Pootie Tang

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Ima sine your pity on the runny kine.

Pootie Tang is a 2001 Blaxploitation Affectionate Parody written and directed by Louis CK. Based on a character who originally appeared on the Chris Rock show, Pootie Tang is an unintelligible urban folk hero who whups people with his magic belt. The head of corporate America doesn't like the fact that Pootie's public service announcements have persuaded children to stop buying tobacco, fast food and malt liquor. So he sics his unlikely Femme Fatale girlfriend on Pootie to bring the man down a notch. It's up to Pootie and his main girl, Biggie Shortie, to get Pootie's groove back and stop Corporate America from using Pootie's likeness to corrupt the children.

The world wasn't ready for Pootie Tang. Largely derided when it first came out, the film now enjoys a small cult following.

Tropes used in Pootie Tang include: