Seven Periods With Mr Gormsby

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Seven Periods With Mr Gormsby is a New Zealand comedy series that ran from 2005 to 2006, with two seasons going to air. It aired in New Zealand and Australia.

It revolves around the fictional Tepapawai Boys High School, one of the worst schools, if not the worst, in New Zealand. In the beginning of the series, the principal, Roger Dascent, needs a teacher for the worst class in school, 5F. Everyone he asks refuses, until in despair, he asks his secretary, Lauren, "Is there anyone we haven't tried?" She gives him Mr Gormsby's file. Mr Gormsby (played by David Ellis McPhail) is a sexist, bigoted teacher who is a war veteran and carries a cane with him everywhere he goes, being a great believer in corporal punishment.

Mr Gormsby isn't Dascent's only problem, though- throughout both seasons, he has to deal with the Teachers' Union members going on strike, a school fire, a teacher/student relationship, the demands placed on him by the local Education Review Office reviewer, his own collapse into insanity, a car bombing, the constant lack of funds, incompetent teachers and the impending doom of Tepapawai's possible merger with the local girl's school. Naturally, once Gormsby enters, Hilarity Ensues.

Tropes used in Seven Periods With Mr Gormsby include:
  • Abhorrent Admirer: Marion Patterson to Dasent. He only puts up with her to keep the school open.
  • Asshole Victim: Steve ends up having his car firebombed, is arrested for insurance fraud (he was innocent) is accused of downloading child porn and making meth from the back of his car, and loses the job he wanted. And he deserved every little bit.
  • Badass Teacher: Gormsby may be a teacher, and an old one at that, but he is deadly.
  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: Steve. The reason he hates Gormsby so much is that he sees through Steve right away.
  • Black Comedy Rape: Subverted.

Gormsby: Sit down Bastabus, of course I wasn't going to rodger you. This isn't a Catholic School. It was simply a ruse to make Hohepa take responsiblity for his actions