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    96993460: Isn't it a good thing when there are more people who share a same interest with you?
    96993529: >>96993460
    No, because they enjoy it in the wrong way for the wrong reasons.


    "Once I too was a trainer who had fun during my battles... So you see having fun in battle is foolhardy. A perfect win... that is a Pokémon Trainer's duty."

    Gabe: He just killed fifty people with a knife! Okay? That is the last person who should have The Bomb! He's no Modern Warrior. He's a fucking psychopath!
    Tycho: He's just doing what works.
    Gabe: Yeah, but what about double shotgun dude?
    Tycho: Double Shotgun Dude is a dog rapist. On this point, there is consensus.

    "You know, playing this doesn't make you cool like a real rock band. Guys? Didn't you hear me?"
    "...Stop having fun!"


    "And what of the nine-year-old girl? Perhaps she had no business playing in the first place. From Thomas's view, getting her off the machine allowed him to face the opponents he "should" be facing anyway."

    David Sirlin, Playing To Win


    Anonymous poster, 4chan's /tg/ board

    "You dumb babies! Stop having fun! It's just a dumb old box!"

    Angelica Pickles, Rugrats

    "My review isn't going to convince any 2D fighting game fans, as they probably already have this game and are vehemently writing down where I'm supposedly wrong in my review."

    Calvin: This is hard data! It lets you quantify your enjoyment!
    Hobbes: I thought fun was supposed to be fun.

    "I don't care if it's just a game, there still need to be some standards involved. Filling the Pokedex is an optional part of the game that has no actual reward to it, so the only reason to do it is for personal satisfaction. And if you can be satisfied by having other people do a significant amount of the work for you, then your standards are pretty low. Who cares if it's just a game? Either do something right or don't do it at all."

    —A GameFAQs user on what he thinks about completing the Pokedex by trading.


    Internet meme regarding Super Smash Bros. Melee... and Brawl, for that matter.

    King Dedede: Brawl, huh? Meh. Too bad it doesn't stack up to a game made in 2001. It's floatier than Melee, you can't combo as well, it's way too easy to recover, they took out wavedashing, the air dodge is simplified and the tripping, come on! Definitely a weaker follow-up to Melee, what a shame. Poor, naive Kirby, you don't have a clue.
    (Beat Panel)
    Kirby: I can make Mario fight Sonic!
    (Beat Panel)
    (Dedede joins the Brawl)

    "Above all: Never have fun. If you start having fun, then other people might find it infectious and also have fun, and then where would we be?"

    —How To Suck at City of Heroes

    Strong Pokémon. Weak Pokémon. That is only the selfish perception of people. Truly skilled trainers should try to win with their favorites.

    "Face it. An idiot like you isn't qualified to play this game."

    IYOTEN, .hack//G.U.
    "To every multiplayer game ever made: I like your game. I don't like your gamers."
    A Tweet discussing this subject.

    Leonard: I thought you were having fun with your new friends?
    Sheldon: I had to leave. They were doing it wrong.

    The Big Bang Theory 4x17, "The Toast Derivation"

    "How can you tell the Hobbyists from the Hardcore/professional players? The Hobbyists are the one having fun."

    A Tweet discussing this subject.

    "And the sad thing is? Croyt's still more polite than most of the DotA 2 players."
    "What about Heroes of Newerth?"
    "A herd full of bull elephants in heat are more polite than the community of Heroes of Newerth".

    A YouTube conversation regarding these people.

    CAAC[1] and WAAC[2] are two sides of the same coin.
    Both them suck at the game, so one demands that everyone play like they think the game should play while the others try to well waac.
    Fun fact the term CAAC and WAAC are as old as GW forums

    Anon from /tg/

    >A Caacfag is someone that expect his army to be able to win whatever the composition of his own army is.
    >A Waacfag is someone that expect to win whatever the composition of the opposing army is.
    Both are toxic sore losers.
    The caacfag don't even make the effort of understanding how the game works and why is random assortment of models he bought on impusle don't synergize on the tabletop. Think self entitled spoiled autistic kids were everything must go their ways. The kid that pretend to be goku and to kick your ass and cry when you ask why should they be the only OP one.
    The waacfag only care about winning disreagarding the fact he is playing a game. The kick for them comes from breaking the system, with an absolute disregard for the fun of their opponent.

    Anon from /tg/

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