Molly takes a moment to contemplate this, comes to a realization, and says "Me, too".
    • In the Season 8 finale, Carla and Elliot decide to imitate Turk and JD and embrace, much to their astonishment. The two guys then coach the girls to try to get them even more intimate ("I usually cup the buttocks"). They finally draw the line at "Our crotches are usually closer together".
    • Molly was advising Elliot about what to say to an upcoming presentation and says "If it doesn't work, we'll just make out." Cue Todd bursting into the room, having clearly just come running out on a surgery, to watch.
    • In the second episode of the series, My Best Friend's Mistake, JD fantasizes about a progressive future with Elliot, one that involved a three-way.
    • One episode saw Elliot give a pelvic exam to a plain looking woman, accidentally giving her an orgasm. JD recalls the incident differently, namely that the patient looks like a buxom supermodel that wanted an intimate moment with Dr. Reed.
    • In "My Way Home," JD and Turk discuss their plans to meet up "by the milkshake stand on the lesbian cloud" in the afterlife.
  • And, of course, there's the male cast of Coupling, Steve in particular. Not only did an entire episode revolve around his "Lesbian Spank Inferno" video, there was a sequence in which after he was unable to give a sample at a clinic because the material provided had men in the pictures alongside women (invoking dangers of eye slippage at a crucial moment leading to a case of lower whiplash according to Jeff) so he sent Jeff to fetch some from his private collection which contained only women, 'preferably with some female friends...'
    • Also very amusingly played up in the fourth season, in which Susan tests the theory that, after several years together, she can still turn him on "with a single kiss". This theory is confirmed indirectly when she passionately snogs the supposedly-bisexual Jane and turns on every man in the room, including Steve, and Jane.
  • And then there's the reaction of Torchwood's Owen Harper to seeing two women kissing in "Day One" - "Happy birthday me!" It also caught the attention of the very female (and bisexual) Tosh.
  • In the Firefly episode "War Stories", it is revealed that Inara takes female clients as well as male when the councilor she invites aboard ship turns out to be a woman. Jayne, who witnesses this reveal and is the most lecherous of the crew, has only five words for this: "I'll be in my bunk."
  • In Just Shoot Me, Dennis Finch spends almost an entire episode trying to get Maya to go out with a lesbian model. Every man he encounters immediately helps him when he explains "two women". At the end, he gets a Slow Hand Clap in recognition of the efforts he went to.
    • In the ending of another episode, Maya confronts a colleague about using flirtatious behavior to get her way around the office. The other woman then uses these same tricks on Maya, who starts getting into it. The other woman then walks away, having won the argument. After they're both gone, Dennis emerges from behind a desk, having listened in on the whole thing.

Dennis: (talking to God) You do love me, don't you?

  • In an episode of NCIS, two women who were both engaged to the same (dead) man get into a fight. Gibbs goes to break it up. Tony calls out about it. McGee videos it on his cell phone. Abby watches the fight later and enjoys it.
    • Tony's probably a large one himself—Ziva's "I'm bisexual" insinuations are probably for his benefit/confusion.
    • Definitely, as shown by his suggestion that Ziva and Abby make up for their slapfest with "a deep tongue kiss". Instead both women simultaneously punch Tony in the chest.
    • Kate Todd brings up the Fridge Logic of this trope, and I quote (or paraphrase): "Why are men interested in women that, by definition, are not interested in them"? This trope is played straight when Tony does not seem to care about that. Which makes sense, given what starts this conversation is discussing a case where a man's wife was having an affair with a women and Tony stating he wouldn't mind if his (hypothetical) wife did it.
  • Bottom: Eddie's video collection includes "Swedish Lesbians in Blackcurrant Jam!". Richie's thrilled until he reads the box and sees 'Swedish Legends in Blackcurrant Jam Making'.
  • A Freaky Friday version in Boy Meets Girl, where Martin Freeman's character is trapped in a female body and gets a pleasant surprise when 'her' lesbian friend comes on to him: "And I'm a girl!!".
  • In a Saturday Night Live sketch a group of frat-boys use a magical wish to see a pair of lesbian lovers getting it on... and are treated to a pair of Butch Lesbians.
  • Referenced in Kyle XY:

Jessi: I can do anything Kyle can do.
Josh: Can you make out with Amanda? Cause that would be hot.

  • Hilarious subversion in Skins, where JJ completely fails to realise that he's just lived through every man's fantasy. (The two girls are - for certain values of the word, at the time - a couple.)

JJ: Bit cramped in there. Me, two girls and one tent. Nightmare. You girls like to wriggle, don't you? Anyway, I need a wee and a Tic Tac.

    • And played straight earlier; he also got to watch when the same two girls got high on spiked chocolate brownies at a pyjama party and made out a lot (this was before they became anything resembling a couple).

JJ: Oh my giddy, giddy, giddy... aunt.

  • The Star Trek: Voyager episode, "Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy", involves The Doctor daydreaming that Seven of Nine, B'elanna Torres, and Kathryn Janeaway are all cat fighting over him.
  • Subverted hilariously in an episode of Jerry Springer. A man convinces his girlfriend to have a 3-way with another girl. The girlfriend finds one and takes the camera crew to her apartment to meet her. But to the guy's horror (he's watching from the stage), the third party is a total Butch Lesbian. When the ladies come onstage, the girlfriend dumps him for her and adds that the lesbian was better in bed that one time than he ever was.
    • But more generally, Jerry Springer audiences will cheer lesbians and boo gay men.
  • In Season 5 of House, the Bi the Way Thirteen gets herself invited to the bachelor party House is planning for Chase: "If I get drunk enough, I might make out with a stripper." At the party, she does a body shot off one of said strippers (Karamel, with a K), prompting Wilson to ask her boyfriend:

Wilson: Are you okay with this?
Foreman: Okay with it? I paid fifty bucks for it.

    • Foreman and Thirteen were also shown lying in bed together, with Thirteen telling him stories of her escapades with women.
    • House himself is prone to this, or at least is prone to making snarky comments about watching The L Word with the sound off. He also explicitly notes, when two women (sisters, no less) start to have an argument, that they're distracting to every straight man and gay woman in the room.
    • There was also an episode which featured Thirteen making out with a woman during a one night stand.
  • In Red Dwarf, episode "Parallel Universe", the guys travel into a parallel universe where women are the dominant gender. Apparently, they also find man-on-man videos arousing.
  • Exploited in The L Word, usually to show the hypocrisy of homophobic straight men. For instance a manager sees two of his female staff making out and immediately indulges in A Date with Rosie Palms. It's later mentioned that he fired the two after "catching" them at it.
    • Brutally averted, in story at any rate, however, in Season 1, when Tim catches his fiancee Jenny with Marina.
    • No matter what, the show has been frequently accused of exploiting this to gain a male fanbase, which the writers and execs always defended themselves of, despite the fact it did garner a large male demographic who only watch the sex-scenes.
  • Lampshaded in the Cold Case episode "Torn", when the detectives reopen a 1919 case of a murdered woman involved in the suffrage movement. They find what appears to be a love letter from the woman to her maid. When they bring in the maid's by-that-time elderly daughter, she just laughs and says "You men love to think that, don't you?"
  • In the That '70s Show episode "The Kids Are Alright", Donna and Hyde's Girl of the Week, Raquel are sitting next to each other and talking:

Raquel: I mean, just because I don’t wear dresses... And, I know how to fix a car, doesn’t mean I don’t like to be told I’m pretty.
Donna: Wow, it’s like I’m reading my own journal. I think you're pretty. I think you're really pretty.
Raquel: I think you're pretty. (touches Donna’s shoulder)
Donna: (giggles) Stop!
Eric: (to Hyde) Is this really happening?
Hyde: Shh! You’ll break the spell!

  • In Glee, Santana and Brittany's plan for seducing Finn is to have him buy them dinner and then allow him to watch the two of them making out, and prior to that episode Brittany implied that she and Santana were in a sexual relationship. In Season 2, they were shown kissing and made explicit verbal references to more sexual contact, but Santana explains that this does not make her gay, she just needs something warm under her to properly digest her food. Glee ended up deconstructing Girl-On-Girl Is Hot by having Santana realize that she was legitimately in love with Brittany and confused and scared by these feelings.
  • On The Daily Show, they got a bunch of Staten Island guidos to sit on as a mock Supreme Court to render a decision on Proposition 8, which would forbid same-sex marriages. The chief justice of the exercise starts the ruling with, "If two guys wanna get married, that's cool. If two chicks want to get it on, that's great", before ruling 5-4 against the proposition.
  • When Blair and Serena make up after having been in a big fight in Gossip Girls third season the following exchange follows:

Chuck: If you two want to kiss... it won't count as cheating.
Serena: Creepy Chuck.

  • Herman's Head. Herman and his Handsome Lech friend Jay go to a single parent group to pick up women. They start talking about their cover story.

Jay: Our wives ran off with other men.
Herman: No, our wives ran off with each other!
Jay: Ohhh yes...
Herman: We were stunned as they spent hours exploring the delights of Thai massage...
Jay: But why would we have divorced them? They could do it all they liked, as long as we were allowed to watch!

  • From Mr. Sunshine, Ben's assistant sets him up with her sister. No one on this show is balanced, so it doesn't end well. The sisters start fighting.

Ben: I'm gonna go.
Heather: I should slap you.
Stephanie: I should slap you.
Ben: I'm gonna stay.

  • In the Doctor Who 2011 Comic Relief special, Amy hits on herself. The Doctor is annoyed, Rory is nearly catatonic.
  • Invoked, in a very creepy way, on Mad Men. Roger and Don are at the office with a pair of young models. Roger asks one to kiss the other. They're sisters. And sisters should be friendly.
  • In The Outer Limits episode "Caught In The Act", a sleazy detective taunts the male protagonist and says his girlfriend is a slut. He angrily retorts that she would never cheat on him. The detective goes, "Oh yeah? According to her roommate, she goes both ways!" The boyfriend says eagerly, "Really?"
  • This is the basis of a couple of sketches on Man Stroke Woman. In each, a guy does something to which the two women in the sketch respond "How can we thank you?", and the guy suggests that they make out.
  • Possibly a reason that Irene Adler was revealed to be a lesbian in Sherlock. Throughout the episode, the only person she is shown to be sexually interested in (outside of her work, of course) is the eponymous detective. Played for laughs when Mycroft explains, while John drinks tea, that Adler has compromising photos of herself with a young, royal, female person:

Sherlock: And I assume in a number of compromising scenarios.
Mycroft: An imaginative range, we are assured.
Sherlock: John, you might want to put that cup back in its saucer now.

  • In the episode of The Office where Michael accidentally outs Oscar, Michael and Dwight become interesting in learning whether any other staff members are homosexual. Michael proposes that Angela might be a lesbian, which Dwight (who is secretly having an affair with Angela) disputes. Michael comments, "Imagine Angela with another woman", which Dwight does, with a smirk.
  • The titular character of Sugar Rush uses this to get attention from men. Clubbing with Kim, a lesbian with a crush on her, she is asked by a man if they're lesbians. She replies that they are and kisses Kim, who then goes to get drinks for them, thinking they are now a couple. However, when she returns, Sugar is with the man.
    • In an earlier episode, Sugar enters a relationship with a Frenchman who cannot speak English. Likewise, she can't speak French and uses Kim as a translator. When he is leaves on a bus, Sugar asks Kim what the last thing he said was. Kim lies and says that he always wanted to see two girls kiss; Sugar obliges.
  • In the Farscape episode "John Quixote", the apparently-male evil controlling force of a VR game in which John and Chiana are trapped gets very creepily excited about the idea that Chiana might have to kiss a princess to "win".


  • The "I'm a Lesbian Too! skit" from lesbian rapper God-Des's album Reality features a drunken, male Straw Fan talking about how great lesbians are.
  • On the "Words of Wisdom" track from Blink-182's The Mark, Tom, and Travis Show live album—the track is mostly a collection of between-song jokes from different concerts—is the following (typically crude) exchange:

Tom: Hey, how many of you guys have girlfriends and how many of you girlfriends have guy friends?
* the crowd cheers*
Mark: And more importantly, how many of you girlfriends have girlfriends?
* the crowd cheers louder*
Tom: Because we believe in the love that exists between two vaginas!
Mark: The most special kind of love of all is the love that exists between two naked women while I watch!

  • The live version of Reel Big Fish's song, "She Has a Girlfriend Now" ends with, "My girlfriend left me for another girl, and it can happen to you too, if you follow your hopes and dreams!

Scott Klopfenstein: Don't quit believing!

  • Type O Negative has the "controversial" song "My Girlfriend's Girlfriend". Which may have been controversial in 1996, but seems pretty straightforward now. Given the band's sense of humor (and the actual controversies stemming from previous releases), it's likely they didn't actually consider it controversial.
  • The MC Frontalot song, "I Heart Fags" requests that everyone be as tolerant toward homosexual relationships as Frontalot himself is. After all, the song points out, "you already think dykes are hot."
  • Lampshaded on the Kevin Bishop Show by Karen Gillan spoofing Katy Perry's "I Kissed A Girl".

This is exactly as I planned, to give minor erections.
I got a hit by flaunting this -- full lesbianism.
It is not what I usually do, I just wanted Number One.
I'll be bi-curious for you, pretend girlie titilation.
I kissed a girl just to have a hit, and you lot all bloody fell for it.
I sing about girls and you'll buy it, cause it looks like I'm well up for it.
It's not that new, it's just that you like to think about it.
So I'll kiss a girl, just to sell this and you bloody fools will buy it!

New Media

  • Porn blog Fleshbot apparently subscribes to this, as it allows the reader to filter posts based on "straight" and "gay" categories—but straight only takes out guy-on-guy material, while gay takes out everything but (pardon the pun).

Professional Wrestling

  • During the first few months of Eric Bischoff's run in the WWE, he seemed to enjoy booking a lot of "HLA" matches, much to Jerry Lawler's enjoyment. The crowd got into it too, chanting "HLA! HLA!" whenever the matches were booked. The meaning of HLA wasn't stated too much on the show, but it obviously stands for Hot Lesbian Action.
    • A bit of history for the HLA thing. It started as nothing short of a ratings stunt, where the WWE promised they would have live "hot lesbian action" on TV, and even instructed color commentator Jerry Lawler to mention it constantly. As in, right before every commercial break. They finally brought the lesbians out. They hugged, kissed, and then came the Bait and Switch. Eric Bischoff said they weren't entertaining enough and had his goons Three Minute Warning come out and beat the girls up. Utterly ridiculous.
    • At one point, Bischoff tried to convince Vince McMahon not to fire him by attempting to ply him with "bisexual lesbians". "HLA" would be brought up on occassion, usually with matches or in-ring promos involving the highly attractive Divas, the stated goal being to arouse the male audience.
  • There was an angle around 2003 which, for reasons not relevant to the trope, Dawn Marie had forced Torrie Wilson to go to a hotel room with her. They kissed and we got a fade to black. What makes this a valid example of this Trope is that according to Torrie, when they were filming it, most of the roster crowded around the set to watch.
  • While Mickie James was with the WWE, her character would sometimes flicker into being a lesbian, and her finishing move of kicking the other girl in the face would become kissing the other girl to momentarily stun her, and then kicking her in the face. It never lasted for long, for some reason, but it was always extremely popular with the fans.
  • One of the main reasons why the TNA stable The Beautiful Elite is so popular is because of the subtle teasing between Angelina Love and Velvet Sky (they've never actually kissed onscreen).
    • When Angelina Love and Winter got together, this got subverted, since the audience tends to boo them for being heels no matter what they do (Angelina and Winter have kissed onscreen).


  • Said Howard Stern on his show: "Nothing gives me a woody like two chicks getting it on."

Video Games

  • When the Player Character in Fallout 3 reaches Girdershade, the only two inhabitants are Sierra, a Nuka Cola chugging woman, and Ronald, the man who desperately wants to sleep with her. Ronald will confront you after you leave Sierra's house, and female PCs with the "Black Widow" perk can drop some hints that if Ronald helps you with Sierra's quest, he can bed the both of you. This causes Ronald to abandon all reason and charge headlong across the Wasteland to his death.
  • In Mass Effect 2, if you complete both Jack and Miranda's loyalty quests, they will have a potentially violent confrontation. When reccomending you go down to do something about it, Joker's parting comment is "Take pictures!"
    • In the Lair of the Shadow Broker DLC, at the start of the reconciliation scene with Liara, she mentions seeing Joker. If you are playing a female Shepard, she goes on to say that Joker asked if the two of you would be reenacting scenes from "Vaenia" (an in-universe vid starring some glamorous asari).
    • There are three female possible love interests for John, and three male for Jane. Then there are three love interests that are available for both - and all of them are female.
    • The asari in general brim with this. As an Always Female race of deliberately engineered Blue Skinned Space Babes, there are lots of opportunities, and the writers take advantage.
  • Dragon Age has Oghren, who most definitely believes this. If questioned about how he felt about his wife Branka and her lover Hespith, he'll initially be disgruntled but eventually state he'll be in his tent, and if a female Warden sleeps with a female "worker" at the Pearl brothel while he's in the party, his approval will go up more than with any other pairing. He'll also interrupt, saying he had the "wrong room".
    • If the Warden is female and romantically interested in both Alistair and Leliana, the former will comment that his beloved's relationship with the latter is 'hot', even as he insists that she choose between the two of them. He also points out that 'most other guys would think he was crazy' for insisting on it.
      • Meanwhile, if you've "hardened" (ahem) Alistair, you can invite Alistair to join you when you have a chance to bed Isabela. Whereas he doesn't like the idea of you in a long-term relationship with another woman, given the chance to participate in a one-off, he says "I am a weak, weak man".
    • If, as female, you agree to go to bed with Pirate Girl Isabela (and aren't involved with Alistair), he will wonder aloud if he's dreaming. If you're with Leliana and make it a threesome, Oghren will faint.
    • In Leliana's Song DLC, the male party members Tug and Sketch look very interested whenever Marjolaine starts hitting on Leliana.
  • Dragon Age II - Gamlen's reaction to your romance with Isabela as a female Hawke is to ask for details, which comes off as more than a little creepy considering you're his niece.
  • In Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, Cécile gets kidnapped by an out-and-proud lesbian who gives her personal sponge baths every day. When she gets rescued, she teases Snake about this, mistaking his interest in her well-being for this trope. "Would you like to hear about all the horrible things she did to me~?"
  • A side quest in Fable III has your hero getting pulled into a tabletop game by some RPG geeks/amateur wizards who task you with rescuing a princess from an evil baron. After you defeat the baron, the princess offers you a kiss, and the geeks will be especially enthusiastic about this if your hero is female.
  • In Emi's route in Katawa Shoujo, Emi ends up giving Rin her cold. Hisao wonders whether he'll get it as well, given that he and Emi were pretty close yesterday, including having a pillow fight and her sleeping on him. Which makes him wonder...

Hisao: So what did she and Rin do that got her ill?
Hisao: ...
Hisao: Steady on, old lad. Don't go down that road.

  • Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (suprisinly) has a example. At one point, when your with Mia's spirit in Maya, you are able to present her with evidence. In case 2:2 Present her with your badge and she'll go off into some conversation about being in law school. She'll then say that she once know a girl when she was in high school who she loved. Of course she means this as in a friendship love way but Phoenix seems interested in the other meaning...

Mia: There was this girl in my class at school. She was so passinate and smart. I was kind of in love with her.
Phoenix: I-In love...? (Somehow I think she means she loved her as a friend...but for some reason I kind of hope she didn't...)

Web Comics

Duck: You know how we all dreamed of dating Nanase someday? That dream is dead, but something magical has taken its place.

"I don't know... but being in here makes me want to wrestle rather than just blast you..."
"No... I just want to make out with you instead."
"Yes! Let's make out!"
It's all a daydream, of course, as a nearby minion rudely informs him.

Tycho: You can't read Japanese.
Gabe: Yes, but I do read Lesbonese.

  • Kevin from Anime News Nina was recently revealed to be one.
  • Loserz features this at one point, with Jodie and Alice getting into a brawl over Eric (specifically, Alice (Eric's girlfriend) didn't trust Jodie (Eric's best female friend) one bit) while at the movies. Before Eric breaks the fight up, this trope is in full play, including a couple of movie theater workers grabbing some popcorn.
  • In a guest strip in Sluggy Freelance, Zoë and Gwynn cajole Torg and Riff into cleaning the house by promising that they're going to kiss once it's clean.
  • Averted in this Mountain Time, as the lesbians shown are as boring as any other couple.
  • This Dinosaur Comics. T-Rex re a lesbian wedding: "We'll get to see them KISS!"
  • In Sexy Losers, when Mr. Shibata's wife starts an affair with a 18-year old girl, his response is to install video cameras in her bedroom.
  • In The Space Between, Frank most definitely agrees, as evidenced in this strip. By Word of God, the pale color is all the blood in his body heading south.
  • This Misfile strip. Cassiel and Jenny Jr. get into a fight, and a security guard thinks it's hot.
  • Last Res0rt had Addy forcefully kissing Jigsaw out of the clear blue on one page, and you can practically hear Jason Squee. Slick and White Noise are also visible in the background, but are more shocked than anything else.
  • Brent from PvP. When Jade's sister Miranda appears, Brent assumes she is someone Jade has found/hired to fulfil his fantasy of watching Jade get it on with another woman.
  • In this The Order of the Stick strip, Belkar sees Roy (who has been transformed into a woman) hug Haley, and asks for a repeat so he can "capture the mental image for later".
    • Also much later, Elan has to make out with a female villain in order to escape, and he promises that Haley can do the same with any recurring villain she likes later to get even. That patriclar strip's title is "We Recommend Tsukiko."
  • In Homestuck, Jade talks to Karkat after slapping the hell out of Jadesprite, a combination of her dead Dream Self and Becquerel. Karkat, at first, seems to be helping her with her rage when you notice that the picture is of Jade and Jadesprite making out. He immediately GTFO's the thought a page later.


    • Which makes no sense, as the default sexuality for trolls is bisexuality, so there'd be no reason for Karkat to be turned on by it since it's nothing special.
  • Robin of Shortpacked has used the tactic of making out with another woman for public display as a means to some elaborate end (this, of course, before she entered seriously into a relationship with a lesbian).
  • While a medical student was treating Spinnerette's injuries, Sahira tells him that she shared an upside-down kiss with the new superheroine. This (along with her ample assets) was a way to keep him from getting too nosey.
  • Ninth Elsewhere: Note that this takes place during a non-storyline, joke strip.
    • Carmen: "Besides, thanks to all the wonderful boys I've met in my short but ostentaciously miserable life time, I play for a different team now. If you know what I mean."
    • Eiji: "Well, there's my happy thought for the day!"
  • One possible explanation for the (fictional) publisher of Jet Dream being open to implied lesbianism while eschewing depictions of male homosexuality (even if the males look just like cute girls.)
  • Eerie Cuties had a few moments when Blair liked to watch the girls in general and girls kissing in particular... which led to two incidents that caused confusion as to whether there is something between Layla and Brooke (actually, it was just a bite and Practice Kiss). Which happened right before a ball, so "curious" girls paid them attention too... and since Layla have seen her boyfriend with some other girl (again), she in revenge dragged off (the title of this strip before move was "shanghaied") and danced with the nearby ocelot girl, Tabitha. Who learned from this misadventure an important lesson — that it's a good way to tease boys and have some fun in process. Later Tabitha went on a date with Brooke, who she assumed is "also trying to nab a boy using the sexy bi-chick trick", in her own words. By coincidence, Ace happened to actually be there, and indeed was very... distracted. So was Blair, but that's quite unsurprising.
  • In Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal professor Ferman explains how this works in simple terms. And in case something is not clear, explains further in the hidden comic.
  • In this strip from League Of Super Redundant Heroes, Keith swoons simply from realizing that Buckaress is sleeping with another girl.
  • In Nerf NOW!!, lesbian love scenes are depicted as arousing rather often. Even invoked in this strip where Chun Li and Cammy lure the Purple Tentacle into an ambush by making out.
  • Questionable Content # 106 — either Marten is having a wet dream, or Pintsize put LSD in his coffee… or it's Not What It Looks Like. With Dora's help, it gets more explicit later.

Web Original

  • The rules for a fanart contest run by the Naruto the Abridged Series creators; "NO YAOI...we really don't want to see it. NO's not that we don't want to see it but..."
  • The Nostalgia Critic always voices very enthusiastic approval whenever he sees a hint of Les Yay in the movies/shows he reviews, although he's also nice enough to put a few Yaoi Fanboy moments in there too.
    • During the TGWTG Team Brawl, Spoony and Sage conspire to get The Nostalgia Chick and That Girl With The Goggles to fight, while they take pictures with their phones. There was going to be a reciprocation of Spoony and Sage having a girlish pillow fight, but they only had time for one take, and it was ruined by everyone cracking up at their eerily accurate performances.
  • Princess Tutu Abridged plays with this.
  • On the subject of Abridged Series, Ranma ½: The Abridged Chronicles. Kuno believes that it's always a good time for girl-on-girl action.
  • Torn to pieces, alongside Bait and Switch Lesbians, on the webshow That's Gay.

Brian: A straight girl kissing women is what's really exciting, let's face it - Katy Perry's 'I Kissed A Girl' went number one for a reason. Because nobody wants to hear a full time resident of vag-town sing this:
Woman with acoustic guitar: I kissed a girl and I liked it/Makes sense cause I'm a lesbian/ I kissed a girl and I liked it/Makes sense cause I like to kiss girls...

  • Men in background walk away disgusted*

I figured that was the end of the line as far as my prospective future with the opposite sex was concerned... If they can be "with" each other now (yes, "now", as far as a sixth grader knew this was a brand new invention) what the hell will they want with us? As if I needed to be more insecure. To this day, I don't really grasp why any woman sleeps with any man, period.

Western Animation

  • Farnsworth and Bender in the Futurama movie Bender's Game like this trope; or at least, their fantasy alter-egos Greyfarn the Wizard and Titanius Anglesmith, Fancy Man of Cornwood are.
    • To clarify, the alter-egos of Leela and Amy, Leegolas the Centaur and Gynecaladriel, the Queen of the Water Nymphos were making out because Leegolas saved Gynecaladriel's life, and Greyfarn and Titanius spared a moment from their task of saving the the universe to watch.
    • In the episode "Love and Rocket", the Planet Express ship gets a new, female personality and Bender starts to date "her". When Fry tries to wash the ship, Bender shoves him away, but when Amy does it in a bikini, he watches approvingly.
  • In The Simpsons episode, "How The Test Was Won", Homer fantasizes about Marge kissing Lindsey Neagle.
    • Subverted in an earlier episode, when Homer and Ned accidentally marry floozies in Las Vegas whilst drunk. Homer suggests to Ned the next day that having two wives could have its advantages, and we cut to his fantasy of Marge and the Vegas lady doing the yardwork while Homer lounges on the hammock. Even in the fantasy, Marge says lasciviously "You know Homer, there's so much more that two wives could do for you..." to which he replies "I hear digging, but I don't hear chopping!"
    • Averted in the episode Fear of Flying where Homer tries to find a new bar. One scene shows him standing in a crowd of women saying, "There's something bothering me about this place... *gasp* This lesbian bar doesn't have a fire exit! Enjoy your death trap, ladies!"
  • Stripperella gives the Kiss of Life to a supermodel who bloats up to enormous size and falls in a swimming pool (It Makes Sense in Context... somewhat) leading one onlooker to state that if the supermodel looked like she did five minutes ago, that scene would look really hot.
  • Along with many scenes of Quagmire, Peter, and oh hell pretty much every straight male in Quahog obviously being a fan of this, this trope was parodied in a beer commercial Lois was watching that had two bikini babes drinking beer and making out. Lois remarks "Oh, that is such a male fantasy! Drinking beer..."
    • A notable example in one episode is when Peter and company tries out a new bar to "act like idiots" in, and realizes that they're the only guys there. Quagmire is quick to assume that the 2 girls making out by the disk are "practicing" but Cleveland, being the sharp one in the bunch, points out that he "don't think they're practicing". This reveal is followed by his 3 friends exclaiming "oh" four times in a row, squeezing into that short statement how their minds go through the states of; standing corrected, realizing what was just said, joyfully approving of the information that the statement implicated and, finally, dismay at the fact that said information is of no value to them... Still doesn't stop Quagmire from trying though.
    • In an another episode, Meg pretends to be a lesbian, because that way the lesbian community in her school accepts her. Peter's reaction is "That is awesome!" and Chris and Quagmire try to film her with her girlfriend - despite the fact that she's normally treated as being utterly repulsive.
    • The episode where Peter became a feminist ended with Lois fighting his feminist councilor. One of the quotes he said was: "Oh man, this is hot." He soon takes his sexual tension out on Lois and reverts to his old self.
    • Then their is the banned episode where Lois meets her college friend, who she experimented with. Peter's first reaction is to thank God.

"God. He knows what turns you on!"

  • In the first episode of the Family Guy spin-off The Cleveland Show, responding to a "anything we can do" query, Cleveland asks if Lois & Bonnie can make out—they do, to the shocked enjoyment of the men.
  • In an episode of American Dad, when they are discussing bullying, Francine tells Stan about a time she got bullied at school: in the locker room during a shower that involved the bullies rubbing her so hard with soap and such they left red marks. Then it cuts to a shot of Stan sitting with his jacket on his lap.
  • In the Gargoyles episode "High Noon", Coldstone (or rather, his evil persona, Iago) and Macbeth are watching a wrestling match between Elisa and a (barely clothed) human Demona.

Coldstone: Well, this is diverting.
Macbeth: You don't know the half of it.

    • The line takes on a double meaning when the Weird Sisters reveal the whole battle was, in fact, a diversion.
      • Takes on a triple meaning when you realize Macbeth can feel everything Demona does.
  • In a second season episode of Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy has been rendered Brainwashed and Crazy by Dr. Psycho, so Harley decides to give her a Big Damn Kiss, hoping Power of Love will snap her out of it. Ivy does indeed snap out of it, but not for that reason; rather, because Psycho (being the pervert he is) is so turned on by the two of them kissing that he can't concentrate with the mind-control device and loses his hold on Ivy long enough for Harley to give her a dampening device, and before he can gain control again, he is easily subdued by Harley's baseball bat.
  • In the Star Trek Lower Decks episode “Mining the Mine’s Mines”, the Lower Deckers have to dispose of dangerous Silicon-Based Life on a planet base called “psychic mines”. These glowing orbs create illusions of fantasies taken from the victims’ memories, and should the victim fall for it and get too close, the victim is Taken for Granite. One of them tries to tempt Rutherford with an illusion of Hot Scientist Leah Brahms (from Next Generation, with actress Susan Gibney reprising the role) and another tries to tempt Mariner with a vision of Jennifer in a bikini. Rutherford and Mariner don’t fall for it, so the mines try to play dirty, having the Leah and Jennifer illusion start making out, trying to tempt Mariner into a three-way.