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    "The internet makes you stupid"
    —Something Awful's motto.[1]
    Cquote2.svg, better known as Something Awful, is a popular comedy/parody website that's been around since the heady days of 1999. Its Main Page features articles ranging from parody, to self-parody, to the downright surreal. Originally, the articles were all written by site founder Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka, but over time it has built up a large rotating staff of writers of varying quality. The site allegedly exists to chronicle and mock the worst things in existence, but has branched out a bit since its founding and now has a number of features and articles that defy all characterisation, as well as extremely active forums.

    The Something Awful Forums are the source of much of the site's notoriety. Its members, known as "goons", have to pay $10 (US) to join, and even more if they want to get avatars, access the archives, or use the Forums' "search" function. In spite of the cost of entrance, there are over 100,000 registered goons (and who knows how many Lurkers and banned users). In part this is because of the cost of admission: no one wants to spend their ten bucks just to get banned for trolling the next day. When you add in zealous moderators, you get one of the more controlled Message Boards out there.

    If goons are relatively subdued on their own forums, however, the opposite is true elsewhere, and they are renowned for being some of the most sophisticated and organized trolls to stalk the internets. Or at least they used to be. These days, they still do some active trolling on the side, but the troll torch has passed to newer websites.

    For the flash animations hosted on the site that is made by Dave Kelly, see The Flash Tub. The folks here were also responsible for Doom House.

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    1. Also Rule 77.