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I dislike the distinction between It Amused Me and For the Evulz due to my view of morality.

I usually prefer to edit character pages and recap pages over a work's main page. I dislike natter, but I know other people like it and it is a niche our wiki fills, and you can't please everyone. I shall respect wiki policy on natter. I also dislike italicized quotes, which thankfully aren't part of the standard protocol on this website. This is because if someone that wants to quote something that has italics in it, they then have to un-italicize what was originally italicized and italicize everything else, which I think looks stupid. I have a preference for the Rule of Cautious Editing Judgement guideline over No Real Life Examples, Please restriction. I suspect I am somewhat strict on what counts as a sub-trope (I think straight cases of a sub-trope must always be cases of a straight super-trope). I also dislike sinkholes.

I really don't care about some things in english like the difference between "who" and "whom". I am willing to use some unconventional characters, including on this wiki. For example, I might use an interrobang"‽" or I might use a wave dash"〜" which doesn't really mean anything in english, but I'm using it as loan punctuation from japan. I might also use a tilde instead of a wave dash when I forget they are distinct characters, or if I'm being lazy since I only know how to use a proper wave dash via copy paste. Occasionally I'll use proper Ellipsis "…", but generally I'll just use 3 periods. Although considering that an Ellipsis is on my page, I might start using it more.

Tropes that TV Tropes has that this wiki doesn't (that I want to add examples to (or have a quote for or something))

MOD: All The Tropes equivalents suggested for some of these - read the trope descriptions to confirm. If the suggestions are wrong, then the tropes need better names.

  • A Dog Named "Dog"
  • Afraid of Their Own Strength
  • A Lizard named Liz
  • Animal Species Accent
  • Arboreal Abode
  • Black Comedy Animal Cruelty
  • Black Site
  • Buried in a Pile of Corpses
  • Childhood Brain Damage
  • Create Your Own Hero
  • Damned by a Fool's Praise
  • Dark Lord on Life Support
  • Deceased and Diseased
  • Doesn't Know Their Own Birthday
  • Dying Curse
  • Eat Brain for Memories
  • Empathy is a weakness
  • Extranormal Prison
  • Family of Choice
  • Fistcuff Provoking Comment
  • Friend or Idol Decision
  • Friendship Song
  • Has a Type
  • High-Five Left Hanging
  • Horrible Housing
  • Inheritance Murder
  • Instantly Proven Wrong
  • Invading Refugees
  • Killing Intent
  • Language Barrier
  • Meet My Good Friends "Lefty" and "Righty"
  • Not-So-Final Confession
  • Outliving One's Offspring
  • Paranormal Gambling Advantage
  • Past Experience Nightmare
  • Plague Doctor
  • Quest for a Wish
  • Situational Sociability
  • Raised by Rival
  • Sapient Eat Sapient
  • Sewer Gator
  • Sexy Dimorphism
  • Soul Eating
  • Supporting the Monster Loved One
  • Stop Hitting Yourself
  • Stubborn Hair
  • This Image Is Not an Example (actually an index, not a trope)
  • Vampire Procreation Limit
  • Universal Chaplain
  • Undead Laborers
  • Unfolding Plan Montage
  • Unluckily Lucky
  • Weird Historical War
  • Wins by Doing Absolutely Nothing
  • Zombify the Living

Trope Ideas

Most of the trope Ideas I am working on, but don't have enough examples to officially propose them (in most cases I already have 2 examples, I am supposed to have 3), but came up with a name for already. Feel free to ask about one, or all of them, especially if you think you might have an example. If you think one of these already exists, please let me know:

  • 555-Boom (A bomb that makes use of a phone, probably using a cellphone as part of a detonator)
  • Always Say Die (Someone or some group refuses to use euphemisms for death (or at least deaths the person played a part in). Sometimes these people or groups play a role in people dying and they do not want euphemisms to cause them to forget the weight of their actions.)
  • Amnesia mystery (Someone, almost always the protagonist, has amnesia (probably laser guided). Usually memories will come back to him/her as the plot demands. In order for this trope to apply there has to be more going on than a simply figuring out who (s)he is. In some cases the person might already have a pretty good idea of who (s)he is, but there is something else going on.)
  • A Real Man is a Bread Winner. (An adult male is only a man if he is able to provide for his family (this view is either portrayed by the narrative or is considered true by at least one character), alternatively the male is not viewed as a man even though he is providing enough for the family but is providing less than a female partner). See Also A Real Man Is a Killer and NEET.
  • A Side of Poison
  • Not reading the briefing/ Doesn’t read the briefing (the first would just be a trope, the second would be a character trope)
  • Confessing to the Wrong Crime (someone is confronted about a crime, and they confess to a different crime, and they aren't using it as an alibi. See also One Dialogue, Two Conversations)
  • Don’t You Dare Die On Me.: Person A getting pissed at person B (or at least presumably at person B) who is dieing for dieing while person B is still alive. Alternatively person A announces he will be upset with person B if Person B dies (or at least upset, presumably at person B). Occasionally this may happen before the Person B isn’t even wounded. In these cases this person B is about to do something person A perceives as dangerous, like go on a suicide mission.

I think a lot of examples of How Dare You Die On Me are actually this trope. Compare How Dare You Die on Me!. How Dare You Die On Me is almost always preceded by this trope if person A is with the person B just before person B dies. Unlike How Dare You Die On Me person B to be perceived by person A as dead.

Die, and you’ll piss me off
Attack on Titan (english dub)
  • Embarrassing Alibi (someone has an alibi but is reluctant to use it because it is embarrassing, illegal, ect…)
  • Explicit Combo (needs better name, Some game mechanics work well together because of simple synergy. These mechanics directly interact with each other in a way that they don't interact with other mechanics, and not just due to one mechanic being unique. For example, in Pokemon, defense curl doubles the power of roll out. In Magic the Gathering, festering newt gives -4/-4 when to am opponent's creature when it dies instead of -1/-1 if bogbrew witch is out.)
  • I Didn't Learn Anything!
  • Idiosyncratic sleep heaviness (Someone or something wakes up from a quiet noise after hearing a louder noise).
  • God’s a Buddhist (god is real, and follows a different religion)
  • Giving the Criminal His Gun Back (A criminal has finished his time in prison, he goes to a window to get his things back, and among the things he is given back is a/are: weapon(s), stolen items, and/or contraband)
  • How did you get rid of the third one? (What third one?)
  • Just you wait, when X gets here, he's going to kill all of you (Help is on the way and its going to kick your ass) A shorter name would be nice.
One day, one day... You'll all just be a bad memory. Mankind will show all of you. Mark my words the last one standing Will Be Us! Gorge while you can, you bastard. Just wait 'til Captain Levi...
Attack on Titan (english dub)
  • Killed equals Redemption/Death is Redemption (Being killed redeems someone, or this is at least the viewpoint of the killer (or attempted killer). Sometimes this death must be done in a certain way, such as fire (perhaps it burns away the sins). The trope does NOT require that the person that is going to be 'redeemed' consents to this. Sometimes this redemption might 'save' the victim's soul from eternal damnation. What's a few measly minutes on fire compared to that? Really the victim should really be thanking his savior.)
Inscription on all Basilisk artillery shells fired by Imperial Forces during the Amar secession

Redeem them with sword and fire

  • Lake of Fire (fire being described or depicted as a liquid)
  • Like A Force Of Nature (a character is described or depicted as a Force of Nature, perhaps a natural disaster)
  • Little People in The Box (Someone thinks TV (or a radio or something) works by miniature people being inside it).
  • Living Bomb Shelter (Oh crap that's bomb is about is about to go off, we can't get away in time, lets jump into the mouth of that monster)
  • Non-sequitor password (Something is said to indicate a password is to be said, with an implied answer based on what is said. The "correct" is completely unrelated to the implied answer).
  • Not reading the briefing/ Doesn’t read the briefing (the first would just be a trope, the second would be a character trope).
As you wish, sir. I've also prepared a safety briefing for you to entirely ignore
  • Morality discardment (Normally we view the moral event horizon as an action so terrible, a character is so irredeemably evil. What could be more simple, and effective, than literally abandoning morality. Willingly giving up even the capability of compassion, guilt, and/or the warm and fuzzy feeling you get from helping someone?)
  • Reading Magic Words Out Loud (someone accidentally casts a spell by reading words out loud, that the person didn't know were magic words)
  • Real Illusions
  • Real Life Cameo (An actor is in character on our side of the fourth wall. For example Colbert at the 2006 Emmys. Admiral General Aladeen did this a bit).
  • Release Me So I Can Gnaw On Your Bones (Instructing someone to do something while also stating it is clearly not in that person being instructed's interest to do so).
  • Reversed Therapy (A therapist or psychiatrist is explaining their problems, life, ect... to their patient)
  • Rhetorical Instruction Blunder
  • Please Stop Clapping, Okay Go Ahead and Clap (Someone urges a crowd of followers to stop clapping and cheering, and then changes his mind, probably after they stop)
  • Puzzle for the fans.: Sometimes viewers are geniuses is taken a higher level. This isn’t a lone bonus some knowledgable person is likely to find out on his own. This is likely to be a community effort to decipher clues in the work.
  • Shedding Regeneration: Healing by a healthy body coming out a damaged one. It was in the workshop a long time and it was deemed Too Rare to Trope after having only 4 fictional examples after a long time being there. I need more examples to overturn that ruling, maybe as little as 1 example is necessary since 5 is the required for launching. (I initially titled this something like 'butterfly regeneration')
  • Singing Non-Verbal Notes
  • Sold Out For a Gag Aesop
  • Stress Induced Laughter (laughter causes stress, often the laughter occurs when the participants are in no immediate danger, for example they laugh after they just escaped a bunch of mooks by making a rockslide a barrier to them)
  • The Sky is the Limit (Literally! The sky only reaches up to a certain height, and you can't get higher than that. "Meanwhile, the Fenriswolf advances with its mouth gaping: its upper jaw reaches to the heavens and the lower one drops down to the earth. He would open it still wider, if only there were room.")
  • Treacherous Affection (The hero has an unreturned fondness for a villain, preventing him from killing him)
  • Violent smell (A smell is depicted as attacking someone, such as the fumes taking the shame of a hand and slapping the person)
  • Uh, It’s porn (claiming or implying something is porn as a cover, for example spiderman claimed/implied that where his costume is was his porn stash)
  • Useful taunt: A taunt that has use (an entertaining animation and/or infuriating a fellow player by rendering yourself vulnerable don't count. Prettymuch anything else counts. An example of useful taunts are TF2 kill taunts, or taunts that could be considered ineffective attacks such as Luigi's taunt in mash bros.)
  • Will hold sign for food (Someone who is down on their luck is holding a sign saying they will do X for Y, Y almost always being food. As the example shows, proper spelling is optional For example: this picture)


I am doing this to keep track of my contributions, showing off is just a bonus. I generally don't really care about keeping track of examples added to a trope or work page.

Worth noting, keeping track of personal prestige can lead to pursuing it instead of pursuing the best end product. So this list is likely a bad idea. I also try to give more weight than I feel appropriate to the ideas of other people because I'm aware of this bias and should try to compensate. I have doubts that I'm actually good at the compensation though.

Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!

Trope proposals added to the wiki

(by which I mean they are in the trope workshop.) (hopefully some this will turn into a tropes added to the wiki list)

  • Visible Pilot, Invisible Vehicle.
  • Different Lies To Find The Spy


  • Figuring out how to put a "" on How_I_Met_Your_Mother/Recap/S2/E07_Swarley
  • Changing the formatting of the Cards Against Humanity examples from linking parts of the cards to the tropes to having the tropes linked normally. (with the exception of when a tropes name is also the cards name and they match). Wasn't remotely hard, just tedious. Glad I did it because it would have gotten worse with time.
  • Get an image into a quote
  1. Some of these were deleted and replaced with practically the same picture with a different file extension by someone else.