The Literary Legacy of Ophelia

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"Everywhere, when she felt she could go on no longer, when her legs felt broken and sore, and her eyes watered, blinding her, she only had to think 'do it for her'."

A story by Undefines, it can be read in its highly unfinished state over here.

Also known as "Ophelia Ibun" for shortness's sake. Named after the Ali Project song, but has little actual "story connection."

Several hundred years after a nuclear apocalypse rips apart the world and society rebuilds itself, New Versailles city is the center of the newborn world, in more ways than one, little does the human population know. Ophelia Krueger, a resident of the city, doesn't like her name. She's not insane, or a doormat...or so she likes to think. Eternally living in the shadow of her wonderful older sister Celia, she strives to be as "normal" as possible--nothing extraordinary, nothing horrible, because naturally she could never be as wonderful as Celia. Except she's forced to face the cold hard facts when, one day, she discovers her parents have been brutally murdered as a part of a demonic summoning ritual, and Celia is nowhere to be found, with her fingerprints all over the crime scene. Everything she thought "normal" about her life is abruptly thrown out the window, as she finds her own family and many she knew growing up were entwined in a world full of magic--including her childhood friend and longtime boyfriend, Kanon, who tactfully informs her that by discovering the crime scene before Celia could complete the ritual properly, she inherited the demonic contract Celia was trying to get in the first place.

Unfortunate as her situation becomes, the demon girl Belial is not as ruthless and evil as Ophelia predicted. But a single demon from a large council isn't nearly enough to stop Celia's murky "master plan" that may very well wipe New Versailles off the map.

Tropes used in The Literary Legacy of Ophelia include: