Tragic Romance Play With Anachromisms

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Itachi: "So, Kisame, how anachromistic is this fic going to be?"
Kisame: "I have no idea. All I know was that the authoress made this fic anachromistic on purpose for crack purposes."

Tragic Romance Play With Anachromisms is a 2011 fanfic by Oxenstierna D. Yuki-Rin. In the fic, it is 1916 or 1917 in San Francisco and the mother of a large family made up with random anime characters, who is named after Paris Hilton, dies. The daughters of the family, Lenalee Lee, Yuuki Talho, Taiwan, and Jewelry Bonney must marry to save their family. It is a tragic look into family life in World War One-era America and the dynamics of love, the decadent lives of the wealthy, and family honor.


This would sound like a romantic Tear Jerker with many crowing moments of heartwarming that would border on Tastes Like Diabetes, but it isn't. It's actually a three-chapter Crack Fic with Anachronism Stew played with according to Rule of Funny.

Tropes used in Tragic Romance Play With Anachromisms include: