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Fast Eddie's comment

SirMoogle (talkcontribs)

The post links to something on Encyclopedia Dramatica that Fast Eddie said, but the link is now dead.

Robkelk (talkcontribs)

Thanks for letting us know. I've found a copy of the page in the Internet Archive and have replaced the dead link with a working one.

(And in the process I've read the thread. Wow. Fast Eddie really did not understand either the license that he was using on his website or the benefits of collaborative working. If he hates that kind of work that much, I wonder what operating system he runs on his computer - because Windows, OSX, and Linux all make use of collaborative working.)

Improved Search Engine

Chemtrail Morgellons (talkcontribs)

"We have an auto-completing search box, to help you find pages faster." TVTropes has a terrible search function. It doesn't work with adblocking browser addons and I generally used Google to search in it. Older versions of it were worse than the current one.

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