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Exhumed (or PowerSlave in the USA) is a 1996 First-Person Shooter released for PC, PS1 and Saturn. It is set in Egyptian ruins and makes the player fighting alone against plenty of demons and undead, making it a kind of Doom or Duke Nukem 3D in Egypt.

The story occurs in the end of the XXth century and puts the player in the shoes of a special forces soldier sent in Egypt (near Karnak) with a team to investigate weird rumors about monsters which appeared there and invaded the place. Their chopper crashes, and he is the only survivor.

In an odd twist for an FPS, the original PC version, due to the circumstances of its development path, is actually the inferior one for once, being more linear and lacking the Metroidvania elements of the console versions. The 2022 port PowerSlave Exhumed rectifies this by bringing the superior console version to PC.

Not to be confused with the Powerslave album made by Iron Maiden (although the title track deals with Ancient Egypt too).

Tropes used in PowerSlave include: