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True Villains is a fantasy, villain-focused web comic written by Josh Kurtz and Madison Hughes, and drawn by Max Karpsten, with colors by Darren Urmey.

True Villains takes what you know about fantasy: how the good guys always win, the villains are definitely evil, mostly irredeemable, and always lose and flips it on it's ear.

The comic follows the story of Sebastian Jalek, an alchemist/adventurer who after a run in with the famed villain Xaneth Antaris, turns over to the side of villainy. Sebastian then makes fast friends with Elia the necromancer and befriends the orphaned Mia. The rest of the cast includes raging paladins, constructed golems and much more in recent comics.

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Bael: Oh, sorry, my eyesight is a little... rusty.
Visible Silence
Xaneth: Yes. Rusty. Because your eye is made of metal. I get it. It's just not funny.