The Invisible Man (novel)

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Wells - The Invisible Man - Pearson cover 1897.jpg

The Invisible Man is a novel by H. G. Wells, Trope Codifier for many Invisibility tropes. (Not to Be Confused With the novel Invisible Man (no definite article) by Ralph Ellison.)

The Invisible Man tells the story of an encounter the people of a sleepy town have with a mysterious newcomer who conceals himself entirely with bandages. The townspeople grow ever curious at the secretive, dangerously short-tempered man and his experiments. Frustrated by the inquisitive nature of the locals, the man goes into a rage, tears away his bandages, and reveals to the people that he is in fact completely invisible.

From this point on, the story follows the invisible man's trail of destruction and terror across the land as he attempts to either find a cure for his condition or take over the country (whichever is more likely).

It was made into a famous film version by Universal in 1933.

Tropes used in The Invisible Man (novel) include: