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Theories on why the bad guys resemble the characters from season one.

Apollo did fly off with one traitor and one bad guy at the end of season one, so maybe that's why his soul is on the bad side? That might mean Mikono is Sylvia, which would make sense. She didn't have any real power except amplifying Aquarion/start over the world either...

  • And in the anime, Sylvia actually had a good amount of telekinesis going for her. A good part of an episode was spent exploring how her strength was distance instead of, well, strength, and how she needed to balance her powers with Apollo and even how her powers of distance and accuracy made her the best head for Aquarion Luna. So, Sylvia did have powers besides making the Aquarion stronger.
  • Apollo, Sirius, and Touma did become good and saved the world though.

Amata is Futaba, the child angel that DEAVA killed in season one.

His ability to fly with wings on his feet supports this.

  • If he was that child, he wouldn't know Aquaria's true name, besides, he has the Wings of the Sun/Solar Wing. Its much more possible that Amata was the reincarnation of the part of Apollonius that was inside the original Aquarion, as the Aquarion was said to be Wings of the Sun/Solar Wing.
    • That could also account for Apollo and Amata's radically different personalities. Apollo got Apolonius's warrior side, while Aquarion got his wiser/nicer side.

Gen and Rena outlived everyone

It's said in the first season she's really old, so what's to say she didn't live another 12,000 years? Same with Gen. In addition, there's that man with similar features to Gen introduced in the first episode.

  • Confirmed, at least Gen outlived everyone and is once again taking charge of the DEAVA.
    • No, Gen isn't 24,000 years old: he simply reincarnated twice. In fact, Rena started out as an angel-beast, before reincarnating as an invalid vampire, and now as a child genius. The name changes are a result of reincarnating: they aren't precisely the same people anymore.
      • I highly doubt the angel puppy part. As for Gen, perhaps reincarnation awareness is another one of his abilities. Then upon reincarnating, he sought out Rena, the reader of the Book of Genesis' reincarnation. Namely, Crea, and unlocked her memories, causing Crea's agelessness.

The vectors used in Evol are developed from the 3 military vectors used in the first series

They are more military based than the original vectors and combine into different forms that correspond to the original Vectors just like the 3 military ones

  • This makes a lot of sense, as even the military Vectors could form a version of Aquarion, and technology has advanced by 12000 years by EVOL. It does raise the question of how what appears to be the reincarnation of the Mechanical Angel existed in the current-gen machines...
    • Well the original was flown into the tree of life, and in episode 4 the enemy mentions that that Evol might be as strong as the original. So it's possible that the Aquarion in this show isn't the reincarnation
      • The Tree of Life died and released the Earth's energy, the original Aquarion was holding the Earth together. It could be that the original Aquarion wasn't built by the Angels, but rather built by Apollonius and the humans, Fudo might have helped in building the 3 new Vectors, after taking parts from the Military Vectors and perhaps that crystal with lava-like liquid inside the Aquarion.

The reincarnations of the Aquarion's original cast are:

  • Amata is either one-half of Apollo or is the Solar Wing, the part of Apollonius that was inside Aquarion after his death. The Aquaria is a duplicate of the original that was absorbed into the Tree of Life, but lacks the Solar Wing.
    • Jossed in Episode 13. The Solar Wing is still inside the original Aquarion in the planet's core.
    • Being part-Apollo seems confirmed as of episode 21, given Amata and Kagura are the same person...somehow.
  • Kagura is either all or one-half Apollo, except Flanderized into a Blood Knight.
    • Alternatively, as one of the WMG above implies, Amata and Kagura are BOTH Apollo. Amata's showing he won't be pushed around when Mikono's in danger, showing he might have more fight to him than his gentle nature initially implied. Also, the show's intro implies there's a connection between these two, and given Mikono's reactions to Kagura, there seems to be growing implication that the two were cut from Apollo's original cloth.
    • Confirmed in Episode 11.
  • Mikono is Silvia. The pain of losing Apollo in her last life might be why she's become so self-doubting.
    • Confirmed in Episode 11.
  • Cayenne is Sirius. Reincarnated as Silvia's older brother again? Why not?
    • Cayenne could also be Reika, if we'd go by powers.
  • Shrade is Touma. So, Apollonius was reborn as a human in the original. Presuming Touma passed away when Aquarion fixed the world or sometime after, it wouldn't be surprising he would too. Shrade's delicateness is also reminiscent of Touma's past as a Shadow Angel.
    • Admittedly it could be Otoha as well, but the above assumption is based on physical and psychological similarities. In addition to the above, Shrade is very kind towards Amata right after meeting him and quite belligerent toward Cayenne, also reminiscent of Touma's feelings for Apollonius and against Celiane. Not to mention that, if the above Amata and Cayenne guesses are correct as well, Element power may be linked to the body and not the soul, as Amata and Cayenne have different powers than Apollo and Sirius. Thus, it might just be coincidence a reincarnation of Touma gets powers similar to Otoya's. Or, even weirder, Shrade could be Touma AND Otoya. If souls can split for reincarnation, is there any reason they can't combine as well? Regardless, I think there's reasonable information to imply Shrade at least MIGHT be Touma.
    • Now that Shrade openly calls Cayene his friend, the above suggestion seems to have gone out the window. After all, the only time we've actually seen Shrade openly curb-stomp Cayene was after Cayene barged into his room and started wailing on Amata for no apparent reason. You don't need to hate someone to think of that as a good reason to subdue them.
    • Jossed for Mykage is Touma
  • Crea is Rena, obviously.
  • Mykage is either Touma or Otoha. Otoha makes more sense, considering Touma's self-sacrifice. It looks like Mykage has some kind of Xanatos Gambit to try and find the original Aquarion by using Kagura as a pawn.
  • Andy is Pierre. Quite obvious if we're going by personality.
  • Suomi is Reika. Same voice actress.
  • Zessica could be Celiane, that is, Sirius. If you watch the ED, you'll notice that Zessica's reflection is wearing Celiane's armor.
    • She's also developing an affection for Amata, which would make sense if she's the reincarnation of a part of Celiane. Between these blossoming feelings and the ending imagery, Zessica is at least likely one part of Celiane.
    • There is also the fact that she also witnessed the vision of Kagura and Mikono dressed as Apollo and Sylvia embracing each other, heavily implying a connection between the two.
  • Alternatively, Amata, Zessica and Mikono are all reincarnations of Aquarion -- Amata is Vector Sol, Zessica is Vector Mars and Mikono is Vector Luna.
    • With that explanation, Mikono's ability would actually make sense, when the vectors combine to form Solar Aquarion, Vector Luna was in between Vector Sol and Vector Mars, effectively linking them together.
    • Jossed.
  • Amata is Solar Wing/Apollonius, Mikono is Celiane, Zessica is Silvia, and Kagura is Apollo. This explains the one-sided relationships (Kagura's obsession with Mikono, since Apollo only cared for Celiane and Silvia was more of a pest, and Zessica's infatuation with Amata, since Silvia never cared for Apollo and pined for Apollonius) and the powers (Celiane was a human with no known powers, Silvia had telekinesis, Apollo's beast bursts, and Apollonius's wings.)
    • To pilot Aquarion, you need to have element powers, thus Celiane certainly had some form of a element power, and Silvia never cared about Apollo in the beginning, but she slowly fell in love with him and actually cared about him after finding out he is Apollonius' reincarnation, Apollo actually cared for all his friends, including Sylvia.
  • Zen as mentioned below, isn't GEN, but actually Touma reincarnated. We have a few signs that point to this. Whatever Mikage's backstory is, he and Zen seem to know each other from 24,000 years ago. They both even know each other's former selves as well from their dialogue in episode 13, and there's no past history that Gen ever directly interacted with any Shadow Angels (not to mention the dialogue implies they've each only been reborn once). Further, Mikono seems to IMMENSELY distrust him. She seems to downright loathe the man, despite the fact he really hasn't done anything to her. So, presuming that Mikono is Silvia, it would explain why she distrusts Zen. As well, in episode 16, Mikono mentions recognizing Touma, but she's never met Mikage (as far as I remember, anyway. Please correct if this is wrong). But if it's Zen, that would again explain why she dislikes him: past life bitterness.
    • Sylvia did have a bad impression of Gen, Mikono described Zen as having eyes that appear to stare through people and that constant smirk of all-knowing, that description is quite similar to how Sylvia felt about Gen.
    • Jossed, it's Gen after all.

The two warring sides in EVOL are the end results of the separate timelines of the original series and the OVA.

I have no support for this whatsoever other than the mention of "dimension gates", the fact it seems like there's two reincarnations of Apollo, and other minor points like this. The OVA establishes itself as an alternate reality according to The Other Wiki, but I don't have a clue how it actually plays out.

  • The "warring" part is Jossed. The leader of the Abductors openly stated that they're not invading Earth. A plague has turned them into a One-Gender Race. They're abducting people so that they can find the New Eve and continue their race.
    • Semantics. The two sides are opposed, and there's nothing yet saying if they are/aren't in the same dimension. We'll have to wait and see, ultimately.
    • Vega is Earth, Mykage wanted to "awaken the Machine Angel of Genesis slumbering within Vega", the original Aquarion was sealed in the Earth.
  • In Episode 16, the time travel vision shows scenes from both the first series and the OVAs/Movie, specifically the "dance of wings" battle between Toma and Aquarion. The image of Toma that jog's Mikono's memory is of him from the OVA/Movie. It's possible that Mykage is not the Toma from Genesis of Aquarion, but the Toma from Wings of Genesis, given that he is apparently a native of Altair, which may in fact be the world of the OVA/Movie twelve thousand years on.
  • In Episode 17, the elements go to an island that also appeared in the OVA/Movie. See the comparison.

Aquarion is sentient.

They said that Apollo and Sylvia's feelings for each other made Aquarion go berserk whenever a couple in love pilots it, thus banning mixed unions. The original Aquarion did not go berserk when couples in love pilots it, it could be that Aquarion itself wishes for Apollonius and Celiane to meet again, and will prevent other couples from piloting it. It can also explain why the Vectors eject the pilots on their own.

  • Aquarion did the same in the first series. Glenn got ejected in the first episode of the original, then Vector Sol flew itself to catch Apollo. The definitive proof STARTS there
    • If Aquarion is truly sentient, they wouldn't be piloting a Weapon of God, but rather God itself.
    • Yes, Aquarion falls under the Empathic Weapon category.

Mikono was adopted into the Suzushiro family and is somehow connected to Alicia, the girl from Amata's past.

Just a hunch, but there's the fact that she's the only non-element among an element user family. Unlike the siblings in Genesis of Aquarion, Mikono and Cayenne look nothing alike. My guess is that she was adopted after being abandoned by the girl from Amata's past, who is either her mom or her sister since they look so much alike.

    • They might be like 2 sides of a coin, for one to exist in this world, the other must be "absorbed" by the Aquarion, the girl in Amata's past could be the "centre" of the "donut" while Mikono is the "ring" of the "donut".

Exactly why are the abductors kidnapping people this time 'round?

Last time it was because the Shadow Angels wanted to feed on their life force and strengthen the Tree of Life. But why this time? And on that note, why does the actress that played Sylvie/Sylvia in Skies of Aquarion seem so important to the Abductors?

My guess? The Altairans have, due to thermonuclear civil wars, rendered their planet unable to support life, and starvation and engineered plagues have reduced their population to only a couple hundred. They're kidnapping the only people who can repopulate their race, and eventually hope to conquer and colonize Earth once their military is up to snuff in a few centuries. But if that's the case, then why do they have those massive cities? Maybe they had more people earlier on, then their population declined, leaving behind the massive cities.

  • Confirmed. In Episode 7, the Altairan leader refers to Jin as the "last son of Altair," and Mykage states that they are searching for a "new Eve." However, the initial speculation is partially Jossed. First, females stoped being born and a disease spread that killed all of the remaining women. So they're looking for women capable enough to repopulate their race and also not die while crossing the galactic barrier. They are also looking for someone to be their "new Eve" and since she's already there and looking pretty healthy, any guesses to why they just won't use Alicia? As seen from episode 8, Jin would be pretty estatic if they did.
    • I'm guessing that refers to a single person, yes? You'd need more than one woman to have a viable population, at minimum, they'd need five hundred. However, why don't they already use Alicia as their "new Eve"? As it turns out, she's in a death-like state, making her useless for this purpose.
  • The Rare Iguras the Altairans are after seems to be someone connected to Silvia from the original. Who did Alicia play in "Skies of Aquaria"? Most likely they abducted her by mistake, presuming she was the reincarnation of Silvia/Celiane DUE to the movie.
    • Jossed. When the Altairans first discovered Vega, they initially started as infiltrators. An Altairan (possibly Izumo?) started a relationship with Alicia, resulting in Amata, their treasured last hope (Izumo alludes to him in the first episode). Then Alicia came to Altair willingly, but she unfortunately came through the warp gate comatose. The Altairans lost track of Amata in the conflict... until now.

Mykage is Kagura's blood relation

The way Mykage treats Kagura is highly suggestive of a doting father or older brother, and one who wants his son/little brother to find a wife-y. The way Kagura eagerly awaits Mykage's awakening is suggestive of a close relation, and he is the right age to be Mykage's son, as Mykage was an adult a decade before, when Kagura would have been about 6-7 years old. Though Kagura always refer to Mykage by name (without an honorific, however) rather than as "older brother" or "father" as would be expected.

  • In Episode 8, Mykage keeps Kagura in a cage while forcing him to watch Mikono suffer at the hands of Jin, in his own words to foster jealousy. At one point a moving vine covered in painful-looking thorns wraps itself around Kagura's torso. Mykage definitely has a sadistic streak.
    • In light of Episode 11, they're probably Not Blood Related, but there's no guarantee of that. For some reason, Kagura spares Mykage's life when given the opportunity to kill him, especially considering he was in a violent rage. At the very least, they have some kind of positive relationship.
    • Jossed. According to some character background information on the official Aquarion EVOL website, Kagura used to live in the slums until he was found by Mykage.He raised and trained Kagura, so the two have a master-student relationship and since Mykage found Kagura in the slums, they are Not Blood Related.

The Love Triangle is actually a Love Rectangle

While it has been all but confirmed that Amata is Solar Wing, Kagura is Apollo, and Mikono is Silvia, the series poster and the ED imply that Zessica will play a big role and is the reincarnation of Celiane's other half (in the ED her reflection wears Celiane's armor). Zessica has already displayed jealousy of Amata and Mikono, which could easily blossom into something more. Therefore, the love triangle between Amata, Mikono, and Kagura will become a love rectangle that includes Zessica.

  • Zessica was trolling Mikono and Amata in Episode 5, but Episode 7 heavily implies Zessica harbors feelings for Amata, and this is confirmed as of episode 8. In Episode 12, Zessica becomes increasingly jealous, to the point where her psychokinesis goes haywire.

The Vectors will get an upgrade later in the series

Considering that Gepard, EVOL, and Spada are visibly weaker compared to the originals and the Military Assault-types, maybe ZEN will excavate the originals.

  • That brief shot of Aquarion in episode 14 seems to imply that Aquarion has awakened.

Mikono's and Kagura's love is forbidden because of Apolonius and Celianne.

It's clear that they're implying that Mikono is Sylvia, that Kagura is Apollo, and that Amata is Solar Wing (the part of Apolonius that Apollo never got.) It's also been heavily implied that Mikono and Kagura must never get together, hence the "forbidden meeting" and "wedding in mourning clothes where in certain visions of the vision Mikono becomes a skeleton, clearly symbolizing her death. I think it's because bits and pieces of the original two lovers, Apolonius and Celianne, can't be together; it has to be the entire package.

  • If that is true, Apollo and Sylvia's love would also be forbidden.
    • Perhaps the powers that were at the time were aware of how Apollo was going to sacrifice himself to save the world, preventing a full union. This series does have a lot of heavy implication of some sort of higher force at work, what with all the Crystal Dragon Jesus and religious allusions in the first series, and all of the prophecies going on in EVOL.
      • If there is a higher force at work, the first thing I would suspect is Aquarion. The opening song had a line that goes something like this "Its been millions of years but now we can finally open the door to our legend". Note the "millions of years". If the songs are related to the story, I think it is safe to assume that Apollonius and Celiane are reincarnations of another couple in love. Who knows what is Aquarion, is it really just 3 extraordinary machines?
  • Wouldn't the loophole to this be both halves uniting with the other two halves? That is, a foursome?
    • Why don't we get our minds out of the gutters and remember that, on occasion, two people can be in a vector at once and increase the usual number of people merging. It happened more than once in Genesis of Aquarion and it happened in this series when Amata and Mikono were first pulled into the series' titular Humongous Mecha.
    • More likely, Amata, Kagura, Mikono, and Zessica will Union to kill Mykage in the series finale.
  • In light of the revelation that Kagura is "Dark Amata", combined with the WMG that Zessica is Sirius, the reason Kagura and Mikono are not to be together seems to be that they are the opposing halves of the correct match. That is to say, Mikono, who is said to be Sylvia, would be the light half of Celiane from 24,000 years ago; Zessica, conversely as the reincarnation of Sirius, would be Celiane's dark half. The reason Mikono shouldn't be with Kagura is because they aren't meant to be paired yin to yang, but light with light and dark with dark; thus Amata should be with Mikono and Zessica with Kagura.

Andy and Mix are gonna hook up

Because opposite attract. Also the preview for episode 9 hints at this, in addition to her probably filling Andy's holes.

  • They are the perfect couple, Andy's ability is digging, and Mix has an interest in ancient literature, they can be the next archaeology duo since Indiana Jones and Sallah.
  • Confirmed.

The fact that Zessica and Mikono have flipped hair and eye colors is significant.

...I just haven't figured out how yet.

  • They're the reincarnations of Sirius and Silvia, respectively?
  • Its the same with Amata and Kagura.

Alicia, the actress, is Amata's sister or mother

Why else would he have been there when she was abducted, psychologically scarred by her loss, and constantly watches the last film she ever starred in?

  • Episode 11 alludes to this, as Mykage mentions that Alicia did indeed have a son before being taken to Altair, and Episode 12 confirms Alicia as Amata's mother.

Izumo is Amata's father.

Related to the above WMG, Izumo is in fact Amata's father, due to his obsession over Alicia. Plus, he had actually encountered her when he went to Vega, which provides ample opportunity for him to father a child.

  • In Episode 11, if you pause the scene of Izumo as a young man in the command center, you'll see another person in the seat opposite him, whose hairstyle is exactly like Amata's.
  • Pretty much confirmed at this point. He never says it outright, but he realizes that the "winged child" he's so desperate to find will react to an image of Alicia, who Amata has confirmed to be his mother. And Amata reacts in the exact way Izumo hoped. When Amata arrives on Altair and starts flying, Izumo is clearly overjoyed. Looks like Izumo is going to get the father-son reunion he's been hoping for all these years.

Kagura will become a Yandere for Mikono

Either this or just a Crazy Jealous Guy. Why? Because Mykage seems so intent on forcing him to become this.

  • Isn't Kagura already one? Maybe he'll become even more of a Yandere?
    • In episode 11, he says that he wants to kill her,hold her, and break her all at the same time so yep. You've succeeded Mykage. Kagura is even more of a Yandere.
    • In Episode 13, Kagura turns out to be a pretty nice guy, pulling Mikono from the cockpit and joyous bouncing her up and down while happily crying that he "hates" her as though it's Opposite Day; Mikono even recognizes him before he tries to get to first base and she freaks out. The downside is that he'll kill anyone who gets between him and his girl.

Jin will have a Heel Face Turn

The preview for Episode 10 reveals that Jin infiltrates the Academy posing as a student. While there, he realizes that the people of Vega are Not So Different, or even gets a romantic attraction to one of the students, which eventually convinces him to switch sides.

  • As of Episode 10, gaining a romantic attraction to Yunoha. Check.
    • In Episode 13, he does have a Heel Face Turn, but this is rewarded with his own death.

Mykage is the Big Bad.

He's showing some Manipulative Bastard tendencies.

  • Tendencies? He's a outright sadist! Mykage tortured Kagura, killed Jin's comrades, tried to sabotage Jin and Yunoha's friendship, attacked the Neo-Deava command center, and killed Jin!

Kagura is on the wrong side.

There's already heavy implication that Kagura is Apollo. Except save for possibly Mykage, it doesn't seem like any of the previous cast reincarnated on Altair except him. Then there's the fact that he doesn't seem to really care for Altair's goals, just to find a woman for himself. I'm willing to bet that Kagura was born of Vega and stolen when he was young, and raised by the Altairans. The ending even seems to imply this: in the images in the ending, you see Amata reaching out to someone, with some thorns around him and a strange circular visual past him. At the end of the credits, we see Kagura, bound in thorns, with the same symbol. If you put the two together, it looks like Amata is reaching out to Kagura, as if trying to save him. (The positioning doesn't say "attack" to my brain). I'd say there's pretty good chance, if this is right, of Kagura changing sides before the end.

    • As of Episode 13, Mykage kills Jin. As Kagura and Jin were comrades, this may cause a rift in Kagura and Mykage's relationship, whatever it is, and provoke him to defect.
    • Kagura is the dark half of the person Amata was when Alicia went to Altair and Mykage split the child into two individuals. Depending on your point of view, this alone "confirms" this.

In keeping with the theme "Triangles" from all his shows, Kawamori will introduce a third enemy from the planet Deneb.

The Summer Triangle. The three stars that form the Summer Triangle are Altair, Deneb and Vega. And because the Japanese do not have words to differentiate between Stars and Planets, this fits perfectly. Deneb will be the name of the third planet, and the third enemy.

  • Vega and Altair? That makes me suddenly realize the "wedding in mourning clothes" kind of reflects the story behind Tanabata. Mikono and Kagura even match genders with Orihime and Hikoboshi, which are respectively represented by Vega and Altair, which matches with the home worlds for Mikono and Kagura.
  • Another triangle can be formed by the 3 Aquarions(2 Evol and the original).

Amata will somehow bring peace between Altair and Vega.

Think about it. If the WMGs about Alicia and Izumo being Amata's parents are true, then that means he's a descendent of both Vega and Altair. How this will play into the series remains to be seen.

Amata and Kagura are brothers.

It would explain how they look so similar, as well as how the can both be reincarnations of Apollo/Apollonius.

  • Mykage did state that Alicia's child had "flaxen hair" (Amata?) and "golden eyes" (Kagura?). And if you pause Mikono's hallucination, you'll see a frame where Amata has golden eyes.
    • But that was simply because the hallucination happened to be of Amata turning into Kagur... I think I just made a new WMG...
    • Mykage might actually be referring to Apollo, he had flaxen hair and golden eyes (not shiny though).
  • Alternatively, Kagura is Amata from the future, his clone, or something more exotic...
    • Close enough, Kagura is actually Amata's other self/half. It's even foreshadowed by the fact that Kagura couldn't smell Amata's scent.
      • Mykage specifically says he's Amata's dark side, to be precise.
  • Another explanation as to why Kagura seems to be Apollo Flanderized into a Blood Knight. Removing all of his Nice Guy traits left him as a pure warrior with nothing but some vague remnants of his feelings for Sylvia. Which leads to another question: if he's the reincarnation of Apollo, then why does he refer to Sylvia as Sylvie? Shouldn't he remember her actual name? However, Sirius did refer to Sylvia as Sylvie a couple of times, so it's possible Kagura's past life memories are incomplete. Apollo's certainly were until the end of the series.

Mikono will not get kidnapped by the Abductors.

  • Amata will.
  • Jossed. Neither of them get kidnapped. MIX does.
    • Twice. In episode 22, Mikono IS snatched by Kagura.

Mykage is not Touma reincarnated

At the end of Genesis of Aquarion, Touma makes peace with humanity and sacrifices himself to save the world. Mykage, on the other hand, is a complete psychopath, so it doesn't exactly follow that they're the same person.

  • Mykage's multi-colored head wings bring to mind Otoha's multi-colored yes, and Mykage is much more androgynous than Touma ever was.
  • Zen says that reincarnations are not bound by appearances. Mykage calls Zen's false body "ugly," which implies that he considers Zen's real body to be attractive. What else would a Shadow Angel say to a fellow Shadow Angel? Zen of all people may actually be Touma reincarnated.
  • As well, if Mykage were Touma, why would he not know the resting place of the original Aquarion? Conversely, Otoha died before Aquarion gattai'd with the world, so there's no way she could know where it was.
    • Of course, Mykage could be the Toma from the OVA/Movie-verse, which is apparently Altair. However, Episode 17 reveals Vega has the same island that Apollo lived on in the OVA/Movie-verse. Curiouser and curiouser.
      • The location mentioned above is probably just a coincidence/mind screw/laziness on the production staff's part.
  • Jossed. Mykage is Touma's dark side... then who is his light side?
    • Zessica, perhaps?

The wedding in mourning clothes was in episode 15

The 'wedding' was merely a metaphor for the beginning of true love. The mourning clothes were referencing the funeral for the fallen in episode 14.

Mykage's attempting to screw over the romances of the past series.

He doesn't want to bring Apollo and Sylvia's reincarnations together, he wants to mess things up in some elaborate Batman Gambit! Zessica's vision wasn't because Kagura and Mikono are meant to be together, but because Zessica and Mikono share the same connection Sylvia and Sirius did!

  • That means that Kagura isn't the "destined partner" of Mikono.
    • Depending on which half of Celianne she is, that may not disagree with the whole "reincarnated lovers" thing.

Evol doesn't take place 12,000 years after Genesis, but 24,000

Based on Mykage's comment in Episode 13 about meeting Fudo 12,000 or 24,000 years before in a questioning or confused tone, Apollon and Sylvie aren't Apollo and Sylvia, but their reincarnations 12,000 years later. Mikono and Kagura are their reincarnations a further 12,000 years later. This could explain some of the inconsistencies, as we're not introduced to the series between Genesis and Evol.

  • It should be 12000 years, watch the beginning of the first episode, and they always refer "Skies of Aquaria" as the story of 12000 years ago. 24000 years is due to Genesis being 12000 years after the story of Apollonius and Celiane, Evol would be 24000 years after the story of Apollonius and Celiane.
    • That doesn't explain some of the inconsistencies, like Mikono and Kagura and Zessica having different sets of past life memories or how Neo-Kowloon confused the story of Apollonius and Celiane with the story of Apollo and Sylvia. In the first series, Fudo used pink balls as an illustration for Apollonius and Celiane's souls continually splitting and merging again over time, which may be what happened. Apollonius and Celiane (two) -> Aquarion, Apollo, Sylvia, and Sirius (four) -> Apollon and Sylvie (two again) -> Amata, Kagura, Mikono, and Zessica (four again) makes a symmetry with his statements.
      • We don't know what happens during the process of reincarnation, if the souls are split, the memories could also be split. Neo-Kowloon confused the stories because they were so long ago and there were no records.
    • Jossed. Zen reveals he's Gen and 24,000 years old, which pretty much also definitively proves he must have also been the third Element when Apollonius and Celiane piloted Aquarion.

Vega is dying

The part of the Genesis Mugen Punch that Andy found in episode 17 looks a little rusty, since the original Aquarion replaced the Tree of Life, the original Aquarion, like the Tree of Life, might actually be dying.

Amata will pull a What the Hell, Hero? on Izumo.

I say his reactions will be along the lines of: Not only did you risk my mother's life by taking her here, but you decided it would be better to risk the lives of countless innocent people just to lure out female elements rather than negotiate with the international authorities, and when you finally DO decide to negotiate, you go ahead and kidnap one of my friends. YOU'RE AN ASSHOLE, DAD!

  • Izumo will probably pull off a Luke I amYourFather

Zessica's vision wasn't the past

  • But the future, with a merged Amata and Kagura.
    • If that's the case, it still doesn't tell us why Zessica saw it. Of course, if the Zessica is Sirius theory is right, it could be because it's Zessica's own future as well.
      • Then again, it could be Mikage trolling both the viewers and Zessica.

Kagura's "Reversal" power will be used to reverse what happened to Mix and possibly save Altair.

  • It's been shown he can reverse just about anything, so why not? now, whether or not it's Kagura who uses the power, given episode 21's confusing ending and what may happen afterward, is another matter.
    • It'll probably be used through the true Aquarion to achieve this, but this theory seems likely.

Apollo from the first series was not a reincarnation of a dog.

Apollonius and Pollon both reincarnated into Amata, and the Amata/Kagura split was meant to split apart the two souls.

This WMG could explain and support the earlier WMG stating that Amata is Apollonius, and Kagura is Apollo. Now, If Amata was the reincarnation of just Apollo, why is Kagura the one who retained Apollo's more obvious traits when Amata was split apart in two?

  • Just as Kagura resembles Apollo(Pollon), Amata's hair and eye color resembles, if not the same as, Apollonius'.
  • When Apollo(Pollon) first did a Union, he saw Apollonius telling him to shout "Sousei Gattai". Amata didn't saw anyone or hear anyone telling him to shout "Sousei Gattai" during his first Union. Also, Apollonius "appeared" when Apollo shouted "Sousei Gattai" when he did it in the Legendary Aquarion. But in Amata's case, what appeared when he did it in Neo-Deava's Aquarion was The Solar Wing.